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Sorry, werk op die oomblik, bul

Daan, gee my admin privileges asb. Wil paar van my server se tweak hier ook toepas.

@Willem Petzer @Daniebees Soek julle 'n punte stelse bot hier wat mense reward vir regular posts

Dan is daar 'n activity scoreboard

Hy moet nog geprogrameer word haha In die proses.




!youtube del la rey

!youtube willem petzer

!imgur Afrikaner


!urban zef

Right, ekt hom nou geprogram om automaties jou nuutse videos te post in anouncements, @Willem Petzer



Hierdie is die Afrikaanse hoekie

This discord was just started today, so excuse the absence of any chatter for now.

@Vulpes Hier kan jy in jou taal praat, ons sal verstaan.


I had 3 years of undergrad economics in university, so I got the basics at least.


Middag middag

!imgur Europe

Wow... That was a lucky draw command and THAT came up

Try it

!imgur South Africa


I'm floored by that Europe result


Ek dink Vlaams is die naaste

Maar ek en @Willem Petzer kan ook Nederlands lees. Ek kan dit net nie skryf nie.

Jy spel soos 'n dronk Afrikaner xD




Willem, daar sien jy ons High en Low IQ custom emojis.


A wild Klipkop haha



THis isn;t a strictly Afrikaans server

Where did you new arrivals get the link?

I'm curious

Oh boy, here comes the wave...



!imgur namibia

@Rottenbadger Daar is 'n Afrikaanse channel aan die linker kant. Check

@Vulpes ☝🏼



Ek sien my idee van 'n Afrikaanse thread werk soos 'n bom πŸ˜‰

Cheers ouens, moet gou bietjie werk afhandel

@Daniel van Straaten Daar is 'n memes channel links

!youtube willem petzer afrikaans

@Chein Advance up the scoreboard


@Arcade_Hustle is leading πŸ˜ƒ

!imgur willem petzer


!Imgur Caracal

!imgur Rooikat


I programmed him so yeah haha





w!now Orania

@Magic 8 Bot Will the world end?

@Magic 8 Bot Is Willem the biggest South African Youtuber?

@Magic 8 Bot Kan jy Afrikaans praat?



My mic is besig om 'n doos te wees. Sorry

Nie nou in die mood om my PC te reboot nie



The Catalonians haven't even gotten their secession and they demonstrated in their millions in the streets. No way we beat them to it haha

It's a cute attempt, but don't get your hopes up. Novelty idea at best.

This type of movement takes years to form and eventually succeed. Not happening within a week...

"Parliament in Cape Town has been served with an Eviction Notice to vacate the property by Friday, 20 July 2018."

My sides! πŸ˜‚ ☝🏼

South African government: "Here, have half of South Africa"

Ek dink Gent is geban weens accumulated offenses. Hy was al amper 10 keer met sy account ge "limit"


@SouthAfrican No, it's not gonna have any effects except being a novel story at the braai

That's Louis Botha, @ThatRightWingFish - a traitor.

Lots of Dutch and Afrikaans in this server for you, @MrSchnitzel

You'll be able to read the Afrikaans channel on the left.

@alexfletcha I think D.F. Malan said it best in parliament, and I paraphrase:

I support building a statue for Jan Smuts. We can build it next to that of Jan van Riebeeck. But, as Jan van Riebeeck's statue gazes towards the mountain, Smuts' statue must gaze towards the ocean...

He was snug in the pocket of the British.

He had Jopie Fourie, an Afrikaner rebel and freedom fighter executed to show his subservience to the crown.

The 1914 Revolt, occurred because the men who supported the re-creation of the old Boer republics rose up against the government of the Union of South Africa as they did not want to side with the British against Germany. Many Boers had German ancestry and many members of the government were themselves former Boer military leaders who had fought with the rebels against the British in the Second Boer War. The rebellion was put down by Louis Botha and Jan Smuts, the ringleaders received fines and terms of imprisonment.

Jopie Fourie's execution: An Afrikaner delegation that included future prime minister D.F. Malan unsuccessfully petitioned Minister of Defence, Gen. Smuts, to extend leniency. No mercy was given. Fourie was executed without a blindfold on 20 December 1914.

Zondag 20 December 1914
Jopie Fourie se brief aan sy volk voor hy tereggestel is.

Aan mijn volk
Pretoria Tronk
Getrouwe Afrikaners, vrienden en vriendinnen, bij de tijd dat gij dit schrijven ontvangt dan is Jopie bij zijn Hemelse Vader. Om vijf uur vertrek ik van hier op de reis naar de eeuwigheid met de getrouwe Leidsman en Vriend Jezus. Ik heb u vele allen te bedanken voor de boom die geplant is en met mijn bloed benat wordt. β€˜T zal opgroeien tot een groten boom en het zal heerlijke vruchten voortbrengen. Wees getrouw aan uw volk aan uw tradities, aan uw Godsdienst en aan uw God.

De Heere zal uleidenen u den weg wijzen waarheen gij moet gaan. Schrijf op mijn grafsteen deze woorden: Voor God en Vaderland. Ik ben nog jong en mijn leven is zoet. Maar dank god Hij heeft mij los gemaakt. Ik heb niets dat mij hindert, geen haat, geen liefde. God zal voor mijn geliefde zorgen, God komt de wraak toe. Getrouwe vrienden en vriendinnen weest overtuigd dat ik uw sijmpathie gebeden waardeer. Het spijt mij dat ik u allen niet de hand kan drukken maar God heeft anders gewild en Hij heeft mij kraght gegeven om mij aan zijn wil te onderwerpen. Dat is mijn laaste letters die ik schrijven zal en mijn vermaning is. Wees getrouw tot den dood. Wees getrouw aan uw tradities, aan uw volk, aan uw taal. God zij met u allen tot wij wederzien.


This will have a very sad ending, I'm afraid...

That's why I don't go out of my way to bring attention to this.

Won't do them good.

It's a novelty idea and I find the initiative incredibly amusing, but people pooling all their hopes into this event are setting themselves up for further disappointment.

@Magic 8 Bot Will the Cape secede?

But @Arcade_Hustle, they raised a flag! /s

Fok, as ek geweet het hierdie was net een groot spel van Capture the Flag so ek mos lankal dit gedoen het!

Like I said, if we get secession before the Catalonians without a single demonstartion, they're gonna be PISSED

Dis Fok

!youtube Fokkity



Kan nie nou chat nie, het net vinnig 'n draai kom maak. Moet nou weer terugkeer na my werk. Gaan 20h inskakel by die stream.

Why? It's pretty self explanatory...

It happened once today, it's really not a big deal.

No worries


w!everyday Orania

w!everyday set 08:00


@Friday Please keep videos in appropriate threads

@spursfan82 Cheers, mate!

No problem

@HoppeanSnake_ZA I dabble haha

@KoninginTanja So geregtig, jy :p

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Hope to see you in the chat soon

For some reason i can't connect to voice chat tonight. "No Route"

Connects fine on other discord servers though...

@KoninginTanja Dis omdat ek 'n chat mod is.

Hou dop dat mense nie dit opmors vir ander of blatant vieslik is nie.

@Deejay from Earth @Shweetness Afrikaans in die Afrikaanse thread (links) asb.

@Arcade_Hustle Surely the man can have a different view on at least one issue? But please, continue your debate, I'll watch.

Would be boring in here if everyone just fucking nodded and agreed


` \[T]/ `

'bout time

I added some new custom emojis. Have fun.

No, that's what Zille is yelling


She knows the camera's are on her.

Yeah, that section is too niche, @Deejay from Earth

@Deejay from Earth I'm going to have to ask you to take this topic to <#469490581899575297>

As hulle vir Willem wil voorskryf, kan hulle hul eie videos maak.

Ek dink daai silhouette is ikonies genoeg sodat mense weet.

White people did not know anything when they traveled from Europe to Africa ... in boats...

The definition of a scientific theory (often contracted to theory for the sake of brevity) as used in the disciplines of science is significantly different from the common vernacular usage of the word theory. In everyday speech, theory can imply that something is an unsubstantiated and speculative guess, the opposite of its meaning in science. These different usages are comparable to the opposing usages of "prediction" in science versus common speech, where it denotes a mere hope.

"Cute kids" WEE WOO WEE WOO

My shows are all one on one, @Under Cover

Renaldo slowly getting based

more based*

Maybe he saw how one of his mods defected to Willem's channel

Both were streaming and the guy came to watch Willem's Afr channel rather

Can't remember his name

Wenaldo - my fav bromance of 2018

Klink soos 'n medisyne...

"Gr1m R3ndi3r"

All gone now.

If you seriously dig you might find little clips here and there on alt media sites like bitchute

I used to be subbed to him way back when too.

Because old youtube had this nice feature where you could see the most subbed/viewed accounts per country per week. That's how I stumbled upon his videos


Used to call out other workout youtubers in his "hate vids"

Time should have been 11:11

But the number 7 is a close second.

Long term project

Only 30 families moving within the year

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