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Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:01:55

Ok I'll start. The intervention of the US in 1917 in the great war hugely tipped the scales in the entente's favor. Leading to greater negotiating power at the Paris peace accords and the eventual brutal territory seizing and monetary stipulations on the central powers at the treaty of Versailles.

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:02:18

TLDR - It's our fault

Deleted User 2018-06-28 01:02:21

ooh new channel

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:02:49

Yeah just saw it too

Pinochetball 2018-06-28 01:03:02

Soo essentially we caused WWII

Deleted User 2018-06-28 01:03:17


Pinochetball 2018-06-28 01:03:34

Butterfly effect

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:03:43

The real question is , why did the (((international press))) want us in the war so bad?

Pinochetball 2018-06-28 01:04:08

They correctly assessed our warmaking ability?

Deleted User 2018-06-28 01:04:11

why wouldn't it

Deleted User 2018-06-28 01:04:15

war is money

Deleted User 2018-06-28 01:04:35

among other things

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:05:02

I'm a proponent of the "muh lusitania" argument being insufficient

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:06:29

It's almost like after the central banks were established the US has been used as an attack dog in a series of proxy wars

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:07:43

Like aside from the Mexican telegram and the lusitania, what reason did we have to intervene?

Der Seeteufel - SD 2018-06-28 01:50:31

this but the goats are nibbas

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 01:57:05


Deleted User 2018-06-28 02:05:56

videos like these are great for perspective

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 02:17:33

Yeah I love those time lapse map vids

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 02:18:50

You know Alexander had to do it to 'em.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 02:21:09

Alexander was fantastic

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 02:21:46

Muh horse lanes

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 02:34:00

Though I would say that Ptolemy was ironically a better general and administrator.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 02:52:09

I admittedly don't know as much as I should about Ptolemy

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:16:38

Pretty badass guy, my rational for him being better than alexander is thus. Alexander used his Macedonian army to beat all the occidental armies, then Ptolemy beat *that* army with Egyptian levy troops and some Macedonian Calvary.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:17:20

the companions :)

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:17:43

He might not have been as much as a luminary but he held his territory for a lot longer and his dynasty lasted all the way to that thot Cleopatra.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:18:09


Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:18:48

Why is history so vast. so hard to learn it all

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:19:05

I guess you could apply that same thinking to a lot of figures. That the guy that beats the guy that was famous for beating other guys is dank.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:19:10

Could spend a year on caesar in Gaul alone

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:19:15

For sure.

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:19:46

Caesar in Gaul is one of the earliest anti-insurgent manuals really.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:20:20

F vercingetorix

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:20:52

Tfw the romans are balls deep in your territory and you call the other chieftains for help who could completely surround him with superior number but they say "nah"

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:21:52

Hell, I'd be scared to get on Rome's bad side too

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:22:44

Rome's early strategy is kind of like prison you know? You pick a fight with the biggest guy on the Mediterranean then no one wants to mess with you.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:23:27

idk much about early republic

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:25:07

I mean in terms of them reking carthage over the punic wars

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:25:22

Hannibal did nothing wrong

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:25:29

he was a son of a bitch

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:25:42

Honestly he really didn't.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:25:46

Gg scipio

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:25:47

He a good boi

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:26:13

tfw you rek a kid so hard it becomes part of your name

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:26:37

seriously, F Carthage

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:26:42

They got fucked so hard

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:27:35

Honestly any civilization that relies on mercenary armies that hard deserves destruction.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:27:48

Hmm, I see that

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:28:00

Ironically as the romans would learn to their chagrin

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:29:09

Man, I can't wait to visit Rome again.

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:29:29

SPQR scrolled on everything in sight

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:29:43

That's amazing, I'd love to go one day

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:30:11

I'm lucky my parents brought me along to Italy back in the day

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:31:31

Saw Venice, Florence, Rome, Sorrento

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:32:04

It's really something else

Deleted User 2018-06-28 03:32:20

I hate American cities now

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:48:28

Yeah, most inner cities are downright depressing nowadays. You know Detroit used to be called the Paris of America?

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-28 03:50:37

Which sounds absolutely retarded now

Deleted User 2018-06-28 12:42:50

Almost sounds accurate tbh

Deleted User 2018-06-28 12:43:20

given the state of Paris nowadays, lol

Asatru Artist - MD 2018-06-28 13:48:31

Yea, Paris is the Detroit of Europe now. 💩

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-29 01:43:47


Attrition in the desert 2018-06-29 01:43:49

Too true

Attrition in the desert 2018-06-30 22:28:54

Bismark, did nothing wrong? OR cucked the Kaiser a bit too much and lead to junker repression in the traditional power structures of the country?

John O - 2018-07-23 02:44:00

@Attrition in the desert What do you know about the Congolese war? I was watching some video of it, and the squad tactics seem very undisciplined. I know most of the Europeans were mercenaries from Belgium and England. Do you know anything about the minimum requirements for a contract? It seems like they weren't too picky

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 12:45:10

From what I understand the European involvement was more of a loose coalition of private MCmercs under some African militia colonel. Kind of like the French foreign legion but with the added baggage of Belgium's history of doing nothing wrong in the congo

John O - 2018-07-23 13:22:27


John O - 2018-07-23 13:22:45

Right, I knew that, it's just that those mercs seemed especially incompetent

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:23:49

Mercenaries are usually a pretty retarded solution anyway

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:24:42

Clearly the best solution to insurrection in central Africa is a few good men in short shorts

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:26:46

That being said, King Leopold had a literal gold mine in the Congo for a while, if I was betting on any African country to rise up with the benefits of colonialism in the 19th century it would have been them or perhaps the ivory coast

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:28:22

I think Jarod Taylor actually talks about it in some interview I've seen

John O - 2018-07-23 13:29:12

The Congo is a miserable place to live. After the benefits of European medicine were cut, it's no surprise to me that the people living there went back to barely being able to survive

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:31:04

It's truly staggering that a people living next to Arabs that had invented the wheel, could not even *adopt* the wheel until civilization was forced upon them

John O - 2018-07-23 13:33:38

I have a short book on the history of Zanzibar that you might like

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:34:57

Nice, what's the title? I've been getting into the history of the Berber people lately and the bastion of civilization that north Africa used to be

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:35:39

I still maintain that St.Augustine was white

John O - 2018-07-23 13:38:04

The History and Economics of Zanzibar or some shit

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-23 13:46:28

You ever hear about Mansa musa?

Louis Loire - NY 2018-07-24 19:25:21

Berbers are a very interesting people

Louis Loire - NY 2018-07-24 19:25:30



Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:27:26

Yeah they are pretty white

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:28:17

I think they are descended from the original Phoenician peoples that mingled with the romans and just identify as "arab" on government surveys.

John O - 2018-07-24 19:32:36

@Attrition in the desert what's Mansa Musa?

John O - 2018-07-24 19:33:16

@Attrition in the desert @Louis Loire - NY that girl looks extremely African in that portrait

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:34:54

@John O - He was an African King that went on Hajj through parts of Europe and dispersed huge amounts of gold (Of which he had no idea the value of) and crashed the economy of several states along the way lol

Louis Loire - NY 2018-07-24 19:42:24

She is African berbers are without a doubt Africans they were in northern Africa before most Arabs and blacks @John O -

Louis Loire - NY 2018-07-24 19:44:30

They are white Genetics wise no other way to get blue eyes/ blond hair besides serious mutation

John O - 2018-07-24 19:47:01

@Attrition in the desert Oh yeah, I've heard of him, but only throught the context of pro-white media. "The richest man in the history of the world was African".

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:47:52

I like how they will say "We can't actually measure his wealth" and "He was the richest man of all time" in the same paragraph.

John O - 2018-07-24 19:48:46

What was your train of thought yesterday, though? Why did you bring him up?

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:50:21

We were talking about the ethnic multiplicity of North Africa, Mansa Musa is perhaps a perfect metaphor for the vast riches of an extremely wealthy region being in the hands of people too uncivilized to appreciate or capitalize on it.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:52:27

If we think about North Africa during the time of the Punic wars or the Ptolemies or even When the Bishop of Alexandria ran everything as a quasi-roman theocracy it was pretty based. I think the region has potential to rise above the ooga booga and tap the vast resources of the dark continent.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 19:52:54

With white people of course

John O - 2018-07-24 20:11:12

I'm always suspicious of the veracity of the stories of the superiority of the white man and the savagery of the black man. The question here is, if they didn't recognize the value of gold, where did they get so much of it? They probably didn't trade it, which means they probably sunk huge amounts of man power into mines. Why would they do that if they thought it was worthless?

John O - 2018-07-24 20:14:25

The reason I question these stories is because it's very important for us to stay grounded in reality. There's a reason why the Hoteps are laughed at by everyone, and it's not jealousy

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:22:14

Recognize is a relative term when we talk about how much value mansa musa (in this instance) found in gold. Its my belief that , in terms of the periphery of Africa, not the interior, that most of these African ideals of society and economy are simply a simulacra they produce based on interaction with the Arabs.

John O - 2018-07-24 21:24:37

Mining is not a worthwhile operation unless you put the products of your labor towards weapons or tradeables. Why would you dedicate huge amounts of resources towards digging massive pits in the ground unless you could do something with what you pull out?

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:26:01

For the purposes of Islamic traditions that had been instilled on them. The impetus for this entire event, is once again a hajj.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:27:46

Mali was by no means a vassal state, but I can see the enterprise of gold production to be completely developed on the idea of promoting and appeasing the ideas of piety the Mali people adopted

John O - 2018-07-24 21:28:24

I can dig it

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:31:17

When a small portion of you on the ivory coast literally wuz kangz

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:39:03

As gay as it might sound, you can't always compare European civilization to African ones year to year. There are some quite interesting things the various super-Saharan kings came up with. The epiothian civilization for instance, they were pretty advanced for their time.

John O - 2018-07-24 21:39:32


John O - 2018-07-24 21:41:10

Africa is clearly down rn, but it absolutely had it's heyday. We shouldn't assume that white people will continue on their current trajectory. We should recognize that, even if we beat displacement, disgenics is real

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-24 21:41:23

@John O -. Makes a good point about inspecting things in an wider array, even if it feels relativist sometimes.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 11:50:05

I've been finding some interesting parallels while investigating Arab civilization immediately after the conquests of Mohamed and the foundation of the Abbasid caliphate. While undoubtedly an advanced society, their rulers thought that they could benefit by importing the (((Persians))) to help them run their new state. The Arabs of course had never had a civilization at this level before and thought that the successors of Cyrus and Darius could help them engineer a better society. However after two centuries the Large Persian minority eventually overtook the majority of governorships and fractured the caliphate into it's second (Ummayid) period. Moral of the story, It's better to organically grow a state rather than looking for fast ways to advance at the cost of your ethos and people.

John O - 2018-07-25 12:00:13

Absolutely. A similar situation is described in (I can't remember the name of the book, but it's very popular in IE), where the mechanism from which the left took power was by volunteering until the government depended on them. We also see this in the fact that a lot of our medical community is foreign. That's a huge position of influence, and if we continue to allow outsiders to scale to the upper echelons of society, we'll quickly lose control

John O - 2018-07-25 12:01:31

Also, the tech industry, another hugely influential field

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:02:02

Same tactic the ADL used to control the FBI, Volunteering their database until the fbi got it's budget cut and had to rely on who the adl deemed a threat.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:03:33

Providing assistance in fat times make an entity become dependent on you in lean times.

John O - 2018-07-25 12:04:14

Right, that's exactly what I was talking about

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:04:37

That being said, we can definitely use this tactic ourselves through nice guy identitarianism.

John O - 2018-07-25 12:05:03

I think we need significantly more members before we can do something like that

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:05:07


John O - 2018-07-25 12:05:49

Or, just divert resources from activism. But this is an activist org

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:06:27

But to get back to the oriental autism, the Persian civilization has a lot to teach us, such as how a low iq majority replaced the high iq minority during the islamic revolution when the ayalollah overthrew the shah.

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:07:09

Or the various ethnic clashes perpetrated by the (((opponents))) of Cyrus the great in babylon.

John O - 2018-07-25 12:11:38

Quick rundown of the on the Islamic revolution pls

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:16:24

>Be me 8/10 King of Kings >My dad was kind of dick to the shia in the country but w/e >Get educated in europe and bring enlightenment ideal back to Persia when I'm crowned shah >Things go pretty well, liberalize the economy, westernize the culture >Be the most western country in the middle east with a booming economy >Shia get really mad because "muh homed" >whatever dude.sand >Cia gives me a a ton of money because I support nato, and fuck up the house of saud whenever I can >Shia get really mad and overthrow me > Cia reinstated me as a puppet > Shias overthrow me again >Go into exile in America > Tfw the Ayatollah (An islamic cardinal or some shit) Immediatly instituted sharia law and shuts down all the universities and high level infrastructure I created >Mfw the high iq elites of persia flee for the west and a massive brain drain takes place > mfw the country actually accepts islam because everyone with an iq over 90 just gtfo >Die of cancer a few years later

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:18:12

This is also when the hostage crisis happened when the American consulate workers were taken hostage and carter was too much a bitch to rescue them. All the cia stuff was why they always chant death to america.

John O - 2018-07-25 12:25:39

Oh, right. I thought you meant 10 th century or some shit

John O - 2018-07-25 12:29:40

I hate Carter. My ancestors died digging the Panama Canal, and he just gave that shit up

Attrition in the desert 2018-07-25 12:29:57

Yeah Carter is a huge cuck

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-09-18 03:38:54

I follow Robert. Great content.

Mikolas 2018-09-18 03:39:11

I found a set of like 10 books from this series https://www.amazon.com/Barbarian-Europe-Great-Ages-Man/dp/0809403803 Flipped through them at a local library clearance sale for used/donated books. Are there any particularly large or active homeschooling groups from IE that could make use of them? Seem to be some quality stuff. Also have a 4 part set on frontier life in USA (Wild West type stuff, etc.) that are leatherbound, really nice. Would like to see them put to good use.

(Change of topic but coming here reminded me to ask.)

Mikolas 2018-09-18 03:39:23

Thanks for the share!

Attrition in the desert 2018-09-18 03:39:47

Reminds me of the Clovis people.

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-09-18 03:41:32

Europeans were in the America’s prior to the asiatic people. Solutrean theory.

Attrition in the desert 2018-09-18 03:42:42

We can even find traces of clovis dna in modern day indians. Which would posit that they crossed the land bridge after them , wiped them out and then interbred with the remnents to some degree. We wuz indians.

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-09-18 03:49:13

This guy covers similar topics.

Attrition in the desert 2018-09-18 03:55:03

Early american landmass pre-history is such a fascinating topic

Attrition in the desert 2018-09-18 03:55:30

I'll definitely check his stuff out

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-09-18 03:58:49

Robert Sepehr is much more our guy than Jimmy with bright insight but both are wealth’s of knowledge.

Attrition in the desert 2018-09-18 03:59:52

Broke: Immigration demographics changed in 1965, Woke: Immigration demographics changed in 13,000 BC

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-09-18 04:00:29


Northri 2018-11-05 00:07:50

Could anyone recommend some good sources on the Boer wars or WWI? I have been flying blind on these topics. Take "Storm of Steel" by Junger for example: the most accessible translations censor the hell of the original work.

ThisIsChris 2018-11-05 00:10:37

<@&387091385075105804> ^^^

Nemets 2018-11-05 00:29:18

@Northri Diamonds, Gold, and War by Martin Meredith for boer wars

Northri 2018-11-05 00:30:11

@Nemets Thanks! I had that one in my sights, but again, I can never tell what perspective I am getting.

NateDahl76 2018-11-05 01:11:16

What’s the best translation of Storm of Steel? @Northri

Northri 2018-11-05 10:43:46

@NateDahl76 Anything but the Michael Hofmann translation... which is rough because the others are pretty tough to find.

Northri 2018-11-05 10:44:46

Hofmann cut out important chunks of the original.

Ben Rainsford - OH 2018-11-19 03:10:12

Anyone know a good place to find primary reasources? Specifically looking for writing from the Yuan dynasty in China, but Google has not been my friend today.

The Huwhyte Ulf - VA 2018-11-19 03:12:10

Go to China.

Alexander Pechorin 2018-11-19 03:39:33

A good history book on the topic will have references and a bibliography at the end

Alexander Pechorin 2018-11-19 03:39:43

That will show good primary sources.

GDoctor 2018-12-06 04:46:59

@Northri Unironically, Mein Kampf's section on WWI is pretty accurate on the German perspective and why Germany lost.

Attrition in the desert 2018-12-06 05:07:33

I found "frontgamensheift" as a term that embodies the feeling of the betrayal of the German frontline by November criminals to be very apt.

Northri 2018-12-06 11:22:59

@GDoctor I don't doubt it one bit. Is there any reading you would suggest on this topic?

GDoctor 2018-12-06 15:54:10

@Northri not in an academic, cited in MLA format sense but, I think "The Guns Of August" and "All Quiet On The Western Front" are good books that capture the experience of frontline troops in WW1.

Attrition in the desert 2018-12-06 19:59:51

Guns of August is a great read.

Attrition in the desert 2019-02-06 04:04:39


DixieBoy76 - KY 2019-02-06 04:05:29

Converted religion?

DixieBoy76 - KY 2019-02-06 04:05:32

To what?

Attrition in the desert 2019-02-06 04:05:45

Became holy roman emperor as Catholic Great Britain

DixieBoy76 - KY 2019-02-06 04:06:09

Fair enough. Protgang myself.

Attrition in the desert 2019-02-06 04:07:13

I always saw the anglo schism as a kind of very rare occurrence. Seeing as how Henry VIII was hugely pro-rome before he got mad about having an heir.

DixieBoy76 - KY 2019-02-06 04:07:25

Oh I meant irl

Attrition in the desert 2019-02-06 04:07:32


Jonaltright 2019-02-24 03:36:17

What is the 'truth'about taxes and tax policy? Do rich people pay too much or too little? Are there companies not paying taxes despite making immense profits, or is that not true? Why does Jeff Bezos pay no taxes despite making 11 billion? Is it a good thing or not?

Jacob 2019-02-24 03:40:49

The 1% hates you and wants you replaced

Jacob 2019-02-24 03:41:10

We should tax the hell out of them

Jacob 2019-02-24 03:51:42

For a more serious answer, rich people have lobbyists who lobby Congress to keep the tax code complex with a bunch of loopholes

Ecarttev 2019-02-24 04:24:17

A big thing is that capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate than labor income, wages.

Ryan -NJ 2019-02-24 04:29:43

@Jonaltright The questioned raised is one of economics. The answer will come I’m a variety of flavors, contingent of the economic perspectives of the deliverer. I’m from the supply side camp. Giving you a 30k ft perspective: Logic, statistics, and business best practices mandate that FCF (free cash flow) is used by the strategically minded to grow and propagate a business. Tax savings, as a result, are used for CAPEX expenditures, talent retention (wage growth), and a myriad of other uses. IE: businesses saving on taxes isn’t hypothetically bad because some of that money must be used in order for said business to thrive.

Jonaltright 2019-02-24 04:37:01

Ok, @Jacob what do you think of @Ryan -NJ stance? Also what do you ya'll make of this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iWVrbr35Eo&t=1132s

Ryan -NJ 2019-02-24 04:39:51

@Jonaltright Mind you that I don’t disagree with Jacob’s perspective. The 1% doesn’t care about any of us. My case is one of supply side Econ. In my perspective, the 1% has to give you residual benefits via mandatory forces.

Jacob 2019-02-24 04:41:33

@Jonaltright I'm too busy right now to get into it, but I'll give you an answer tomorrow

Jonaltright 2019-02-24 04:41:42
Attrition in the desert 2019-02-25 04:28:25

Any 1%er taking money out of this country or allowing foreign capital in should have a hard tariff placed on them. Ultranational corporations are one of the biggest threats to sovereignty.

Attrition in the desert 2019-02-25 04:31:15

American Juche is needed to rid us of parasite capital

Jonaltright 2019-03-02 04:52:27

Very interesting, this is what I was thinking too. But @Ryan -NJ if a corporation is supposed to be taxed a specific rate, let's say 30%, let's say government's make deals with some companies in order for a lower tax rate they do X, is this a good practice?

Ryan -NJ 2019-03-02 05:48:52

@Jonaltright That all depends. We can calculate ROI by how many jobs, wage growth, standard of living, families of European descent are brought to a given area in exchange for tax incentives.

Jonaltright 2019-03-02 12:18:49

@Ryan -NJ Hmm, do you know if there are companies getting these breaks on decidedly other grounds- like they bribe the politicians? I see what you mean on the ROI point, that was the idea behind NY having Amazon build a factory here: until AOC ruined the deal

Ryan -NJ 2019-03-02 19:44:15

@Jonaltright My argument is one of Economics. People and nefarious business conglomerates will always be unethical. The efficacy of supply side market economics is well established. The thing we as a group should continue to discuss is how much regulation (and who to enforce said regulation) should be the imposed on businesses in America.

Attrition in the desert 2019-03-04 12:57:27

Thoughts on Charles De Gaulle? ( Good optics only, let's keep this to France) I just finished a biography on him. Between the pioneering of modern armor tactics and the spearhead doctrine I would equate him to somewhat of a modern Napoleon in many ways. You could almost draw a contrast between himself and Marshal Petain as being incarnations of the martial duality of Republican France.

Jonaltright 2019-03-06 11:40:59

@Ryan -NJ what about leftists and some on our side that say taxes were very high post WWII and the money was used very efficiently? The right would say things only went wrong after 1967

Jonaltright 2019-03-06 11:42:44

(those on the right with this outlook that is)

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