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Forwarded the link to about 30 people to sign - what if everyone did this?

That's what this is all about. I will let simon roche know next time I speak to him, I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear us coming together. Thanks for posting the link - already got 5 responses with screenshots of the submitted petition!

Thank God for president trump

We must maintain a homogeneous majority of the population who are descendants of our founders. A nation consists of people united by common descent, history, culture and language. All great civilizations have crumbled when that was no longer the case.

For anyone who didnt catch last night's Trump rally in Texas, here are some of the highlights. Find it on YouTube and watch from 1:15:00 on.

"I am a nationalist, start using that term"

"This state was settled by some of the toughest men"

"William Travis, James Bowie and Davy Crockett made their last stand at the Alamo"
- defeat of Mexican army after the battle of San Jacinto, 1836.

"The battle of Gonzales we stared down a foreign army and declared come and take it"
- Mexican invaders defeated 1835

"Pioneers built a home with their own two hands"

"These courageous texian Patriots did not shed their blood, sweat and tears, so we could sit at home while others try to erase their legacy. Tear down our history and destroy our proud American Heritage."

"We are America, our hearts bleed red white and blue"

- President Donald Trump, 10-22-2018, Texas.

The whole speech was great but those last 5 minutes were straight white pills

Did I miss the location? Or hasn't it been disclosed ?

General geogrpahical location? East/west/south?

Love the new firefighter video! Great job to everyone involved!

Do we have an approximate number of total IE members?
Seems like theres been a lot of new members lately.

@@Reinhard Wolff
Do we have an approximate number of total IE members?

@Reinhard Wolff
QR codes on IE business cards?

@Sam Anderson
Lauri TΓΆrni/ Larry Thorne. Hero.

Does anyone know if there are members in the salt lake city area in utah? I have some questions about that area for a family member resettling

I've been speaking in great detail to @Rabbidsith thanks everyone!

Fantastic work!

Good work brother


22 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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