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Hi guys, I am still trying to find my way around discord. I am enjoying the Radio kakpraat, but it hangs constantly.

I am running on Fibre.

Strange, I'm getting `DOWNLOAD TEST ERROR`

I'll change my username

Okay hopefully it's not like this all the time.

Where do i comment on the Radio Kakpraat?

Okay just confirming what I thought

We are getting rid of what is left of the left

Yes being open minded makes you a softy. You can't stand for anything.

Because they were all like minded people.

now it's being a ceaser salad

Much smoother yes thanks

@Endeavour to some extend we more wealth because we know that one works for results.

@Rendier nee tjom

jy het dit verkeerd, dit is Egyptian.

and that's why you shouldn't get tattoos.

What is that snoring sound?

@Willem Petzer who are you talking about?

You guys were talking about someone that shouldn't be praised for his youtube content

@TruthCanary and why was the VF+ leader there?

@Rendier good job on that video

@Willem Petzer want hy wil oor apartheid praat en jammer sΓͺ

Ek sal julle manne nog join op die voice chat, ek bly net bietjie baie ver weg so ek sit nou by die werk.

@WillieB ek is van duits en ek stem saam met wat jy sΓͺ

@WillieB ek werk saam met Russians, en hulle werk en dink helemal anders.

Ek wil my seun die verskille leer tussen 'n koedoe en 'n nyala is ek in die verkeerd?

moet hy gaan pis?

Ja die tannies op twitter hou nie van jou harde woorde nie @Willem Petzer

eks by die werk


waar is die voicechat?

Ja waar

in NZ

die mense is so liberal

yes 100% vir jou

ja ek wou gaan luister

die mense hier

ja nee die land gaan erg sink en nog meer downunder wees

Yes ek ook

wel ek het $100 betaal om 'n vierkleur hier in te kry

so ons kan lekker braai en hom waai

Ek is 'n product manager

was 'n prgrammer maar nou bevorder

want jy moet dink om te lees

kyk in die video channel

het julle daai al gekyk?

dit sal vir jou sΓͺ hoekom hulle nie wil lees nie

nee nie nou nie een of ander keer

hoe baie dames is op die selle bladsy?

soos hoekom was sy stil was daar nie ander dames nie?

of is dit net ons mans wat die bus bestuur?

Maar dit is hoekom ek vra

asb daai ou pla my

ja hy trol my konstant

start daai engine @Shiver

daai ou se ek moet hom onthou

ek ken hom van nerens

was dit nie ventersdorp?

willem is dit jy?

jy wet die kitaar kry die girls

page not found

nie lekker in die kop nie

dalk wil hulle seuns genoem word


ek onthou Venterstad het ook so iets gehad

ja hulle nodig goeie bloed

hoor gou hier, met die chat

gaan ons dae he waar ons gaan praat oor onderwerpe?

of gaan die chats random wees?

ja maak sin

okay cheers julle

@Arm what's your channel URL?

nie as die persoon saam jou werk nie

almal moet erens begin

ja templates would be the best

if you are a one man band

Oh i am talking about

If someone is willing to help you for a good cause he won't mind doing it for free

unfortuantely my hands too full

and the templates would be ideal for you

to get started

years back I did video editing

family vlog

yeah they are

they have a pantie vending machine

Willem ons kan jou nie hoor nie

@TruthCanary have you taken the bogpill yet?

hehe, yes the Bogdanoff

Apparently they own all the genetic labs and love playing god.

and the rothschild bow to them, thought you'd like this as you like epxosing the NWO agenda

This all ties in with the `nwo 10 commandments georgia guidestones`


Apparently they own all the genetic labs and love playing god.
and the rothschild bow to them, thought you'd like this as you like epxosing the NWO agenda

Any particular reason why there is a channel dedicated to info-wars?

Understandable, just thought it's an inside joke.

Do you know of this Declaration?

It is said they thought themselves fluent french in 1 week <:hmm:468405359523135488>

They wanted the war because they wanted all the minerals

look into it

Founder: Cecil Rhodes

@Malcolm the Seceder it was the National PArty itself

that took him out

@AfrikanerKnight can you increase your microphone volume

it's a little on the soft side

Much better

@TruthCanary FW de klerk sits around the same table

with the ANC

Most of us don't know anymore who to stand with

I for one don't

I want to group with my people, but don't know where

they don't wanna miss the weekend rugby

my parents are right

and myself, my beautiful wife

and my brother

and I am sure more and more families will wake up

and my son

he loves the vierkleur vlag

thanks will watch

@Conscious Caracal overachiever πŸ˜‹

@AfrikanerKnight the British said, the Boers are difficult to beat because each is his own leader

@RaRi we've been brainwashed to not be proud and that is the problem

much better

@AfrikanerKnight what is your twitter? I think you already follow me, I jsut want to confirm

@Malcolm the Seceder you were talking about how Scotland should stay part of the britain and then I thought I'd share that with you

@Rational Gent civil war will be key

we need a plan

Ah right, sorry yeah I can't chat on the mic so I chat on this channel with the chats

with the voice chats

He lives next to the airport 🀣

This `Radio kakpraat` is a good chat tonight

Has anyone watch that mind of the black man I posted in the `videos`?

I lived my entire life on a farm, but now live in a city

originally from deep free state. didn;t know english existed 🀣

Yeah that works, but not into it

we jsut had a lot of rifrug honde and staffies.

boerboel goeie hond

we have brains to make rational decisions.

@rob your mic is very low

my great grandfather's dad who fought in the Boer war always had sunday bible study with Paul Kruger so that will tell you what type of christian i am

@Kaiser MJ my dad said he saw many people shot up so bad it looked like mince

my dad would only tell my filtered stories

ey crazy man

my dad is a yster

gentle giant

why Tanja?

land size only 80sqkm

water is the big problem

if lesotho decided to revert the orange river......

i'll start walking around in my browns.

that'll scare the hell out of them

@KoninginTanja one needs to start somewhere

when pretoria started it wasn't pretty

Jip that's why I say, that area of South Africa is not our future

that area gets about 400mm per year

that's enough, but.... you will have slow growth.

that's why I say if the Boers want to live in the cape somewhere, they must reclaim Graaff-reinet Republic

and swellendam republic

I published the link in history

haha ja, Natalia was the BEST, but that will take a lot of effort to regain.

Ek het niks geswat nie, ek moes myself opbou

90% van my vriende werk nie in wat hulle studeer het nie.

Ons moet weer leer hoe om met ons hande te werk

dit sal nodig wees as ons onsself weer wil opbou

dis hoekom state of "good hope" gaan niks help nie

Almal is ook gefokus op crypto

mense ons must start buying gold and silver

how long do these guns last?

Ons kan jou speakers hoor

Hey guys, what are you saying about the video?

are you talking about Conscious Caracal's video?

@Malcolm the Seceder when are you mocing to South Africa? Afrikaans is very easy to learn.

It costs only R70 to change your name

no I am talking about smith

if you want

I chat at 6am my time

that is 8pm SA time

In new zealand

I am ahead of time

so tomorrow for me

or also known and chinaville

ja good call Willem

@Malcolm the Seceder I'm not part of a group perse, but Ja Calvinist is close enough..

I am often called old testament worshiper.

as Willem just said

ja a good beard is the ultimate

Most Boer oomies have beards and is considered strange if they don't have a beard.

it's an uncle

but we call all like minded older men oomies

out of respect I guess would be a good way to put it

My dad said money is in IT. So after 10 years of programming I am now a product owner

the weather is not lekker now 🀣

Thanks @Willem Petzer , was my first podcast.

I think it'll be good

haha. long story.

kwaai ek sal jou later vertel

Someone said, baai vir nou, thought it was you

Oh yes I would

No you must live as an afrikaner

and follow afrikaner history and want to live and breath afrikaner, so yes afrikaans is one of the rules

but do they like verwoerd that's the question

I'm not sure about the trinity part.

Crusher, you could always live in Hopetown and do business with Orania

Falkland Islands

@Malcolm the Seceder what's your current affairs in Scotland?

yes I know

my neighbour....

my neighbor was wearing a bokke shirt, then I spoke afrikaans extra loud, I haven't seen him much since then

I'm from Piet Retief mostly.

on a farm bordering the pongola river.

however the town is now one big pothole.

Well I live overseas now with a pass, and this allows me to do certain things. what's the difference...?

it was sophisticated.

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