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Hello guys. My name is Willem Petzer, I am a Boer from South Africa...

This is my twitter profile I would be using to spread the message of my people...


Yes @willempet

Can I invite other people with big twitter profiles to join?

Yes they are the worst

They comment on all of my posts, but then I block them...

send the link here pls?

I cant copy it on twatter

This is Nick Monroe, I invited him...

What is your handle ecce?

Is there any way to dissable the bot? lol

Not that I invited

Thanks Auti for this artwork...


I'm going to post that on twitter tomorrow when Boers are awake...

Put the Boer flag over him

He is famous for saying: "Die vierkleur sal weer wapper"

Meaning the Boer-flag will be saluted again (Be the official flag)

Just so you guys know, this is the true Boer flag...


Don't know how...

Hobbs can you change the group icon to the boer flag?

Have you guys seen this?


Guys look how well my twitter is doing recently! people are really starting to care...


Reached 800k people just today

No it translates to Seer. lol

Welcome good sir

What on earth is that?

I get all mine from him...

Here's a good idea for a meme


If you can find the original pic

How did his messages just dissapear?

what's your handle?

I found you

I am @willempet

I am a genius russian bot

No I'm kidding I'm a farmer from South Africa

I'm actually using my real name from the start lol

Boer woman have driving skills...

@garfield just joined guys

Which one?

I can crop it and reverse image search though

You could have done it yourself lol

Did you make that meme yet Hobbs?

Guys Mike Cernovich RTed me...

Guys please RT and spread everywhere

Guys this is serious

Guys the word is getting out and it's brilliant. PJW just retweeted me...


@brandwag what is the history behind prins Willem giving permission?

Guys this is huge!!!


She tagged the man there...

Please share guys!

This is funny as hell guys

Share the a tweet here where you market the video, so I can RT

retweeted. I have 3.5k followers so you might get a few views off it...

Guys, Ann Coulter started following me...

Its fucking huge

And RTed me 3 times...

Another farm murder guys

Another murder today people

Please retweet

Brilliant tweet

All went well untill twitter decided to censor me...

Do you guys think it will be a dick move of me to ask for money on twitter for a camera so I can start making videos about farm murders to put on youtube?

I want to ask people to donate to my paypal so I can get the equipment to start making videos at www.paypal.me/WillemPetzer

Yes I'm a real life Boer lol

Please share guys?

480 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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