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Hey fellas my name is Nic and I go to Auburn university. I’m a math major but my main interests are powerlifting and music. Hyped to get to know y’all 🤡🌎

My world history professor is based she talked about how ancient romans started hating Jews because of their affinity for usury

And she wanted to make it very clear that blacks enslaved each other before any colonization

How is democracy in itself not the people against themselves


gronk vote tulsi gabbard if orange man no grow pair

as long as you never confuse pepe and apu

oh wow thats very hurtful

but then you have to go on /biz/ that board is scary

zoomer pledge stuff you wouldnt get it

neon genesis is also naruto

serial experiments: lain and FLCL are s tier narutos

theres some really dank subreddits that havent gotten nuked yet

reading it rn

its very dense a lot of it goes over my head, but its actually really interesting. not very far

strongly agree

corner cases shouldnt serve as justification

my parents were both 39 when they had me and im an only child its a headscratcher

helplessness blues by fleet foxes

god tier album

i have a weird obsession with a german pop star from the 90s


uhhhhhh idk bout that tho

war eagle

quadroon alert

i wrote my admissions essay on magic the gathering

i did not get in to my first choice


yeah im scared of all the DNA tests

Mom got her DNA tested and she was more anglo than germanic and it kinda made me sad tbh

@ophiuchus i think she puts me at about 20%, dad's side is entirely spanish

its a huge point of contention amongst them @fgtveassassin

nigeria is super divided because of their 50+ ethnic groups

@fgtveassassin pretty much interchangeable at that point yeah

is there a blood type heirarchy

do i need to find mine out and flex on you nerds

i remember doing it in 9th grade biology but i didnt remember the actual result

i hope you guys have taken the vitaminpill

my dreams seem to revolve around horrible things happening to my loved ones most of the time

that sounds awful tho

terry seemed to use it whenever needed

theres good hip hop 100%

that i cant defend

triple 6, gang starr, wu tang, outkast

@ThisIsChris yes thats my top 4

aphex twin

man i saw tricot live they were absurd so talented

have you a little elliot rodger son


night fella @DixieBoy76 - KY

I bought a used copy of dianetics I’ll report back if there’s any Jewry going on it

It’s not like Peterson hasn’t had lots of shit slung his way though

Yes this is because of racism

take the socialdemocracypill

pewdiepie is the man we truly need

brainmaxxing and bloatmaxxing often go hand in hand

it was pretty early @fgtveassassin

like 13 mins

can manlets still join tuckers chad battalion

the godless alt lite vs the righteous chad right


trumptakes on global warming are some the the most wholesome shitlib triggers

do we think trump will actually declare SoE

whats the alternative though

not voting at all in 2020?

i had the privilege of going to a private Christian school it was redpills galore
the day after trump won was like a big party

i do want to homeschool my kids when that day comes tho

i support it. i think a lot of elementary school "learning" was extraneous and you could really foster some true genius in a kid if you cut out the bs

calculus by age 10

hell yeah im really excited for you both @Isabella Locke-MT

bad optics

do it brother

be the identitarian david foster wallace

prop her up and spray her with a lil perfume

alex jones is always saying libs are satanic

i wouldnt put it past em

real women have dune and phillip k dick tattoos

irony is huge in fashion rn

its pretty damn close to terrible

incredibly boring

when mumkey jones and MDE were still on the platform

yeah im subscribed to his paywall stuff but he never posts anything

not sure why i give him money lol

i couldnt stand college republicans

college boomers

yeah, I'm pretty bummed. I had class. @NateDahl76

Patrick said there's going to be one in the evening next week.

82+ mil now

well he mentioned e;r in a video

and claimed ignorance

what could have been

i think the shapiro thing was a subtle jab

shapiro really showed his boomer colors in it

yeah i sk8 what of it

it may be implicitly white but its also implicitly degenerate




2019-01-31 02:25:21 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2019-01-31 02:26:57 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

hey there

talking about anime and smash bros

tfw still purple

I will be there!

I was 8 or 9 when the dark knight came out

Zoomer intensifies

Just think in a year or two we’ll have members who weren’t alive for 9/11

I can appreciate a good sipp

4 grams in a can

have one in front of me rn

do you have a riding lawnmower yet @Current Ronin

trying to think what else you need hmm

did you have a really good bench press in high school

gloating about that is peak boomer

if you cant enjoy a good sipp idk how you ended up here

seems like a prerequisite

those are great

gotta mention that new cartoons are trash too

oh and say you like greta van fleet

have any of you called in to Nick's show? I kinda want to but I have no clue how




wearin sweatpants from BUCCI

lmao malls are like minority havens now

you're gonna make it @Lawrence of Eurabia

i dont want an organic gf i want a gf full of pesticides and animal growth hormones

too late

having pets is homo

i think the shitlibs defense of pitbulls is hilarious

its so apolitical at its core but their cognitive dissonance extends to animals evidently

nah I'm a firm believer that work is super necessary

I'm honestly surprised Jack Dorsey wants to show his face anywhere

Even lefties I know have a bone to pick with him

imagine listening to anything but kate bush

i sure cant

Do you like Death? @Conway - OK
I'm a big fan of Symbolic and Leprosy


I like a select few groups across most genres of metal but I don't really know any subgenre past like 5-10 albums.

As a rams fan I am sad but I'm happy that people are going to be super butthurt about the pats

dems are the real racists

who even is he
I heard nick shit on him but thats the extent of it

oh yikes

*no more brother wars*

they said it couldnt be done guys

Dude what is this story

everyone applaud the felon

baste black man

wait so why are we pardoning drug dealers

as long as they do it LEGALLY

what the fuck

that was disgusting

yeah he did

dude this cognitive dissonance is unbelievable

we want lots of brown people. and heres some whites who died at their hands

Elvin has a shiny forehead

Jesus dude like how much could he possibly pander

is drug pricing an issue anyone actually cares about?

seems so tertiary

oh boy POZ world

what a strange cause. really seems like grasping for any point of consensus

"cancer is bad!"

uhhh that seems like a really inflammatory statement from him

It's all so tiresome

is Tulsi white

ehhh he said he wanted the largest amount of immigration ever

Nick is going off rn

maybe its because im a zoomer but i love nick

I drove home from school and waited in line for 4 hours to vote for Kemp for the third time to avoid Abrams

she's inescapable


lift extra hard tomorrow

weve stared into the void for too long

how brave


"10? 20? 400? how bout none of em"

we have to canvas for howard schultz

nader 2.0

he went off on Trump the other night

i think mgtow at its roots might have some truths but in reality its just a big cope for spergs

theres different "levels" i think

Sleepycast is my favorite apolitical podcast of all time

i mean it holds about as much water as nazbol as an ideology

but also i think were not allowed to talk about that

dotard big dummy

The Bible insta kills mom and moms heart. Decent space bar item but I’d always take guppy’s head or book of shadows over it

Thats my attempt at a binding of Isaac joke

In the video game binding of Isaac there’s an item called the Bible that insta kills a couple of bosses

I guess my reference was too esoteric

You guys think this one’s worth a read?

2019-02-13 21:28:28 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Have any of you read 'Which Way Western Man?' ? I just started it and I'm loving it thus far.

hey thanks man you too

Who do I talk to about staying in the cabins for amren?

Thanks Patrick

oh no

what did he say

That's hilarious

reminds me of diversity training bs at work

theyre desperate

im surprised varg's videos arent instantly demonetized

stop trump from turning us homo

It's scary how prophetic 2070 paradigm shift is becoming

that video was my first redpill

obviously thats a bit exaggerated but theres other things that he says that are certainly ahead of their time

Subofpeace got shoah’d 😢

did you guys see that reddit post about that person living in some ny suburb where the jews have their own fake police force

what is the leadership sanctioned opinion

I see. thanks. @Jacob

In my world history class there's a girl who brings up marx whenever she can. today she mentioned shes 100% jewish 🤔

should i get rid of my nalgene

oof steel water bottles are expensive

but my sperm count is important

vitamin d and b6

and fish oil

pale as shit checking in

or rather pale unlike shit

uhh wtf going on guys

they don’t have the emails linked to our accounts right?

yeah i think i’m gonna delete my discord account

can they see when you crtl f

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