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Hello everyone, my name is Konrad and I am from Maryland. I am eager to be a part of IE and to meet all of you.

Ok great, will do

Unfortunately, I don't think there's very much we can do that get the media on our good side. It's not that they haven't read the website. They know what they are doing. All we can do is see that we don't add fuel to their fire, we can't do anything that would get them to put it out. They don't care whether we are wrong or right. We just need to focus on what we are doing, because conforming to what they want would at a certain point mean crawling under the ground.

@Isabella Locke-MT Welcome. Good to have you. Please add your state tag to the end of your name and a picture when you have time.

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Hello everyone. Good to be here.

Hispanic is a linguistic designation, we need them to be classified by race like everyone else so that it divides up that group and gives is white Hispanics

I do think we should do something to show we stand behind the Amerindian fight to maintain their identity

For political reasons

And it's like conservation of of any other animal

Do identitarians unironocally think that the Republican party is going to fight for whites?

They enemy did not win through internet memes

Does he though?

I think the point is more that we don't really have many books

Either way the only thing that will bring about the conditions we want is white frustration

That's not what I'm saying. If it were just a matter of the material that has already been written then we wouldn't be in this situation

We are obviously going to have to take some action ourselves. And business as usual is not really the ticket to success

Yeah I don't think any one would argue against that

I'm not really sure what we are talking about to be honest. I just thought I'd chime in on here for a change

Thanks guys good to see ya

I'm not big on the online stuff I must admit

That'd probably be at the upcoming conference on January 12th if you are on the east coast

22 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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