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I recently did a 10 day fast, but not for religious reasons, but rather as a kind of a detox.

It was a hard fast however, as no food is allowed at all, not even after sundown.

But I gotta tell you, I feel so much better

I do however agree with you that it is good to fast for religious reasons. As a Christian myself, I can see tremendous the value in it.

@Deejay from Earth Yeah it was not easy. The first 2 days were accompanied by migranes, but after that it became easier somehow. On the 8th and 9th day however, I couldn't stop thinking about some lekker braaivleis. During the 10 days, the only liquids that I drank, was either water, or lemon juice, infused with a mixture of Maple Syrup and cayenne pepper

Btw, for all the Christians in this group, I hope you are following this guy

@Rendier maybe has too much soy in his diet

Danke @Kaiser MJ sal bietjie lees

The amount of heresy and false teaching coming from her over the years is astonishing. Lots of New Age ideas amongst others.

Great testimony from an ex New Ager

@Malcolm the Seceder do you believe in the theory of evolution?

Essential viewing ☝

Haha true

You can take a flight to Antarctica from Cape Town International. I just heard the ticket price is kak expensive

So the pilots would then have to be part of this conspiracy

But they navigate.

Yeah but it's a bit naive to think that all pilots are in on such a conspiracy

Lauren Southern's Farmlands has surpassed 1 million views on YouTube πŸ‘Œ

πŸ‘† Very good introduction to #Pizzagate for all who are interested. And tbh, everyone should be paying attention, because this is still going on, and the world elites are still engaging in these satanic practices

There are still lots of people who are not aware of it. And a lot of those that are aware, don't believe it's true

Hitler was an Occultist

@theeChristopher I was also asking myself that question. Maimane was also there. And I believe Lekota as well

Very suspect

Hitler only said those things to get the German nation on his side

Classic politics

He was definitely an Occultist. He sent numerous expeditions to the east in search of mystical artifacts etc

@Arnoldsly99 the world is losing its collective mind

Or should I say, trying to force a collective mind upon the individuals living in it πŸ€”

A very demented mindset

That shit has spread everywhere

Toxic bullshit

@Malcolm the Seceder yeah that false gospel is straight from the pits of hell

πŸ‘† An excellent resource on the true history of South Africa, very well referenced throughout with great historical sources


Check out TruthCanary (@CanaryTruth):

Thanks I'll definitely check it out!

The evil zionist controlled Afrikanerbond being serenaded by Ramaphosa. They are all in cohoots.

It's really disgusting that we are being told to celebrate terrorists. For example, the ANC renamed a main road in Amanzimtoti to Andrew Zondo Road, the same Andrew Zondo who killed civilians with a bomb at a shopping center in the same city...

Yes more citizens definitely coming over as the they announced easing visa requirements

China is in a silent takeover of Africa

SA being the most valuable

All the valuable resources are here

Begin solank die ossewaens inspan ouens

Good morning Mr Wallace πŸ˜†

Government has trumpeted China pledge of R193 billion – but South Africa has invested much more than that in China

shared via @News24

We had diversity day today at work. Look at the garbage that they handed out today at work. White male of course conveniently last on list of "designations". This is what SA has become. Equality pf outcome being pushed everywhere.

Your assumption is correct

@Daniel van Straaten Willem is entitled to his beliefs, and if he disagrees with the above sermon, he is free to point out scripturally where he thinks Pastor Joe Schimmel is wrong.

Look at these embarassing lefties... If this is what Lauren Southern needs security for, I wouldn't be too worried if I were her πŸ˜‚

All flatties out there, how do you explain eclipses ☝

Trots Afrikaner

Good moring sir

Ah you know, just another day where I'm enjoying my white privilege πŸ˜ƒ

Yeah I just show my white privilege card at any store, and I get free stuff

Ek kan nie credit vat vir die compilation van die slideshow nie. Het dit op FB gevind.

The DA is rotten

Didn't they also want to punish people who go off the water grid?

Jy gaan dit nooit regtig kry met enige politieke partye nie

Almal van hulle lieg vir stemme

Wel ja, mens kan amper sΓͺ hulle is die eerlikste politieke party

Dit geld ook vir Ramaphosa. Hy is gevaarliker as wat Zuma ooit was, want ten minste het jy geweet wat jy kry by Zuma. Ramaphosa praat met 'n gesplete tong, sΓͺ een ding vir een groep en 'n ander ding vir 'n ander groep. Hy is slinks

This one ?

Klipkop, die 4de Augustus word daar 'n Hearing gehou in Kaapstad rakende die storie

Gaan jy bywoon?

Jip dis 100% korrek. Dis net vir die ANC om te kan sΓͺ hulle het die regte prosesse gevolg

Maar ek sal nogsteeds like om vir hulle 'n piece of my mind te gee

By so 'n hearing

Dis hoekom ek die ander dag vir Renaldo gesΓͺ het die DA gaan heel moontlik die Wes Kaap verloor in die volgende verkiesing. Hy is egter baie positief, en sΓͺ hy sal sy YouTube kanaal toemaak as dit gebeur

@Gonzo, I agree that the DA governs better than the ANC, but that is not a big feat, as the ANC has very low standards. I also understand the necessity of keeping the ANC out, but a vote for the DA for myself and many others would be to sell out our values. The DA support many despicable policies, and I just can't vote for those things

Sooooooo, what do you guys think about CERN?

and the LHC

@Gonzo, al wen die DA die verkiesing in 2024, is daar die baie werklike moontlikheid dat hulle net soos die ANC tewerk sal gaan. Gaan kyk maar gerus hoe die DA hulle waardes begin verander het oor die laaste paar jaar. Hulle ondersteun ook Afffirmative Action, en praat ook nou al van White Privilege ens. Op die ou einde sal hulle enigiets doen om die swart stem te kry, en wat hulle op die oomblik doen is om te verander in 'n ANC lite.

@Luister (AM) ja ek het sy hele gesprek gesien, en dit is eintlik ongelooflik hoe die dinge wat hy daai tyd al gesΓͺ het waar geword het.

Hier is die volle gesprek

Ja ek stem, almal moet dit sien. Dit sal mense se oΓ« oopmaak

Ja het dit ook gesien. Baie goed

Ek hou daarvan hoe Bezmenov die linkses beskryf: Useful Idiots

@Sheamus dis baie hartseer, want ons pa's en oupas het teen die kommuniste geveg, en het geveg om hierdie giftige ideologie uit ons land te hou. En kyk waar sit ons vandag... Dis amper asof dit alles verniet was....

Kommunisme floreer nou soos nooit tevore

Dit was nog altyd maklik om linkses te trigger @Klipkop (Clip-Cop)

@Gonzo ek het so verneem, ek spot maar net so bietjie. Maar jy kannie stry dat die DA links is nie

Die ANC is net verder links

En die EFF nog verder

Dis die probleem met Suid Afrika. Suid Afrikaners is bereid om teen hulle beginsels te stem, net omdat hulle glo dis die enigste oplossing teen die ANC. In ander lande kry mens dit nie

@Arcade_Hustle jy was gister op reg?

@Gonzo, ek dink wat klipkop sΓͺ, is dat die massas Afrikaners wat DA stem, moet dalk daaraan dink om hulle stemme eerder aan 'n beter party te gee as die DA

Afstigting is daarom die beste opsie vir Afrikaners

Meng jou met die semels en die varke vreet jou op

@Gonzo , ek het altyd DA gestem, maar hulle het al hoe meer begin verander in die ANC

In die volgende verkiesing gaan ek nie DA meer stem nie

Ek besulit nog vir wie om te stem

Yeah I know @Guss Pretty dodgy

Watching the eclipse shortly

Should be seeing a blood moon soon

Did anyone of you watch Ernst Roets on enca last night? Don't have TV, so looking for a link of the recording

For all those who think the DA is the solution to SA's problems ☝

@Gonzo I fully agree with you that Afrikaners should not be running away. Our place is on the Southern tip of Africa, and always has been. I just think that party politics are not the solution to the problems we face. I agree with you that the DA govern better than the ANC ever could, but in the end, their policies are just as discriminatory as the ANC's policies. If only Afrikaners could for once stand together and make a plan for our future, that would be a major step in the right direction. I still believe the best solution would be secession and our own Volkstaat, but we need to pull together in order to accomplish something like that. A referendum would then be needed, and we would need to decide on which area would be suitable for something like that. However, I think most Afrikaners are too comfortable with their current circumstances, and wouldn't want to move to another territory and leave everything behind (which is understandable). It is a complex situation.

I agree that would be a good start, but even if the Western Cape consists out of 80% Afrikaners, we would still be under the socialist policies of the government of South Africa. The ultimate solution has to be a separate Afrikaner state.

Yes true, but my point is, even if we elect our own political party to govern the province, we would still be required to operate within the South African constitution, and we would also still be forced to apply the socialist policies of the South African government.

We would still be paying tax for NHI for instance

But we would still be paying social taxes for others. The government would still have the capacity to redistribute portions of our taxes to other people. And if the constitution were to be changed to allow for Land expropriation without compensation for instance, we would still be affected, because we would still be part of South Africa. The only way to sidestep all of these issues, is to secede from South Africa, and form our own Volkstaat

Even the Bible says the left are fools πŸ˜‚

Ecclesiastes 10:2

πŸ‘† Dangerous territory...

@Daniel van Straaten I actually agree with that statement. The left vs right paradigm is a classic divide and conquer tactic employed by the ruling elites to keep us distracted from what's really going on behind governments. I was just having a little fun with that Bible verse πŸ˜ƒ

Yes that is true, but there are also those "alternative" media that actually push the left vs right paradigm, such as Alex Jones

Totally agree

@Gonzo The picture on the left is the ANC, and the picture on the right is the DA

Well NASA's great explanation as to why they can't go back, is because apparently they 'lost the technology'

I think he is senile tbh

Thanks @Daniel van Straaten , will give it a watch πŸ˜ƒ

Anyone know anything about QAnon? Only saw some mentions on twitter, not quite sure what it's about, but from the looks of things, it looks like it involves Pizzagate

Found a Youtube link just now which condenses everything. Will check it out and let you know if it's worth watching.

Who's the swiss guy?

what's his name?

The swiss guy is Buzzlightyear?

Trolling level: Master πŸ˜‚

It gets better


We NEED this guy on this channel!

Particle Accelerators are just fronts to try and tear the veil that separates us from the spiritual dimension. A big deception is coming, for which most people will fall. These 'divine beings' are nothing more than the fallen angels that we read of in Scripture, and a great disclosure will be announced in the future. Be wary

Me too haha

The guy must be thinking we are recruiting him to some kind of cult πŸ˜‚

The cult of wokeness

Mere Christianity -- CS Lewis

@Malcolm the Seceder I would recommend this YouTube channel for conspiracy related stuff. The guy is a bit fiery, but nothing wrong with that.

Far from it πŸ˜ƒ

A call for an uprising on the Gotthar Tunnel Opening Ceremony.

@Endeavour here is a great documentary about the recent history of SA and the ANC/SACP etc. πŸ‘†

Julias Malema admitting that Apartheid took better care of black people

So I wonder when the UK will start to ban dogs

Muslims see dogs as unclean

Or some shit like that

Wouldn't want my dog to bite those Mussis. They are unclean.

He is saying the conditions in the old age home are horrendous, and the staff is not letting anyone in

Screw court orders. Someone should just go in there and use force to sort out those barbarians. Those old people shouldn't have to wait.

Yeah that's awkward af

Hopefully no one is on their way there now

So wait, it is happening now??

So this has been going on since March? Or is it a recurring situation?

πŸ‘† Presented without comment πŸ‘† πŸ˜‚

Maybe he already is πŸ˜‹

Haha no I'm not he

Steve is a legend though

πŸ‘† This <:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> makes<:OVS:473182704691576832> us<:OranjeBlanjeBlou:474956180779696138> so<:Vierkleur:471734652844113920> proud

As Afrikaners

The British

It's about the Anglo-Boer war

@Malcolm the Seceder here is a translation of the above meme by @Luister (AM) :

*Afrikanerhart plays in the background:

She: I think we have to start talking about our future....

He: I think we have to keep quite for the next 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

@Malcolm the Seceder there is another k-word for them

Angus Buchan is a prosperity teacher

False teacher if you ask me

Soon we will be landing at Winnie Madikizela Mandela Airport in the Republic of Azania

We are all Steve's children

Look who arrived


It was part of the globalist elite conspiracy to hand over SA to the dogs.

Dit maak my trots, maar terselfdetyd hartseer. Ek hoop ons kan 'n herlewing beleef onder die Afrikaner jeug, waar hierdie sentiment weer vlam vat, en waar ons ons identiteit weer ontdek, en sonder skaamte of angs weer sterk sal staan en te baklei vir ons reg in hierdie wonderlike land...

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