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Hey everyone, my name is Jake. I’m a former Marine. I like to workout, read, write and spend time with friends. I look forward to working with you all and changing the face of our nation.

I think the wall is a physical embodiment of immigration reform. There should be a strong united voice against immigration from the people of the US. Or a change in the White American family. Has anyone thought of having more children? Growing larger families? Additionally I think the Bible puts it well in saying “raise up your children in the way they should go, and they shall not depart from it.” There’s a strong presence of the home views in the child, if I were to raise a child to know of his history and to be proud of it, he may think differently later, but that same view will hold a part of him. Similarly if we teach our children the dangers of drastic demographic changes or mass immigration and multiculturalism I believe there is a strong chance for future generations. The only impediment being that of the media, which plays a major part in indoctrination.

That’s another thing. You should notice the youths around you, are they European? How often do you see non-white children. It’s sometimes a very foreboding thought.

That’s why it’s imperative that we push for larger white families

We can work two ways to fight this demographic epidemic. Fighting immigration, and promotion of larger families.

To me the family is the home front. If you do not have enough children then you are actually benefitting the growing of another race.

Feel like I killed the chat, lol

I dont see that changing anything. People can still pick what donor they are receiving from.

Is that a statistic or?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN also that, what about traditional values? Are we okay with there being a child out there that is ours but doesn’t know it?

Sperm donor gives the chance for a leftist to have your child and raise them as a part of the leftist brainless machine

Do you want that to be the end-all of your blood line?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I like that idea.

To return to my original point though, the family, a means of raising a larger number of children and providing for this family?

Could be less than that.

@missliterallywho What is it like, homeschooling? My fiancé was homeschooled in California, and I’ve thought of it for the future when we decide to have kids. I’d like to teach them uncommon things, hunting, camping, fishing, etc.. stuff that will be dying soon if we don’t embrace it culturally. As well, avoid a future where the education system indoctrinates my child.


Talk of a race war can be controversial though.

Roll tide


I just turned purple

What the fuck

Slavs are good

Shit I love Slavs

We’re witnessing polyglots now

Roll with it

I just jumped straight to the marine corps

Like some kind of hot-off-his-ass retard

Refugee from where? @Jacob

All these Alabamians..

I’m so happy about this

Defend Dixie

If you really want to know your history there w better means than spitting in a bottle and sending it to ancestry

>tfw I’m over 1/2 Germanic but I still have brown hair and brown eyes

Inject blood

Hey I’m apos

I have beer flowing through my veins

I’m a walking keg of amber lager

@JRobertson nope, primarily I’m German.

So just beer basically

@Logan is that a pug in dress blues being addressed by some knife hands in your profile picture?

Had a dream that I accidentally stole like a million dollars

And then went to prison

Anyone else here have an abhorrent hatred for rap/hip hop music?


Me working out listening to identitarian action at 2 am

/admin.overload server


It’s actually barron @fgtveassassin

@sigruna14 I’m from rural Alabama I’m sorry. Lmao

@sigruna14 really? Guess I need to step up my game. Never really got into Coding..

‘Preciate it @ophiuchus

I really just want to raise my kids to learn how to live off of the land so they don’t become fast food heifers

@sigruna14 get on down here and share a beer with us in Dixieland

Let’s get alabama going man

I’m hyped, I’ve already started talking to a good bit of people.

Can’t wait for activism.

@sigruna14 Georgia’s nice if you can get away from the continuous ghetto, Alabama is a land of wildlife if you can overlook the obesity and opioid epidemic.

It’s sad to see the affects of modernity on this land.

The south has a very profound culture.


@ophiuchus I’ve been in Dothan.

Good morning y’all

My fiancé is from the Bay Area in California, has a lot of funny stories. A lot of them are about BART.

@VinceChaos joy villa?

While on the topic of spirituality, is Christianity a common thing on the west coast?

My fiancé was homeschooled but she told me a lot about how some churches are “too accepting” even stating that one Christian school she co-opted with had a Muslim that taught a bible study class.

What of Oregon?

Plenty of wildlife and right wingers, right?

@VinceChaos she even mentioned that there was a church admin that pushed for members to go gay.

I don’t have anything against homosexuality but it has no place in Christianity.

@VinceChaos exactly! The left is so distorted with its rhetoric it can’t decide if they want to wipe out our race with immigration or homosexuality. Another thing to be concerned about is party culture, as I call it, pushing for our youths to give themselves to drugs and drinking which further demoralizes our race. Think of the number of women who have turned from tradvalues by seeking “thugs” as partners. The overwhelming amount of people who cheat and seek promiscuousness over a home life. I think culturally they’ve gone about a measure of strategically sieging our people.

Which falls back on popularizing traditional values.

@Current Ronin make no mistake the media is blackwashing christianity. There’s a underground belief that only black churches are good.

At any rate Christianity is organized for the most part, churches belong to organizations that profit from money that should go to amiable causes, instead falling to the pockets of the overlords who promote these disgusting things. As a Protestant I’ve looked to non-denom churches. I believe the divisions in Christianity are breaking us.

There should be a unity of the faith

@Current Ronin I don’t think being exclusive is a good idea. The idea behind Christianity is to seek out potential members, seek out those who need to be saved.

But I think I know what you mean.

@Current Ronin Still, God made all races, not equally all people have their pros and cons, but race shouldn’t be a lens that the church sees through.

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN if someone tells me my Lord and savior was gay with a straight face I think I would lose my mind.

@Current Ronin why not focus on raising our national demographic to be majorly white instead?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN if I end up doing college, I will.

Currently struggling to decide on a future career.

Not to be too colorful with my language.

I’m already out.

@sigruna14 my apologies.

I mean I love a good beer.

But getting off my ass is out of the question.

You have to respect yourself better than getting wasted around strangers.

@Logan thanks chief. 😂

I’m gonna go read the rules so the admin doesn’t castrate me. Lol.

IPAs are great.

Whew, okay

Never mind.


I’ll take my health over taste.

Drinking cases of good people

I’m dying laughing rn

Every time I take a sip of wine I have to chase it with a gallon of water

It dries me out so much lol

Oh you mean Lacey

You can change the wiki but not SPLC which also pops up when you look up IE

Is there ever a get together where go backpacking?

I’d love to do something like that.

I love the outdoors I think it’s great way to understand our heritage as well.

God bless IE.

What is the difference between a patron and a regular member?

To be honest I want to do everything I can, is it only if I’m dox sensitive?

Organizations are targets for bureaucrats

Disorganized traditional outings would be better

When it comes to Africa I’m most concerned about the boer.

I don’t believe that African people can be saved by outside nations. Like it was said earlier, all we’re doing is creating dependency. It’s completely up to the African people to fix their own situation, I’m a strong believer that interventionism is only going to worsen it.

Only in helping the White South Africans do I support interventionism.

Because they’ve proven to create a sustainable government and quality of living.

At most I would support a fork of colonialism for the rest of Africa but that’s only proven to worsen the situation there over the years.


No beating around the bush, I also can’t say that colonialism is a good idea. How can I stand against immigration but say that we should colonize another country. The best we can do is leave it to black Africans to try to fix their mess as we are doing now.

But stand up for our fellow Europeans.

That’s a great argument.

Destroys leftist rhetoric

Been great guys but I gotta get back to work lol.

Try being a fucking line cook

I don’t get paid enough

I need a career job


So I don’t know if any of you are engaged or married. I, for one, am engaged to the love of my life, and in recent events I’ve been trying to teach her more about identity, our movement, how essential it is. As well I’m attempting to move in the direction of living traditionally, raising a family traditionally. I’ve been trying to motivate her in the way of seeing the good in a traditional family, speak to her about it, and I’ve come upon a few things I’d like to ask for help on. First being that she sometimes believes I just want her to be like these other women. This isn’t the case. Additionally I have blundered in my attempts to find reading materials on the traditional family, or woman. I’m trying to prevent us from falling into this progressivist pit of delusions. Do any of you have any videos, lectures, books, or even tips? It’s important to me to introduce this into our lives.


Well I mean she’s interested @Papa Pizzagate

I’m not forcing her here, it’s just I don’t really know how to explain traditional values to a woman.

At least not in detail

@Jacob that’s really sad lol

I’ve accentuated the importance of a homemaker before, she’s interested.

Perhaps that’s a better way than trying to read some philosophical crap

Another thing, what would you all consider a good career for a traditional man.

I mean it seems broad but to be engaged in the home life and care for your family, and I intend on having many children so I would need a high pay grade.

There will always be conflict, therefore there will always be a crisis.

There is no such thing as world peace, blame greed if you will.

@Nemets don’t tell me you talked about genetics on a date, lol

“I see you have a very elongated nose?”

“Uhh yeah?”

“Alright, so how rich is your father?”

@missliterallywho thank you ma’am.

“Do you like the smell of drainage pipes? My dad works with them you might like him.”

“Yeah that’s really nice barbara, but I gotta get back to this solitaire game, really fun stuff.”

“I have a stack of spaghettio cans in my bedroom, wanna see it?”

Alright I’m sorry Lolol.

No no, we’re cheese connoisseurs

It’s a cheddar convention

SPLC labels us as the “cheese crew”

Who all is going to LOPF this year?

Imagine getting arrested for going to a cheese convention because of hate speech

Actually just call it “b”

Just b

I went to b last night


I take it back

Conservatives are fashioned to be multiculturalist while retaining other traditional values. They’re social lemmings who don’t posses the ability to see past the o’reilly factor.

My stepdad is a major conservative. He showed appreciation when he learned of CSA memorials being torn down, refused southern heritage and called it racistX

@danieldaly especially when you learn the truth of the food you eat,

Everything is processed almost.

It’s a disgusting thing when you read out the chemicals in the food you eat,

Not to mention it would be way cheaper to grow your own food.

Or hunt it,

@Lawrence of Eurabia six legged deer?

Y’all are still talking about mres?

This is a long conversation

Yes but it’s processed

Anything processed is most likely terrible for you

Factory processed though

That’s where the chems come in

No no no

The song in my heart^

Thanks man

The thing about Jews are is that they almost look just like regular white people

But they hate us

You can never know

Is it a centralized belief here, anti-Zionism?

Or just kind of hush hush

This it?

I just found a free pdf

Copied it to ibooks

I like physical copies too don’t get me wrong

>financially supporting IE


Look into family records and trace your history yourself

Looking forward to this orientation

>being over 50% German and having brown hair and brown eyes


@@SuperTomPerry -RI you be careful now heah

They call us quickdraw

Y’all wait until I get to flyering and activism

#defenddixie is on the way

I say that but I’m probably gonna get clotheslined by a telephone pole my first day

I didn’t know it was a thing actually @Jacob

Alabama is the heart of Dixie though

@Jacob no not at all.

@DixieBoy76 - KY “the old south” you forget about how Kentucky fought for the union.

There is not a single damn thing I hate more than abortion

Thats innocence, human life, how can you take that away?

Slavery was going to end one way or another.

Majorly the right to own slaves

Which was a major part of the southern economy.

And the union had no alternative to help the south in the instance of the death of slavery.

So the south suffered economically at the loss of slavery.

Not saying that justifies slavery

And we’re making massive leaps in technology now but it doesn’t mean that if we turn from using manpower to AI that our economy will be great right off.

For one industry requires money, money that the north had. The south didn’t.

They were significantly more poor.

The majority of businesses were, and still are, in the north.

I’m not arguing that. You’re absolutely right.

Check those numbers

Way outnumbered and they held their own in an extraordinary way.

The thing about antifa tearing down CSA Memorials is, and I’ve witnessed the effects first hand, it doesn’t tear down Southern character or pride. It feeds the fire.

You don’t tame a lion by beating it.

Sorry I get wild when it comes to my Southern States.

The left angers me

Very much

Like how can you sustain a mindset of victimhood while being excessively violent

So I took a step in making my own twitter. My first tweet:

Is that wow meaning that I shouldn’t have created a Twitter?

I think the left does a good job of creating fear in the right through a means of villainizing us. Making it hard for us to make a way in our lives. I think it’s essential for us to have a warrior mindset, “so what? You know who I am, where I live?”

AOC is a commie

And the sky is blue

I feel like if I could’ve made a haiku with that.

What’s that?

That’s concerning lol @V.Balboa - PA

Double agent for the machine


What’s that

Do we have anyone in Alaska?

Make snow land great again

Theme: White Christmas

If you don’t lift to this then I can’t trust you

They emphatically believe that Jews are the only children of God @OttoVonBismarck

It’s great if you’re gonna run a spartan race @Sam Anderson

Makes me feel like I’m chasing my food

I’m just breezing baby

Gotta let it swing

I think it’s a bluff

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