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Thanks, Mick! Glad to be here.

Nice! Lots of people out by taste of chicago.

There's a difference between in-group discipline and out-group censorship.

Does anyone have experience getting involved in local (e.g. city, state) politics? Something I'm interested in doing, and I'm curious about what works well.

*Songbird in the Sky, Flying so High*

Has anyone seen the Lauren Southern documentary on South Africa? Curious what your impressions were -- thinking of watching it (for the first time) with a white not-yet-ourguy friend.

@Pat-MA That's why I'm going for a documentary -- there's only so much that words, in the abstract, can communicate.

@Asatru Artist - MD Thanks for the suggestion! I'll take a look at that, too.

For all those still in undergrad, I salute you. It gets better.

@Logan I caught that too. We have to keep fighting and winning for the next six years of the Trump presidency -- and then go all the way.

But, the Saudi King *wasnt* arrested.

The Saudi king actually arrested Saudi princes (including the dude you're talking about).

More from Hyde Park in Chicago, IL.

@MrDefault Thanks for the heads up; I wasnt aware.

@MrDefault Thanks! These are all in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago. This is in the South Side, north and east of UChicago.

Short notice, but I'm in Manhattan this week for business. Louis tells me there's not many of us in the city (understandably) but let me know if anyone wants to grab some steaks after work!

What can I say? I love a good steak.

And a diet coke

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN If memory serves, Trump is trying to deal with Sanctuary Cities by executive order, but he's been blocked by a judge. The administration is working the case through the judicial system. Hard to do more than that without 60 votes in the Senate, or pulling an Andrew Jackson.

It might be tiresome, but it's also the right course of action. In my view, arresting all of these state and local officials would prompt a second civil war. There's no sense in doing that while we're currently gaining power, at the expense of Republican tradition, for an issue that will be resolved in our favor with Kav on the SC.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I hear you. Do your best to ignore to the media gaslighting. I don't know whether we'll win next month or in 2020, but we have to keep fighting. Black pill the other side.

39 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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