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2018-03-24 15:54:47 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-03-24 15:59:32 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thanks @John O -

2018-03-28 01:23:44 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  


Gainesville Florida UF campus

@Chillbro Swaggins-CA I’m based bro people see me put that stuff up all the time

Santa Fe community college Gainesvile


What do you have in mind by non aesthetic? Why would you want an ugly photo? @Stan - PA

@Stan - PA unfortunately I don’t 😅 I’ll try and get one next week

@Stan - PA I think giving normie news attention just causes hysteria and more push back though. I see antifa flyers here and there sometimes organizationing in Gainesville

UF gainy

Gainesville Florida

University of Florida

University of Florida

I could help out to I make electronic music and was in a death metal band

@Reinhard Wolff could we have a liberal anonymous meeting like an alcoholic anonymous meeting? Also should we help are comrades with quitting smoking. Maybe

Play tabletop rpg

Medieval LARP

@Reinhard Wolff should we help IE members to quite smoking? Also did you see the blackklansman film? They had images of people with IE shirts.

Help be nice

@Valaska I saw the film

Idk I just saw the movie it was at the end

@Reinhard Wolff did you watch the film blackklansman they have an IE shirt and they had a lot of are jokes... also so we encourage are fellow members to quite smoking help them.

At the end with Charlottesville

At the end

@Reinhard Wolff could we have a liberalism anonymous meeting similar to alcoholic anonymous meeting.

@Reinhard Wolff are 2d waifus superior to 3D waifus?

@Reinhard Wolff have you considered that repatriation to Europe might be more beneficial to are people in the long run. Also I have spoken to radical right people in Europe they said America is doomed and we need to come home. Prior to 2016 American expats made the largest “foreign” population.

@Reinhard Wolff any thoughts on Martin Heidegger Greg Johnson has lecture about him.

Electro industrial futurepop


Stomp stomp

@Reinhard Wolff will we ever be doing any collaboration with countercurrents in the future Greg Johnson has an interesting piece on Francis Fukuyama.

@Reinhard Wolff have you met Alain De Benoist or read any of his stuff I have the first volume of a view from the right and interested in picking up a second copy.

Russia 🇷🇺 doesn’t kill gays

The republicans believe in identity politics for Israel

I love tucker

The real red pill

The fight against transhumanism

@Reinhard Wolff should we red pill people through d&d? And what’s going on with the IE twitter account?

Friends is white

@Reinhard Wolff did you see aljezera hit on GI 😥😥😥 in France

WOD is masquerade

University of Florida

I’m good at saving money myself. My mom always said buy things that will last even know it might be more expensive not cheap junk from China

A lot of people in my town blow money on drugs and beer 🍺.

Ehh my little pony collectibles are to much

I remember when I worked at hot topic people would come in and get them

Grown men in there 30s Generally who are obese

There is a concept in philosophy called reductionist which is super essential only buy essentials

Cooking at home saves a lot of money

One love for white people

Asians don’t have stinky arm pits

Cats 🐈 rule the world

They live in luxury

Don’t work

Think about it

Slow decline

I blame McDonald’s

Baudrillard said meaning is discovered and created through difference

Don’t we have digital Balkanization in a way? Culturally

Traditional society more collective

Romantic nationalism

@Reinhard Wolff Robart d Putnam, e pluribus unum paper I started reading it is that the study you sight by that author? When talking about diversity

Muh food

We can burritos 🌯!!

We can make sushi 🍣!

Impossible @nord

@Reinhard Wolff should we start a nazbol alliance with African Americans to get rid of the others by favoring nationalizing university’s.

Wait why not go to the real site?

Just because ads?


A lot of are Chat look normal

That’s what I thought to

But I’m sure normal people look at there site to

Since it was posted in a news article

I won’t go on it again though

Are Chat logs look totally normal

They said we make fun of autistic people but it’s really them making fun of us for being autistic

There so mean

Why does antifa hate autism?

We don’t want minority’s to feel bad. Just trying to make a european safe space

Don’t go on it for the sake of Trojans

But it’s unlikely

It’s normies frequent it

That make since

You know people could look throw it and be like wow IE looks totally normal



I think it’s illegal for them to take are IP address information

That’s blackmail

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