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@4rvp you are a faggot die



@rob shut up retard

I hate niggers so I am Right Wing


lemmie pull up google translate

@Willem Petzer hold on really quick

Oorwinning verlossing

I have a question for y'all, what is the plan. Fight or leave?

You guys are armed well right?

Did not know that


many US Congressman and Senators are dual citizens

not good but stay tuned

Israeli dual citizens are the worse

most are neo-cons who want war

our government would collapse if that happened

our largest political lobby is a Jewish Lobby


Israel is ruining our nation

Israel is completely fucking over the Western World.




well ah

it is 3 in the morning, I am off to bed

Okay dude

bro go to <#468389174894919691>

Who is that?

That is not a melon lol


That is what it is

*Modern Day Boers with ar15s on horses*

@Gonzo you think if a civil war broke out, whites from all over the world would come and fight alongside the boer?

@groundmunky they do not want to leave


The hell are you on about

I don't believe they will be killed off and be careful man

Look here

You don't know what you are talking about and just watch what you say



Holy fucking shit you are retarded

I was saying that just chill with the "They will be killed off" stuff, this server is mostly South African

Buddy you need to fucking shut up

You are a sperg

People like you don't do anything. Just called everyone a Jidf troll

And no I am not fucking Jewish you autist

You are a fucking brainlet


The reason I joined the fucking server is because I care about the situation

And I like William

You just need to chill the fuck out you sperg

You are a fucking idiot

Holy shit

Let me ask you

What are you doing?

Big guy

Your a fucking idiot

That would never work

And again



They will stay and fight if a civil war breaks out


Where are they going to go?

And how?




Just stop talking


Smuggling people is not a real way


Okay so risk the chance of Deportation


Yeah real help

So they are locked up

And how many people are you going to fucking smuggle

You call me Jewish yet your idea is to violate us crime lol

How many are you going to smuggle

Does SA have that label?

Okay can we ban this guy?

To you it is

But not to the UN

It is not a declared Genocide

With your language this

Lemmie violate us law real quick brb

Fuck you too faggot

Think realistically

So you just admitted it okay

Can you leave now please?

You would break the fucking law you retard

You fucking larping faggot

Where did you get this link from?

Where did you get this link from?

Where did you get this link from?

Where did you get this link from?

Why can't you answer?

Where did you get this link from?

You can't even answer lol

Okay Fed, did you get enough information yet?

Okay Fed

You see, you are so retarded you can't tell the difference between The Middle East Sit and the SA Sit

Has the killing of farmers been called genocide by the UN or EU?

Has it been called a Humanitarian Crisis?

Tell me how your plan goes down?



Thank God



@Willem Petzer it says I do not have permission to look at the announcements channel

still can't

Can't making Tacos rn

How is the Land Reform coming along?

When do y'all think it will happen

Are you guys mostly farmers and are you guys prepared?


Is there like a safe region of SA for Whites?

The 1920's Chicago was good

You guys like Orania better than Kleinfontein

Why is that?

Orania is big right?

I don't think we are talking about too much but I was just interested in the situation

TF is this talk about brown shirts about

I saw that


Hello everyone

@Daniel van Straaten so what does this exactly mean?

So when they take the land, what the hell do you guys do? Fight back and preserve their land?

Hey everyone

Hey Everyone

@Daniebees was /SAG/ shut down?

wait when are the 195 farms going to be compensated

Get Ready

What the hell is the plan

Farms are being taken folks

do you think the Land Seizures will get violent?

not too sure

looks like most farmers are selling and leaving, not 100% sure

You in SA rn?

Is your dad a farmer in Gauteng


Are you guys prepared if a war breaks out?

Aren't they trying to take guns?

You don't have a gun

One gun is better than having no gun

Is it really that hard to get a gun there?

US Blacks, are exactly like that



It's pretty much the same with us Americans

Everyone just tells us to "Go Back to Europe"


@Cal your not white?


this is a big whitepill

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