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So, now how to go about drawing the connection between SA and the "browning of America" for normie friends?

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So longtime wsj readers will know that the saturday essay is usually globalist garbage. Imagine my surprise to read this morning that "The rise of Nationalism might actually be a good thing"
The article is certainly not where we would want it to be, but this is progress of a kind

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@Fox Maybe equating the horrible crimes Black commit here to the ones they do to SA, making the connection for them that "Blacks are like this everywhere it seems, but what if Blacks had the control of the whitehouse like they control the SA government?"

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@Balbo I'll be glad when wsj is "hmm maybe democracy is dumb"

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Just a reminder.... Phalanx. 😂

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@The Eternal Anglo maybe also drawings some connections to Chicago and Detroit for examples?

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Oh possibly. We could use some maps of how Blacks vote Democracy overwhelmingly, taking away the narrative that Democrats cause high crime from failed policies, but those who "vote overwhelmingly democrat" instead, which are the Blacks themselves

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Here's another chart of partners vs stable marriage rate that might be a bit easier to read and has 3 different years surveyed

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Also lads, I just got done with college orientation and it looks like I'm in for a year full of diversity

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It will make you strong.

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Either ignore everything you hear or believe the opposite.

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Anybody else here been seeing the helm of awe pop up. Like I see normies wearing pendants of it and ppl with tattoos of it

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Everyone please welcome our newest member @AWellesley769!

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@AWellesley769 Good to have you

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Welcome to I.E! @AWellesley769

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Good to be here thanks everyone.

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@AWellesley769 Nice avatar, Anglos Unite 💪

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This pos, worth $80 million, complaining about how our society is fake and sucks.

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And all the Africans in the audience are whipped into a frenzy. Lapping it up.

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They can’t love themselves without hating us. This video is a good red pill for people in the edge.

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I mean that’s not entirely wrong but Africa is worse in literally every way

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It’s a good lesson to show naive whites.

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Look what I got to r/all

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@AWellesley769 Welcome aboard!

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I second that @The Eternal Anglo

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@Shwa If you're referring to the same CATO study that I'm thinking of, it's totally fabricated. They used self-reporting data. So, they asked immigrants. "hey bro do you do crime?" and the immigrants said, "nope no crime here" and CATO was like, "seeeeee?"

That being said, I believe data does show that immigrants do commit less crime. This does work against us in the way it might seem at first.

Immigrants have lower crime rates because (1) the ones that do commit serious crimes get deported, and (2) they are less likely to commit crime in the first place because of the fear of deportation. In other words, immigrant crime is low precisely *because* we have immigration laws in this country.

This can be proven by comparing the US to countries that don't have as strict immigration laws. For example, in Sweden, immigrants actually commit significantly *more* crime than natives, because that same fear of deportation doesn't exist and because they just kinda let anyone come in.

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Oh, and another problem with the "immigrants commit less crime" talking point is that it only applies to the first generation. Although immigrants themselves commit less crime, certain ethnic groups as a whole commit more crime. However, using this argument can drag you into an unnecessary discussion about race and crime whereas you could have responded in a far less controversial sounding manner.

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@bspon002 I post those images a lot on twitter. Surefire way to own the libs

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@unclefesterr I'm just surprised I got it to r/all

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@AWellesley769 are you in the SLC area?

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@Bjorn - MD he has 40k subs on his channel, that's quite a lot for a German specific channel!

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Went for a hike in the mountains today and traffic coming back was brutal.

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Damn Patrick’s still working on this lawn mower

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@Reinhard Wolff fixing up that lawnmower to hit blades to blades tomorrow at 6:30am sharp with a fresh sip.