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Hey y'all. My name's Liam, and I'm looking forward to making America appreciate birds again. Elysian interviewed me

((((((blue checks))))))

Lauren is not a civ nat lol

Shoe is lib left so her opinion is invalid

@Johnboy Nah she didn't date T I think

Wikipedia says we're neo Nazis

I got banned from Wikipedia partially because I tried to take "far-right" out of the GI article

You'd at least expect it to be something like "dey natzeez" but it's just some fb comment sc. They're bringing their worst

@Freki G.-TX Charlie Kirk is smashing the fuck out of Candace and everyone knows this

Based blacks are just leftists blacks that say that instead of wypipo keeping them down, it's the dems

I mean like that's the best they've got

A small dedicated group can do good things

MN needs you guys

We need a boomer emoji

I hate my state

@Asatru Artist - MD Being white will get you killed by feral leftist mobs

You're right. I look forward to doing what I can to save Colorado, too

It's frustrating, though. Denver and Boulder are just chock-full of shitlibs. Part of me feels like those two areas are a lost cause

I found nothing when Googling his name

This has to be about IE

>IE's YouTube shut down

>Trump tweets about it next day

>IE channels suddenly reapprears

((((changed its doctrine)))))

There are many ways to argue for identitarianism

All roads lead to Rome

โ€œEven though they may look good with their polo shirts and nicely painted banner signs, that doesnโ€™t mean they are not dangerous.โ€

Meme aside, IE isn't portrayed that inaccurately in the article

Me neither. Explain to me what Wilders syndrome is

Lol no. I'm no longer a shill for Israel

I've taken the red pill. Islam is our ally against Jewish terrorism, not the other way around

Volcano god?

Yeah probably. My mind's thinking about the Holy Land. Over there Israel is the enemy for sure

@NITRODUBS Not wanting white people dead makes you a Nazi

What racial slur did I say

Understood. Won't happen again

Oh man, those photos at Denver make me so happy


Ik but I'm being literal

@Deleted User I literally said this is epic out loud when I saw it

Aw come on IE CO.

Somebody Photoshop this ASAP

Kosovo is Argentina

Rome is Falklands

Anyone can become a cowboy if they just assimilate hard enough

Good morning IE

The UK is so skrewed

Alt Hype edited and re-upload his video from Friday

@The Eternal Anglo IE I can imagine would do some light-handed campaigning for Trump. Unless it doesn't do that, which would result in much less publicity for us, IE would take at least a small hit if he loses. It just depends on what the climate is like in 2020

It's always a risk

>"Blue and white triangle"
Haha don't even bother to google what the dragon eye's called

Epic. Well done fellas

Isn't it kind of weird that both of their stories/videos are almost the same?

@Salo Saloson The EU is actually not that bad, it's just that it requires countries to take foreign migrants that makes it crap

@GZ Denton A formerly white nationalist YouTuber

@Reinhard Wolff He said he's no longer a white nationalist and does not support a white ethnostate

In the old video he said he still supports white identity

Bantu'd ๐Ÿ˜‚

Congrats! @JC

@JaredMI Your brain on neoliberalism

@fgtveassassin They won't change their minds in one conversation. All you can do is plant the seed. Their inherit desires for in group and aesthetics will eventually pull them in unless someone intervenes and shoves the Kool-Aid down their throats

@JC You can edit messages you know

I love that account. I've talked with them quite a few times

@Ben Rainsford - OH It's public-funded, of course. Look at our schools

Martin put a ring on it ๐Ÿ˜

(((Who's behind internet censorship?)))

Or maybe it's because Israeli Jews are different from Western Jews? ๐Ÿค”

Do you actually believe it's one global juice conspiracy deciding what an ethnic group will do in different countries? X



Morning, lads. Make sure to go to mass

How about we let in all those Russian immigrants, eh, boys?


Charlottesville did the opposite of what everyone thought it would


Comment after comment of "I Googled it and it said they're nahtzees. Fuck nahtzees! This stuff pisses me off to my core. We can't let this spread in our city!"

Also that comment about "muh slavs and Irish" mad me upset, on top of me being both of those

Hats and sunglasses are allowed, correct? Just not masks?

What if we all said that?

Have any of you guys heard of this group? They started following me a few days ago https://instagram.com/identityaustralia


Seem to be taking a lot from IE

They do wear masks though

I was there this summer. That's so awesome to see

Got this today at a church I attend

Sorry for not being active. It's a nondenominational church I used to go to

Wait a second guys

About the Utah stickers

Aren't those on LDS property?

I'm signed up. Can't wait to do activism in my own state

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