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Hello my fellow Goyim!

Hey guys, im very new to discord. Never really was a gamer as a kid so dont understand this all too well. Great to be here with you guys though

@Conscious Caracal nice to see a fellow occultist

@Conscious Caracal I look forward to watching your vids.

@Conscious Caracal are you going live on YT?

A debate with notshadowbannedyet, he goes by the name Joe Redtree and is from SA. He was active on (((Youtube))) before they shoad him. He is a very bad goy and has been banned from Twitter as well, I think he is on gab.ai and runs his channel from Bitchute. He runs with the TRS(The Right Stuff) crowd and firmly associates with the American Alt-Right. He might be able to enlighten your audience on the true nature of ethno-nationalism. Either way it will make for some tip top shitposting.

his twitter

Shit I stopped following him after all his vids were made private. I agree he isnt the most stable guy in the world, I guess its for the best then. We await the return of the prodigal son. Im happy he is safe though.

Personally I see nothing wrong with gore. Ive got a dank remix of a necklace if nobody is too squeemish.

Just /pol things i guess

The 4chinz board yes

I recoil at White people being mutilated but with blacks, not really.

Hulle is n wrede nasie, ons moet dit verstaan. As men we cant recoil from the realities of nature.

Die realiteit van Ras en IQ. High IQ groups tend to create societies that are far less violent.

@Sheamus thats truth to power

We should 100% create a website where we can start laying out our ideological framework. There is a sizebale Afrikaner inteligΓͺncia that can be used for content creation and more importantly to orientate ourselves properly when discussing certain taboo topics.


Moet ek die app download


gimme 5

vir een of ander rede wil die app nie mooi werk op my foon nie. My IRL naam is David. Ek het vir jou @Willem Petzer n email op 30 Junie gestuur

promise im no CIA nigger

Im stealing these memeπŸ˜‹


feelsbadman, he shouldnt have shot into the floor...

Am I the only one thats stoked about seeing the show with Papa Petzer and Papa JF? <:HighIQ:468423924837777418>


The Mehdi is quite literally the antichrist.

Is this real life?

We are being ruled by fvking idiots... *Queue alex Jones meldown except replace south american walruses for South African mental retards*

Why are you shilling for flat earth?

@Deejay from Earth Cool, can you tell me what force is responsible for making things fall and how I can empirically measure it?



Arme Jood.

Newtons Law of Universal gravitation does provide an answer for your point on ""Magnetism"". Gravity is not reliant on magnetism but rather on mass and the relationship between mass and the distance between two objects. We calculate this gravitational force, by applying the inverse square law. Once we have this force we can simulate an environment where we can accurately predict the movement of celestial bodies in our cosmos. This is why we are able to accurately predict when Haley's Comet is going to pass us years and years in advance, we can predict it to such a level of accuracy that we can say what trajectory it will have in our skys as it passes by. The ability to accurately predict the motion of celestial bodies is good enough data by itself to say that Gravity is a valid scientific concept. If you acknowledge gravity exists then from there we can go into reasons why gravity and its effects on space are what give the earth its "round" shape.

eish bra... its not a theory. Its a Natural Law

@Willem Petzer Top fucking kek<:pepe3:469478301644357633>

I think you are having trouble visualising what a force is and how we can interpret it in a way that is easy to understand. Scientists and applied mathematicians use free body diagrams for this purpose.

here is a link to a textbook that will help you understand what it is I am talking about

@Deejay from Earth okay so when we know what forces are acting on an object in space we draw Free Body Diagrams (FBDs) with all those forces acting in different directions, from there we can calculate things like angular velocity which gives us that figure that you gave.

This was a good troll man, you did well.

I just answered it for you

okay so when we know what forces are acting on an object in space we draw Free Body Diagrams (FBDs) with all those forces acting in different directions, from there we can calculate things like angular velocity which gives us that figure that you gave.

angular velocity is rotational speed

Mucho Autismo

this is some epic shitposting

Reality red-pills the masses. All we need to do is make sure our worldview remains relatively non-authoritarian and the normies will continue to flock to the truth.

@cΒ΅rvy Cant trust public servants dude, you know he works for the DA as a tea and sarmie mucher in Nelson Mandela bay.


So he really sold his soul for a state pension and a few sandwiches during council meetings. What a shame. I would just like to see how he was before he went back to sleep. I heard he used to make workout videos to.... any truth to that?


πŸ‘† comfy

synchronicity at its finest

a link to rules for radicals by saul alinsky. Public Healthcare is used as a means of population control

IMO this equates to a form of sanctions. Unfriendly investment environments is a difficult pill the global investment market to swallow. Commie fags in the EFF and ANC have been BTFO'd by the investment jew for the past 4 years and they still dont know why the economy is failing. #MakeSouthAfricaInvestmentFriendlyAgain


Daily reminder to never forgetti

Tribute to our northern brothers.

If a person leaves then it makes us as a collective much much weaker. Only the cucks leave, the chads will stay on and fight the good fight.

Hi everybody πŸ˜„

@Friday got folks that can support you?

feelsbadman 😒

thats raw bro, being old and destitute is no joke.

How old are you?

Take out a policy on her name(once you get a job), when she croaks you can make the jump.

@Arcade_Hustle youd be surprised bro, there are some firms that offer funeral cover and then you can hustle a cheap funeral. Pocket the rest and at the very least pay for a ticket out of here.

@Karooboer dude, it might seem slimy but death by itself is a terrible thing. If you can con the insurance jew out of money to help ease the pain then why not?

Jewing the jew is a jewish constructπŸ˜‚

I hope you realise that doing the funeral cover story is not stealing from your mom. You might be gaining from her death but you definitely arent doing something immoral against her. Think about it. The world is a dirty place and you will end up in a far worse place if you arent prepared to do something about it.

The fact that JP is even popular is a sign of the times in clown world.

@rob yes, fuck this running bullshit

@Arcade_Hustle I honestly believe they arent capable of administering all the land in this country.

We dont have a powerful or effective enough beruocracy

in this country to even attempt it

I just think this is more directed at some of the larger White owned businesses in this country, when they are done with them they will come for the White middle class.

We have time

@rupdog you are right but that doesnt mean that they wont target their wealth first. Let the (((Ruperts))) fall first

@Arcade_Hustle we are all Jews when it comes down to it. The Lost 10 tribes of Israel and all that jazz.

@Arcade_Hustle fortunately I dont base my identity of my race alone. If im 2% Jew it doesnt really matter. Begone with your continuum falacy.

lol never

@Arcade_Hustle I dont like eating foreskins

@Arcade_Hustle have you Read the Talmud ?

Depending on what type of Jew you are, reveals what you think about fiddling with little kids


I dont like Jews who read the Talmud. The ones who follow the Torah are fine with me


I saw UKIP surged with like 5 points in the wake of the Chequers deal.

Talmudic Judaism is objectively a religion of pedophiles. Ever wonder why Israel is haven for child rapists?

Also its vehemently anti white

The issue is that they genuinely believe we are human cattle

Fair enough, I never said that they were exclusively anti white

Which scriptures?


Would love to see the Mogg in No. 10

Alll organised religion is oppressive if they deem you a heretic but Talmudic Judaism is an extra special fucked up religion because it is unreformable. You know 'muh 6 gorrilion'



Are we really back on flat earth

Also why is discussing the Talmud in conspiracy-corner

ahhh okay

maybe <#469830219889377283>?

My bad


and an economics channel please

@Arcade_Hustle (((you))) just missed us

i will in a few, maybe in like 15

Pls no investigate mr CIA nigger, i dindunuffin

@Conscious Caracal I get that we shouldnt autistically screah about Race and IQ but surely it offers a reasonable explanation for the high inequality in this country? Better than 'muh white privilege' arguments that are usually levelled against us.

@Karooboer End the welfare state and give the black underclass free abortions instead. Hopefully the high IQ blacks will then raise the average IQ of blacks in SA. IF only the ANC didnt need mental infants to stay in power.

@Deejay from Earth do we really have to go through Netons Universal Law of Gravitation?

lol indeed

'miscegenation is a Biblical doctrine' I guess we now know why the church attendance is declining

πŸ‘† Swift Nationalism


Who was the journalist that attended the Meetup? I know his name was Adriaan Snyman(not the Siener translator) I smelled a bit of a rat with him. Would be cool to know who he really is.

not 100% sure. Could be.

next time we vet those who attend there were multiple people there that got my spidey senses tingling

The expat that 'works' in China as a teacher was also very suspicious. Too extroverted and very superficial. Also what teacher has grazed knuckles? He asks a question during the livestream

I love the idea of IRL meetups but we must not be stupid, we vet those who attend before hand and have some level of security when we do. @Klipkop (Clip-Cop) Im just giving feedback on what I observed, there were a few attending who were very suspicious.

Its not about censoring, we must be aware of the threats we can face in IRL meetups.

Be smart, dont be a retard

@Conscious Caracal hide your keeedsπŸ˜‚

cognitive dissonance
noun: cognitive dissonance

the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.

I still dont understand why Shitcoin is a thing. I understand blockchain technology but intutively Crypto seems like a ponzi scheme. Does anybody have a link to Bitcoin for dummies or something similar for me?

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