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@KoninginTanja ja dis lekker om met like minded mense te gesels

I think we give then more credit than what they deserve, maybe. They only want to fund their fat arses. Look at their faction wars, we are no threat to their power, we are just the rope they use to hang each other. kyk in die glasbal en word bang. How do to get the masses to understand.

Ek sien die Interkultuur ouens het vannaand al 3 emails gestuur en op Youtube geantwoord oor die Tina Sizwe storie. Dis maar die gewone “ons oorreageer” verskoning.

@Willem Petzer kyk op die comment wat ek gelos het.
[email protected] persoon wat my gemail het.

@Daniel van Straaten lastnthing we need is soldiers in the streets

Still no soldiers please, you want them Old MK’s and PAN okes walking in your street with full military gear?

I understand that, just raised a concern on their statement

In any case, a weak policeforce in a country hostile to its minorities is a good thing

The military has no mandate to fight on its own soil, they are not trained for this, they make war and kill, thats what they do. Plus deploying them once will create a precedent, guess who will show up at the next black Monday protests?

You want to tell me a police force who stopped xenophobia attacks can not organize to save one of the smaller townships? ANC is behind this, they once again sacrifice the common black man for their political game. I feel for them, but if its a minority keeping them hostage they must put on their big boy pants and defend themselves. No military should be deployed in SA, they are not our friends.

The Hermanus police should ask security companies to come and help or a willing civilians.

Then the police should get their balls back

@Gonzo the military follows the command of Luthuli house, they will definitely be pro land grabs. Their guns will point at the farmers, not the invaders.

Dis letterlik ‘n kak prentjie💩😜

@Rational Gent were did you get that write up? Sounds about right. Question is how does one prepare for such an eventuality?

Black twitter at its finest

@rupdog what that is saying is actually the most important. You must remember before a group can commit mass murder they must dehumanize the victims, its a strategy certain parts of the black revolutionary movements are pushing very hard to do. Its easier to kill when you believe the killing is justified. We all know how their culture is regarding spirits and voodoo hocus pocus. He is saying we “Dutch” have spirits more evil than black magic. For us it seems silly, for those into this wakanda hocus pocus its is serious. Like they are fighting the devil.

@rupdog the things is those that push this is maybe 10% of the black populace, but that is still like 6million people.

@Arcade_Hustle with the ever increasing anti immigrant movement in Europe and America (and rightly so btw) I would think Orania or similar is the only option.

@Arcade_Hustle Incan never leave this place, all my family is here, our entire history is here. Kind of difficult to leave all of this behind and watch over the news how my remaining family gets slaughtered.

I think the plan should be to push this parallel government idea

@Arcade_Hustle its easier said than done boet, some days I entertain the idea of a peaceful life somewhere else, but thats a huge decision. Maybe one day.

@Arcade_Hustle Whats up with the last message?

@Arcade_Hustle you live in Ireland?

@Arcade_Hustle no dude, whats wrong with you?

Our forefathers went through hell and high water to build us a future, yes FW gave it all away on a silver platter, but now its our turn to bite the bullet


Its about the only option

Jislaaik you okes have low respect for the old, trying to hustle money out of their deaths. New South Africa is strong in you.

I rather live poor, in a slum of like minded people than rich in a foreign country with no values. In any case, a slum don’t stay a slum if people don’t have a slum culture.

Life is not about living to gain property and having fun, for me its deeper and this is why we need to remember our history. Don’t assimilate and don’t shy away from tribulations.

@Arcade_Hustle rather send us some seed, then we can take care of our self

@Arcade_Hustle no, invest iit in skills,

Best skill we white folk can learn again is how a shovel work read this, this is the road we will go down if we can not get a parallel system up and running

We should at some point stop complaining and pondering leaving and start to through our weight behind current networks building the parallel system.

Who is free tomorrow? We go take Transvaal and Freestate back? O and Stella land.

We can serve the union buildings with a eviction notice

@Unwanted House Guest want swart nationalisme skiet die hoogte in, maar dom wit mense glo nogsteeds aan die reenboog

Make sure you have a large enough network of people to help you sort them out and protect you against SAPS

Where is the line in the sand?

I want to see what they do when farmer A says “no sorry, I am not giving it up” and 100 others help to block the access to farm? They gonna shoot them?

Imagine FOX news with footage of SA army shooting up a bunch of white farmers while forcefully expropriating their land? I think world knows more than to believe that story @Penkop

I see it that with the popularity of conservatism rising fast, time in History is not on the side of communists

This country will erupt all over once they start using force to remove farmers, that is guaranteed. Hence I think they will use the Venazuela model or the BEE model, slowly by starting with unused land.

They opened a door here which they will not be able to close. They have to push through.

All farmers will suddenly realize the reality and people in town and black land owners

They will respond I am sure of that

Once they start the rest will see open season

@Conscious Caracal which is why I think it will happen spontaneously. This is like a balloon waiting to burst

@Gonzo they at least had a place to flee to, we don’t.

The best plan is to get security groups and networks to interconnect, nationally. Farms patrol groups, town networks, Afriforum networks ex. Then at least people can mobilize and react as necessary

@Gonzo so we know what to prepare for then

@plasma because that is counter productive, won’t help us shit

@plasma the “real” war is between them, they are still tribal as ever. They use us and land as an attempt to unify themselves, but as soon as order collapses they will attack each other aswell.

@Gonzo back then we had a strong army and police, now we don’t

@HoppeanSnake_ZA we all now why they suffer, but again we won’t be able to change that, they love communism too much.

I think Rhodesia was the best country ever

My brother’s inlaws are still farming there

I was told all the stories of live in the good days. Like having to fish with a rifle on your back to defend against the crocodiles and hippos.

@plasma I won’t hate the Brits, I hate FW de Klerk and Roelf Meyer


We need them Brits now, if they collapse it will be a serious blow to western civilization

@plasma Poland is doing very well now, seems like they are winning the war against leftist globalists.

@plasma at least they are protecting their monoculture.

@Dewald they took a corner yes, but lots to fix. Hungary is doing great, strong monoculture and they do not care about EU eurocrats

@Brennladen our new guy is still a commie, theirs is miles to the right

@Sheamus then we get Mabuza for president

@Dewald ya real angel that Winnie

Americans forced Smith to surrender, he was hell bent on continuing fighting. Henry Kisinger.

@plasma we also have wash outs

@plasma hate those guys

@Dewald whats up with the Jew hating? Yes they have crooks amongst them but overall I like Israel

@Dewald now I am confused. @Gonzo ya thats were them lovely Galils came from and the nukes

My fingers kramp al van al die ingels praat


@plasma ya thats about right

Waar was ons? Nukes?

wat! Wou die Jode die Rivonia trail genukenhet?

Watse masker?

Sal bietjie kyk

1989 trail boek gepubliseer in 1964?

Lauren Southern het Mandela se valse beel stukkend geslaan met haar berigte oor SA

Wereld skrik wakker dink ek

@Gonzo ja skuus ekt verkeerd gelees

Ek sit nou en kyk die Khoi koning goed, wil sien wat gaan nou gebeur

Hy praat nogal goeie goed hier, gedink hy gaan soos ANC ouens wees maar hy klink baie nugter, quote tot Abraham Lincoln

Orania had a project with a Xhosa Chief in EC to help his tribe get farming. They had other trade agreements aswell. This is the model.

Why do we wat to start something separate from orania? Why not just join them?

You can join them now as a member

I pay my R100 per month, want to go visit next year to get a better understanding. They develop the place with the goal of having an independent state for all Afrikaners, so to start new while there is a place with 30 years of development and experience is kind of dumb

And their economy is like R700mil or something

Het gekyk ja, baie goed net te kort

At some point we should get together with the goal of making a road map to grow your idea faster @Willem Petzer

What I would like most is to somehow connect all the pro Afrikaner groups, keep them separate and pursuing their goals but to ensure all the goals lead up to the same ultimate ideals of independence.

Who is going to vote at the VVK election later this year?

It is to be expected that some traitor whites would join this discussions, gov consider “far right” a big threat

Ya but watch what you say to whom

Speak your mind, but don’t make any threats or racist remarks. @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) ya but the eff is driving the system that wants us to shut up

Btw, ever wondered why so many trucks drove into councilor vehicles before the municipal elections?

Did you not notice how many politicians had trucks driving into them? One guy even got arrested for mentioning this. Will look for the news articles

Is the general discussion now locked or something? See there is a lock sign now?

Any feedback from the offline discussions apart from the possible hans kakies?

O the “I love migrants” lady😂

Or refugees Relevant to the discussion

Where is Willem with some feedback?

Ons moet maar net terug sit en kyk die wolwe mekaar verskeur

@Brennladen don’t beat yourself up

At least the size of the Freestate, however one would need at least one harbor

@Gonzo klein skaal soos in?

@Gonzo ekt nogal dieselfde idee

But informal market

@Gonzo groente maar nog niks spesifiek, gaan maar eers klein begin om my voete te vind.


Sad to think that white people are always on the prowl to smear their fellow white man to gain vain applause (and money, mr Roelf Meyer) from the non white. Like the saying goes, your worst enemy is the one that looks and talks like you.

@Sheamus that is so true

It was a white woman who honey trapped van Loggerenberg which then led to SARS be captured, Zuma had a white lawyer, Malema used white lawyers, FW is white ex. All for the money.

@Sheamus definitely, money, power or things, fact is there is no way they did not know what will happen in SA. I mean HF Verwoerd said in his day already what we see today will happen, FW had access to all the intel on ANC documents, yet they supposedly thought the ANC would respect the constitution? Just makes me so angry.

Sit dit op jou vlog Renaldo

@Gonzo they should have at least got us our own republic. Then live like Israel.

@Penkop Roelf Meyer, Ramaphosa se besigheids vriend vandag, selfde ou wat nou die gaan help met die seksie 25 ding

Hy gaan nou weer kans kry om ons te naai

@Gonzo ANC does not believe in constitutions

So does 80% of SA

@Penkop that is where BEE got born, white business sits behind the BEE concept if you ask me

I would love to have a open session with all Afrikaans groups including the politicians and Generals of the 90-94 era, lets us discuss these things.

@Willem Petzer try to get FW on a live chat?

@Penkop I heard from colleagues who worked in a big company back then how the white management threatened them if they dare talking about and voting “no”. The whites in the upper class forced people to give in to the ANC.

Ja so ons was by die ja nee vote

Soos ek verstaan was mense geintimmideer om ja te stem deur mede Afrikaners wat in die ryk klas val.

Maar dit was nie die gewone man op die straat wat die knor werk gedoen het nie, dit was die in die groot financial sektore

@Penkop ek was ook jonk daai tyd, ek praat maar met die ou honde om uit te vis wat daar gebeur het

Julle al “Tainted Heroes” gekyk? Ja ek val seker in daai millennial groep

Ek omthou nog ‘n praatjie wat FW kom doen het by ‘n skool in ons area, almal toe nog die goeie vlag gekry om rond te wapper, min het ek geweet wat hy doen en hoekom al die Buffels en kommando ouens heeltyd om ons skool was

@Gonzo ek kan dit glo, dis oor daai skuld gevoelins wat ons nasie ook maar bietjie verval het

Ergste vir my was toe “Lucky Luke” eweskielik begin Zulu praat het😭

@Penkop ons moet weer ons kinders by sulke goed betrokke kry.

@Penkop ja kampe vir kinders is dalk iets wat ons moet probeer op die been kry. Miskien Afriforum vra om so iets te stig of Orania

Sal hulle bietjie ‘n epos stuur en hoor

Ken julle ouens “PragerU” op youtube? Wat die ou doen vir Amerika of die westerse kultuur in die algemeen is basies wat ons moet doen vir Afrikaners. kyk die, nogal goeie verduidelikking wat baie verband hou met ons verskille met die swartes

@Penkop ja nee goeie boerekos

Ekt nou nou braaivleis geeet maar my momd water sommer nou vir melk kos, ek noem dit sommer melkpap

So gepraat van kos, dis nogal iets wat ek die laaste ruk weer aan die herstel het in my huis, tradisionele boere kos. Gebruik die ou kook en geniet en maak beskuit, koeksusters, poedings ens. Probeer die dogters op die regte pad sit.

@Penkop natuurlik

@Penkop weet jy, hier is baie wit kinders in my kind se skool wat hulp nodig het, so ek help maar daar met die kos pakkies, die ander hoop ek maar my Orania en Afriforum geld kom daar uit

Soos ek verstaan doen helpende hand nogal goeie werk, dink Afriforum befonds daai helpende hand

@Penkop dis waar, daar is baie skelms selfs in eie geledere

@Gonzo dis hoekom ek my hulp fokus op mense in my dorp, ek sal graag almal wil help maar dis onmoomtlik, mens hoef nie ver te soek om ‘n sukkelende Afrikaner gesin te kry nie, hulle staan net nie so uit nie want die wat jou hulp sal waardeer adverteer gewoontlik nie hul elende nie.

As jy kinders sien huil van blydskap oor ‘n blikkie konfyt dan kan jy mos weet hoe swaar dit gaan.

@Penkop goeie gesprekkengehad, dankie

@Gonzo stem saam

@Emile waar kan ons uitvind oor dit? Ek is lid maar weet nie van die goed nie

Sal bietjie hoor by ons tak ook

Sjoe, dis crazy daardie nommers, dis wat met die land gebeur het ook, hulle nommers neem darem vinnig toe.

@Gonzo moes jy my herinner😢

1900 1miljoen

Provinsies het ook maar net beperkte mag, eerder as ons in gaan moet ons net die hek agter ons toesluit. Maar dan sit ons nou weer met Khoi koning op ons case

So moeilik om net ‘n ou stukkie eie Afrikaner land te kry

@Penkop eks moeg as ek net die tuin om spit, sal moet oefen as ek weer op daai level wil wees😂

@Gonzo ek verstaan dit, Orania is daar, hulle is reg vir groei, ons moet net gaan.

Weet jy, ek dink ons grootste swakheid is ons waarde sisteem het al bietjie getuimel. As ‘n mens goeie morele waardes het kan hy enige iets hanteer en dit is iets wat ander kulture in SA min van het

So daar is nog iets wat ons na moet kyk om op ‘n manier te herstel, hoe en wat presies.

@Gonzo ja daardie is die belangrike punte

@Penkop dit is nogal waar wat jy se

@Penkop ek is baie ten gunste van inskakel eerder as om iets anders te wil begin. Al stem ek nie 100% saam met alles van ‘n spesifieke organisasie nie, die groter prentjie is wat ek najaag. Sal bietjie uitvind plaaslik hoe ek meer betrokke kan raak by Afriforum.

@Penkop !nooit jy moet kinders kry, dink net as die boere so gepraat het na die 2de boere oorlog? Nee julle moet moet moet kinders kry.

Ek dink julle het ‘n wanindruk van Orania, so ver ek verstaan is daar genoeg geleenthede, hulle dan tot nou ‘n opleidings sentrum wat bou werk en ander ambagde oplei. So verstaan ek

Kyk dis nie Pretoria nie, maar hoe meer mense die plek gaan newoon hoe meer raak die geleenthede

Nee meer mense maak geleenthede

Jy noem dit groei

En hoe minder goed beskikbaar is hoe meer geleentheid is daar om die goed te voorsien

Vir elke huis wat gebou kan word skep jy werk vir die bouers en geld loop in, elke mens moet kos koop, kak papier ens, winkels maak geld, toeriste bring nuwe geld in, later kan iemand bakstene vervaardig ens.

Hulle voer tonne neute en so per jaar uit China toe, geld kom in

Grootste probleem daar vir my is dat hulle ver van ‘n hawe is

Hulle het al op die plase kamera sisteme ingesit en hulle het ‘n sekuriteit netwerk in plek

Daar is ‘n 1000 mense, daai ekonomiese afbrekers sal moet kom met groot seuntjie broeke as hulle iets wil doen

Hoe sleg dit ookal mag wees daar as jy daar aankom, hulle ekonomiese beleid is vrymark, so jy gaan jouself kan opwerk, nie soos die sosialisme in die res van SA waar jy net verder kan sink

Dis waar, maar ons gaan elkgeval meeste verloor een van die dae. Ja hulle het skole

Hulle skole neem baie deel aan buitelandse dinge

Any here read the book “Settlement of the Boer-Afrikaner” written by Paul Kruger of the VVK? He is a very knowledgeable person so I suppose this book will be very informative. Check out vid of a black American woman dissing Afrikaners. Go comment.

Guys, you MUST join the PragerU movement, MUST MUST. Watch their vids, it is extremely informative.

@Willem Petzer What is the opinions on the VVK?

Lank lewe die BOER!

Did you guys miss the article about Ramaphosa announcing the constitution will now be changed? This is huge!! Note one of the reasons he mentioned was to “correct unjust spacial realities in urban areas” thus be prepared to have townships all around your house very soon.

Jis jy se hom sommer die IQ ding 😂

Ja FW de Klerk is ‘n moerse veraaier, hy en daai Roelf Meyer. Hoop die geskiedenis sal hulle ook so onth. Ek het al ‘n geruime tyd gedink ons moet ‘n “Boere veraaier” muur erens oprig met hulle name op, in een of ander klip wat nooit sal verweer.

Well they sold out the entire Afrikaner nation, so I would not be surprised if this is true. These kinds of people engage in these Satanic acts all around the world. The sad part is that the black movements will now use this to label all Afrikaners.

This will open the flood gates to land invasions go and sign and help spread the comment of the IRR to Ramaphosa regarding the latest EWC development.

Did anyone notice how nice and shiny new most of those shacks are built by land invaders on that Stellenbosch farm?

😂no that would be impossible

Not here

Perhaps paper expropriation? They just transfer the land to the state, the property on the land stays yours, thus you carry the debt as per normal and then rent the land on which your property is? Only way I can see banks not losing.

Seems about right


Don’t know how to answer that😂, Nationalist, Market and tradition is spot on for me.

I do feel leftist amongst these Fascists 😅😂

Of course best break down of South Africa I have seen by Frans Cronje

@Guss you stating fact or hypothetical?

@Penkop is this a fact that they are on the list or you guys just playing devils advocate?

Thats because dad is nowhere to be found

How do you like Mantashes answer on “do you think they will give up their land”?

Look a few posts above, Rox posted link to news24 article

@onerb I also thought the same, he is angry at Afriforum and not the ANC.

Apparently, “This happened above Phalaborwa near Letaba Ranch in the Kruger Park buffer zone outside the fence”.

Whats the story behind these images? Quite f’ed up!

@theeChristopher sorry what messages?

Its after that interview that I for first time realized how hard FW and co shafted us.

Na gisteraand se debat met maaskaas was dit so duidelik soos daglig dat hy sal moet kant kies, die middel rond hang ding doen niemand goed nie.

Dis goed, ons kort iemand met 4 grade agter sy naam😂 barely took over and they started with their shyte. 1995 police strike, the non striking police members were still real police at least.

Lol!!!! Excellent @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) . Notice how Renaldo could not say THAT to old Maaskaas.

This Adam is not backing down. You know I kinda disagreed with what he did until them black twitter and fancy black oke started talking about going after the kids and family. Do you realize we are heading full on Gestapo era?

And silence all their critics with fear, today the K word, tomorrow any criticism

And Maaskaas and black twitter probably support the rapist

They would much rather attack a successful white businessman than condemn their own. Because their agenda is driven by pure jealousy which bred hatred. They will use anything to destroy white folk.

Thats typical “revolutionary” movements, they make a lot of propaganda and refuse real facts. Its because all they can do is to break down, never build.

Daar is ‘n ouerige boek, “sex and culture” is sy naam, die ou het iets soos 70 kulture oor duisende jare se geskiedenis nagevors en ‘n baie duidelike band gevind tussen ontwikkeling van kultuur en hulle sex gedrag. Hoe meer losbandig ‘n kultuur is hoe minder vooruitgang was daar. Gaan kyk maar na vandag se “primitiewe” kulture vs die omtwikkelde kulture en dan verstaan jy wat hy se.

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