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Dankie, uiteindelik dit op gekry.


Ja maar hoe werk daai getalle? is dit mense wat op eens op was of sluit dit mense wat in en uit is? nog nie gesien dat beide meer as 150 op een slag gesien het nie, maar ek hou oomk nie permanent dop nie so ja.

Yeah people that can't control their emotions arent likely to reason very well.. probably for the best


well duh, I have seen similar if not worse than this, but context really helps to judge righteously, instead of judging on appearance dont you think?

Die video gaan nie te ver nie, so dit is nie so erg om te kyk nie

Willem, add net n NSFW warning as dinge erg raak in sulke vids

I am curious to understand the motivation to collect such content, just personal curiousity, no agenda.. Care to express any reason that motivates you Hoppen?

Ah thank you Willem, appreciate it.

Not sure what you mean Hoppen, you mean politically incorrect?

okay, well i dont consider that necessarily politically incorrect, it's far more popular among the politically correct from my own personal experiences of the people that openly share these things. But I suppose making it a racial matter explains it.

Yes this is what happens when there is no rule of law, the people then take the law in their own hands, and it is chaos.. The law is not for the righteous people, it is for people like this, who want to make their own.

Kyk na hul geskiedenis, hul kultuur.. dit is in hulle programeer die manier hoe hulle uitkyk na die wereld. Hulle respekteer emosie, nie intellek nie

Agreed Hoppen, the truth of nature is as we see it, we shouldnt fear it, we should carve a place out of nature for ourselves, and make it home.

After all, we have the law on our side. πŸ˜ƒ the law is not for the righteous, but for the thieves, the rapists, the murderers and all things unholy. The law will make a comeback, it is natural for chaos to be made order by the conquerors.

Agreed, i think that could be interesting, more community driven framework online instead of political motivations. I dont like how everything has to be made political these days, whatever happened to right and wrong, now we have left, right and centre, and both extremes and all other grey areas in between.

Yeah but that's if you intend on making it a social matter... Dont think he is suggesting another social platform, but rather a community oriented goal to define ourselves accordingly. Websites attract attention, as long as you share it and give a good enough reason for people to stick around.

I'm out for tonight, cheers

The spamming is annoying honestly.

Lol interesting read

Why wouldn't they be? The same could be asked about BLF and ANC.

That was a genuinely good question, environment shapes our perspective and our understanding. If we could be taught a lie, and believe it, then sure our understanding is conditioned to understand the world differently than what it really is. Deception of the highest degree, a lie so big, you couldn't comprehend it. It matters to anyone who is reasonable, while others content with their own knowledge, which is to be ignorant. I take interest in this conspiracy myself, because it matters to me what i understand the truth to be, and so many exposing controversy of deceptions and lies surrounding NASA really doesn't comfort me and average Joe that cannot exactly go and check for myself. So i keep what works, and what doesn't work i discard, and whatever idea produces the most accurate results to what i want to achieve, the closer i am to the truth. I think for everyone else interested in this are curious for similar reasons. It's interesting stuff to see the variety of reasons people use to argue their points of view and how they define justifiable evidence.

Yes a valid question i like to ask as well... I'm a space fanatic myself, i enjoy the science fictions, but i do have a tendency to think of space as a fiction, because science fictions tend to try to portray a liberal utopia, which also is a fantasy in reality. Is it coincidence that the push for this reasoning and belief is what lead the world to what it is today? I mean consider they way they think and reason, and then do so with everyone who has a different view, how their views impact their reality and choices.

I'm not arguing for or against either flat earth or global earth. I just expressing my observations

Oh yeah, I've gone to dark places, the heart is deceptive, and desperately wicked; and i know it. I know how great the deception could be.

The mark of an intellectual man, is a man that entertain an idea without accepting it. So run with it, entertain the idea, and then see how that impacts your perception and perspective, then you know what to look for as evidence. When you find that evidence exactly as your predicted it... Would that not be the truth? Of course, it could totally be a joke, but at least you would know. See what it offers, and how it impacts your life and understanding of the world around you... We all kind of feel helpless now, struggling to solve problems. Clearly our understanding is not what it could be, because then we would have solutions to problems.

Hope i don't come off too crazy, but if you are here reading any of this, you obviously curious.

@Arcade_Hustle agreed, he was very right.


Correct, it's ideological. Ideology plays a big role in our perception, and so ideology is essentially perception. On one side of the argument, there are people who have ideas, on the other, the perception that ideas have people. One side sees open minded people as conspiracy theories, the other sees the narrow minded as the conspiracy theorists. Even coming down to subjects as controversial as slavery, one side cannot fathom a reason to justify, the other perfectly capable of justifying it reasonably. It's flippen interesting to see how differently people perceive and reason. But yes it comes down to ideology, even those that reject ideology, are subject to ideology.


Well it is ideologically driven... What else drives our ability to reason?

Definition of ideology. plural ideologies. 1 : visionary theorizing. 2 a : a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture. b : a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture.

Yes agreed, i always like to think curiousity is the voice of reason. I'm open minded, and i see your perspective as well. But curiousity still doesn't take away from the fact that our understanding is based on our perception. Since we don't create it, only observe it, we therefore don't create ideas, but instead recognize ideas and willingly serve the good ideas and reject the bad, or ignorantly get enslaved by other ideas, deceptively believing it to be our own for profit most likely... (Those people that let their emotions dictate their reason, and exploit others feelings.)

Ideology is at the core of our ability to reason, curiousity itself is not reason, but it is the means that lead to intellectual stimulation, where as feelings the means of emotional stimulation. Some reason with with their feelings, others feelings dictate their reason. There's only one truth, but many lies.

Yes, and that truth is an idea none the less. The idea of truth is a concept. And you have a collection or body of concepts that make up your understanding and help you understand how the pieces fit together, and how to interact with the world to get the desired results. This is what ideology is.

How do you define ideology then, if not a set of ideas and principles that influence our understanding and interpretation of our environment and solve our problems?

I'm not disagreeing with you on that, but your method of science is an idea in itself, it's an idea of how to determine the truth. People can't agree on what the truth is because we can't agree on a means to determine truth, one prefers a method they themselves can apply and witness it for themselves, another prefers the idea that an authority they trust in tells them what the truth is. And this can be broken down into many layers. So as far as ideology goes, its real, it exists, that's what spiritual nature and realm is, that's what drives our cognitive experiences. Ideas really impact experiences and what we call reality.

You can't go and say you have no idea what truth or reality is can you? Let me repeat that. "You can't go and say you have NO IDEA what truth or reality is". You must have an idea, idea is the key-word in ideology.

Lol nature is governed by principles, so is the water that flows with the idea of gravity... =)

Yes, and faith is in the principles, the idea you've been observing and know to be true. Understanding the idea to the degree that you can explain it confidently. But that's leading into another conversation, let's first find common ground on what ideology is.

Jy is welkom in saam in te spring, kop eerste.

Because sharing a common understanding is how we can continue to reason together, and ensure we don't have to wrestle with prejudices trying to distract us. If we can't bother to reason and find common ground, how do we expect to share the same space together?

Okay so you decided to change the definition of ideology then... Based on what? Reason, or feelings... The heart is deceptive and desperately wicked; but who can know it?

Humility is a virtue, pride is a sin. I would suggest you give that some thought. I'm a little tired now, thanks for this, I'll definitely be back for more DeeJay, i enjoy your company.

@Shiver ooh Thanks man, i actually like ambient music, . Very captivating playing subtly in the background. Can understand the purpose of the imagery too, captivating music with a captivating scene, conveniently a bad ass looking space pilot in an awesome looking roadster. Can entertain myself into that scenery with simple justifications, allows me to immerse myself into that idea.

Blamed the municipality for not making more land available... This is the other side of the argument that irks some people off, is the growing population and demand, and with it grows this burden of entitlement that the municipality is expected to deliver.

Ja the outright denial of the truth, too proud to acknowledge they are wrong. Insecurity thanks to political correctness that dictate their beliefs...

Gaan nog gebeur ja, ek sien ongelukkig die lyn gaan oor getrap word soos dit aangaan.

How do you even like something on this thread? That made me chuckle, haven't seen that one yet. πŸ˜‚

I just saw that one in the memes group, thanks for providing the chuckles πŸ˜†

There you go, got the xp for that lol awesome doodle, but i prefer the portrayl of him in the memes group more suitable to his reputation.

Dont be whipping out and measuring in public lolπŸ˜„ πŸ˜†

Natal here


@Deejay van die Plat Aarde and a good morning to you too. Will see you around this evening, and participate with you on the topic. Looking forward to it πŸ™‚

@Shiver use vector graphics like png, scales better without losing quality.

Oops moes dit in Afrikaans se

Lol is 'n bot daai

@Stefan my ook gevang lol

Superstition to justify their desires lol

Perspective is a big factor... This is why it's more ideological than anything else really.

They don't want to be proven wrong, so not going to happen if they can prevent it lol

I think it's closer to a third of the populace honestly

Speaking of votes, who's planning on voting what parties?

Priorities man... Your priorities are on the means to make money... Sounds Jewish to me πŸ€”

Independence is the way to go

The minds and values of the youth these days..

And ridiculous restrictions to smother production

Pretty sure the (((they))) refer to the influencial ones with a clear political agenda isn't it?

Yeah good suggestion, instead of a chaotic mish-mash, should organise it, and structure it.

@rob there's a room for that now

Hah no worries, will see you around there?

Isn't Scotland that place where the guy got into shit for teaching his dog a trick?

Lol yeah that guy spams a lot, which is why he got a room for it... But he isn't that bad, at least he is more engaging than the average propagandist

I think teaching my dog to do tricks is nice... Doesn't sound like a nice place for me honestly.

Why is humanity so gullible lol

Jeez you guys type fast, trying to keep up lol

I'm on the phone, power out this side πŸ˜‘


Settler is perfect yes

Agreed yes

Why do you believe that? And wouldn't a blood test confirm and deny as a matter of fact as opposed to just a suspicion?

Lol no matter rob, this is a spiritual battle, not of flesh and blood.

Oh okay, mothers side of Germanic and fathers side is French

Yeah same here, kinda sucks that my history got cut off... Stupid that family broke up not too long ago πŸ˜‘

Well I'm open to seeing what you have to share DeeJay. I can can entertain ideas

I don't want to look for it later lol since this is YouTube videos mostly, create a Playlist, and share the Playlist, will bring your spam count down, but also offer a lot of follow up vids with one link.

My battery is almost flat and you want to start now lol

Let's maybe just get our methods of reasoning straight? Make sure we on the same page in what we accept

Why not make this formal? What we've been doing so far is pretty casual, but this is already a topic we formally agreed on doing, which is already formal as i see it.

Yeah, let's start with a common principle that we all can agree on? I like the golden rule, And use that principle as reference to our agreement on what we can best relate to as fair and equal.

Yes, agreed with you guys.. But creation is the balance of the two. Balance is key. Always have to balance everything to solve problems lol

Lol why ms paint, if you going to be cheap, then at least get gimp

You are always welcome here bud, i like both of your company so far, both of you are very engaging intellectuals. It's a relief from the emotional drama found in other parts of the net.

Well if you define the one, the other is defined naturally. So we can discuss either materialism or spirituality

Lol after chowing down on πŸ„ i have likened it to a VR like experience honestly

Yes, well those that are emotional are, they are subject to nature's will, biology at work, part of the system, where is intellectuals, are the players with avatars to have an experience


Ever noticed how predictable the emotional heathens are? Like badly programmed AI

Flat earth makes sense in a matrix lol, majority of games use that model of you've opened a map from an editor.

And intelligence is not the same as intellect.

Not at all really to be honest, you aren't substituting a reason with an offence.

Yes, so we can agree then on the golden rule? Love thy neighbour as thy own self, or This is the sum of duty; do naught onto others what you would not have them do unto you.

Yes, i just need to confirm if we agree to it, so we can agree to measure one another argument by it. πŸ™‚

Yeah started listening to audio books too, actually wasn't to start finding some good quality sources.

Agreed, I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one to notice the propaganda.. It's shameless how open they are about it even.

Wait, what about a winner now? Everyone must be a winner if we agree on the golden rule, that's the point for me to suggest using that as a measure.

You can't say that lol... Yet you said it and proved them wrong.. The ignorance lol

Yes, but this isn't a debate, it's us reasoning together

Doing the whole logos thing, the relationship of brotherhood

Yeah agreed, golden rule is the only rule you need. Confucias had it nicely set for societal approach. Do not do to others what you would not like yourself. Then there will be no resentment against you, either in the family or in the state.

DeeJay you agree to the golden rule as the ideal way to define what's reasonable?

Ah that's a discussion on solutions... We should maybe try get a room going for that where we can reason on solutions to our problems

Lol traditional and a modern update to it

I disagree with some of that though, value is needed... But it probably refers to material value.

Exactly, there's value that's needed... It's not material though. Which was my point

No, you value good as opposed to evil don't you?

Yeah but I'll have to bring up last nights argument again on ideology. These are all ideas, and ideas aren't inherently bad, you can't say you have NO IDEA what truth or reason is. You need an idea, and serving an idea you know to be good is not the same as being deceptively enslaved by an idea that's bad.

Why not just fast intermittently, you still get into ketosis that way and it's much more reasonable since it offers more consistency, as opposed to the chaotic interruptions you cause your body with the heavy start and stop

My battery is almost kaput, still haven't all agreed on how we define what's reasonable. Rob you are on board with the golden rule yeah? And what about you Deejay?

Yes i know that... You trying to convince me?

Agreed with that too on the spiritual realm. As above, so below, as within, so without. Inside and all around us, omniscient and omnipotent

Yes, actually funny, I saw some videos on that with Putin comparing communism with Christianity, trying to mimic it in a reversed way.

Indeed it is yeah, agreed.

DeeJay, you are saying we should do nothing, fast and be lazy, unlearn what we've learnt, ideas are bad.... But then you go on to propagate ideas none the less, aren't you?

Yes and they all participate in the material realm.

Lol it does evolve into many different branches

Yes, agreed.. Measured by the Golden rule, very reasonable to agree with that. To serve a will greater than our selfish desires.

Lol all of that can only be understood by ideas... Why do you oppose using a reasonable definition for ideology, why do you insist using your definition that vilifies it? Where is this prejudice rooted?


It's a collection of ideas, axioms and maxims, principles.

Yes and ideology shapes your perception right? Influences your choices and the way you understand and interact with the material world. It's a collection of ideas that shape your understanding. Religion is probably the better term to define the worshipping of an idea.

Yes, those ideas you prefer, form your ideological perception of the world and w what you value.

Same story being repeated in a fresh perspective... The present rhymes like that with history.

Agreed, and corruption always looks for a way to subvert the truth... πŸ˜‘


I haven't read that much yet to be honest, I've only awoken from my slumber about 4 years ago. So much to catch up and learn still, but so much garbage to sift through.

Yes, this is why i also put so much emphasis on reasoning... I need to be able to discern, don't want to fall in the trap of doing with whatever my feelings dictate.

I've had a few trips, but i catagorize the dependency of poisoning the body to induce that as not the optimal way.

Yeah fasting I agree with, i mean it requires mastery and free will not to be a slave to your biological composition.

Yeah mushrooms was actually an alternate method of suicide, instead of actually offing myself, i substituted it with an ego death instead. Dont regret it at all. I genuinely do believe that these substances have their merits and values, but I do oppose the recreational abuse of it.

and 10 grams i think is way more than the necessary threshold, that's losing complete control i would imagine, I havent gone above 3grams yet honestly.

Yeah agreed with that, but ive heard some of the garbage many of those psychonauts return with... not the best of intentions

Yeah 5grams is a lot for something that tastes like shit lol, honestly thats why i never got to 5grams, i get to a point of wanting to vomit... and this is coming from someone that doesnt even like normal veggie mushrooms lol

Yeah i got that full experience with DMT instead, shorter experience than mushrooms, but jam packed with experiences.

I prefer the intermittent fasting, reserve my 3 day fast for easter holidays, very convenient, and what better time to fast than the time when chocolate is so abundant lol, self restraint and self mastery of a high degree lol

I can agree with that, just a pity for many they can also bullshit themselves...

I am not cool with multiculturism, i dont see the point of marrying different cultures... Not bothered by race though, I think naturally we go for what is familiar to us, however for some, the relate on different grounds. I think it is important to observe same values and ideas more importantly than appearances.

lol you can, there is an entire movement that isdedicated to it and legitimizes it, called atheism lol..


🌍 if you think about it, it's earth, on a 2D XY axis only.... it's your conditioning that accepts it as a 3Dimentional conception lol

CHeers DeeJay, laters

I think culture shapes us biologically, not the other way around... What you imply is a source, I observe as a result

Because they dont have the right set of ideas, they have never developed and progressed ideologically, hence they never progressed biologically or even technologically. Their inability to even feed themselves properly suffered them malnutrition, which biologically affected and regressed their biological development, like having a high IQ for example... doesnt mean they cant achieve it if they accept the right set of ideas.

They dont come from anywhere lol all ideas are repititions of older ideas, simply updated in a more modern context... Ideas are observed, not created. Ideas are ever present.

Indeed, one is material the other spiritual... Some lean towards one and another some lean towards the other, while others are balanced between the two.

Why not expand and make it home for everyone. It's not like you have to pay a fee or anything to create a room/group? Lol

because somewhere has to exist within time and space.... ideas dont exist in time and space

Again, "where" assumes a location within time and space. if you are going think strictly in terms of materialism, your interpretations will be prejudiced in favor of materialism.

also care to provide some verses for the argument that the bible opposes interracial marriage?

As many as you can share please?

lol getting in on the propaganda action for shits and giggles

instead of seeing, you can observe, and instead of hearing, you can listen. Instead of feeling, you can think. It leads to understanding as opposed to judgement. If you going to judge, you should judge righteous judgement, not on appearances, and appearances being a reference to how something makes you feel, which tends to be pretty shallow reactions, as opposed to in depth responses.

How about those verses please? want to look into that

@Conscious Caracal I wouldnt compare if you do it with structure. If there are people willing to dedicate themselves to such a group, them elevate them to moderate it guided by set of principles that govern all other groups. It's when you do away with that structure of enforcing the principle, that it inevitably becomes a mess.

lol by shits and giggles, I was referring to something not intended to be used as a definitive fact. What i posted is not in the same league as what you post though, that's all.

I am sure Malcolm would accept the responisibility of maintaining order in that group

Why undermine us though like we are children? Not attacking you, just reasoning with you. It does come across as not having much faith in us... if a group becomes a problem or idle for too long with no maintenance i am sure it can be closed down with little criticism.

What resource constraint though, if Malcolm wishes to accept the responsibility, it is his time, not yours.

Sure no problem lol

just again, not attacking you, dont take it the wrong way lol

Yes I agree, but if someone is going to take on a group, they are going to do the necessary marketing to attract attention, like I said, if it becomes idle for too long, or a problem, can put an end to it with little issue.

Sure, I can wait, I have patience lol, doesnt mean I can't talk ideas right?

lol Deejay?

lol yeah, we had some back and forth today, got a new person to join us, Rob... also pretty cool engaging guy. Just struggling to find common ground with Deejay still, he seems hesitant on agreeing on the golden rule, not sure what common ground he is looking for though

Yeah I am reading each verse, so far nothing pointing out specific races, but rather focused on cultures really. I can see as a materialist how one can imply it as race, but then how do you reason with verses like "And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;" or "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."....but will read through them all and see if there is anything i missed that might give legitimacy to your material basis.

lol of course you would find Paul questionable... His words dont jive with your feelings. Jer 17:9 β€œThe heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

that a dating site? lol

Okay, let's entertain it and browse the catalogue

Oh i like this already

dink jy moet aansluit voor jy kan kyk, besig nou... sal julle laat weet as dit moeite werd is lol

So then state your case, lets investigate it together.

yeah no, doesnt tell me much about race, just culture, ideology... which is what the literature is founded upon.

lol like i said, you can interpret it as material, so you interpret it as inter-race but you could have inter-faith mongrels too you know. really a matter of perspective. Now the fact that you have to reject other parts of the literature just to justify you understanding kinda shows that you dont understand the whole literature, you arent very wholesome. "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;" and "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Yes, it describes other ideologies, you perceive other races. You have a prejudice towards race, and so your interpretation will be tainted by the subjectivity of your prejudice.

thanks, alienate really is a suitable enough word to support the argument.



@crazyBoer lol kinda odd, no option for single, or even caucasian lol... you sure this site is legit for afrikaners? lol

haha noted

I wouldnt be surprised if anyone attempted to infiltrate the commununity

Yeah isnt that the problem, that the government does not want anything to do with them, being the reason they want out?


Call the cops or security?

yes i didnt say it would be worth while, but you are allowed to call them none the less'

Yeah i only believe in an objective law, no need for man made laws governed by emotions and political correctness.

Welcome to the corner... away from all the normal folk lol

Double standards

lol, not exactly a valid argument or ethical experiment to conduct to prove your point. but I will entertain it

The pendulum will swing back, always does.

I disagree, I can see your appeal in it though. Always enjoy reading how others perceive and reason

@Karooboer Good question, which needs an answer... shall we reason about it?

Just because they can, doesnt mean they should... people arent stupid, they can see the constitution was changed to commit and justify evil

β€œWoe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.” What is your understanding of those words?

Yeah i think when push comes to shove, the other 2 thirds will act accordingly

You are just telling me what you think Balaam is, I asked for your interpretation of the whole verse. What is the way of Cain, what is it to run greedily after the error of what you think Balaam is, what is it to be perished in gainsaying of core, what is gainsaying of core even? Give me your full understanding of that verse is what i requested.

Yeah sneaky way to get in unnoticed

I am not asking you because I dont know, I am asking you because I want to see how you make sense of that. So you aren't going to reason with me then?

Imagine if that could surface today...

lol why wouldnt he??? I was thinking Russia mostly, but maybe it was part of the Russia Trump collusion, who knows how they will spin it

K, keep to your ways then

I never said you had to now did I?


If I had to choose between a reasonable and faithful christian woman of a different race, or a white degenerate commie snowflake, I would make the reasonable choice, and I don't see how that is such a terrible thing, but as I have stated in my first message, we tend to choose what's more familiar to us. It is reasonable to expect me to choose a white christian woman over a different colored christian, because I would be more familiar with the former than the latter, where in the first example, I would be more familiar with the different racial christian than the snowflake commie. That's my reasoning for what belief I hold, and is consistent with the literature... You can interpret different race if you care to, but I interpret different culture/ideology.

If you want to degenerate your seed and be cucked with the snowflake commie because you didnt like the color of another christian, that is your choice, you are free to send your seed to damnation.

Of course, you have to subject yourself to their will if you want to have anything to do with them. I dunno if you have noticed, but they dont exactly like Straight White Cis Gendered Christian Men

What??? lol, what even?

Simple question dude, entertain the idea if you have the capacity to do so... you have two choices, a healthy looking reasonable black christian woman, or a white slutty blue haired wiccan snowflake. You choose which motherland you will continue your seed with. How do you reason and judge righteously between those two options?

Do you choose to remain faithful to God, or do you abandon and deny God just to maintain your racial purity?

Yes, told you to entertain it if you have the capacity to do so

I will respond to you after you respond to mine first. No rush

Thank you, Now I know where your loyalty lies.

As to the answer for your question, since you choose the snowflake, your offspring will not know God, and their offspring will not know god, and so forth... Like you , they will learn to reason according to their prejudices and material purist perspective

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."



Dude, that is a quote... Matthew 6:24

Money symbolises material value lol

racial purity is material value

whatever dude, look you and I certainly interpret the literature very differently. Let's agree to disagree, and will leave the judgement for the day still to come.

What was the question you didnt get an answer to?


@Dewald And if she refuses? What are you going to do to spread your seed? Justify rape just to get your seed to spread? Hence the cucked nature of that choice

Well the idea to entertain is that you are the one having to make the choice, both are then already interested obviously, say the only two you have a choice of... one wants you to be faithful to God, the other wants you to deny God... Dont try to avoid the objective of determining your loyalty, if you try and wriggle your way out by trying to move the goal posts, you only expose your deceitful nature. Just accept it as it is, if that was the truth, not saying it is, hence i need you to have the capacity to entertain the idea, without having to accept it.

Of course it was part of the first supposition.

Sheamus - Today at 8:44 PM
What??? lol, what even?
Simple question dude, entertain the idea if you have the capacity to do so... you have two choices, a healthy looking reasonable black christian woman, or a white slutty blue haired wiccan snowflake. You choose which motherland you will continue your seed with. How do you reason and judge righteously between those two options?
Do you choose to remain faithful to God, or do you abandon and deny God just to maintain your racial purity?

Yes you could choose neither, and that would be a better choice, which is reasonable.

Like me? What? Is that an ad homonem you are resorting to?

@$P!KY\/!k!NG refer me to a dictionary that has the definition, doesnt seem like the dictionaruies I have actually contain such a word. Give me your definition so i can know what you mean by it then.

Your shame tactics and ad homonems do nothing for me, just so you know.

@HoppeanSnake_ZA Jeez is this Renaldo???

wow... uhm, mind blown by that.

Still waiting for your definition on a christcuck

Anyone else that can help with a definition perhaps, i dont think he is going to cooperate

Best i could find is "Some Christians aren’t happy about cucked members of their flock advocating for the mass relocation of the third world into America. Imagine that!"

Dont see how you could define me as that though? I dont support the mass relocation of the third world mindset into the westernworld, I support cultural apartheid as it was, I am nationalistic... Really struggle to understand why you would misrepresent me like that, if you dont know anything about me..

By the way, i also dont jump to support the abomination of the queers within the ideology, i dont support gay marriage and gay adoptions etc.

If the shoe fits, I will wear it... but you aint offering me anything that is in my size

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