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With respect to your particular theology, and the comments of Lucius Ferraris: that shit is in open contention, and the current state of things proves that

As far as people are concerned, it isn't idolatry. End of story.

Since the scriptures have been interpreted

Christ, are we really going to do this shit like every other theological argument?

The problem is that you're calling something idolatry that isn't

So what, should we take down the Cross too?

Now this is some blasphemy

I don't venerate a shape, but it is the symbol of the entire religion

It's a bit much to then say "tear it all down"

And even if you wanted to, the practical reality is that isn't ever happening

I don't want to please everyone, fuck the non-Christians of the world for all I care

But to call it idolatry is also wrong

The purpose is not the veneration of the symbol

We do not worship the Cross, and if we did then I'd agree with you

Those Catholics are asking for intercession

Kneeling is not in and of itself worship

I'm sure they did pray to Christ, as to why they would ask for intercession, it's probably because they want all the help they could get

And calling Mary a "dead woman" is just plain inaccurate

Yeah, good thing that

But saying that she's a dead woman is inaccurate. That's the Virgin Mary, and that's more than just a dead woman

I deny that it is idolatry. It is asking for intercession from the Virgin Mary, which is perfectly acceptable in Catholic doctrine

And who're you to dictate the faith?

Would you call the Virgin Mary unimportant?

Well that's an opinion call, Small Al

Oh come on now, Christianity has more interpretations than we can count

This argument proves that. The change in doctrines proves that

But you'd have to an idiot to believe that the religion doesn't get interpreted

The existence of the Nicene Creed is proof of interpretation

The argument of divinity or non-divinity, the argument of saint, of whether angels can be asked for intercession, etc., etc.

A perversion? Are we going full Luther now?

I would never call her the Mother of God. Mother of Jesus/Christ, yes

Or am I supposed to explain away every decision made by somebody else?

Well the opinions of laymen didn't affect the Church much either, Al

Literalists or non

Did I ever say they didn't exist?

No, I did not

Now stop putting words in my fucking mouth

But it is a clear fact that my opinion isn't going to shift the ideas of Cardinals and Popes

or a normal priest for that matter

Al, you must have a problem reading

Because you keep ascribing stuff to me that I haven't said yet

Yeah, okay, sure

I stated that before, but water under the bridge

Literally speaking, that image isn't made from silver

Sounds like you're interpreting, Al

I already explained the answer to that question

But this conversation isn't between me and you

And I don't remember asking for your thoughts on anything

And I've answered his question

Hold on a minute now

You've argued against interpretation this entire time

And now you're saying that the material doesn't matter

When that verse says silver

You argue literalism, fine

My point is: you're doing interpretation right fucking now

They are neither gods or goddesses

Holy people, who accomplished miracles? Yes

And they should be seen as standards and examples of what we should do for the faith

Well, when you expunge the Catholic Church from the world, be sure to call me

Hardly what I said, but if that helps you sleep at night, sure

I'm being perfectly honest. But you're not the person I had the discussion with

So your particular opinion means fuck all

I will continue following the faith in the way I was taught and in keeping with the correct doctrines, yes.

what does a Rhino sound like?

I know a good spaghetti recipe if you need it

Sweating Patrick.jpg

Patrick sweats on reflex

"Sponser a Saffer Fund"

I'm okay with this.jpg

US investments in SA amount to a few tens of billions of dollars

you _could_ make a lot of people nervous about supporting a minority-genociding government

that Chris Picciolini is about to get ratio'd _real_ hard

She's milquetoast conservative to the core

Let me put it like this: Candace Owens expresses Conservative Inc opinions in ways that manage to be as exciting as vanilla ice cream

She's popular purely because she is black

think Roaming Millenial, but minus the HAPA

JLP is a solid 'meh'. He's just a guy that wants bleqs to have bleq families

I also don't really pay attention to normiecons any more

here is why I disagree with most black conservatives: they are liberals, they echo the liberal talking points, and they do nothing to change the status quo.

liberal in this case being 'classical liberal'

TL note: dems = white people

In any event: I'm sick and tired of the establishment shills

They repeat the same stock talking points and come up with newer mental gymnastics moves to stay out of the danger zone of realization

I mean, to me the entirety of the opposition, right & left & center is just... tiresome

But I'm also the first person to admit that I'm not interested in dealing with these people in the 'marketplace of ideas'. So I'm a bit biased

I replaced the Marketplace of Ideas with the Agora of Identity

it was an immediate improvement

what is this, the Identity Evrolympics?

You're hurting us all Doc

Stop it.

I already have Jim's face in my head.

I can _feel_ the Boomer seeping through the skin

Boomer levels are breaching containment


I'd be cautious about assuming how much public figures support IE


It's hard to imagine any pro-white figure in public office who would support us

which is what tends to matter

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