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Dis mooi dat ons in onse oue taale kan praat en mekaar verstaan.

SGL from SA on the Ralf Retort, he joins about an hour in.

that's great, was hoping to get a link to his designs

I'm having a printer built at th emo πŸ˜ƒ


you need a mill and a lot of skill

sintering is printing with metal materials and then baking but I doubt it's suitable for weapons

So I tried to go to the USAF site to check out the registration for citizens and it seems they've already been targeted. Their page has been suspended.

cool, that on eworks, ta

how long before brollies with points are banned?



Strike a pose!

ye I know what you mean

hey Bruno, I follow you on YT


good man

nice dawg πŸ˜ƒ

check the voice channels bottom left

this is the text channel

was also wondering lol

I think you gotta talk a lotta kak


np man πŸ˜ƒ

you too brother



suits you

Bruno might like mine actually lol

ye ye

I earned that one by doing ALL my boss's work including picking his kids up from school, he was the only man to get all his work done by Friday, I'll own it



I can troll libs with my name too

heheh I aint sayin yo

I've never seen that clip before, thanks πŸ˜ƒ

I'm not sure where to put this because there's no photo category so I'll post the link here for now. This guy has some great old photos of cape Town and other parts of SA. He's uploading old Boer War photos recently so check it out if you're interested.

Just be warned he is of the merchant class so if you delve into his earlier photos you'll find a few triggering ones.

nobody seems to know about it, I spoke to some of the coloured guys at work today and they had no idea what I was talking about, I had to spend 10 minutes telling them about it.

zero coverage

they also provided a link for sign ups for citizens which is dead, not sure what's going on there

or a plan that just didn't work

they have no muscle to back up their demands

something I have been thinking about tho, the King went to see the UN and somebody posted footage of UN vehicles being transported here (on the back of a truck) a while ago so maybe he does have something up his sleeve.....I'm not optimistic

more gas lighting eh

they are

they can with white help but that's complicated


but maybe it'll shake things up a bit

ye man

they'll come for the coloureds when we're gone too

ye but a lot of them don't see it


glad to hear that

my friend works for UNISA on contract for a few years now, she's been applying for a perm position there, they called her in the other day and told her that because she's not Bantu she'll never have a job there. She's was shocked, I had to hertotasoe

she's coloured btw

yup, they too drank the Kool Aid

they don't even accept other tribes

let alone other races


communism is designed to destroy western culture and Christianity

the fancy stations? That was to boost morale, some of them are lovley


everything we hold dear as white people

I miss the old days

hated being dragged in but loved it now

and the way they wear a beret makes me cringe and laugh

I hope so

too true

ye I follow them, good channel

it does

never stop your enemy from making mistakes



he was a murderer, period

commies have no respect for anything except money and power

Madela was slightly brighter than the average bantu so he prob thought 'race war? nah fuck that, I'm gonna retire in peace and then they can have their war.'

he had a lekker life once he got out


took them all for a poes lol

ye for sure

he was cunning

he was a laywer after all


nee, jammer

Something that Jan Lampbrecht talks about is how we fought a proxy war for the US against the USSR and successfully kept communism out of southern Africa. I've always thought this is a fact that people either don't know about or that they seem to have forgotten and that it can be used to show that we deserve some support from the US at least.

no one told you 'cos no one cares πŸ˜‰

sorry, niemand het vir jou gesΓͺ nie want niemand gee 'n vok

Willem usually speak English


hello goy

hi πŸ˜ƒ

he kyk na hou nommers lol







don't worry, I'm sure he'll answer you here

he's very active πŸ˜ƒ


this is a good show to watch for white men

live now

You'll get the hang of it. Nice to see you.

will, sorry

live now


Joe left the country, not sure what's up with that guy, he shared a weekly podcast with a Southerner from the US and then they had a fall out over the Nehlen issue. Apparently Joe went full retard and insulted the guy and his family. Kinda left a bad taste in the mouth...if these are new I'll check them out. He's slipped off my radar lately.

you could learn?

we've been horribly desensitized to these things, years ago you'd never see anything like this but now we see it all the time

Oh to be young, wealthy and living in the US, we can dream eh.


we don't want Gab eh πŸ˜‰

6 days


cue Benny Hill theme



pity her hands weren't facing the other way


A practical experiment

check youtube channel for link I just posted

couldn't watch that

2 died hey?

the audio freaked me out so I bailed

bit of a snuff film

nice CC


oh gawd

Groep boere by Napoleon se leΓ« graf op St. Helena. Naamlys op die agterkant van die foto

Naamlys op die agterkant van die foto van 'n Groep boere by Napoleon se leΓ« graf op St. Helena

I have to laugh at dumb Lindsay, that guy in the back there is just waiting for the day he's outlived his usefulness lol. Kry vir jou!
White or Coloured, doesn't matter to these people.

they are


just the norm for commies

oh gawd

1. - having completely run out of money.

you need 6 gorillion to leave or there abouts

ye but Ireland

I just got retrenched from my job of 5 years dude, I'm pretty fucked from the end fo this month

I own a car dude, that's it

you make it sound so easy

I support my mom

everybody else got the fuck out, just the 2 of us left here, even my kids have bailed

she's too old to ravel man


I'm good, I'll take whatever comes, it's my mom I worry about

yes it is, thank you

fuck off


real classy

I'm not that old


my mom is tho

laat lametjie


last intake to do 2 years in the SADF too


in a home

but she's spritely and very well so she's not about to die soon

I'll make a note πŸ˜‰



did I menyion she's white?


I'm with you Karooboer, it'll be neat and tidy at least

kospakkie lol

money lol

the 1% speaks

where's the lie?

why's that red?

the Rothschild's won't let that happen lol

they thick as thieves

surprise surprise

dankie Willem

Willems channel has grown a lot in the last few days, let it simmer and settle

we slotting floppies?

all of it is the Brit's fault

they made a lotta kak her for us and then also just abandoned their own people here

If we go back to Britain it should be to burn it down


kry vir jou

I actually agree

it's worse, they got to run away to the fields for a bit, now you have your phone with you

thanks, I nearly missed this

Renaldo's only big fan is Renaldo

was good Willem

prob wrong chat

I stayed there years ago, fucking great food

meat meat meat

that's shocking

Just watched Willem's latest upload. Good work, I'm glad to see some anger there.

Anger gets shit done

Julius, the early years...

stupid is as stupid does

if Julius is your un-ironical avatar there's no hope for you


I didn't make the one above but knock yourself out πŸ˜ƒ


African maths: yours + yours = mine

had the hang of it for years man πŸ˜‰

glad you lota re catching up

*lot are

never go full retard

There's absolutely nothing wrong with being Anglo Saxon unless you go along with the liberal agenda. They try to divide us by language in this country, we should band together according to our beliefs and get over this language BS. If you're right wing you're right wing never mind what you speak at home.

no more brother wars....

we do need canaries in our coal mine eh πŸ˜‰

Ah nice to see the old R4 again, I still know my old serial number (in Afrikaans) πŸ˜ƒ

Jordaan Pietersen


ye better

found him...

fat fingers run in the family lol

it would certainly be entertaining

it's like watching a retard run into a glass door over and over again...

never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake lol

and the concept that humans are animals was so over his head, he's never considered it...

haai! *clicks tongue*

it would be going full retard

off course

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