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2018-07-19 20:58:11 UTC


2018-07-19 21:03:55 UTC

Foreign volunteers in the boer war. Picture of scandinavian corps. Many countries came to help the boers on a voluntary basis. They did not get any compensation at all. To join the boers they had to take a oath

" I hereby make an oath of solemn allegiance to the people of the South African Republic, and I declare my willingness to assist, with all my power, the burghers of this Republic in the war in which they are engaged. I further promise to obey the orders of those placed in authority according to law, and that I will work for nothing but the prosperity, the welfare, and the independence of the land and people of this Republic, so truly help me, God Almighty"

Many of them later formed their own corps such as the german corps and scandanavian corps. More than 5000 volunteered to fight alongside the boer.

2018-07-20 06:13:18 UTC

@Gonzo you think if a civil war broke out, whites from all over the world would come and fight alongside the boer?

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2018-07-20 08:12:25 UTC

Ditsem! @Friday, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-07-20 08:15:45 UTC

Groep boere by Napoleon se leรซ graf op St. Helena. Naamlys op die agterkant van die foto


2018-07-20 08:16:01 UTC

Naamlys op die agterkant van die foto van 'n Groep boere by Napoleon se leรซ graf op St. Helena


2018-07-20 16:29:58 UTC

@ThatRightWingFish no. Times are different. Travel will be limited depending on how severe the war is.The UN will also step in to restore peace.

2018-07-23 08:10:56 UTC

@Gonzo Battle of the five armies, wonder who would be the humans\elves in the fight against Mordor... ๐Ÿ˜‹

2018-07-25 13:47:59 UTC


2018-07-25 17:23:51 UTC

๐Ÿ‘† An excellent resource on the true history of South Africa, very well referenced throughout with great historical sources

2018-07-25 17:29:18 UTC

Thank you @TruthCanary

2018-07-25 17:32:51 UTC


2018-07-26 16:00:25 UTC

"Wars of pen and ink often lead to wars of cannon and bayonets."

2018-07-26 16:00:35 UTC

twitter gona start a shitstorm

2018-07-27 02:53:10 UTC

The original piece of land the dutch bought from the Khoi, I've seen the original map somewhere before but I have no idea where to find it.


2018-07-27 09:19:12 UTC

@theeChristopher Make Malmesbury the central capital ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2018-07-27 09:25:12 UTC

Trots Afrikaner


2018-07-27 12:51:04 UTC

@TruthCanary Sny net vir Louis Botha uit die slideshow...

2018-07-27 12:54:34 UTC

Ek kan nie credit vat vir die compilation van die slideshow nie. Het dit op FB gevind.

2018-07-27 12:54:35 UTC

Ditsem! @TruthCanary, you just advanced to level 5!

2018-07-28 12:24:42 UTC


"Since Keynes, interventionism (which is vague), rather than classical socialism reformism (which is specific), has become the name of the game. This is because socialism itself had fallen into disrepute. Or at least it did until the post-Bush II years." http://austrolibertarian.com/marxism-reformism-and-interventionism/

2018-07-28 12:24:54 UTC

Go check **Willem Petzer Live Chat**'s leaderboard here https://mee6.xyz/leaderboard/468388839799390208. <:WINK6:403540173566115840>

2018-07-28 12:48:25 UTC

@TruthCanary @HoppeanSnake_ZA I think you'll enjoy above article

2018-07-29 07:50:10 UTC

A non-Kosher take on the downfall of South Africa. https://archive.org/details/KlausDVaqueThePlotAgainstSouthAfrica

2018-07-29 21:46:29 UTC

Chris Langan's view on Identity Politics (One of the smartest men in the USA, tested IQ of 200):

2018-07-29 21:46:40 UTC

My view on identity politics is that it can be justified only if everyone of any ethnicity is entitled to participate, in which case it is necessary for all (because failing to assert it, as when White people of European ancestry fail to assert it lest they be branded as โ€œracistsโ€, means leaving oneself and oneโ€™s group defenseless against competition for resources and opportunity). Alternatively, lest any group be denied its identity while others assert their own, group identity must be equitably denied to everyone.

2018-07-29 21:46:48 UTC

Human identity is stratified, and thus has both individual and group levels. Accordingly, we can (and sometimes must) reason in terms of group identity. But when group self-identification is officially granted to some groups yet denied to others against which they compete, this can only result in imbalance and injustice. For example, when some overpopulating groups which have overtaxed their own resources by reproductive incontinence and homegrown oligarchy are allowed to migrate into the sovereign territories of worldwide ethnic minorities - e.g., people of European descent - and enjoy special โ€œoppressedโ€ status whereby they reap special benefits such as free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare, affirmative action, reproductive subsidies, and special treatment under the law, and are even credited with moral superiority due to their alleged โ€œoppressionโ€, this can result in the destruction of the national, cultural, and ethnic identity of the hosts, leading ultimately to their extinction. Incoming groups which assert their own collective identities while denying their hosts any reciprocal right of political group cohesion thus amount to noxious, invasive, and ultimately lethal socioeconomic parasites. Obviously, any governmental authority which enforces or encourages such asymmetry - e.g., the European Union - is illegitimate.

2018-07-29 21:47:23 UTC

Bear in mind that once we cease to treat individuals as individuals per se, thus allowing members of their respective groups to assert their ethnic, cultural, or religious (etc.) identities against their โ€œoppressorsโ€, their group properties and statistics are automatically opened to scrutiny and comparative analysis. For example, if after several generations of special treatment in the educational sphere (compulsory school integration, special programs, modifications of educational procedure, racially defined college admission preferences, etc.), a particular โ€œoppressedโ€ group fails as a whole to outgrow these measures, its members are no longer entitled to exemption from objective characterization in terms of associated group statistics; if one wants to enjoy the social benefits attending ethically loaded group-defined properties like โ€œbelonging to an oppressed groupโ€, one must submit to rational policies formed on the basis of not just individual assessment, but empirically confirmed group-defined properties such as โ€œbelonging to a group exhibiting a relatively low mean IQ and a tendency to violently disrupt the educational environmentโ€. Continuing to pursue racially parameterized measures of human worth and achievement can only lead to personal injustice, social degradation, and biological degeneration (because such measures inevitably supplant any rational form of social, economic, and reproductive selection).

2018-07-29 21:47:34 UTC

In short, identity politics should either be shut down immediately, or the majority populations of Europe and North America should be encouraged to assert their own ethnic and cultural identities and group interests with full force. Any governmental, academic, religious, or media authority which tries to prevent it is clearly unworthy of respect and obedience.โ€

2018-07-29 21:48:20 UTC

holy wall of text batman

2018-07-31 10:49:57 UTC

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) <:rooikat:468405556831453184>

2018-07-31 11:43:28 UTC

@Willem Petzer Are you here?

2018-07-31 11:45:03 UTC
2018-07-31 15:21:25 UTC

@AltCapRight Early conflicts
First war (1779โ€“81)
The First Xhosa War broke out in 1779 between Boer frontiersmen and the Xhosa. In December 1779 an armed clash started, the war was resulted by allegations of cattle theft by Xhosa people. This led to Adreaan Van Jaarsveld capturing a large number of cattle from the Xhosa and claiming to have driven them out of Zuurveld by July 1781 [4]

Second war (1789โ€“93)
The second war involved a larger territory.

Start of British involvement
Fourth War (1811โ€“12)
The Fourth War was the first experienced under British rule.
Fifth War (1818โ€“19)

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2018-08-08 09:39:36 UTC

@AfrikanerKnight What was the occasion?

2018-08-08 09:44:10 UTC

Start of the South African Republic if I remember correctly.

2018-08-08 09:44:21 UTC

Very good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2018-08-08 17:59:08 UTC

"As proponents of the free market, we donโ€™t need the experiences of Venezuela to โ€œteach usโ€ that socialism doesnโ€™t work. We donโ€™t need to cite the murderous regimes of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao as proof of the inevitable collapse of collectivist and state-totalitarian social arrangements. Socialism doesnโ€™t work in theory. Interventionism as democratic policy contradicts what is known about the very nature of man. Economic theory itself warns the careful thinker of the regressive civilizational effects of both a tinkering with the free market and full-on government control. The data, the formulas, the empirical studies, produced by the econometricians need to be challenged on their foundation: the baseless assumption that these things in themselves can have anything to offer economic theory and government policy."


2018-08-09 08:30:28 UTC

@Willem Petzer Oom Krรผger is banned in UK


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2018-08-09 09:46:48 UTC
2018-08-13 16:41:00 UTC

I am busy watching this series, its a big one, I still need to form an opinion, but very informative.


2018-08-15 15:25:40 UTC

I live in the states but am very interested in Afrikaner history. In addition to such documentaries, does anyone have any good books/sources (that are not ANC propaganda) that they could recommend to me, as someone interested in learning more about Afrikaner history. Thanks!

2018-08-15 15:37:18 UTC

This is a really good book which gives a good overview of the Afrikaner/Boer trekkers first settling the Eastern Cape and then focusing on the Voortrekkers who went much further North East. Packed with a lot of useful information on things like when the Whites and blacks first encountered each other, the Battle of Blood River and the miraculous deliverance from God in that battle and the founding of the Boer Republics.

2018-08-15 15:39:04 UTC

It's a bit pricey for you (on Amazon.com) for a second hand book but there really isn't very much at all in English on the history of South Africa which wouldn't be of the leftist variety.

2018-08-15 15:39:41 UTC

@MaximusXVI ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

2018-08-15 15:52:26 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder excellent! Thank you for the description as well. I'll put it on my Christmas gift list! ๐Ÿ‘

2018-08-15 19:36:24 UTC

ah Bulrock nice to see you here to

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2018-08-17 18:25:24 UTC

Who is this?!

2018-08-17 18:59:06 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder i thought it was joseph goebbels wife magda for a second . Crazy thing is i just checked diane actually married at goebbels house with hitler as guest.

2018-08-17 23:09:20 UTC

@Gonzo who is this lady?

2018-08-17 23:09:21 UTC

Ditsem! @MaximusXVI, you just advanced to level 6!

2018-08-18 04:13:16 UTC

@MaximusXVI Sorry been away from comp all night. The first picture is of Unity Mitford. The third picture is Diana her sister who married Oswald Mosley. The middle picture is the two of them in Germany during the 30s

2018-08-18 22:55:53 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder hey! No problem! Interesting. I do not know much about Mosley but would like to learn more about him. He was such a dynamic person. They are quite attractive women! (and not just because of their politics! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

2018-08-20 09:40:31 UTC

@MaximusXVI Indeed. Their family is fascinating in itself: 6 sisters and 1 brother. Of the sisters: one was a Nazi, one a fascist, one a communist (we don't talk about her), one an author, one became Duchess of Devonshire and one lived in the country and grew vegetables lol the Brother died in the second world War. The sisters were the "It" girls of their time. Their parents and grandparents are also fascinating people. A real English eccentric family.

2018-08-20 10:24:28 UTC

I watched this last night. What a sad story https://youtu.be/5bI6SSVg9vg

2018-08-20 10:26:45 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder have you seen this?

2018-08-20 10:32:52 UTC

@Daniel van Straaten I haven't seen that particular documentary. But certainly the story of Unity is very very sad.

2018-08-20 13:24:28 UTC

@Malcolm the Seceder incredible. Definitely going to look into them!! Ty for the info!

2018-08-20 13:24:57 UTC

@Karooboer ๐Ÿ‘ gotta watch that sometime soon. Hopefully this week!

2018-08-20 18:13:08 UTC

what rebellion was this?

2018-08-20 18:19:20 UTC

seems my ancestors were a constant pest to the brits and now im raised a soutie

2018-08-20 18:28:01 UTC

@MaximusXVI Thats a biography of the whole family and Diana's autobiography

2018-08-21 12:34:23 UTC

British nationalism over the fake "Scottish nationalism"


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