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Hi my name is Isabella!

Well, I'll be using that name


Thank you :)

Yes I am

Patrick Casey verified. Not a phony

Probably the interview Patrick did

I don't think we are supposed to talk about religion?

Okay! Thanks

Alright, thank you for clarifying!


I'm about to go to the store to get some food for Thanksgiving :P

Good morning :)

We all know they are being funded. Perhaps Mexico is being paid to let them through?

Thank you :)

Good morning TJ

Hello fellow pledges

Hi Patrick πŸ˜ƒ Thank you for all your help in getting me here!

How are you doing today?

I think Bibi does what is best for Israel, which is what he should do.

But that doesn't mean it's best for us.

As well as can be πŸ˜ƒ

Hi Mrs. Logan!

Nice to see another lady from MT

Please do


Me too!

Just moved up here in April

From Texas

Every time I walked into a store, I thought I was in Mexico

We fled

It seems you have a cute little baby. I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant myself :)

Yep, a boy :)

Due in January

Yep, that's me

Thank you, Alex

Feel free to message me anytime, Mrs. Logan. It's so nice to know that another Identitarian gal lives in the same area

Thank you for letting me know, Nate:)

Mr. Bond is my favorite

When my husband and I made the nearly two-day trip from Texas to Montana, we played Mr. Bond, Walt Bismark and Curious on repeat the entire time


My husband loves TRS, I hardly listen

I can't really do podcasts

Unless I take notes

I can't focus on podcasts while I'm doing other things, I've tried lol

Me too, Logan!

My husband calls me his songbird

I sing all the time

Country definitely isn't what it used to be

Now its all about trucks, drinking and booty-shaking

Referencing "country girl shake it for me"

Have you heard the song from the guy who bragged about adopting a b.s. y from Uganda?

Virtue signaling

There are a few good ones that are more recent

I like Tim McGraw

My little girl

I went to the 4th of July festival here and they had a country band playing with a banjo

The guy was rocking it lol

He seem red so passionate


Cleaning and typing is hard

I have to do the dishes and make my hubby some lunch, I'll be back later


I've played Diablo 3 lol

And Assassin's Creed Black Flag

I loved Diablo 3. Especially the monk class.

We played it for like two weeks straight and beat the game lol

His cheeks are so chubbbyyyy @missliterallywho

He's adorable

That will be me in 2 1/2 months πŸ˜‚

I know I will too. I love my little man.

He's spazzing out right now

We are planning for 4-5

It's actually best for baby

If you space them

That and it takes awhile to replace all your vitamin stores

I need a nap. It was 616 degrees in my apartment last night and sleep sucked

It's hard to get comfortable if that's what you mean

I have a maternity pillow, it was like sleeping on a cloud at first

Now my hips hurt too much at night for the pillow to really help

Unfortunately laying on my back is really uncomfortable for me. I get a lot of pressure in my forehead and an almost instant headache

Yeah, I saw a great chiropractor a few months ago. I want to go again when we can afford it

I don't have insurance so it's a pain

I am going to try the yoga/pelvic tilts

Being blackpilled does absolutely nothing

If you think it's all useless and replacement is going to happen anyway, wouldn't you want to go down fighting?

I would love to meet Jared

I got my husband White Identity and If We Do Nothing for his birthday

Tolkien is awesome

One of the best fiction writers, imo

He rejected the poison of modernity

I plan on raising 4-5 white babies who are proud of their people and history.

No white guilt here

They will have a strong sense of identity

Hey guys

How is everyone?

Gavin is a wacko

Literally sticking things up his bum on video

It's beautiful

trying to get this mic to work

This is so weird

It's not showing me the push-to-talk button

Yeah, I did that

I'll use my phone.

Be back in a sec

It's working now on my phone

We are having fun

Join us

Is that mike thernovitch


Can't help, this is my first time making a turkey lol


My phone is shoah'ing itself

Dying lol

Thank you @Gimlet :)

I got a scam call from an Indian telling me I had won a grant for $9000

I hung up lol

I worked out by carrying around my huge belly

If that counts lol

Thanks John.

Baby boy is due in January

We want to get a cable system when we can afford it

I showed it to my husband. He's on the IE page now checking it out


It's nice to see you

Nice to be in a group that actually does something.

I was briefly in Vanguard America and it was very poorly run imo

They never wanted to set anything up

I was a new member but I was the one trying to organize charity events

My husband is going to school for engineering

Good morning

I got all my TG stuff the other day

A can of cream of mushroom soup decided to jump out of my cabinet this morning and land on my phone so my phone is smashed and useless

I've dropped that thing so many times-and on asphalt a few times-that I thought it was invincible. 😩

I'm making a white baby to fight demographic replacement

I made some green bean casserole, who wants some?

You can also leave the business cards places

That's safer

Especially in a library

My husband has said the same thing

Sure, a lot of them are Jewish but there are definitely some that aren't

He's obviously chosen which side he wants to identify with

Most people of mixed race do

my sisters both date white men, thank god

but my cousin doesn't

my cousin once told me I'd make beautiful mixed babies 🀒

no thanks

That's sorta been our downfall though..

Asatru, I think you and I are on the same wavelength

They will never show us the same kindness

They've proven that

I'm not angry either.

Just don't want to be around them.

I want my son to grow up in a country where he isn't taught to hate himself and his ancestors just because he's white

How's that?

You aren't supposed to make that kind of money in politics

They lie because they know if people knew the truth, it would raise questions

Why would you cut off a necessary part of your son's privates? Ugh

Oh, okay.

those cases of 14+ children are definitely outliers

Among whites now, I mean

my dad has like...6 siblings

I'm one of 4 full siblings, and I have two half-siblings

Both half-siblings are from my dad so he has 6 children

That's why they hire illegals for $3/h to work the farms

I saw that πŸ˜›

Dang, voice isn't going to work for me on my computer and my phone is gone 😩

I can listen and type though

we're all traps

I just wish my mic would work

and redpilled

i am the machine

Good morning

How are you?

Good. Just getting my husband out the door to work

You too, Tyler

Good morning

get your mind out of the gutter

Soooooo anyways my little one is rolling around like he's training for the Olympics

>moves topic to something more wholesome

You and me, Mrs. Logan. Our boys are going to compete lol

Nice. What technique?

Are you using cloth diapers or disposable?

I just had my second interview yesterday, think it went pretty well. I'm going to be at the orientation this saturday...after that I should be a full member?

baby conversation=whitepilling

I can't wait to get into the parenting server

Cool, good to know

He's just busy

He worked a 14 hour day yesterday

Gotta provide for the babby

We don't even have a crib yet

I don't want to leech off of strangers. My fam might be able to help some. Babby can sleep on me until we get something set up, idk

You guys are going to trigger my pregnancy hormones to make me cry

It's just sweet that y'all would want to help

Still don't really feel comfortable doing that. My husband is getting overtime every week, we'll be okay.

I have a Babylist

As for cosleeping, Idk. I don't want to squish him

My husband and I are both light sleepers.

Shouldn't be an issue

If I wasn't a sufficiently light sleeper before, I know when you give birth something happens to your brain to make you one lol

IE babies are communal babies

I've been watching Little House on the Prairie

So cute

How is everyone tonight?

I emailed my Jew landlord to tell her that my phone broke (I knew the handyman was coming that day and knew he'd probably try to call first). She freaks out when she can't get ahold of me. She emailed me back "NEVER send me another email."

Okay then

@missliterallywho make the 5.5 hour trip to come see me, I will feed you

yes, yes it is

we could meet in the middle on a weekend 😩

I literally can't 😦

the discord chat won't work on my computer for some reason

the push-to-talk function

I like Celtic Woman

Can't fight you on Skynard

Simple Man

>system of a down

in regards to depressing stuff

Hans Zimmerman

I must have been thinking of the other zimmerman

Happy Thanksgiving

My baby

My husband

not hearing anything

Thank you guys

I've already been looking at homes πŸ˜ƒ

A little better

omg is that real?

are they selling merch again?

Pray for rain but also dig a well in the meantime

Who is that?

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