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2018-02-28 12:29:28 UTC

>that many sets and back exercises

2018-02-28 12:29:43 UTC

Do you spend 3 hours in the gym, bro-bro?

2018-02-28 13:28:09 UTC

I'm glad you're going for the gold, but it does seem excessive. But your cut seems to be going well so maybe you have it figured it.

2018-02-28 14:45:48 UTC

Oosh, that is a whole lot of volume and exercises. Why not pick 4 or 5 of your favorite and just work those harder?

2018-02-28 15:50:37 UTC

@Suomi Stronk#0869 calculate your tonnage

2018-02-28 15:50:50 UTC

RepsXweight all over 2000

2018-02-28 16:38:06 UTC

Looks like a good workout to me

2018-02-28 16:38:34 UTC

I used to do workouts like that when I was younger and had several hours to spend at the gym

2018-02-28 18:12:59 UTC

@Deleted User Most my workouts take about an hour and a half to two hours

2018-02-28 18:13:34 UTC

I only take 30 second breaks in between sets, which is pretty much enough time to change weight

2018-02-28 18:22:29 UTC

Oh yeah that changes things haha

2018-02-28 18:22:49 UTC

I'm a fan of the 60-90 second rest so it lengthens things quite a bit

2018-02-28 18:56:29 UTC

I guess lol at my 3-7 minute breaks between heavy triples and doubles. Although most of that time is spent on set up and getting my belt tight and chalking

2018-02-28 19:02:20 UTC

Between warmups and going slow for the ankle it took me 30 minutes to get through my deadlifts

2018-02-28 19:32:55 UTC


2018-02-28 19:33:30 UTC

During any working set (80%+ for me) I take exorbitantly long breaks

2018-02-28 19:34:23 UTC

Had 2x5 at 80% for squat today and there's no way I'm not taking at least a couple minutes

2018-02-28 21:48:58 UTC

Between work sets I take 8 minutes minimum. I find a few extra minutes really makes a difference

2018-02-28 21:49:13 UTC

definitely makes my workouts long though

2018-02-28 22:48:05 UTC

Goal is to be practically crawling out of the gym by the end of my workouts

2018-03-01 01:49:15 UTC

Workout for leg day here in a few minutes


2018-03-01 15:11:37 UTC

Heavy bench day today calls for 800mg of Ibuprofen so that my forearm tendinitis doesn't make me drop the bar. Need to survive this so that I can make it to the conference next week

2018-03-01 18:00:42 UTC

@Nick-NJ hope it goes well man, sounds rough

2018-03-01 19:34:54 UTC

Survived and hit a nice overhead press volume PR!

2018-03-01 19:35:01 UTC
2018-03-02 13:05:04 UTC

is it a bad idea to work out on a day you're doing an all day fast?

2018-03-02 13:18:20 UTC

Just be aware of your body and keep the intensity moderate

2018-03-02 13:18:54 UTC

You'll be fine, I fast once a week and it's all good

2018-03-02 23:17:45 UTC

595 deadlift PR after squats today, boys. 605 next week

2018-03-02 23:22:12 UTC


2018-03-02 23:27:45 UTC

Debating if I should lift or not tonight. Body is still aching from last week's back day. Should I take another rest day and hit it hard tomorrow?

2018-03-02 23:28:15 UTC

depends on what kinda soreness

2018-03-02 23:29:12 UTC

@Deleted User It's not debilitating, but it still feels like someone took a sledgehammer to my lower back

2018-03-02 23:29:24 UTC


2018-03-02 23:29:45 UTC

you could hit things aside from your lower back i suppose

2018-03-02 23:30:14 UTC

like instead of bb rows, seal rows or something

2018-03-03 00:31:48 UTC

Getting that concrete feeling in my lower back never affects my lift just my mindset. But that’s just my experience

2018-03-03 08:05:39 UTC

@Suomi Stronk a whole week of DOMS?

2018-03-04 02:23:07 UTC

You did too much.

2018-03-04 02:24:49 UTC

Try this: death by pull up. Every minute on the minute you do a pull up and with each minute you do another. IE, minute 1 is one pull up and minute two is 2 pull ups. So on and so forth until you fail.

2018-03-04 02:26:00 UTC

sounds like pain

2018-03-04 02:26:02 UTC

i love it

2018-03-04 02:26:43 UTC

will be there for an hour

2018-03-04 02:26:48 UTC

1 pull-up a minute

2018-03-05 00:51:16 UTC

Does anyone here use a landmine in their workouts? I did legs and back with it and it was one of the best workouts I've ever had. Wondering about others experiences and if deadlifting/squatting with it is worth my time.

2018-03-05 02:51:00 UTC

Have never used in all my years of lifting but have always thought about trying

2018-03-05 04:47:00 UTC

Took a few more days off cause ankle and made today my first day back. Nothing special just sevens at 50-60% squat and bench, deadlift 80ish% for 5 and rdls

2018-03-06 03:26:43 UTC

Lol pulled a chill 475 today after 455 triple. Feeling good and followed with front squat, deadhang pull-up superset

2018-03-06 04:07:59 UTC


2018-03-06 04:18:54 UTC

When are you planning on competing next?

2018-03-06 04:46:00 UTC

In the fall of this week so like 6 months from now

2018-03-06 15:56:10 UTC

Is squatting 315 without a belt stupid?

2018-03-06 15:56:15 UTC

I weigh 168 btw

2018-03-06 16:46:28 UTC

Not necessarily

2018-03-06 16:46:50 UTC

But it's probably best to use a belt if you're worried about it

2018-03-06 16:47:24 UTC

I squat beltless for almost all of my training

2018-03-06 16:48:21 UTC

Especially if you're doing lowbar you should probably wear a belt above 85%

2018-03-06 16:48:30 UTC

Depends, do you normally use a belt and what % of your 1rm is it

2018-03-06 16:49:15 UTC

But I don't use one and have forgotten to tighten my belt for multiple lifts and training beltless has made it fine

2018-03-06 16:50:15 UTC

I don't ever go above 85% in training either but that's my program

2018-03-06 16:51:44 UTC

You run conjugate Saxon?

2018-03-06 16:53:25 UTC

I run Sheiko programs

2018-03-06 16:54:59 UTC

Fucking Russia

2018-03-06 16:55:15 UTC

Meddling in our gains

2018-03-06 16:58:20 UTC

I have been colluding with Russia

2018-03-06 17:03:02 UTC

I know an old guy with a pacemaker who runs Sheiko. Idk how it hasn’t killed yet

2018-03-06 17:09:05 UTC

Yeah that doesn't sound safe hahaha

2018-03-06 17:09:26 UTC

Or maybe it's more safe because he has a robo heart 🤔

2018-03-06 17:57:00 UTC

315 is my 1RM

2018-03-06 17:57:10 UTC

I've actually never used a belt

2018-03-06 17:59:27 UTC

Don't worry about it then

2018-03-06 17:59:53 UTC

Maybe consider buying one, but I personally like training beltless. Strengthening the body independent of equipment

2018-03-06 22:16:55 UTC

All belt does is help you brace to create more internal pressure. As long as you’re staying tight you’re good. Also if you get one, I’d recommend getting a quality leather one

2018-03-06 22:18:00 UTC

Or develop the bloatmaxx keg of peace

2018-03-06 22:39:16 UTC

13mm or bust

2018-03-06 22:43:43 UTC

hmmm I'd get a Olympic weightlifting belt

2018-03-06 22:43:57 UTC

not too much of a crutch and not flimsy either

2018-03-06 23:14:21 UTC

I’m with Nick, 13mm or bust. My belt is awesome now that it’s really breaking in. No belts for Olympic lifts as I don’t compete weightlifting

2018-03-06 23:14:34 UTC

But I do love the c&j

2018-03-07 00:29:01 UTC

Love me some OHpress

2018-03-07 00:29:20 UTC

And I always use a belt for those, especially if I'm going heavy

2018-03-07 00:40:12 UTC

OHP is always such a humbling exercise for me. I expect it to be so much easier than it is because of my bench and it never is

2018-03-07 00:43:31 UTC

my ohp is surprisingly not that shit

2018-03-07 00:43:57 UTC

compared to my bench atleast

2018-03-07 01:11:35 UTC

It's taken a lot of practice for me to make my ohp even comparable to my bench

2018-03-07 01:11:54 UTC

I thought the two would translate to being similar but they're just not

2018-03-07 01:11:59 UTC

For me, anyway

2018-03-07 02:48:09 UTC

I can ohp bodyweight but I’m a manlet so

2018-03-07 02:48:20 UTC

I want 225 ohp

2018-03-07 02:55:28 UTC

200 would be good enough for me rn

2018-03-07 03:10:00 UTC

I'm guessing ohp isn't one-handed press

2018-03-07 03:12:34 UTC

Lol Barbell overhead press

2018-03-07 03:14:52 UTC


2018-03-07 03:15:02 UTC

I just call it military press.

2018-03-07 03:50:56 UTC

OHP is the same as military press nowadays

2018-03-07 03:51:10 UTC

Military press used to be with your heels together, hence the term

2018-03-07 03:51:27 UTC


2018-03-07 16:07:43 UTC

submax-beltless-kneesleeved-suicide gripped-standing-barbell overhead press in old ass Nike running shoes is the only way to ohp obviously

2018-03-07 17:27:02 UTC

Suicide grip=no thumbs?

2018-03-07 18:06:25 UTC


2018-03-07 18:06:43 UTC

For some reason it's popular for bench press

2018-03-07 18:06:53 UTC

I personally think it's retarded

2018-03-07 19:14:29 UTC

It's a great way to get your throat crushed if you lose grip

2018-03-07 19:19:00 UTC

Bulldog grip or nothing

2018-03-07 19:56:01 UTC

I don’t use it on bench lol. Not trying to break a rib

2018-03-07 19:56:57 UTC

On overhead press it’s the shit tho

2018-03-07 21:33:41 UTC

I only use suicide grip on skull crushers

2018-03-07 21:42:01 UTC

I also lift heavy and butter up my palms

2018-03-07 22:45:11 UTC

Hook grip on everything even my steering wheel

2018-03-07 23:03:33 UTC

I wish i knew how to fkn hookgrip

2018-03-07 23:18:06 UTC

It’s not that hard. Check out Cailer Woolam

2018-03-07 23:20:00 UTC

on my 480 pull two days ago I felt a pop in my bicep so I’m switching from mixed to hook. Today I hooked 405 for a double and no issues. I’ll link his vid

2018-03-07 23:29:07 UTC

yeah I've watched a bunch of stuff about it but no luck, I'll give it another shot

2018-03-07 23:29:30 UTC

i just don't feel strong with it, like it doesn't lock

2018-03-07 23:29:38 UTC

and slips out when i go heavier

2018-03-07 23:53:40 UTC


2018-03-07 23:54:34 UTC


2018-03-07 23:54:49 UTC

don't have any

2018-03-07 23:55:17 UTC

Ah yeah, get some chalk it’s cheap. If gym doesn’t allow powder then use liquid

2018-03-07 23:56:20 UTC

home gym 👌

2018-03-07 23:57:32 UTC

It’s game changer

2018-03-08 20:03:43 UTC

I’m transitioning to more oly lifts. Anyone have experience competing in Olympic weightlifting?

2018-03-08 20:11:50 UTC

I compete with the barbell every time I snatch.

2018-03-08 20:12:28 UTC

I've no experience with competition but I'm somewhat competent with the lifts

2018-03-08 20:29:09 UTC

My sister competes in Olympic weightlifting

2018-03-08 20:29:19 UTC

We train together often

2018-03-08 21:43:56 UTC

I don't have experience competing but I'd definitely say finding a coach is a requirement

2018-03-08 22:41:53 UTC

My friend is a competitive one but he’s not /our guy/ yet

2018-03-08 22:42:26 UTC

I want to clean 140kilo

2018-03-10 17:12:13 UTC

When you lift at a crossfit gym and it's the open.

2018-03-10 17:12:31 UTC

Got to lift outside as if I'm the idiot.

2018-03-10 17:12:41 UTC


2018-03-11 06:09:54 UTC

@Fox yeah CrossFit boxes aren't very accommodating to people not doing their particular course. I have one right next door but they only have 1 hour 2x a day of "open gym" so instead I travel 30 min each way to get to a good barbell gym.

2018-03-11 06:17:30 UTC

True. I love being apart of the box. I catch a lot of shit for not CrossFiting but I am also know everyone and make great friends doing so.

2018-03-13 02:56:02 UTC

That first post-conference workout is painful. No more off days!

2018-03-13 04:16:34 UTC

Haha, if/when we get an IE compound I assume there will be tons of squat racks

2018-03-13 14:25:20 UTC

All members must preform back squats before continuing with any other exercise.

2018-03-13 17:10:50 UTC

405 back squat mandatory

2018-03-13 17:45:32 UTC

All reps are to he counted as "One, Mr. Rippetoe. Two, Mr. Rippetoe."

2018-03-13 22:13:38 UTC

The dudes in the back talking about my lift as I’m doing it threw me off some. I think I had three more

2018-03-13 22:59:50 UTC

Dude do you have any knee pain? Looked like they were going way past your toes.

2018-03-13 23:02:33 UTC

going past your toes ain't the problem, its putting all the pressure through them that is. One can lead to the other tho

2018-03-13 23:03:32 UTC

Or so I think

2018-03-14 04:46:20 UTC

My knees feel great tbh. I run all the time too. I normally wear knee sleeves but forgot them back in my dorm in Texas. I’ve always done high bar pause squats like that and no pain. I’m routinely over 2-2.5x bodyweight no issues

2018-03-14 04:48:05 UTC

Also I’m in weightlifting shoes that have a .75” heel so my ankle flexion angle is probably comparable to those in flat shoes who don’t go over toes

2018-03-14 04:49:38 UTC

I’ll draw up some fbd of it tomorrow to see what’s good and use my measurements just cause

2018-03-14 12:30:22 UTC


2018-03-16 01:31:26 UTC

as long as heels dont come up, going past your toes is A okay

2018-03-17 15:12:14 UTC

I’ve started taking more rest days. My sleep quality has improved and my bulk is finally working

2018-03-17 15:12:27 UTC

Rest and recovery is super important fam

2018-03-21 00:28:32 UTC

Nice dude. That is when your muscles grow!

2018-03-22 06:01:43 UTC

Hit my first 60kg snatch today it felt amazing

2018-03-22 11:52:47 UTC

Nice work!

2018-03-23 02:43:58 UTC
2018-03-23 21:49:27 UTC

Should I start out on a 5x5 program?!?

2018-03-23 21:58:30 UTC

I'm on week 10 of the 5x5 and I love it.

2018-03-23 22:04:25 UTC
2018-03-23 22:32:01 UTC

Yes, start out on a 5x5 program. Preferably stronglifts or starting strength

2018-03-23 23:09:10 UTC

The 5x5 meme is actually not bad, although there are better programs out there for more experienced lifters

2018-03-25 00:55:43 UTC

holy cows

2018-03-25 00:55:49 UTC

"I do believe that is a maximum effort"

2018-03-25 00:55:55 UTC

ya i'd say

2018-03-25 01:32:35 UTC

rpe 7

2018-03-25 19:49:21 UTC

@Whitelash 5x5 is great. And you can add some issolation assisstance after the major lifts if you feel so inclined.

2018-03-25 23:37:41 UTC

What are some advanced programs you guys have? You know, stuff that would be good to do after doing 5x5

2018-03-25 23:57:38 UTC


2018-03-25 23:57:47 UTC

smolov ;)

2018-03-25 23:58:14 UTC


2018-03-25 23:59:22 UTC


2018-03-26 00:02:58 UTC

Sheiko also has scaling levels of programs

2018-03-26 05:32:27 UTC

Finally not lifting at a normie gym now that I've moved

2018-03-26 05:32:58 UTC

Signed up for a powerlifting/strongman gym today and it feels good to be around other serious lifters

2018-03-26 21:40:56 UTC

@BryceB-ND I didn't mention earlier but since you've not a coach you see your form, phone camera and playback is your best friend.

2018-03-26 21:41:06 UTC

Really really helpful

2018-03-28 16:48:53 UTC

@ anyone who can help ....Ok... ok ... so I’m a jiujitsu guy mostly with some kickboxing thrown in ... but I’m really wanting to get into aesthetic lifting ... I do Crossfit but I want to lift only for Chad beefiness... I’d like to get my body swoll.... anyone have a program they’d like to share?

2018-03-28 17:40:12 UTC

5x5 heavy reps has been working for me. Time under tension is the key to muscle growth

2018-03-28 18:53:34 UTC

I started doing a warm up set about 20% lighter than my full weight and then do 4 heavy sets. I find it works really well for helping me maintain form.

2018-03-28 18:57:55 UTC

What's everyone's strategy for managing bad gym days? I've been struggling with my squat lately where my old working set weight feels so heavy I can barely squeeze out one or two reps and it's incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

2018-03-28 19:00:20 UTC

I think I can attribute that to being overworked tbh. I do Oly lifting 3x a week and then accessory work/strength training on the other weekdays, play rugby on Saturdays and soccer on Sundays.

2018-03-28 19:13:28 UTC

@Punisher so long as you don't hop on any PED'S, heavy compounds are always going to be optimal for muscle growth. Once you are lifting fairly heavy and your diet is in tune with the work load you're doing every week you can throw in accessory work as you see fit.

2018-03-28 19:14:35 UTC

@BryceB-ND#1845 @Der Seeteufel - SD @Sean thank you all

2018-03-28 19:38:10 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA I'm by no means an expert but I agree it sounds like you are over training. Do you do squats every strength day?

2018-03-28 19:39:14 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA yes sounds like overworking. Ramp up the carb/overall calorie intake or scale something back.

2018-03-28 19:39:26 UTC

yeah I squat basically every day @BryceB-ND#1845 @Der Seeteufel - SD

2018-03-28 19:42:21 UTC

Yeah I'm still a beginner but I've been reading a lot and putting a day or two between your big compound lifts is really important for recovery. I do 3 days a week strength and I only do squats every other work out and I've already started to see some pretty good improvement.

2018-03-28 19:43:50 UTC

@BryceB-ND what do you recommend?

2018-03-28 19:44:59 UTC

yeah I probably should give myself a break. I got my squat up to a 315 1RM and got stuck and now I'm in a rut

2018-03-28 19:45:05 UTC

Do Starting Strength 3x5 and eat like a college football player.

2018-03-28 19:46:26 UTC

I bought that book I need to actually finish the damn thing

2018-03-28 19:46:33 UTC
2018-03-28 19:47:11 UTC

@Zyklonius B Gassem-LA I squat everyday too but that means different things, I only go 3 days a week. Are you squatting 5 days a week?

2018-03-28 19:47:42 UTC

Currently shovelling PB in my face like an animal


2018-03-28 19:48:05 UTC

@BryceB-ND I squat 5x a week

2018-03-28 19:48:26 UTC

Hahaha I've been doing between 3-4k calories a day I'm back up above 140lbs from 132 about 3 weeks ago.

2018-03-28 19:48:35 UTC

Seems like way too much to me. You're doing oly lifting 3 x a week too? What's the point.

2018-03-28 19:48:46 UTC

get strong AF is the point

2018-03-28 19:49:59 UTC

Recovery time is paramount.

2018-03-28 19:49:59 UTC

Won't work if you have no recovery time.

2018-03-28 19:50:16 UTC

My messages are duplicating and taking forever to send

2018-03-28 19:51:16 UTC

I give you props for getting in there 5x a day doing strenous days like that. And hell if you're the genetic 1% and it works keep at it. Props.

2018-03-28 19:51:27 UTC

But for most it wouldn't be optimal.

2018-03-28 19:53:14 UTC

I am the 99%

2018-03-28 19:53:16 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD And nice man, keep going.

2018-03-28 20:57:01 UTC

Thanks for sending out the discord for lifting. Haven't been to the gym in a few months but decided today was the day to get back into it. Much work needed but one day at a time.

2018-03-28 21:23:25 UTC

That's the exactly right attitude brother, and we're all here to support you jumping back into it. Glad to have ya.

2018-03-28 21:27:59 UTC

It helps that I'm a thinner guy so I don't have any fat to work off, but the "skinny lil bitch" look isn't what I want to see in the mirror anymore haha

2018-03-29 00:13:28 UTC

@Krypto- OH I feel your pain man. My peanut butter and whole milk budget is off the charts. Start tracking your calories. If you're anything like me you'll start eating way more to try and hit your goals.

2018-03-29 00:17:51 UTC

I eat really clean and only drink water other than milk with my fingers so I'm gonna have to mix it up. I'm gonna gain it's just gonna take a lot of prepping and dedication. Let me know how it's going for you, maybe we can brainstorm and find a good ratio.

2018-03-29 00:18:09 UTC

Milk with my dinners hahaha

2018-03-29 00:22:14 UTC

Try peanut butter, oatmeal, whole milk, and chocolate whey protein shakes. Throw in a banana for a little extra flavor. I do about 24 oz of that after every work out and I've slowly but surely been gaining weight. I started at 132 and now I'm consistently above 140.

2018-03-29 05:10:25 UTC

Squatted 325 for 3x5 and benched 245 for almost 3x5. Hoping to get up to 400 lb squat before the semester ends.

2018-03-29 05:14:13 UTC

Is that a race to 400 I hear, @BryceB-ND? 😋

2018-03-29 05:31:27 UTC

you guys are getting to me... I need to get bigger! you just wait! I'll outlift you all! just wait

2018-03-29 05:31:29 UTC

Hah, if you want

2018-03-29 05:31:50 UTC

You looked like a solid dude in one of the pics i saw of you tide

2018-03-29 05:32:07 UTC

am a lanklet though

2018-03-29 05:32:10 UTC

pic mightv been in the mcgoyver server

2018-03-29 05:32:11 UTC

how tall ?

2018-03-29 05:32:21 UTC

squat leverages rnt the best, 6,2

2018-03-29 05:32:40 UTC

ah yeah. Damn. Suomi and I are 5'9 manlet squat master race.

2018-03-29 05:32:53 UTC

you damn manlets...

2018-03-29 05:32:56 UTC

just wait!

2018-03-29 05:33:00 UTC


2018-03-29 05:34:12 UTC

After I cut, Ima just do stronglifts 5x5 for awhile

2018-03-29 05:34:54 UTC

I have a tendency to overtrain all the time, so ima do something simple like that, and just eat

2018-03-29 17:13:24 UTC
2018-03-29 17:13:56 UTC

Honestly though I think I could 1RM 405

2018-03-29 17:14:03 UTC

My knee would just kill me

2018-03-29 17:20:31 UTC

What's the criteria for it? I'm hoping to 3x5 405 by end of the semester.

2018-03-29 17:20:41 UTC

I think I could probably 1 rep it already too or pretty soon here.

2018-03-29 17:21:17 UTC

Either way, You're all on. First unofficial IE mine's better than yours lifting competition is a go.

2018-03-29 17:25:31 UTC

Might as well go for the triple. Bench, squat, and deadlift. See who can get the highest weight 😎

2018-03-29 17:25:56 UTC

Actually, that'd be a cool little competition for everyone in the fitness server

2018-03-29 17:26:06 UTC

Get some weight brackets in

2018-03-29 17:26:33 UTC

I'd say we'd probably have to have it filmed in some manner as well

2018-03-29 17:26:44 UTC

Maybe wonder gets a free tank top

2018-03-29 20:20:51 UTC

@Suomi Stronk What was the results of your pull up competition with @BryceB-ND last year? It was pretty close as I recall

2018-03-29 20:21:08 UTC

I thik he had me by one @Deleted User

2018-03-29 20:21:17 UTC

Gimme a second I'll find the video

2018-03-29 20:22:40 UTC

Haha is that me grunting for Bryce at the end?

2018-03-29 20:22:46 UTC


2018-03-29 20:26:49 UTC


2018-03-29 20:27:07 UTC

But I've been working on my pull ups so I'll be ready to redeem myself

2018-03-30 00:42:55 UTC

How much do you guys weigh

2018-03-30 00:45:44 UTC

~170 lbs

2018-03-30 00:45:48 UTC

I do at least

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