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2018-01-15 00:37:48 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Anyone have any experience with edible/medicinal mushroom cultivation?

2018-03-05 00:51:16 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Does anyone here use a landmine in their workouts? I did legs and back with it and it was one of the best workouts I've ever had. Wondering about others experiences and if deadlifting/squatting with it is worth my time.

2018-03-07 23:37:56 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Does anyone here find Bcaa's to be effective?

Anyone have suggestions for a traditional Northeast American recipe? I have a New England heritage cookbook with all kinds of stuff, but looking for more ideas.

2018-07-10 14:46:57 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Anyone here box? What brand of gloves do you use for bag work? It seems like everything under $100 is Pakistani made and uses the same pattern.

2018-07-10 16:58:03 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Planning on the gloves. "Toughening up" ones hands is not worth a lifetime of pain and easy re injuries.

Nice Cleome

Not sure if you're familiar with these folks but very interesting stuff.

A girl in my office told me that Trump says black people are killing farmers Africa, because Trump is racist.

Well we stole all their land and made them work in uranium mines to make bombs or something so I mean we deserve to be killed.

I recall in my senior capstone course the professor telling us the difference between its and it's. I think I cried a little. That was in 2011. It must be maddening today.

2018-09-04 15:00:07 UTC [Literature Club #american_history]

2018-09-04 15:02:01 UTC [Literature Club #american_history]  

Reading this work currently, incredibly inspiring to read directly from the journals of men who agitated for revolution. And revolution from a tyranny which was, I believe, far less serious than what we face today.

On the Kaepernick thing, I knew folks when I lived in Reno who were pals with him, as he was the qb at the college. Apparently he would seduce girls every night on Facebook, get them drunk at his frat, then kick them out after using them. Sounds a tad rape like.

It seems they really can't discern, especially at that age, false strength and status from anything good, when they're not taught any cultural values. Hence throwing themselves at turds like Colin Kaepernick.

I was talking with a business in Boise and all 3 people I spoke with were Muslim females. Did not expect that.

John Stossel looks like a Sicilian.

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