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How do you join the voice chat?

The two party system just about works in US because the people have a lot of input into who the actual candidates are and because they are of European descent. In Britain our system was excellent and it had not much to do with the franchise either. It was in our character. We are suffering now because our system has been hijacked by the globalists and we, as a people, have become so degraded.


Without wanting to just wade right in to another country's politics (when has that ever stopped the Brits?) I'm sympathetic to the Coloureds' move but yes I'm sure it will end in disaster.

@Arcade_Hustle I didn't say they were the sharpest tools in the box. But I am sympathetic.

Party at my place

Lol brilliant

Who knew it was so easy

The traitorous Scottish Nationalists did it all wrong lol

Hello guys

@Armlol yeah exactly


Hello guys. What's doing today?

This is a better version

Here in the UK we can be arrested for carrying a potato peeler in public. Curiously our crime rate continues to rise...?

I think our laws do make sense. Just depends on from which side one looks at it

Lol I know. Our muslim loving police even tweeted a photo of a bicycle wheel they had "confiscated"๐Ÿ˜‚

That's when they're not busy dancing in the fag pride parades


It's a paradox cause as a conservative one wants to support the police. But these aren't police. They don't deserve respect.

Lol I wonder if we'd get these nowadays...๐Ÿค”

Lol I can't tell if this is real or a parody!??

It's fine. I think white males are taking the hint and leaving the dems. Good news for us

I did but a lot of his stuff is so overwrought that I stopped. I pop in every now and then. I actually prefer Owen Shroyer

Yeah I have nothing per se against Jones though I think he is kinda cooky. But one can't watch everything

@The Fleeb Yeah that's my take. On pure politics he's pretty spot on but he can veer way off track and when he starts talking about other dimensions and stuff I'm just like๐Ÿ™„

Didn't soros work with the Nazis?๐Ÿ˜‚

But apart from that he sucks...


@Arm I know I'm just kidding

Agreed. He's a vampire. Looks like one

@Kesh @Arm Sorry I think I started this. We're all on the same page here I think when it comes to Soros.


Trump knows how to play the long con

Oh I see what you're getting at. Hmm I think there was a proper choice between them

@bruno the dobereman you having Internet trouble?

Great photos!

Yeah. Heart is with them; head says no chance

Yeah. My (ill informed as it is) thought is that some sort of co-operation between the Whites and coloureds is the way out of the hell


Absolutely. An unrelenting spiral of destruction

Are you southern Cape?


Yeah I think they thought that the blacks would treat them like brothers but the minutes the blacks got power they just burned them despite the help the Coloureds gave them before

So what have y'all been doing for your 67 minutes? ๐Ÿคฃ What a joke

@Piesangslaai now that sounds like a productive use of time!

Hope you had lots of bananas to distribute. Keep the "natives" happy

@Piesangslaai Looks like something which needs as much tweeting as possible...


Doesn't wash with me. Calvin from what I understand counseled Christians to accept tyrannical rule in some circumstances

Btw can u accept my new friend request here had to resend when I got booted

@Deejay from Earth Palestinians don't exist

Lol if you want but they're not a people and they're muslim so who cares what's happening to them

Muslims are destroying our world. They worship Satan.

When they stop beheading our soldiers on our own streets and raping our girls and blowing us up and flying planes into our buildings and taking over our cities and enslaving our women in their shariah law then maybe I will

So a few of you have asked why as a Scot I don't support Scottish Independence. Here is an article published in my church's magazine at the time which gives 4 reasons why we were opposed to it:

And here is a link to the Solemn League and Covenant which was a covenant drawn up by the protestants of England and Scotland to work for the reformation of religion in both nations and in Ireland. This is one of the foundational documents of Scottish Presbyterianism and why we see ourselves as part of a united kingdom, bonded by kinship and religion and believe that the Lord united these nations for His glory and our good:

Take a look at Malcolm the Seceder (@BritishSeceder):


Mrs Thatcher was amazeballs ๐Ÿ‘Œ

@Arcade_Hustle You don't wanna live in the Republic of Ireland

@Arcade_Hustle suppose. If you can get into Scotland come here. Lots of free space, stunning country. Though we are living under socialist tyranny but hey.

Um, yeah we are the place where we basically arrested a but it's still a nice country. I'm sure u could work construction or something :)

Ulster (Northern Ireland) is nice and A lot more conservative than rest of UK

Obviously. One of the few (literally 2) parties in the UK I could vote for

At election times rural areas of Ulster are like old school revivals

Yeah we'll see what happens.

Very. All it can really do is steal votes from remainder tories and stop them winning. Which woild result in Labour winning but the point is that a remainer tory party is probably worse because it deceives people

They vote tory thinking they'll get Brexit and it's just a total betrayal

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