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Hello, new and happy to be here!


It's so juvenile

Whys he not a good person

He's on a different level than others

@The Soy Goy how do you know

@The Soy Goy were you there??

Nice gossip circle guys

Didn't think so

It's fine relax

I already spoke with @Deleted User

Don't understand how it helps to heap negative PR in very prominent people in the broader movement

Whatever this is silly that people do this when he's advanced the cause to the extethat he has

Okay, take him out of history. That's one less white advocate who is well spoken and taken a lot of criticism

You're acting like because he's not a mild family man, he's a pariah

You guys aren't legit in your criticism

It's just sad

@Virgil grow up and stop keyboard warrior nonesense

He's real life

Okay sorry but he's a public person is what I mean

I can't defend Spencer everywhere I go

And I feel like IE is bad mouthing RS

Maybe it was fair

@The Soy Goy new organizations are always teated

@Deleted User there was continued heaping

And homosexual innuendo

All I can say is

Spencer brought me here

Well, I don't like excessive manners then

Or monotone voices

I do resonate with the excessive moralizing

He's the best

I enjoy everything he does even though he's mostly inactive

Spencer that is

That's no line dude

I consider Spencer, in spite of his flaws, to be the leading intellectual of the broader movement

I haven't heard any better commentary

Or analysis

Taylor is what you might consider not current

He's nowhere near Spencer

His intellectualism isn't meant to be current

He goes over the issues very thoroughly

Not sure what you mean

Hmmm I hadn't heard that specifically @Reinhard Wolff

I didn't say unfair per say

@Reinhard Wolff the goys we're claiming homosexual

But alas this is far more serious and verified

I meant the statement from @Reinhard Wolff

Morning all!

I am white, was born this way, I have a history, a people, a heritage, a place in the world. Generations thought about MY existence and planned for MY experience. I am loved.

I am not intrinsically violent, offensive, nor privileged (in the sense that I need to move over to afford others more). See me. Hear me. I'm still here.

I'd like to hear speeches on the fireside chats

All my white brethren πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

@Deleted User I like all those. Screen savers

Good call @Reinhard Wolff πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I have a great looking IE members action in plans

You all been talking about Derek Black?

This is like the white nationalist version of #walkaway

There's Baked Alaska, Alt Hypothesis

David Dukes godson

Apparently his dad was also a KKK grand dragon and friend of Duke

It's very interesting. The headlines seem to be, " Higher Education saved Derek Black from Hate"

There seem to be young men on our side, leaving the movement.

Why do you say that @unclefesterr

Because of the infamy?

Everyone is a sperg, really?

That would s absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway just wanted to bring it up

So people in the movement have to be so normal that no one would ever say they are even the slightest bit unorthodox. Hmmmm

Just so I'm clear: no one on Voice rn

@Koba geez thanks

What y'all think of my meme

Oh well maybe someone might

@Sam Anderson watch yourself there

No one gets it lol!?

We never asked for Kanye optics

Posing with firearms on social media

Can you dissuade members from this activity @Reinhard Wolff

Just in case



Shit this is not good

That's a boomer that drinks monster zero

They're unhealthy

Literal balls will shrink

@Reinhard Wolff you know you've "made it" when you're gym revokes your membership

Jesus what

Let's assume

The opposite of productive is epicurean

@Reinhard Wolff I was born in Key West!! Conch Republican here

@Conway - OK that's disturbing

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL certainly not they're food there

@Reinhard Wolff there's a nudist bar there, lol, it's insane

Hey goys

So I have a kind of lulzy request

I'm just kidding, not funny at all. Is anyone else doing a "State Heritage" art and photography project?

The Elizabeth Warren stuff is hilarious guys

@CarletonJ congratulations!

Does anybody ever post their 23andMe results?

Really? That's funny

Should I share mine?

lol I know that's why I've been laughing about her

Very good

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