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Anyway, just wanted to say hi to everyone. I’m new to IE

I wish that whites still lived in multi-generational homes honestly. We need to bring that back

That’s a big white pill honestly

It’s all about family imo

That’s a shame. Sorry

My family has been in Kentucky for over 200 years.

@Logan It’s all about solidarity.

The right is learning how to stick up for its own

In Kentucky the “Southern” accent is much more nasally.

If that makes sense

Each Southern state has their own accent

You’ns is like the plural of y’all. A double plural

I know northerners who use y’all as a singular and it drives me bonkers

Tucker 2024

@NateDahl76 Bow down to me, for I am King Manlet

We are already in control. It’s a manlet’s world. Y’all just living in it. 💅🏻

@Asatru Artist - MD How’s the weather up there?

Nice-let is more like it.

Yo dawg, I heard you like walls. So I got you a wall to put in your wall while you put up a wall in your wall

@Johnny B. Populus you had me for the first half of that rendition. Lost me at the end king

@Chris N. - CA Doomers are as bad as wignats

Then you have the shroomers.

They’re conquering the stars.

They don’t call them space cadets for nothing

Broke: NASA diversity hires

Woke: White and nerdy NASA

Bespoke: Shroomer NASA

I don’t do drugs. Or drink.

I’m ashamed to say that I enjoy Starbucks

@Ryonne wanna see my tea set?

@SuperTomPerry -RI maybe you’re not getting *good* tea

Milk if I must choose

🎵 This is America 🎵

He’ll get bitten by a spider and turn into an Australian version of Spider-Man if he goes there

@Der Seeteufel - SD no need to check your boots most of them are the size of small dogs anyway

They won’t fit

Dear god

Good puppo

water gang water gang -chants-


Grug confused

Insurrection shall not be tolerated

Pepe knows de way

Memes old man

Apu vs Marv war

Who y’all got?


Is the group chat not usually this lit?


Besides, it seems like everyone was just talking over everyone else anyway.

I felt uncomfortable myself.

Still trying to figure out the dynamic here. I’ve never been in an organization like this.

I told myself I’d just watch from a distance but that didn’t work out.

I prefer a professional atmosphere if I’ll be honest. I only do well in group situations if it’s professional. Is that weird?

@Logan I get overwhelmed and try too hard if the atmosphere is too silly.

@ThisIsChris If I’m honest with myself I’m pretty sure that I thrive in such an atmosphere

@ThisIsChris I do well in social gatherings like hikes and goal oriented socializing

But in free for all? No

I just don’t understand why White people are plagued with this stuff and nobody else is.

Why can’t we just remain homogenous and safe? No conspiracy theory responses please

Have any of you read “The Rising Tide of Color”?

I got it from the AmRen bookstore

@Nic-AL How do you like it so far?

And how far are you?

The media wasn’t always bad.

@Lawrence of Eurabia the Founding Fathers already declared America to be a European nation

I was adopted

I was adopted into my own family though which is nice

When I was born

Re: memes

Minion memes Identitarianism when?

We need minion reaction images for the reactions selection

@TylerHess half Prussian here


@Goldendawn No talking about violence of any sort


These loopholes are concerning

“James Woods said it not me” should be a new meme format

Wait memes are banned

Do any of you listen to oldies like Al Jolson and such?

Al Jolson is, admittedly a member of the tribe

🎵 Sweet home Alabama 🎵

I had no idea there were so many Slavs in IE

I’m just going to uh... leave this here

Ancestry is run by Mormons

Oh wait you said “neg” 😂

Thought you said n*g

Yikes at the anti-anglo sentiments

Mom’s entire side is British

@Asatru Artist - MD “Negatively reacts” yes. Haven’t you ever seen John Carpenter’s “The Thing”?

@TylerHess my dad has crazy dreams when he takes it so he stopped

@ophiuchus A dream is actually our stored consciousness I’m pretty sure

Plot twist: the things you see during sleep paralysis are real

My dreams never follow a logical pattern

My dad’s dreams are always extremely lucid. He goes back into the same ones when he falls back asleep

Is that a sign of intelligence

Is dream lucidity a sign of intelligence

@DairyMaxx woahhhh too cool. I’ll tell him that

@sigruna14 “tickles my tism” I’m dying

This stuff is giving me the willies

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Have you been watching Project Bluebook on History?

@sigruna14 project bluebook on history

Has anyone been watching this?


@Wood-Ape - OK/MN i thought glow in the darks meant Feds

Is glow in the dark actually a slur?

*Collective consciousness*

Lovecraft was *woke*

Mumbling is my pastime

Have any of y’all seen David Firth’s videos on YouTube? He makes really realistic depictions of dreams

Here’s a good David Firth Video that’s made after a dream

@sigruna14 ever seen a skin walker

There’s a cute HAPA at my work ugh

She models 😦

She asked for my number today

Pray for me fellas

I ain’t gonna do nothing w her

Literally a trap?

Or like....

A *trap*

Blonde hair blue eyes is overrated

Green eyes is where it’s at

I have green eyes.... Ladies 😏

Server Admin I think I saw you on tinder the other day

@sigruna14 why did you match me with the ugly girls tho

On tinder

Damn I just got obliterated by an AI


Admin has gone rogue guys

More like *aloNe* amirite?

Oh shoot

Guys I feel like one big family this is great

This is the coziest ever

Never meanin no harm

Running from the law since the day I was born



Am I doing it right


Maybe they’re part-Mime

Goodnight everybody. God bless y’all.

Will it be uploaded to YouTube?

Guys, I’m kind of concerned that the thing that happened to the Proud Boys might happen to us. Are there any safety measures in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen?

Didn’t they get sold out by the higher ups or something

But that’s because they were violent

IE isn’t and never will be violent

Sorry lol

Cringepilled and not based

That’s one of the things that drew me to IE was the emphasis on nonviolence

And the fact that Fedposting isn’t allowed

It sums it up pretty well

You make a good point

Based, and if I’ll be quite frank with you... I’d venture to go as far as to say redpilled as well

He’s really stepping up his game

Tfw game autocorrects as gay

You’re a total chad

Mirin’ hard man

I was referring to @Ecarttev

But you too king

We’re all chads here

Where do you go to church? Protgang or Catholic?

I’m Protgang myself

I’m Southern Baptist

Protgang for life

My dad’s side from Prussia was Lutheran

Any other Southern Baptists here? Where’s my Dixie gang?

Here’s an interesting chart

Protestants are the least cucked of all religions

Indeed it does

I don’t think they even exist as a branch anymore

I wouldn’t go. But that’s just me. Plenty of our people here who need it.

Go to rural Appalachia and do a relief effort there

The Southern Baptist Church of Kentucky always has an Appalachian outreach program every year

Keep in mind... the more we feed them... the more there are who become dependent. The more dependent they get, once that source is cut off, they flock to Europe

Not to mention if we artificially inflate their population numbers they also causes them to flood into Europe

This is a tough one

I’m trying not to be too vulgar here

This is an issue I have to tiptoe around

Because I love the Lord

But certain things just don’t work.

I’m just going to step back from this convo before it causes trouble.

Goodnight everybody. God bless

My philosophy though is that even if we were as they are... I still would love our people

Just not worth it. I’d stay in America

@Jacob that’s what I do

I tell them my views

Tucker is the future of the right wing in this country

I think capitalism has largely stripped us of our culture and traditional way of life

I like traditional capitalism

But not what we have now

@danieldaly I agree that’s what I was trying to formulate in my head but wasn’t sure how

Mercantilism = good
Capitalism = bad


I’m pretty sure BAP is gay

I had heard he was

What do the police car emojis mean on my comment?

Did I violate a rule?

My apologies

Won’t let it happen again

Since we’re talking about food... an American classic is the MRE. I had one for dinner the other day in my mess kit

It was so cool to experience haha

Y’all ever had one?

I got the chicken and noodles one

It didn’t heat up right in the pouch though. The “vanilla dairy shake” was the grossest part

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN there’s a guy on YouTube who reviews MREs it’s like unboxing

@Salo Saloson yes they have half your daily caloric requirements

So just eat 2 per day and you’re good

It’s this guy:


@Salo Saloson it had a tea ration in it

Which was H I L A R I O U S to me

@Salo Saloson eh chap trade a spot of tea for some corned beef whilst we fight these boers?

If I remember right he wasn’t able to eat half of it because it was messed up somehow

MREs are safe from WW2

They ain’t bad 🤷🏼‍♂️

I like LARPing as a soldier sometimes as any young man does. I’m 20 after all

@Salo Saloson ask me how my White Castle crave case tasted

“I’m a member of the *vintage food* community” (adjusts monocle and twirls mustache)

A whole box of MREs at my local surplus store is like $30

The prices are simply awesome

I had steak and lobster for dinner this evening

Y’all ever just *eat* to flex on Venezuelian fellas?

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I hope he does it would be interesting to see

I’ve watched Shrek

It’s ok I’ve been in trouble like twice today

Didn’t even mean to

Yes, Prussian like Bismarck

I’m half Prussian

@The Lion Kentucky is the last remnant of the old South

We’re still 90% White

No they didn’t

Kentucky is the middle star on the Confederate flag

Kentucky is perfect what can I say 🤷🏼‍♂️

Easy now

I saved that Robert Oppenheimer meme... is that considered a violation of the screenshooting rule?

I just want to make sure I’m not violating the rules

Vanguard is wignat, right?

I was going to say, maybe we should avoid the topics of wignat groups and 1.0 stuff. It looks bad. Even to me, that whole convo was kind of cringe.

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