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Anyone have any experience with rotary motors?!?

Yes sir

12a o believe the 13b is the rx8s

And Everything , I've been thinking about a swap or just letting the thing go

Would you guys say carpet or floor tile is better? I have dogs no kids

Living room

Good thanks!

I have no experience in carpentry and I just moved into my own house

@RevStench#3208 Wow thanks! I'll have to save up and get ahold of you! I love IE everyone's so helpful and kind

I'm 23 and a newer home owner so I'm excited to make the place look nice

Anyone good with plumbing

I live In upstate New York so my water pump outside is always frozen in the winter

I'm going to try and get my water pump inside and re fun all the pipeing

How hard should it be?

I am reconnecting it inside, thanks I'll have to look into it!

How hard would it be to make a bed frame for a queen size Ben?!?

I'll have to look up a guide

Floating frames look sweet

Haha I got a lot of stuff to learn

I'm a home owner now and my trailer needs some work,

Would a drill and a circular saw be good?

Okay good tyvm!

I hope it's related but has anyone made fasces for decoration?

Like this

I like that idea


I was just going to ask that also

If you find someone can you let me know @Deleted User ?

Near Albany

Even if I can find someone to help work through what I need

Same here only problem is my location seems to be hours away from everyone hahaa

Wish I had you around when I had my 325 @von Raudenbusch

@Tim - NH you should get on the fitness server

Let me see what I can do

I asked just waiting for a reply

You new to IE?

Welcome brother

How you find out about IE?

My brother has been talking about joining IE

21, I would say monarchism

He's smart, smarter than I am he introduced me into the alt right

About the time of the mike brown chimp out

I should have posted this a while ago as this happens a few weeks back, however There was a small scandal where I work the admin hired Somalians and people where complaining about how "stupid they are" and admin was being a virtue signaling fag in a meeting saying " there just as smart as any of you don't be a bigot" and when i pointed out the average IQ there is 68 he got pissed and people stood up for me lol

The skinnys where spraying cleaning chemicals on tables while residents where eating.

@Reinhard Wolff showed you're NFL video to my parents today, thanks for the red pills

Sense it relates to the convo the place I works puts people through trade school to get you're Lpn nursing. It's a 2 year contracts I'm thinking about do it next year.

fash the nation is the best alt right pod cast imo

@everyone anyone here good as sewing?

So I woke up today with power to only half of my house, I switched the breakers and still no power, anyone have any ideas? @everyone

Lmao, is that the best option?

^^^ I mean Jews do ruin everything but you can’t blame them for you’re faults

@JesseJames don’t let it annoy you, the fact something as simple as “our destiny is ours” causes this kind of back lash is great for us, it forces the normie to think. Our Postering is one of the best activism we can do because we control the narrative and no spurg can fuck it up with friend ship windmills and fancy waving

@RevStench yes! Can’t wait to see a second or third generation IE member

Murdock was 100% right about him

"who is richard spencer", this is great its like one of /our guys made it

I tried finding how manny Jewish people where on that cnn Jew meme

I couldn’t find out if he was Jewish or not

Seriously, what are they gonna do if they find out?

Anyone good with photo editing?!?

May I dm you?

@William Russell good idea, just sent an email.

I remember we had a graphic design type channel a few months back, what are the chances we could get another one? @Deleted User

Maybe have a montage of banner drops and filtering also

Baked lol, he seems to have cucked a lot after 2.0

I never really followed him honestly

His video before 2.0 with Saragon was good

We bankers now?

/our side is not something you can honestly believe and decide to leave.

https://twitter.com/Corrynmb/status/925089329394995200?s=09 seems the normie republicans are catching onto the random based POC which fox news likes to drag out to talk about moving past "muh identity politics" are just the same fake news merchants that cernovich and PJW are

There is some good white pills in here. https://youtu.be/ITwjEkDIfUs

Christ man how awful

Is this in ny?

Oh I see it is

I “joined” the alt right over a year ago, sense then I’m noticed more and more normies start asking the questions I asked my self that ultimately lead me to here. Our narrative is slowly becoming main stream!

2017-11-19 19:57:53 UTC [The Right Server #gaming_tech]  

any one here play rune scape? asking for friend

2018-03-23 21:49:27 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Should I start out on a 5x5 program?!?

2018-05-03 20:27:16 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Does anyone know of a cardio program you can do on a weight bench?!?

2018-05-03 20:36:37 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I don’t have to, just wondering if there was such a thing and how well it worked

2018-05-09 01:28:16 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yes @Mark V#5146 i think people would be surprised how quickly “blacks” will act like you’re friend and kiss you’re ass when you call them out in public.

I’m not sure if this is technically “activism” but I figured I would post in here because it’s an interesting story that you guys may enjoy . Johannes Spanknable is one of my ancestor who fought in the American Revolutionary War in Captain Nicholas Rector’s Ranger Regiment. Johannes fought in the Battle of Johnstown and at the Battle of Oriskany. After the war he returned to his family and lived the rest of his life in the small town that I live in today.

A memorial for the local men who fought in ww 1 in Little falls New York

The Civil War Union Memorial in Johnstown NY.

Another civil war monument in the town of Saint Johnsville New York.

Tyvm everyone

2018-07-31 05:23:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@everyone can anyone here help me lose some weight? Unfortunately when I quit smoking I gained some Weight and I could use some help

Johnstown New York , at the battle field that was one of if not the last battle before the British surrendered to the continental army

I’m not sure where, this battle happened 6 days before the surrender.

@everyone what do you guys use to carry around posters? I don’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself

Tyvm I have a little over 25 left


Has anyone put “it’s okay to be white stickers” with IE stickers or posters? I have about 100 of them

I figured so I put out like 50 IOTBW stickers in my snall home town but never any IE because we don’t have foot traffic

@Everyone anyone here Work In New York?

In Saint Johnsville New York.

2018-08-15 22:06:35 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

Anyone here familiar with Zendo-Kai?

2018-08-18 05:56:57 UTC [Fitness #martial-arts]  

That’s what I’m afraid of. Its the only “combat sports” in my local area

Did Alex Jones realy get caught watching trap porn on his phone love?!? Lmao

Anyone got sources or something lnoa

@everyone. Anyone here know about rotary engines?!?

Ohh no I just got a rx7 pretty much for free not running tho

Do people swap them or nah? I don’t know anything about rhemb

83 or 85 not sure. I know it’s a first gen tho

And I’m no sure if I’ll ever do anything with it tbh i don’t know shit about cars besides simple stuff

They are different

I may try and sell it to someone who wants it being I don’t have the time or money to do anything with it

Or know how

Did any one hear about this? I live close to where this happened

Lol did anyone hear about the homosexual white man that was assaulted by a black man for being white in nyc? The daily wire called it an “anti white” attack

Can anyone resize a picture of me for a twitter header?!?

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