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gegoert mijn vriend

no problem

do you watch Acadamic Agent?

He is great for developing you economics

and his discord is hilarous


Happend some months ago in my country

I always forget that South Africa has the same time zone as Western Europe

In 't West-Vloams of in Standaard Nederlands?

kanne k'ik ook niet schrijven in 'et Zuud-Afrikaans, ma junder spellink is gemakkelieker dan die van ons

Da was in het west-vlaams, we zijn gekend om onverstaanbaar te zijn voor de meeste anderen



some old artikals

If you want to get more info about Belgian situation read sceptr

Wat we leerden over zuid afrika in geschiedenis

Van straten



I think the only selution for south africa is a federal/confederal system

giving each province a lot of autonomie and maby pushing for more homogenous provinces so each province is more stable

we would be pissed to, independenc is somthing we wanted for a 100 years


Migrant fun in Brussels

ah Bulrock nice to see you here to

to good

getting cold shivers

on my back

flanders is watching

We havn't forgoten our southrn brothers

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