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2019-01-26 04:44:39 UTC

I always had dreams as a child that I’d be in the back seat of a car, there’d be no driver and it would just drive off into the woods somewhere and then the lights would cut

2019-01-26 04:44:40 UTC

This stuff is giving me the willies

2019-01-26 04:44:42 UTC

Did no enjoy

2019-01-26 04:44:45 UTC

@Nemets is that from the 40s or earlier?

2019-01-26 04:44:48 UTC
2019-01-26 04:44:53 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY what kind of seminary?

2019-01-26 04:44:54 UTC

By the way, it's proven that if you focus on "mentally" working out your muscles, you get roughly 65% stronger than those who don't "mentally work out."
Lucid dreaming = the big gains 💪

2019-01-26 04:44:55 UTC


2019-01-26 04:44:57 UTC

My dreams usually involve the ocean or waves and strange landscapes

2019-01-26 04:45:18 UTC

I had a dream when I was a kid that I was going down some kind of mine shaft on a little train car and there was monsters everywhere

2019-01-26 04:45:20 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Have you been watching Project Bluebook on History?

2019-01-26 04:45:26 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY It's a UFO. Get in.

2019-01-26 04:45:27 UTC

@TylerHess as yet unconquered planets

2019-01-26 04:45:38 UTC

Sometimes I get a dream where I am sitting in my kindergarten class but as a high school student, and then I realize I'm a grown man and wake up.

2019-01-26 04:45:40 UTC

@sigruna14 project bluebook on history

2019-01-26 04:45:51 UTC

I wonder if one can access epigenetic memory by using the sub conscious during Lucid dreaming.

2019-01-26 04:45:57 UTC

@ophiuchus I had the car one but my parent driving would disappear, and we'd be in a familiar place or on the edge of a mountain

2019-01-26 04:46:02 UTC

@Jacob I had one of those one semester and I consistently kept thinking I was missing assignments for a class the rest of the semester

2019-01-26 04:46:02 UTC

@SeanVV did you ever dream that you got sent back there because you didn't finish an assignment?

2019-01-26 04:46:05 UTC

@The Lion I once dreamed that I was stealing artistic relics and statues from a local museum accompanied by Hillary Clinton. Strangest dream of my life. We peeled away in a late model black Mercedes.

2019-01-26 04:46:06 UTC

@Logan Traditional Catholic seminary

2019-01-26 04:46:13 UTC

I dont lucid dream very often now, but when I did I could usually float or fly for a short time before losing lucidity

2019-01-26 04:46:16 UTC

I had a dream that I was in a theater with all my friends from high school and that we were constantly under threat of graboid attacks......wat means?

2019-01-26 04:46:16 UTC

Now I dream of being in a car in danger of going into a body of water

2019-01-26 04:46:29 UTC

What dreams actually mean is significantly less important than learning what certain symbols mean to you, and how you interpret them subconsciously

2019-01-26 04:46:30 UTC

I once dreamt a banner drop

2019-01-26 04:46:33 UTC

Damn everyone is on. Messages are flying by

2019-01-26 04:46:36 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Supernatural by Graham Hancock

2019-01-26 04:46:41 UTC

“Man and his symbols” by Jung is a very interesting book

2019-01-26 04:46:43 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia What is a graboid

2019-01-26 04:46:46 UTC

>me trying to go to sleep
>esoteric-ish topic in IE general

2019-01-26 04:46:46 UTC

Has anyone been watching this?


2019-01-26 04:46:49 UTC


2019-01-26 04:46:56 UTC

@Jacob no, but every time I'm freaking out because I didn't do my homework.

2019-01-26 04:46:58 UTC


2019-01-26 04:47:15 UTC

@VinceChaos it's really white pilling <:whitepill:439924104406106113>

2019-01-26 04:47:20 UTC

@fgtveassassin the giant worms that eat people from that made for TV movie “Tremors”

2019-01-26 04:47:27 UTC

I had a dream that GI did a banner drop off a ship, and what's weird is that this was before the ship thing happened irl

2019-01-26 04:47:34 UTC

I hate the dream where you're punching someone and your punches do nothing

2019-01-26 04:47:37 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY Noo too spooky

2019-01-26 04:47:38 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo look at all the purple names!

2019-01-26 04:47:56 UTC

@VinceChaos Based and social capital pilled <:chad:359013583469805568>

2019-01-26 04:48:02 UTC

@sigruna14 >when youre supposed to take care of the flock while Patrick sleeps
>but u sleepy

2019-01-26 04:48:09 UTC

@ExternalPepsi That's a very common dream for soldiers and cops but it's a gun and the trigger wont pull

2019-01-26 04:48:10 UTC

I had a dream about a week ago I shared i here where Guy Fieri was in IE and introducing Patrick for a speech at a banner

2019-01-26 04:48:12 UTC

I hate glow in the darks, no.matter what planet they are from. Deport all aliens, human or otherwise

2019-01-26 04:48:13 UTC

God I just saw a notification in receiving and was like. “Oh god oh no some newbie is about to walk into the depths of Friday night tism posting”

2019-01-26 04:48:23 UTC

@ExternalPepsi I recently had the dream where I was fighting someone, and all my hits were landing fine, but they were doing zero damage

2019-01-26 04:48:29 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN i thought glow in the darks meant Feds

2019-01-26 04:48:52 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY no slurs 😉

2019-01-26 04:48:58 UTC

terry seemed to use it whenever needed

2019-01-26 04:49:20 UTC

I didn’t know what glow in the dark means until I accidentally watched something about the Temple OS guy which just happened to be where glow in the dark came from

2019-01-26 04:49:22 UTC

Once dreamed of fighting a werewolf in a playground with dark green freshly trimmed grass and purple sky in the evening

2019-01-26 04:49:35 UTC


2019-01-26 04:49:37 UTC

Is glow in the dark actually a slur?

2019-01-26 04:49:41 UTC


2019-01-26 04:49:46 UTC

I had a dream, that I was a Marxist in my youth, and my right hand man who wrote all my speeches was a Soviet Communist working to subvert American society. Then I woke up.

I hate dreaming I'm MLK jr.

2019-01-26 04:49:47 UTC

*Collective consciousness*

2019-01-26 04:49:48 UTC

You guys know whats really creepy? Lovecrafts stories were inspired by his dreams.

2019-01-26 04:49:52 UTC

Terry is a funny character but his story really is upsetting

2019-01-26 04:49:58 UTC

I used to have really cool action movie type dreams but sadly not so much these days. I find a super comfy bed is best for awesome dreams.

2019-01-26 04:50:03 UTC

Lovecraft was *woke*

2019-01-26 04:50:10 UTC

Really shows how bad mental illness can mess up your life

2019-01-26 04:50:20 UTC

@TylerHess are you really in IE if you don’t own everything lovecraft wrote

2019-01-26 04:50:29 UTC

But I used to look forward to going to bed at night cause I knew I'd have some epic dream.

2019-01-26 04:50:45 UTC

Anyone else here have an abhorrent hatred for rap/hip hop music?

2019-01-26 04:50:48 UTC

Is lovecraft right-wing harry potter @ophiuchus

2019-01-26 04:50:58 UTC

theres good hip hop 100%

2019-01-26 04:51:01 UTC

Wait, @sigruna14 isn't an AI?

2019-01-26 04:51:05 UTC

@The Lion it’s a requirement to be in IE

2019-01-26 04:51:07 UTC

@ophiuchus I have a 'Necronomicon' collection of his works in dignified leather

2019-01-26 04:51:07 UTC

All hatred is abhorrent

2019-01-26 04:51:12 UTC

Right-wing big brained Harry Potter

2019-01-26 04:51:15 UTC

I used to be a big fan

2019-01-26 04:51:21 UTC

Hip Hop is based

2019-01-26 04:51:34 UTC

Server Admin has to be powered down for debugging from time to time

2019-01-26 04:51:43 UTC


2019-01-26 04:51:46 UTC

There are some members who are fans of mumble/sound cloud rap, usually for workouts I'm told

2019-01-26 04:51:52 UTC

Server Admin is actually running from an undisclosed location in northwestern Greenland

2019-01-26 04:51:55 UTC

that i cant defend

2019-01-26 04:51:55 UTC


2019-01-26 04:51:59 UTC

It’s where we keep the tendies

2019-01-26 04:52:02 UTC

I was about to type out a spooky dream I had but then I decided maybe I shouldn't

2019-01-26 04:52:05 UTC

I'm just a fan of regular mubmling

2019-01-26 04:52:07 UTC

Dreamed I was an old man on a house on the coast, I walked into a small village where I was greeted with salutes by two guards in Roman Armor.

2019-01-26 04:52:08 UTC

@ophiuchus Thule?

2019-01-26 04:52:10 UTC

Juicy J is a visionary

2019-01-26 04:52:16 UTC

it's kinda weird how my subconscious mind is more creative than my conscious mind

2019-01-26 04:52:18 UTC

@The Lion Some of it is really intense and they workout to it

2019-01-26 04:52:19 UTC

Mumbling is my pastime

2019-01-26 04:52:24 UTC

I thought @sigruna14 was in Patrick's bathroom

2019-01-26 04:52:25 UTC

triple 6, gang starr, wu tang, outkast

2019-01-26 04:52:30 UTC

I'd watch a movie written by whoever writes my dreams

2019-01-26 04:52:38 UTC

@Nic-AL what are those, video games?

2019-01-26 04:52:49 UTC

what do you mean by "spooks"? @VinceChaos

2019-01-26 04:52:49 UTC

I had a dream that me and all my friends from high school when to a limp bizkit concert in the current year and got chik fil aafterwords

2019-01-26 04:52:50 UTC

Rap is a minstrel show. Tell your liberal friends.

2019-01-26 04:53:02 UTC

Minstrels are epic though

2019-01-26 04:53:02 UTC


2019-01-26 04:53:03 UTC

@ThisIsChris yes thats my top 4

2019-01-26 04:53:05 UTC

What’s Rap

2019-01-26 04:53:07 UTC

@Jacob I've often wished dreams could be recorded and burned to DVDs. Some of mine could be sold as movies.

2019-01-26 04:53:08 UTC

Me working out listening to identitarian action at 2 am

2019-01-26 04:53:13 UTC

@VinceChaos no slurs

2019-01-26 04:53:23 UTC

You must now post what you’re currently listening to

2019-01-26 04:53:31 UTC

CIA people....

2019-01-26 04:53:39 UTC

ohhh dude I had that

2019-01-26 04:53:42 UTC


2019-01-26 04:53:44 UTC

var Server Admin = "Based!";
var Oh No = "Schleepy";
If (Server Admin != Oh No) {

2019-01-26 04:53:45 UTC

aphex twin

2019-01-26 04:53:49 UTC

Have any of y’all seen David Firth’s videos on YouTube? He makes really realistic depictions of dreams

2019-01-26 04:53:51 UTC

@ophiuchus I'm listening to the sound of my own powerful mind.

2019-01-26 04:53:55 UTC

"spook" is more often for secret agents than any ethnicity. It is in Hollywood movies

2019-01-26 04:54:01 UTC

Wait are we seriously not allowed to say "glow in the dark"

2019-01-26 04:54:02 UTC

@ophiuchus the silent whirr of my mac book pro

2019-01-26 04:54:10 UTC

I'm listening to the post work out burrito I am eating

2019-01-26 04:54:12 UTC

I had an incredible dream that would've made a great sci-fi story last week, but by morning I had completely forgotten it <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-26 04:54:21 UTC

It is glorious..

2019-01-26 04:54:32 UTC
2019-01-26 04:54:34 UTC

Oh, spook. Yeah Spook can be a completely non racial term for 3 letter agents

2019-01-26 04:54:35 UTC


2019-01-26 04:54:35 UTC

I’m drowning out the sounds of diversity by listening to Rachmaninov while my cat bothers me

2019-01-26 04:54:37 UTC

Listening to the windy fan spinning away steadily on the night table.

2019-01-26 04:55:01 UTC

Server Admin is actually a Tech Priest from 40K

2019-01-26 04:55:04 UTC

I had a dream that IE got infiltrated and some mysterious account did an @everyone saying something like "you better accept your punishment" and every time I tried messaging someone on my phone, a copy of the message got sent to some anonymous account, and then later I found out that me and all my friends had arrest warrants out for us @VinceChaos

2019-01-26 04:55:04 UTC

Listening to J-pop

2019-01-26 04:55:13 UTC

Very wholesome

2019-01-26 04:55:15 UTC

/admin.overload server

2019-01-26 04:55:19 UTC


2019-01-26 04:55:23 UTC

The cat knows as soon as I open a book he’s going to come scream at me

2019-01-26 04:55:24 UTC

I'm listening to my scorching hot takes on everything

2019-01-26 04:55:26 UTC

Here’s a good David Firth Video that’s made after a dream

2019-01-26 04:55:28 UTC
2019-01-26 04:55:29 UTC

@Jacob we have no idea that could be true. So no slurs

2019-01-26 04:55:34 UTC
2019-01-26 04:55:34 UTC

What is @sigruna14 's real identity 🤔 no one has ever seen Server Admin and Trump in the same room together

2019-01-26 04:55:42 UTC

@sigruna14 Oh Gawd! Invalid Java Syntax truly is the worst nightmare

2019-01-26 04:55:45 UTC

Server Admin is a room

2019-01-26 04:55:51 UTC

Watching people try to type code is absolutely heartwarming.

2019-01-26 04:55:54 UTC

It’s actually barron @fgtveassassin

2019-01-26 04:55:57 UTC

@Jacob hell to the nope

2019-01-26 04:56:00 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY That thumbnail spooped me

2019-01-26 04:56:16 UTC

Server admin is the prototype to the t-1000

2019-01-26 04:56:17 UTC

@sigruna14 it must be harder for you considering you’re an AI

2019-01-26 04:56:18 UTC

@sigruna14 I record myself typing code so that I can work on my form afterwards

2019-01-26 04:56:24 UTC

@sigruna14 I’m from rural Alabama I’m sorry. Lmao

2019-01-26 04:56:32 UTC

@sigruna14 Will you be at LOPF?

2019-01-26 04:56:43 UTC

k-pop reeeeeeeeeeee

2019-01-26 04:56:58 UTC

@The Lion Hey I'm country through and through. Can still code.

2019-01-26 04:56:59 UTC

J-pop superior

2019-01-26 04:57:01 UTC

I saw a Japanese girl group in a laser show in manhattan once

2019-01-26 04:57:05 UTC

Was fun

2019-01-26 04:57:17 UTC

I have a funny fact about china. Do you guys know what white monkey jobs are?

2019-01-26 04:57:20 UTC

@ophiuchus Trad af.

2019-01-26 04:57:20 UTC

man i saw tricot live they were absurd so talented

2019-01-26 04:57:25 UTC

@ophiuchus that's weird. Why did you go to manhattan?

2019-01-26 04:57:30 UTC

@sigruna14 really? Guess I need to step up my game. Never really got into Coding..

2019-01-26 04:57:38 UTC

K/J pop videos are far better than the music. Pretty colors, cute girls.

2019-01-26 04:57:43 UTC

@The Lion I’m about to start a CS masters here in a few months so we’ll learn ya

2019-01-26 04:57:56 UTC

that's pretty hardcore

2019-01-26 04:57:57 UTC

@Nic-AL actually jealous

2019-01-26 04:58:04 UTC

I just wanna be done with college

2019-01-26 04:58:04 UTC

@The Lion coding really is a useful skill

2019-01-26 04:58:05 UTC

‘Preciate it @ophiuchus

2019-01-26 04:58:08 UTC

The girls are pretty yes but any celebrity idol is going to be

2019-01-26 04:58:12 UTC

@The Lion Yeah dude, I live in Philly now but hate it. Always lived on land or in the woods. Well, mostly always.

2019-01-26 04:58:25 UTC

@ThisIsChris Manhattan is fun if you turn off your brain while you’re there

2019-01-26 04:58:29 UTC

@sigruna14 ever seen a skin walker

2019-01-26 04:58:40 UTC

I just know too many kids who got yellow fever from watching K/J-pop

2019-01-26 04:58:48 UTC

I really just want to raise my kids to learn how to live off of the land so they don’t become fast food heifers

2019-01-26 04:58:50 UTC

Give me a four wheel drive, a dirt road and some stars to look at. And a net to keep the mosquitoes away.

2019-01-26 04:58:52 UTC

tagged the wrong person

2019-01-26 04:59:00 UTC
2019-01-26 04:59:03 UTC

@ophiuchus how much money is your masters supposed to make you?

2019-01-26 04:59:17 UTC

@ophiuchus yeah j/k. NYC group doing some high culture tomorrow

2019-01-26 04:59:23 UTC

@sigruna14 get on down here and share a beer with us in Dixieland

2019-01-26 04:59:32 UTC

Found a picture of @sigruna14


2019-01-26 04:59:35 UTC

Let’s get alabama going man

2019-01-26 04:59:37 UTC

I actually lost my yellow fever from watching too much K-pop.

2019-01-26 04:59:52 UTC

I’m hyped, I’ve already started talking to a good bit of people.

2019-01-26 05:00:00 UTC

@SeanVV We need to find a cure for yellow fever

2019-01-26 05:00:01 UTC

Can’t wait for activism.

2019-01-26 05:00:01 UTC

@Jacob decent amount. I’m less bothered by it because of the circumstances. Undergrad was paid for by scholarship, masters will be too. Might do a PhD if I still want to, have a grandpa trust fund for living expenses during.

2019-01-26 05:00:06 UTC

I love being Caucasian

2019-01-26 05:00:19 UTC

@The Lion I'd love to. Was born in Georgia. Left when I was 1, but I think about moving back sometimes.

2019-01-26 05:00:28 UTC

@SeanVV I lost mine by going to live in China

2019-01-26 05:00:39 UTC

Honored to be white @ophiuchus

2019-01-26 05:00:44 UTC

There’s a cute HAPA at my work ugh

2019-01-26 05:00:49 UTC

She models 😦

2019-01-26 05:00:56 UTC

I've been working with a shuttle driver here who is very much in line with our views. I think I might offer him a business card next time we meet.

2019-01-26 05:00:59 UTC

She asked for my number today

2019-01-26 05:01:04 UTC

Pray for me fellas

2019-01-26 05:01:15 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY go on boy, save those white genes

2019-01-26 05:01:27 UTC

No HAPAs fam

2019-01-26 05:01:32 UTC


2019-01-26 05:01:33 UTC

@sigruna14 Georgia’s nice if you can get away from the continuous ghetto, Alabama is a land of wildlife if you can overlook the obesity and opioid epidemic.

2019-01-26 05:01:42 UTC

I ain’t gonna do nothing w her

2019-01-26 05:01:44 UTC

have you a little elliot rodger son

2019-01-26 05:01:47 UTC

It’s sad to see the affects of modernity on this land.

2019-01-26 05:01:52 UTC

There are places in Alabama where it looks like no one has ever been

2019-01-26 05:01:53 UTC
2019-01-26 05:01:54 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY Look at the struggle. Look at The Race. Don't look at her, that's temporary. She's a trap!

2019-01-26 05:01:59 UTC

(Anything south of Montgomery)

2019-01-26 05:02:12 UTC

Literally a trap?

2019-01-26 05:02:18 UTC

Or like....

2019-01-26 05:02:19 UTC

@ophiuchus median for computer science at my school is only $49,000 but I don't really care about getting rich

2019-01-26 05:02:21 UTC

The south has a very profound culture.

2019-01-26 05:02:23 UTC

@The Lion I was in the North Georgia mountains.

2019-01-26 05:02:24 UTC

A *trap*

2019-01-26 05:02:27 UTC


2019-01-26 05:02:28 UTC

I’ve heard legends of a town called “Dothan” down there in the abyss

2019-01-26 05:02:43 UTC

@ophiuchus I’ve been in Dothan.

2019-01-26 05:02:44 UTC

Trying to trap you into wasting those European genes @DixieBoy76 - KY

2019-01-26 05:02:44 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KYuh..take A handful & find out. Grabembytheunknowns

2019-01-26 05:02:47 UTC

oh wait I should have specified, that's $49,000 after 1 year

2019-01-26 05:02:49 UTC

Contractions are 20 minutes apart. It could be soon fam

2019-01-26 05:03:04 UTC

Beyond the cloistering kudzu and half-buried in the ruddy clay

2019-01-26 05:03:16 UTC

Can a culture survive without statues? I have seriously had to question this recently.

2019-01-26 05:03:20 UTC

@Isabella Locke-MT Hey, hey! I sense a huwyte baby on the way. Excellent!

2019-01-26 05:03:30 UTC

@Isabella Locke-MT Heck yeah!!

2019-01-26 05:03:34 UTC

@SeanVV yes.

2019-01-26 05:03:35 UTC

@Isabella Locke-MT Do you have a name picked out?

2019-01-26 05:03:48 UTC


2019-01-26 05:03:51 UTC

@fgtveassassin Yes, her name is Isabella.

2019-01-26 05:03:59 UTC

Lol admin

2019-01-26 05:04:01 UTC

the bot still needs some tweaking

2019-01-26 05:04:05 UTC


2019-01-26 05:04:05 UTC

I was waiting for it

2019-01-26 05:04:22 UTC

For all the purple names,

2019-01-26 05:04:24 UTC


2019-01-26 05:04:24 UTC

I didn't understand that. Try 'help' for more info.

2019-01-26 05:04:45 UTC

I forget Apollo exists sometimes

2019-01-26 05:04:47 UTC

Summons Apollo, <:avtism:359037377919844352> summons @sigruna14

2019-01-26 05:04:48 UTC


2019-01-26 05:04:49 UTC

@Isabella Locke-MT A good strong Anglo name. Sure to be a handsome young man.

2019-01-26 05:05:13 UTC

He will be if he takes after his father

2019-01-26 05:05:36 UTC

I've already met a members kid a while ago, strong blond hair blue eyed boy

2019-01-26 05:05:40 UTC

Haha! I should hope so.

2019-01-26 05:05:51 UTC

He's going to have dark hair

2019-01-26 05:05:53 UTC

Blonde hair blue eyes is overrated

2019-01-26 05:05:59 UTC


2019-01-26 05:05:59 UTC

Green eyes is where it’s at

2019-01-26 05:06:00 UTC
2019-01-26 05:06:15 UTC

Green eyes are indeed rare

2019-01-26 05:06:16 UTC

Hazel GANG!

2019-01-26 05:06:19 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY with the tactical dissenting opinion

2019-01-26 05:06:20 UTC

I'm hoping he gets his dad's blue eyes

2019-01-26 05:06:42 UTC

I have green eyes.... Ladies 😏

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