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Coordinator is Ian

nope, always had this one

Business insider deleted their comment section to this article

@Deleted User you should have your coordinator reach out to you shortly

We have to get the SA genocide pics up on twitter

We have to throw up pics of the SA action we did a few months ago up on twitter

@wayne peek you have the voice of a southern angel, are you considering doing any podcasts?

@Luther - NJ say hello and sit tight while your state coordinator reaches out to you

@Bjorn - MD hows that for organizing?

@Texlahoma - TX great to have you on board!

lets hope for the best

@Reinhard Wolff anti-Cuomo posters are going up in these next couple days

guess we just picked up some new allies

We're going to need help promoting our Anti-Cuomo action

Pics will be sent after the end of this weekend

@FACINEMA you ever wonder why 'they' are so successful? do you think they're so transparent in their motives?

As some of you may know, many of our NY members participated in an anti-Cuomo flyer blitz over the weekend. The last time IE flyers went up Governor Cuomo attempted to launch a probe in to these flyers which failed miserably. Please help spread the word by "reporting" these hate flyers

The towns in particular that you found these hateful flyers in Westchester's towns include Croton, Tarrytown, and Port Chester. Writing up a report takes a mere 3 minutes of your time. Thank you!

@Reinhard Wolff down for the sexy calendar!

@Reinhard Wolff or at least a sexy carwash?

can we do a sexy carwash?

@Reinhard Wolff we should write a letter to him and force him to a public debate...….debate is what they are afraid of

@ian we have to use defensive tactics like every other political group for literally every issue whether it be abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, etc

Leftist group in Texas doxxed pro kavanaugh escalation of this will only be good news for us and will lead this to get an illegal activity

@Danimal876 @J3vans Josh still needs a follow up interview thanks!

Atlanta To Pay Out $1.2 Million To Christian Fire Chief After Violating His First Amendment Rights

This is important everyone

Atlanta To Pay Out $1.2 Million To Christian Fire Chief After Violating His First Amendment Rights

Damn it idk why it's not posting

What like 30 showed up?

So flyer it again, that's what I did up here in NY

So flyer it again, that's what I did up here in NY

They lose their shit when they realize we're not intimidated

That's the easiest way to demoralize antifa, hurt keep doing what we're doing

Remember they think with emotion, not reason

So I you know the anti Cuomo action?

I literally hit up every mayor/superintendent that tries to demonize us or intimidate us to a public debate

They never respond to a public debate

They know they cant debate their shit multicultural agenda that's why they back out

@El_Civ I love how they want to "end this by promoting dialogue" -yet they wont respond to our requests to debate

@Danimal876 Brian is from MO and Max is from GA

im holding off going to Basic Training to go to this! @Reinhard Wolff

Virginia flipped because of Hispanics

fireside chat

also.....cause its lit


@VinceChaos Vince get out of our safe space bro!

@ThisIsChris chris same to you lol

You guys are acting as if doxxing is some overwhelming force, antifa realizes doxxing someone is incredibly difficult

Their whole point is to amplify their doxxing abilities....we've infiltrated their chats, they literally could even dox patrick Casey at Defend identity lol

We have 70 likes on a comment about the ethnic replacement of whites inEurope. Everyone should be sending these people who liked an app to IE .

86 likes now

Any Tuscon Arizona nibbas in here please DM me!

I can't make heads or tails of this:

Can we get the Dalai Lama to speak at our conference?

If anyone would like to become an interviewer please let me know!

we are falling behind on applications !

DM if interested

Everyone should be doing this like @NateDahl76

Followed by:

This is literally the easiest way to get apps...….this was done off of a YouTube video for Call of Duty

The easiest way is to get younger members with a little bit of money and put a down payment on a house

Live in it and pay off the mortgage until they're ready to move and start a family then have another IE member take his place

That's how the chosenites do it

20% down is less than $10k

If there are members in the area get together and get on that.

Better than paying rent really

Any Minnesota members familiar with this organization?

Could use some help on this one

Online recruiting done in 15 seconds......Its that easy

@NateDahl76 well not everyone is as good as you Nate okay?

good luck!

@Austen if your serious of moving to pa hit up Balboa for an apprenticeship

Did my part ;)


Hello from Zurich, Switzerland

Greetings from Switzerland

If you keep flyering an area eventually theyll get tired of reporting it. That's what happened up here in NY


@Hakujin - CA hit up some ny nibbas

The best way to fight it is teach your kids basic self esteem and standards

The ones who decide to engage in IR relationships usually have self esteem issues or problems with their families

what business are you starting? id be down to support

Merry Christmas everyone!

I love how their whole justification is NO ILLEGALS=NO TACOS

like all they have are tacos, really? that's what your people only amounted to?

atta boy!


@Jonaltright well populations are going to decline and in all honesty they're going to need to

With the onset of automation there are going to be less and less jobs to support the people

The only way to stop this would be complete automation and 100% governmental support.

Populations go up and down all the time, its nothing unique, and frankly I don't buy in to the hype that we're below replacement levels

@Jonaltright they're just being practical for the most part. I do concur that a big reason why our people are not having as many children is the stigma it now has thanks to the yiddle-diddles

But again, with lower salaries, higher student loan debts, higher costs of living, theres a reason millennials arent having as many children

I want to have kids before 30 tbh, but given rent and student loans, I may have to hold off until that is paid off

Would be an upgrade from the current Pope

These guys are FUCKED

@Max Bianco - NY yes, contact Louis

We don't even need to use violence

@Reinhard Wolff we have the intellectual high ground over Antifa

lets make that clear

Stephan Molyneux?

@Reinhard Wolff what are some thoughts on improving the next gen. of flyers?

"Is diversity REALLY our strength?"

"Diversity is our downfall"

@Reinhard Wolff can we implement a cash incentive recruiting program? (If an applicant comes to us because he was recommended IE online gab, youtube, twitter, etc) that IE member will get a cash reward?


@Wood-Ape - OK/MN @Bjorn - MD she came close to joining. Shes in touch with TRS people atm

Proud of everyone here! Lol

Lol down

If he didn't use the term 'white supremacist' this would have been a huge win for us

Let's just wait to see what the nationalist party has to say about this

I can guarentee there will be some backlash

Tell them you're a student at a local university if they ask about an out of state area code number

Train stations guys

Georgia Chapter should make flyers of this guy and post it throughout the town and campus

Online activism is very easy ladies and gentlemen!

really just send IE application links to anyone on Stefan's twitter, Breitbart, Jarod Taylors videos, etc.....very easy

Always good meeting future electrical engineers!

Good Morning guys! Friendly reminder that if everyone could channel their time and energy to online recruiting that would be greatly appreciated! (Especially given the fact that our twitter account is down).

Its easy really, just scroll through any comment section on any video that is remotely empathetic to our movement and send them application links

Thank you!

great channel! check it out!

Damn! Illinois is stacking up!


*and sisters

Did anyone see the newNetflix, alt right documentary?,

This superbowl sucks ass

The commercials arent even funny

On the plus side not much PC/diversity shit


It's amazing to see all my normie friends obsess over something so meaningless

Hey how about the gulags?

Anyone ever gonna talk about that?

Can you verify dues situation @Apollo

Damn! TX is stacking up on new members!

Colorado is stacking up!

Automation and increasingly software related jobs will require higher-intelligent people.....which will only push blacks and whites further apart

Further highlighting our differences

Once, whites and Asians get tired of going to work while the others get to sit at home and collect welfare.....people will start to get pissed

Mornin' beautiful people!

@everyone when you are taking down stickers make sure you tear only part if it off so antifa knows they were taken down by our people and not public sanitation.....

Good Morning beautiful people!

Africana history 101?

I spent a semester and like 3k just to learn that Africa is a continent not a country

Are your teachers foreign?

Welcome Danielle! Please set your state tag '-SC '

Welcome Donnor!

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