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#question was Zuurveld White land that blacks immigrated to and then were driven out?

Did any of the wars above result in border expansion?

If one of them did, did the war start because of White aggression or not?

what's the occasion everyonwe?

This is the 3rd video when you search for south africa

it p[romotes terrorism against Whties

@Conscious Caracal @Daniebees @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) @Shiver <@&468389786382761985>

You can make a video listing all conflicts that led to expansion of White territory since the cape town settlement.

Since there has been no Afrikaner aggression this will help legitimize White owned land to moderates.

As it is information is so scattered that even Stefan Molyneux assumed South Africa is a result of White conquest.

It can start as an article, just listing all the conflicts and the expansion they caused.

Then someone else can make it into a well made video like black pidgeon speaks, red elephants or even Stephan Molyneux on a "Why I was wrong about South Africa" video.

To make the process faster a category can be created on this server with 2 text channels.
One where one expert will be posting and updating the timeline of conflicts.
And a second text channel where the rest of us will be asking questions to close all possible holes we can find.


It's a new fucking day

19 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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