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bls mute



branding is important

fatties get the gas

yeah like if your goals are to accomplish something real

what did he mean by this

israel isreal

if you wouldn't colonize nubian pusy you are big gay

Many such cases!

I wish that was the real paul nehlen

somebody play fortnite with me later

i don't think they need any help looking bad


i'm unironically related to sam houston


I'm Sam Hyde and we love Nick

im that gorilla dick nigga

that's dumb

just because greek statues and roman legions invoke all these feelings in US doesn't mean it's the same as optics

i could see there being a more authoritarian shift, but you'll never get americans onboard with these defunct meme ideologies

im aboriginal

all soda is coke this is final

pol is whoever's paying the most at the moment

the amount of patrick little shilling is incredible

tfw no black gf to racially dom

bingo bango bongo

i dont want to leave de congo


fuc, audio keeps cutting oot

tfw you're taking a shit and your phone dies



whoโ€™s the shooter

kill the normie, kill the chad

Toook aa faat shiidd aand thee loosewrs aaree stiill cryyiing aboouut thee hoomiiees


i bought a skin yesterday lord forgib me

coolest monkey in the jungle


where are we ben?

hell yeaa

baked beans suck tbh

high IQ abstract chat comedy

we matter

so fn cool



#walkaway from the democrat slave auction





where we droppin boys

padddrig liddle

john mcbrain

sicilians are not white






kurt eichenwald just threatened me on twitter

looks like im going away boys

imagine not wanting 10+ kids

dont post thanos

i dont trust like that

shut up

nope sorry

women donโ€™t have actual ideas about this stuff. if you canโ€™t indoctrinate her gradually over time then ur either a gayboi or sheโ€™s a lost cause

let a fat nigga fuck

ashton whitty?

more like

smashdem titty ๐Ÿ˜Ž

one of the boys

nick talking about that solar flare thing really fucked me up

i havenโ€™t been able to relax

i am not prepared

i dont want to die

i just finished evangelion

are there any other animes even half as good


evangelion is based you brainlet

NGE is high art, all other shit just looks so cheap and gay

never been a dbz guy

i mean itโ€™s cool but i want KINO

i was always pissed on saturday nights when cartoon network was weebshit


try 10 seconds

i know instantly if i like something

evangelion is actual art, DBZ is the one everyone pretends to like even though itโ€™s just the same plot over and over and over

DBZ = powerful bad guy beats heroes, heroes train, heroes beat bad guy

magick is just the projection of will, you dont need to get all faggy with it

blacks like dbz, mexicans like naruto

rip in preace

donโ€™t watch the anime if you havent read the manga

i did when i was 12

/max/ just outed himself as an avid anime viewer

i kill japanese people


how can NPCs even be said to have free will

canโ€™t rule out graham or flake pulling some gay shit


go suck a lemon

i want ashton to throw plates at me after i comblain about overcooked roast


bruh look at this dude


joo the boomer

helo joe

my grandma is pretty based

my dads always browbeating me about my racist frog collection and meanwhile me and granny can rap about biblical prophecies and whoโ€™s doing all the raping

could i get a discord link?

faggot nigger

joyce was a genius u fag

he was woke on the fard question too

the people retarded enough to believe her are not any less convinced

they couldโ€™ve plowed thru

ashton titty

homiesexuality is not โ€œgayโ€

yeah OK Nitro Fed

fuck my feet stink today

itโ€™s rancid

dare i say...

anybody want to play forntite in a bit

new season and i got the battlepass ๐Ÿ˜Ž

ask that nigga if he wants to play duos then damn

have patience

just one a duos game in fortnite, nothing personnel ๐Ÿ˜Ž

you fags shouldve joined me and gotten the new umbrella

youre trolling us

man i love thos crans


based gym teacher

i have 1 brown eye 1 green eye like an anime nigga


half of my face has a huge winestain

i used to get lasers done

they would burn my face with a laser to make it lighter

hazel is grey blue

i posted my 23andme a few months ago, 96% n. europene

having brown eyes is like using the default skin in fortnite


what juul flavor should i get fellas

i ate my twin brother in the womb

hence my eyes

drop the payload

nice image, can i save it?

when people realize you can go against the grain without being totally crushed a snowball can become an avalanche

:smacks lips:

we need to foster good relations with black nationalists so they will share their superior wakandan tech w us one day

George Bush doesn't care about black people pass it on

^ 56%er

if you dont put ranch on pizza you are not white

i put my fist in em like a civil rights sign

groypers rise up

the nazis were democrats - julius evola

whites 4 trump

trump was trying to call the female reporter an NPC but he didnโ€™t have the words


im 14

fucking hell


use google

โ€œvoting patterns by raceโ€


put it in a search engine

and itโ€™s a good thing

nitro dubz

anybody wanna play fortnite

we like fortnite we like fortnite

whose palm do i grease to get into the minecraft server

im a good boy



i made it for twitter

t. fatty

Awesome pic. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

bruh you needa GET fed if you ever want to approach my level

okay, itโ€™s gamer time

Real sick guy!

youโ€™re literally acting like white niggers

call in on friday jmaa

you guys are brainlets you cant recognize genius irony

becoming trans to own the civcucks

he looka like he smell likea diarrhea

ayo dis nigga shit hisself


so is tiktok just a lipsync thing

wtf is ot

hit or miss


i made it

the woman who took down joe the boomer

sad to see him go tbh

390 pounds of pagan sex appeal really broke a nigga

whats a woman to a thot

whatโ€™s a thot to a king

he was

iโ€™ll miss him


i h a t e w o m e n

all thatโ€™s left in me is a burning black rage

ok this kid is based at least

im posting this here so i dont just DM her the word CUNT 100 times

this kid doesnโ€™t feel bad enough about himself. he needs a stern talking to, maybe detention or suspension

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