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2018-10-04 01:40:28 UTC  

*_Patrick shakes his cane_* "I like to be hip, keeping up with what the kids are doing these days...the proverbial GF"

2018-10-04 01:40:36 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff do you drink zero calorie monsters?

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>fortnite burgers

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@Reinhard Wolff When is the Today Show interview with you airing?

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Lots of GF havers in the chat tonight. Epic.

2018-10-04 01:41:08 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff How is your nose doing from the punch you got in training a few weeks ago?

2018-10-04 01:41:10 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff are 2d waifus superior to 3D waifus?

2018-10-04 01:41:12 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff you never poasted key lime pie, why?

2018-10-04 01:41:18 UTC  

That's a boomer that drinks monster zero

2018-10-04 01:41:23 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Is diet coke implicit?

2018-10-04 01:41:26 UTC  

Sorry about the spicey meme earlier...

2018-10-04 01:41:26 UTC  

@NateDahl76 he said earlier, in a week-ish they'll be ordered

2018-10-04 01:41:34 UTC  

drink green/white tea which is low in caffeine

2018-10-04 01:41:35 UTC  

@Deleted User Thank you for the advice.

2018-10-04 01:41:39 UTC  

Sobriety gang >

2018-10-04 01:41:47 UTC  

exact copy tbh @Nathan_Barker using our exact same slogans in some cases

2018-10-04 01:41:52 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff Thoughts, power protein.

2018-10-04 01:42:04 UTC  

They're unhealthy

2018-10-04 01:42:10 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff H2Oh! (the Coke product) is the best substitute for sugar, diet, and engery drinks.

2018-10-04 01:42:15 UTC  

He won't drink caffiene , but he'll drink aspartame... <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-10-04 01:42:24 UTC  

Haven't had one of those in a few years

2018-10-04 01:42:27 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff If you have 1.) had your second interview, 2.) paid dues, 3.) listened in to two pledge meetings and 4.) participated in a meet-up, are youbfree from "pledge status"

2018-10-04 01:42:31 UTC  

The claims against energy drinks are dirty lies, just like smoking

2018-10-04 01:42:32 UTC  

Literal balls will shrink

2018-10-04 01:42:32 UTC  

@Louis Loire - NY they wear masks tho.

2018-10-04 01:42:42 UTC  

@Reinhard Wolff serious question: What are the overall lessons from Charlottesville?

2018-10-04 01:42:44 UTC  

I know

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2018-10-04 01:42:50 UTC  

The stuff that's in them🤮

2018-10-04 01:42:51 UTC  

@Deleted User I gave them a pretty effective argument against masks, went well

2018-10-04 01:42:52 UTC  

Decaf coffee gang.

2018-10-04 01:42:58 UTC  

@Kingfish I have been summoned

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@Reinhard Wolff Are you aware that normie tea party groups are making copies of IE Banner designs and holding demonstrations with them?

2018-10-04 01:43:19 UTC  

>consuming anything other than milk, beef, and honey

2018-10-04 01:43:20 UTC  

@bspon002 yeah bro you should be mincraft coordinator

2018-10-04 01:43:24 UTC  

@sigruna14 Gang, gang, zzzzzz...