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@Matthias we met at Amren I believe

You and Sean from NY

Savage actually helped redpill me on a lot of stuff and I’m glad he is talking about this .

I would say freedom of speech

On Snapchat, liberal propagandizing machine to the youth, :

“Shocking number of millenials think homosexuality is damaging to society”

If you guys were to meet Patrick Little, what questions would you ask him?

or what would you say to him

I hear his wife is leaving him

He is a perfect case of how the truth can just blow people away to the point where they cannot handle themselves

If he was as intelligent as he claimed to be, he could have started his own company and made a hefty sum of income and bankroll organizations and candidates

I’m doing fantasy football this year with my non political friends to get my mind off everything a bit

Have you not seen that?

Poland is perpetually fearful of invasion

Story of their lives

Is there a more baste politician?

Pretty well, home dog 🐕

Dude I haven’t hit the gym in weeks

I’ve been fasting though

Diet has always been my weakness

Intermittent fast

Eating all my food in an 8 Hour window

Basically skipping breakfast and not eating late

And consuming heaps of water

Trump will not cuck

He needs to talk about immigration more

If the House goes blue, I don’t see any immediate future for Trumpism

As in his administrations success

Lmao 😂 holy shit

I’ve never seen it

I’m watching it this weekend

Our movement has roots there

Do you guys ever talk about politics with “normies”?

How is it usually? Talking to normies

I was redpilling some students, boys, on immigration yesterday

And one said, we need to “shut down the border”

That sounds really unfortunate

It’s finally not an oven here and I was outside cooking pork chops all afternoon and morning

@Jacob I’ve found a seriously effective way is to just compare the number of immigrants in our country to the number of people living in different states.

For example,
Legal immigrants > population of California

Legal immigrants > population of NY and FLA

Legal + illegal immigrants = population of Texas and California

It blows peoples minds

Then they realize we are being invaded

Well i also tell students how they lower wages

Mass Immigration is wonderful, just ask the native Americans

Diversity was good to them

Well I usually say that the difference between English and polish is smaller than English and Ecuadorian

Me and a fellow teacher got into a debate on immigration and I made that point to her

Ben Franklin was really skeptical of German migration

Dude it’s all about survival at this point

Forget principle

The only principle is survival

@Asatru Artist - MD are you not familiar with Greg Johnson?

Andrew Joyce said he refuses to share a stage with him

Andrew Joyce said he refuses to share a stage with him

I’m pretty sure he brought his boyfriend with him to Amren

Yeah he’s a homosexual and I had a problem with it for a long time until I began to read and listen to him more

And now I’ve concluded it is irrelevant as of now

He isn’t pro homosexual

Lmao Sean you have to be kidding me

That is so illogical

We can all say that homosexuality is wrong and disgusting but that doesn’t mean his work on white nationalism, Jewish influences etc are incorrect

At least you don’t work with teachers

Fuck Howard Zinn

You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train?

We read it in my education class at university

It was my favorite book of the class

Because he is correct

And now I am employing his tactics

The one I read was basically about his political activism as a teacher

Not that bad

Dude working in the public school system will expose you to straight cancer

This is minor


David Duke can get in the zone and talk to anyone

But he doesn’t have composure

I mean he is a bit off the hinges

But his courage is admirable and he has done a lot of decent research

He didn’t cuck

Is that what you mean?

Very out of character

The house decides if they impeach (accuse) and the senate decides if he’s guilty or not


Dude it’s clown world

They don’t need evidence

Like H Clinton

Voting tomorrow

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL are you recently learning details of this stuff ?

I never paid attention to the book sales

I typically just roll my eyes at them @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL

Her name was the first to my mind

Because the Senate isn’t getting flipped blue

Not even all Dems are on board with impeaching

Dude even Graham, the cuck, defended Kavanaugh

I strongly disagree

Lol of course not

Dude if the house ever impeached, republicans would lose their shit

Some fellow white ?

Her lawyer to her right looked like such a rabbi

European style socialist

Natives I assume

Reminder that Obama renamed Mt McKinley

Something “indigenous”

He’s such a beta fuck

Okay guys so I’ve been kind of out of the loop...

So Jeff Flake voted yes or no in the committee?

But he also said he wants a full FBI investigation?

I swear, I don’t autisticly follow the news for one day and everything changes

Okay... and since he won’t get on the bench before Oct 1. I think he can’t get on the bench until July?

Because he can’t hop on the bench mid session, I believe

OPSEC question

Can an employer get access to your FB messages if you are on their WiFi on your mobile device?

Even on messenger ?

I bought $280 of meat over the weekend


Hilarious read

Trump has done a lot of good

A student of mine told me today he feels like it’s “become the thing” to hate on white people

Typical Jewry

But I’m sure the social hierarchy was simply, but arbitrarily and unjustly, based off the color of their skin

@Jacob sneaky bastards

Are we moving to Slack for everything ?

Even that is surprising

Sarah Palin hinted at the senate seat

CNN already talking about Dems impeaching

“Protestors crying”

@Koba I’m never on reddit what threads are you usually on

At Cracker Barrel, aka the Tradhaus

I think it’s 12%

It’s not significant but it is more than what you would think

It’s 8-12%

Put in said this himself in interviews with Roger Stone

@canadianwall anyway to send wedding gifts?

She will die alone

I went to her concert at Soldier Field

And she went on a pro LGBT rant

I just shook my head

I wanted to start booing her

She implied that Trump caused her to come out

Dude people in Tenn love trump

When she dropped “systematic racism” I wanted to throw my phone

My wife loves Swift

I have a Swift calendar

I went to her concert at Soldier field and she went on a pro LGBT rant

Fellow white weighs in on Columbus Day


@Jacob good on ya, mate

You think Warren, Biden, Harris and Booker are all going to run? @ThisIsChris

Such a catch 22

They have the best chance to win with the people they hate the most

I figure the primary will be a contest of who can be the most anti white

Hey dude Shi Huang Di buried hundreds of people alive, according to legend, but we don’t call Chinese savages

@The Eternal Anglo no dude that is something an awful husband would do

Like what were you thinking

Is someone telling you otherwise?

It’s a hurricane

Get everyone to safety

I know I’m late to the party but Hillary Clinton is basically calling for a civil war

Incredible coming from someone as calculated as her

Cops and robbers was my game back in the 90s

I’ll accept

My wife LOVES Taylor Swift

What do I do

Swift came out recently as a cultural Marxist

To be fair, she was /our girl


Wife says she doesn’t care about Swift’s political views

I’ll come around eventually I guess

Dude she literally wants white people to end

she may have done it to get mass votes before the AMA awards

which are tonight

The reason I am “left” on these tests is because capitalism sucks

International capitalism *

Once I researched the correlations between international capitalism and migration and international capitalism and war, I was never the same

Capitalism is basically an extension of democracy

Or maybe you could say vice versus

The Bolshevik Revolution was sponsored by capitalists lol

Another day of molding the minds of the youth

I know what you’re thinking...

A white woman at a Brooklyn deli???

Well of course her name is (drumroll) Teresa Sue Klein, a privileged fellow white

Well of course because she is a white wiman

The future is female, DONT YA KNOW

Jesus, another caravan

Isn't Youcis sleeping with Pat Little?

I have only heard it in passing

I do not follow the gossip either. I heard the news involuntarily.

Alright then

Little is married I believe

Because his wife is convinced he is mentally ill?

Do you know why?

She is not lying

Very puzzling why the hell he wouldnt have children of his own

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