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Hi almal πŸ˜ƒ

Baie bly om uiteindelik hier te wees

we can hope they wake up, teach your son well and he will be fine

you've raised him well πŸ˜ƒ

It's AfrikanerKnight

Thanks for the follow Christopher

my internet is giving me hell

dont worry im also from the city

it is how we overcome the communists

we need faith and religion

why do you think we're not doing the right thing Tanja?

my great grandfather was good friend with President Reitz and Paul Kruger

guys my internet is kak tonight

not really. you just need to be lucky.

I still need to go to Orania

really? that's sad to hear 😦

@KoninginTanja that's really sad to hear, you think they would put more effort into building the town to be aesthetically pleasing and also adhere to our culture.

We need to find our own place in South Africa. Where we can grow our farms and segregate ourselves.

@KoninginTanja Do you think they could do more if they were properly supported?

lekker slaap Tanja

night Rari

gaan jy baie jammer wees. Beter wees om gereed te wees

nag man lekker slaap

night rob sleep welol

morning everyone

So is this where we advertise our twitter.

Great πŸ˜ƒ

Ek het hierdie gevind in een van die ou notas wat my Oupa my gelos het.

ons sal weer die vlam in elke hart van ons jeug laat brand. Ons moet bereid wees om op te staan vir ons volk en om nooit moed op te gee nie. Ek glo ons sal daardie trotsheid vir die Afrikaner se identiteit weer vind en dit sal die begin wees van ons nuwe eeu.

Ongeluk sal hulle meeste van die tyd nie luister nie. Ons sal die Afrikaners verwelkom. maar ons sal seker maak dat hulle saam stem met ons droom vir die toekoms


yeah which is why the want to do the EWC

Start of the South African Republic if I remember correctly.

we need more memes

we can πŸ˜ƒ

Ek dink nie Renaldo kan 'n kant kies nie, die ewige draadsitter daai een.

Well I'm sure this could work.

But if he simply intervenes once and doesn't keep the pressure on the gov then its useless.

48 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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