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Hello guys. My name is Willem Petzer, I am a Boer from South Africa...

This is my twitter profile I would be using to spread the message of my people...


Yes @willempet

Can I invite other people with big twitter profiles to join?

Yes they are the worst

They comment on all of my posts, but then I block them...

send the link here pls?

I cant copy it on twatter

This is Nick Monroe, I invited him...

What is your handle ecce?

Is there any way to dissable the bot? lol

Not that I invited

Thanks Auti for this artwork...


I'm going to post that on twitter tomorrow when Boers are awake...

Put the Boer flag over him

He is famous for saying: "Die vierkleur sal weer wapper"

Meaning the Boer-flag will be saluted again (Be the official flag)

Just so you guys know, this is the true Boer flag...


Don't know how...

Hobbs can you change the group icon to the boer flag?

Have you guys seen this?


Guys look how well my twitter is doing recently! people are really starting to care...


Reached 800k people just today

No it translates to Seer. lol

Welcome good sir

What on earth is that?

I get all mine from him...

Here's a good idea for a meme


If you can find the original pic

How did his messages just dissapear?

what's your handle?

I found you

I am @willempet

I am a genius russian bot

No I'm kidding I'm a farmer from South Africa

I'm actually using my real name from the start lol

Boer woman have driving skills...

@garfield just joined guys

Which one?

I can crop it and reverse image search though

You could have done it yourself lol

Did you make that meme yet Hobbs?

Guys Mike Cernovich RTed me...

Guys please RT and spread everywhere

Guys this is serious

Guys the word is getting out and it's brilliant. PJW just retweeted me...


@brandwag what is the history behind prins Willem giving permission?

Guys this is huge!!!


She tagged the man there...

Please share guys!

This is funny as hell guys

Share the a tweet here where you market the video, so I can RT

retweeted. I have 3.5k followers so you might get a few views off it...

Guys, Ann Coulter started following me...

Its fucking huge

And RTed me 3 times...

Another farm murder guys

Another murder today people

Please retweet

Brilliant tweet

All went well untill twitter decided to censor me...

Do you guys think it will be a dick move of me to ask for money on twitter for a camera so I can start making videos about farm murders to put on youtube?

I want to ask people to donate to my paypal so I can get the equipment to start making videos at www.paypal.me/WillemPetzer

Yes I'm a real life Boer lol

Please share guys?

Please share, I save the worst #HumanRightsDay post for last... https://twitter.com/willempet/status/976615937301467137

Man standing next to police van with poster saying "kill all whites" https://twitter.com/willempet/status/976673365963497472

Look whats happening in Belgium!

Protest in the Netherlands

I got 58.5M reach this week. Thank you guys so much for helping to spread the message of South Africa. The world is starting to take notice. https://twitter.com/willempet/status/977608169659797504

This is my first ever video, just some playing around on Premier plus... What do you think?

My first serious video guys!

Oh my goodness Ann Coulter literally learned that from me!!!

I told her about the Zulu coming here more than 100 years after the boer

She retweeted it when I sent it to her...

Another murder guys

Mandela was a horrible communist terrorist

I think burning 20000 people alive makes you sort of not so good (Mandela)

My new video is out!

Let's do it!

My YouTube stats for the first 4 weeks guys!


Kan niks hoor nie...

Ek soek ook admin Privilege bra

Lekker man

Ek lees tans Christiaan de Wet sΓͺ dagboek tydens die oorlog...

Dis ou Afrikaans, baie naby aan Nederlands...

My oudste geskiedenis boek, gedruk in 1898

Hahaha dis goed...

En die boek is 120 jaar oud, hy is nog met die hand gebind in leer. Geskryf in Nederlands...

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) ons moet gesels oor hoe ons jou channel gaan groei...

@Klipkop (Clip-Cop) aggressiewe bemarking...

@Rottenbadger is jy Lief?

@Rottenbadger bedoel Lien. Autocorrect

@Rottenbadger haha ek weet eintlik al lank van jou. Jy was gereeld op my eerste Facebook page: Southern African Memes

@Arcade_Hustle klink nie reg nie. Ek gesels vlot met Hollanders ons moet net stadiger praat

Vlaams is baie maklik Ja...

@Rottenbadger wat dink jy van Dietsland?

@Rottenbadger Boere-Volkstaat = Nieuwe Dietsland, eendag

Daar is altyd hoop

Nah it's more right wing than that, check the Afrikaans chat if you can understand...

No I know @rob he's /ourguy/

@ThatRightWingFish come back in the chat we want to meet you...

Join the voice Chat guys!

Gebruik jou foon...


Dis die f woord haha

I uploaded a video, wave incoming to this discord...

Ek gaan bietjie in die Afrikaanse voice Chat ingaan, enigiemand wat wil ontmoet is welkom!

Ek gaan bietjie in die Afrikaanse voice Chat ingaan, enigiemand wat wil ontmoet is welkom!

@Tjoppie jy kan met jou foon connect

@Emiel Thyssenee jy moet kliek op die Afrikaans met die speaker langs hom

@Emiel Thysse dit SΓͺ "Afrikaans Chat" en dit het 'n speakertjie langsaan...

@Tjoppie hier is my goeie geskiedenis...


Martin Bonsma is great, ek gesels gereeld met hom...

Hey guys please see the tweet I put in <#468389204133543946>, please help get tweet #CrimeFreeOrania hashtag so people can get familiar with it before our documentary we are making there?

Kyk gou die Tweet wat ek in <#468389204133543946> gedeel het. Asseblief Tweet bietjie #CrimeFreeOrania sodat mense aan die hashtag gewoond kan raak voor ons #CrimeFreeOrania documentary?

No problem man

@The Fleeb already working on it...

@Arcade_Hustle jy is nie in die Chat nie...



Tfw you will never have a beard as majestic as a Boer warrior

@szavanna no problem

@Kesh just doing my part

I will be voting Front Nasionaal, just to see if we can get them a seat...

Otherwise FF+

@everyone Ek gaan vanaand om 8 uur lewendig wees vir die eerste keer op my afrikaanse kanaal. Sien <#468389204133543946> vir die link.

@everyone I will be live in Afrikaans on my Afrikaans channel at 8pm, see <#468389204133543946> for the link. Hope to see everyone who understands Afrikaans there!

Remember to speak English in <#468388839799390210> and Afrikaans in <#468396085421932544>

@Conscious Caracal Aweh rooikat!!

Kom gou in die Afrikaans chat?

@Conscious Caracal ek praat met jou...



Kyk nou, ek dink ons is verby hom...

Wie is lus vir 'n Hello in Afrikaans Chat?

@Sheamus south africa...

Iemand het gevra in die stem chat

Dit was op twitter

Sorry, we talked about it in the voice chat. The guy tried to steal, then got black mob justice

@KoninginTanja presies my punt...

@Rottenbadger dis nou jammer...

Jy kan ja! πŸ’ͺ


Will read

Looks interesting...

Apparently thst is a broken link...

Works now, just my computer...

2018-07-18 22:16:29 UTC [Willem Petzer Live Chat #memes]  


@everyone this server is dead, but we have another one for the exact same reason that is alive and well here: https://discord.gg/s4C5mGq

@Conscious Caracal ons moet daardie Verwoerd 'n emoji mÑÑk

@Daniel van Straaten ek sal 'n Pofadder groep begin sodra ek weer op fb mag gaan

@Daniel van Straaten anti gay kommentaar gelewer op 'n gay ou se post

@Billy Chiltong jy verstaan reg

@Deleted User nie eintlik nie

@Deejay from Earth a kitchen scale

Yeah but Gravity is not theoretical physics...

Dis jammer

Ek het die gesprek nou geniet...

@Karooboer waar sien jy dit...

@Daniebees interesting theory, I heard about it. Care to elaborate...

@everyone so Interkultur will just have us understand that we "incorrectly interpret" the song calling all white people thieves and calling for the slaughter of the Boer... See their comments on their video here: https://youtu.be/z2AK7Dpiaqo

Sorry man the video is more about Interkultur's comments that about the actual video...

@Magic 8 Bot is @rationalgent a jew?

@Magic 8 Bot does Malema have HIV?


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