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2018-08-24 03:17:34 UTC  

@TMatthews Yeah, I was referring to the "neo-Nazi" label. That could literally get one of us killed by these feral leftist mobs.

2018-08-24 03:18:55 UTC  

They don't care if you're a nazi or not. Just look at the people on twitter celebrating the slaughter of the Boers

2018-08-24 05:00:10 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Being white will get you killed by feral leftist mobs

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True. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-08-24 12:07:52 UTC  

@Asatru Artist - MD Why don't we start an "awareness" program to educate people on how many whites were slaves over the years. We can then demand reparations or we can point out how it didn't stop us from building the world as it is. Truth is the left is primarily juvenile in their thinking and have no agenda but hate. When 65% of your audience is white in America yelling "white supremacist" all the time is a benefit to us. People, when they can pull their eyes from the TV or FB, look around and don't see what they say, just lawlessness of immigrants. They don't care.

2018-08-24 14:12:48 UTC  

White Slave Trade:
Barbary Slave Trade: 1.25 million
Slavic Slaves
Christian Slavery in Muslim Spain
Ottoman Slave trade
Crimean Khanate (the khanate maintained a massive Slave Trade with the Ottoman Empire)
Slavery in Ancient Rome
Indentured Servitude
White Slave Traffic
White Slave Traffic Act of 1910 (!!??)
Criminal Law Amendment (White Slave Traffic) Bill (WTF?)

Modern day laws to stop the slavery of white people? Where's the outrage? This is happening NOW!!!

This is all pulled from Wiki. All in the public. Slavery exists TODAY but people who live in the greatest country on Earth want a paycheck from.....everyone!? We're being assaulted on so many fronts it's no wonder the normies just want to bury their heads in the sand.

2018-08-24 14:52:22 UTC  

@finnthecelt there is a fundamental difference between Whites that were taken as slaves and then disappeared into population vs the Black Americans almost all of who can not deny that they are direct descendants of slaves. While most assuredly all of us have ancestors who were slaves or serfs, I think it is too far removed from the normally. Better to keep ask “when has the White man paid his debt?” And getting the answer “never” this is extraordinarily pointed for normies.

2018-08-24 15:01:22 UTC  

@Prestor John Excellent points I'll think upon. Trivia: there are more slaves ALIVE today than at the height of slavery in America. The whole argument is so political anyway it's amazing. The only problem I have with “when has the White man paid his debt?” is that it takes on an air of responsibility that isn't shared amongst other ethnic groups that were masters of slavery. Maybe incorporating the two ideas would allow me to tolerate the discussion with a mental inferior who isn't concerned with history or truth. That really is why it's tough for me to argue that with anyone (why I don't); I know they are bald-faced lying to me. Thx.

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This contains some good nuggets

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@Deleted User That's what I'm talking about!! Thank you! "1. SLAVERY WAS AN ANCIENT AND UNIVERSAL INSTITUTION, NOT A DISTINCTIVELY AMERICAN INNOVATION." Two questions to ask people: 1) When did the first settlers arrive in America, 2) When did the first slaves land? America was not "founded" on slavery. Ah well. Let those who dwell in this narrative carry on because all it does is force people to learn it and they run right to the Right. Same with spouting "white supremacist". Means nothing anymore. Like "racist". LOL, only today would the mainstream media show some guy walking down the street with a "La Raza" sign and criticize the racists.

2018-08-24 17:27:48 UTC  

@Finn thecelt#5477 not being historically accurate is indeed frustrating, but we deal in minimum units of information for broad consumption. Trivia: blacks owned black slaves at almost the same rate as Whites in VA at the outbreak of the War of Northern Aggression. 7% of Whites own slaves and 6.5% of Blacks owned slaves. Also at the out break of the War if Independence there were more White slaves in PA than black slaves in VA. During the continental congress Washington has to sell some of his Blacks and buy some Whites because PA forbade Black slaves in the state for more than a few months at a time were as Whites could be held for years.

Our transgressions are mundane, it is only our achievements that are unique.

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Per @missliterallywho’s suggestion, everyone should fill this out and maybe drop an intelligent line or two at the end about Identitarianism. Make sure to soft-sell it.

2018-08-24 19:16:59 UTC  

@everyone ^^^^^^

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Signed and confirmed earlier.👌🏻

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I went pretty hard on the SA issue. I called it discrimination against a minority population and a human rights violation but I also demanded sanctions which will probably never happen.

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We must maintain a homogeneous majority of the population who are descendants of our founders. A nation consists of people united by common descent, history, culture and language. All great civilizations have crumbled when that was no longer the case.

2018-08-24 19:52:04 UTC  

Done. Added a note about focusing on likely GOP or undecided voters, rather than trying to win over people who will never vote GOP.

2018-08-24 19:52:24 UTC  

Are y'all putting white identity issue and going real name?

2018-08-24 19:53:17 UTC  

I went real name, screw it.

2018-08-24 19:53:30 UTC  

Eh... I just saw the above about the "soft sell". Makes sense.

2018-08-24 20:04:40 UTC  

I said embrace white identity politics because we vote for you

2018-08-24 20:06:36 UTC  

I asked Trump to end the desecration of Confederate monuments

2018-08-24 20:07:08 UTC  

@Sherlock Silent Sam was in my home state ☹️

2018-08-24 20:19:08 UTC  

Sorry man. It’s infuriating. I hope he’ll speak out about it

2018-08-24 20:20:58 UTC  

They have to put Silent Sam back up within 90 days.

2018-08-24 20:21:57 UTC  

Oh nice 👍🏻

2018-08-24 20:24:39 UTC  

Oh nice I hadn’t seen that

2018-08-24 20:25:02 UTC  

Twitter was shadowbanning anything negative about Silent Sam coming down

2018-08-24 20:26:42 UTC  

Well they were the night it happened, different story now

2018-08-24 20:27:49 UTC  

All you need to do is suppress the truth while the event is happening, then most don't care past that.

2018-08-24 20:28:43 UTC  

The news can make all the first impressions they want to, while the truth is suppressed, and the public will only see and only know what the media told them initially.

2018-08-24 20:28:59 UTC  

And that will be "fact" for a majority of people.

2018-08-24 20:29:04 UTC  

They know this.

2018-08-24 22:05:46 UTC  

Filling out GOP survey, is immigration the most important issue, or is freedom of speech on social media in order to talk about immigration? I’m putting the latter.

2018-08-24 22:22:23 UTC  

I would say freedom of speech

2018-08-24 22:34:19 UTC  

I’d say both are equally important, but the latter is more pressing

2018-08-24 22:34:25 UTC  

I think we need to stick with immigration