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Yes, i will be able to make it to the chat

Hello, I am the other moderator for outdoors channel. For the first post I would like to give a quick introduction on a basic hiking rucksack/Bug out Bag.
I have had good luck picking up military surplus backpacks off craigslist and have multiple MOLLE II packs(pictured below) and ALICE packs, all picked up for 30-65 dollars and make excellent entry level Backpacks.

Basic Content Overview:
Fire) - Ferro Rod, tinder, matches.
Shelter) - Tarp, Poncho, Tent Stakes, Sleeping Bag, Ground pad.
Water) โ€“ Water Filter, Canteen.
Food) - Alcohol stove, Mess Kit, Spork, MRE/Mountain house
Misc) โ€“ Small Forest Axe, Headlamp, Foot Powder, 550 cord, Microfiber towel/Body wash, Spare Clothes/Socks, Gloves, Rifle Cleaning Kit, Fixed Blade Knife, Hygiene Kit.
If anybody has questions on specific brands or anything you see let me know.

@Deleted User @Mark Vandal I'll get to work on that i have done both ill put it on the list, thanks for the suggestion.

@Deleted User Thanks, I'm still pretty new at it but its pretty easy to pick up.

@Deleted User I just threw it on the scale weighed in at 30 pounds in summer configuration(No tent, no winter clothes, light summer sleeping bag. & no water). Your doing the Heathen Hike right? Whats your setup for that?

@Deleted User After seeing your Spyderco knife i figured you were a gear guy, your list looks really well thought out, I like the old school feel going with a waxed canvas backpack & wool gear, really nice.

@Deleted User The only potential downfall with them is the first generation black plastic frames. The guy i got mine from was in the national guard and had 3 broken black frames with his pack and after doing some research the black frames got fucked up in the molding process and are shit. The later tan and green frames you can get off ebay for 15 shipped and are bomb proof so look out for that if you get one. I remember you talking about the custom scales at the warrior dash thats super nice, almost so nice you dont want to use it haha.

And that leatherwork makes mine look like child's play. I've been wanting to read more about how to form leather to stay like that, because then i would try some holsters but it looks like some expensive equipment is involved. Pretty big improvement over the ALICE in terms of better padded and placed shoulder and waist pads, and Seperate sleep carrier. The alice works pretty good and will do the job but the MOLLE packs are pretty comfortable for 65 bucks theres no comercial ruck that can compete at that price. Im guessing you used the ALICE when you were in?

@Deleted User "Carefully molded using a method which was used centuries ago for making armor" My interest has been peaked, time to do some reading.

@Deleted User only the moderators can post in the lessons threads

@Deleted User There is alot to be said about knives angles that could be another guide, generally though yes for a double bevel 30-40 degrees will work fine. Here is the depths you can go into for angle info:

As far as holding a constant angle it can be tough but with practice and steady hands it's doable

@Zyzz it means in the event of a disaster stay in your home(bug in) instead of leaving(bug out). Depending on the disaster both are legitimate options. Some people are delusional about there ability to survive with a bug out bag going to a forest and living off local game, I wouldn't recommend it,. I would suggest everybody has at least 6 months of long term food storage I'll do a post about it.

@Mark Vandal Agreed, unless you a pre stocked bug out location. Living as a refugee is very diffuclt .

also it depends on the diaster things like floods are legit bug out options if other cities are up and running you can go too.

@funny about your buddies at work most people can't fathom not buying food or water in stores things like water filters never cross the average persons mind

@joe broebbels I have a baofeng and have been studying for my license and messed around with SDR (software defined radio) for my work doing aviation engineering, what do you want to know?

Official logo of the IE Practical Skills Ranger Channel haha.

@Deleted User Anything wool should work really well, one of the most time tested fabrics out there, I still use wool socks. As others have mentioned surplus USGI Goretex jackets can be had for 20-60 dollars. Either will work well.

@Mark Vandal The bar on the right side that lists people who are online will have a little part under it that lists games if your playing.

@Deleted User Also wool is also naturally flame resistant, wicks moisture away, and is much quieter than goretex. I think some people tend to think newer = better, however millions of years of evolution has produced wool and things like goose down, both of which are extremley effective and still used in modern products.

@Deleted User I just typed mine up. I have a binder/daily planner I coordinate this all through. Every sunday I plan out my weekly goals and everynight before bed I plan out my next day.

Ill also be looking into the books you mentioned, thanks.

@Deleted User Its hard for me to put into words how much of a postive impact having long term goals, broken into short term, then implemented on a weekly/daily basis has had. Just remember: small action every day/week + long time period = big change. I could write pages on this but im guessing most people dont need advice from a internet fashy Tony Robbins knockoff haha.

@Why Tea I find myself agreeing with your words, I'll mull over some ideas!

@Deleted User Maybe a members articles channel may be useful, where members can write articles, you can act like an editer, then post them all to an articles channel? just an idea

basically typed topics that don't fit anywhere else, for example an article "self improvement from a European perspective" comes to mind after the recent discussion.

I don't know how many others are interested in writing though

I would take a swing at that article and others could too, get different perspectives

I'll move this to sme

@BryceB-ND look forward to seeing it!

@jaybird1 if your in the upper Midwest I have land we can practice on, I am also a ranger moderator, welcome to the server!

@jaybird1 Great, I would be interested in talking with you more about that, and making it a reality. You should write up a plan and post it in the ranger discussion channel, we can discuss the class curriculum , and see how many people would be interested in attending!

@jaybird1 Yes, Im in north dakota, sounds like a great idea! What would the class curriculum look like? Basic bushcraft I can make an educated guess but im more interested in what you have in mind for the confidence building?

I have acess to 1200 acres of farm land(though not all one piece) the main piece that is ideal would be about 300 acres, If we did somehting like this it would have to be during the winter when there isnt farmers out and about. I also have some 3 12" steel gongs that could be used for long range shooting.

I dont think I could get 3 weeks off, I think cramming as much as possible into a weekened would be ideal.

And I dont have land we could permantly alter for an obstacle course, doing bushcraft stuff, and long range shooting is all i could handle there.

This is a pretty big goal, and an exciting one I would like to see happen however I think your next step is determine if leadership is actually interested in making this happen. If not getting a group of volunteers together for a weekened might be a starting point too.

Unfortuanatly IE is not super well funded at this point also so paying for this all is something to consider

Its possible, I have zero pull with him, if you can make any progress on it keep us informed.

I agree our young men should be trained in bushcraft skills, marksmenship, physically fit, etc and your military expierence is valuable with that, but for now I think most of that type of training is going to happen through voluneeters and setting up stuff on the local level, IE is under 2 years old and most of the funding is going toward building infastructure of the orginization and activism.


Self-Improvement and the Alt Right Pt I

One thing that sets the Alt Right apart from other modern American political movements is its emphasis on self-improvement. The far left decries โ€œfat shamingโ€ and promotes โ€œbody acceptanceโ€ while the far right promotes โ€œchad nationalismโ€ and lifting weights. The far left promotes stifling free speech and associating words with violence while the far right promotes allowing free and open debate of ideas. The far left blames โ€œThe 1%โ€ and people who are financially successful for their financial situation. While the system may not be perfect, there really is nowhere easier than America (and the west in general) to gain upward financial mobility. The greater we can make this polarization, the easier it will be for people to make this distinction themselves, and the weak/strong will naturally sort themselves.

โ€ข Instead of fat acceptance, go to the gym and get yourself in good physical condition.
โ€ข Instead of complaining about the 1% and a rigged system, read entrepreneurial books and consciously work to advance your career. And if youโ€™re going to college, choose a degree that has a good return on your investment like STEM field majors.
โ€ข Instead of being at the will of others, learn how to defend yourself via firearms training and martial arts.
โ€ข Instead of stifling debate, read books and have meaningful conversations with those that are willing to listen.
โ€ข Instead of watching TV, read the Practical Skills Server and develop a well-rounded skills set.

Members of the Alt Right can directly help widen the gap between ourselves and others by becoming the strongest versions of ourselves possible. This will help attract the younger generation when they see the choices presented in front of them: a proud, strong, and atheistically pleasing group of individuals or a guilty, degenerate, undisciplined group. Take a long, hard look at yourself, make corrections, and improve. The Alt Right is in need of high-agency, motivated, and disciplined individuals that can impact changeโ€ฆanswer that call. Not only will you personally live a better life, but you will help the movement succeed. Should a time come when you are called on for action, you will be sharp, fit, and effective.

The first step in this process is to have high standards and set goals to meet those standards. I recommend setting goals for your Career, Physical Health, Finances, Spiritual, and Intellectual areas. If you donโ€™t have a perceived ideal for your life you cannot make progress. For every goal start with your end goal in mind, then work backwards each step. Now that we have โ€œthe whyโ€ explained, the next article in this series will lay out specifically how to set goals.

Self-improvement and Alt Right Pt II

We will now examine one approach to goal-setting you can utilize. Take out a piece of paper and write down your goals for each of the following categories. Hopefully, these questions will help spur your imagination to answer them. This process should be taken seriously and each goal should have a commitment behind it; donโ€™t write down things you are not committed to accomplishing. Your time frame can be short or long term, whatever you feel more comfortable with.

Career โ€“ What kind of impact do you want to make with your career? How much money do you want to make? What is your ideal career? Would you like to switch careers? Do you want to own a business one day?
Physical Health โ€“ What type of physique do you want to have? Are you able to defend yourself with martial arts? Is your diet plan in a position to help you reach your goals?
Finances โ€“ How much money would you like on a monthly basis/lump sum? Do you have a retirement fund? What kind of investments do you have? What is financial independence to you?
Spiritual โ€“ What do you believe in? How can you explore that more?
Intellectual โ€“ How many books do you read currently? What topics interest you that could be studied more in depth? What new skills are you learning?

I have a binder with dividers in it for each of these categories. I would recommend doing the same, and in each category write out the goals starting with the end goal in mind then work backwards. For example, suppose one of your goals is to hit a 1000-pound powerlifting combo. Find out your starting point (current bench, squat, deadlift max weights) and then the ending point (combination you would need to get 1000 pounds) and make a plan to get there (diet plan, pick a routine, weekly time commitment, gym log). Do this for each category. Remember small action + long time period = big change.

I would also encourage everybody to buy a daily planner. They are 20 dollars, although I would honestly pay 500 for mine considering how useful it is to me. My routine is to sit down every Sunday and plan out my weekly requirements in my planner. Then, every night before bed, I plan out my next day to adapt to my changing schedule. Do this with your goals in mind and a determined long term effort and you will see results.

@Deleted User What is you cooking setup going to be? alchohol stove, open flame, canister setup?

And I use a stainless steel nalagene for water I have had camelbaks and USGI 1 quarts in the past, they are fine if you live in a warm enviornent but where i live , my water freezing is a common thing so i like to be able to melt it if that happens on my stove.

@Uilliam I wish I knew more about boots think I'm going to get new pair soon and am looking at Danner boots, heard good things about them

@Deleted User Thanks, I'll be posting another one tonight, I know you like your old school gear so this one will be a treat ๐Ÿ˜€

I'm taking it way way back

@Deleted User No i wasn't haha. I have been fasicinated with Otzi since i first heard about him. How he died is extremely interesting too. Makes me ponder how much I would really need to survive with, also spurred my interest in making primitve tools. Have you seen the youtube channel "primitive technology" guy has 6 million subscribers here's one you would love being a Celt.

Yep haha I read his book back in the day I think it was called Pathfinder, good read.

I think he said hes using Ash for the handle. The shawn woods guy is pretty interesting he made reproduction Otzi longbow and arrows and went out and killed a deer with it, it was extremely effective.

@Thomas Morrow That was neat, thanks for sharing I'll be checking out some of his other videos when I get time!

@Deleted User I got into sewing so I could make/modify Hunting/Military/Tactical Gear. Let me know if you need any help. Heres an Uzi chest rig I made after i couldnt find anything i wanted to buy. You can pick up old quality sewing machines on craigslist for super cheap, adjust for inflation the model I bought cost 2,000 dollars in the 40's I picked mine up for 50 bucks, works great.

@StrawberryArmada you talking about tanning skins or doing leather work?

@Deleted User You know I was thinking about comparing our sleeping set ups during the trip. You by far had the fastest setup/packup sleeping system and lightest overall so heres my thoughts.

Note: On Saturday near the river it dropped down to high 30โ€™s and low 40s at night according to an online weather archive search.

USGI MSS Patrol bag (mine)- Weight 2.3 Ibs โ€“ rated to 30 โ€“ 50 degrees. Dressed in full clothes and in a grid fleece pullover that was the most I would push it with that bag and honestly would have appreciated an additional fleece blanket.
USGI Wool Blanket (Yours)- Weight 3.5-4 ibs (best I could find googling) โ€“ seemed like you were pretty comfortable in full clothes also.

Thoughts: It will be interesting to see how far the blanket will go with the tests. Once there is complete weight/temperature ratio for the wool blanket we can compare them better.

Additional note: we both had ridgerest sleeping pads and my โ€œtentโ€ was really just a bugnet that didnโ€™t provide weather protection.

@Deleted User Could you explain the linseed oil/duck cloth part, is that for waterproofing, do you also add wax?
@RevStench From my understanding linseed oil can be flammable depending on the medium it is applied for example on a cotton cloth it can catch fire, but it is used all the time on wood stocks of firearms(which heat up) and is fine, though thats just my impression.

@Whitelash I know photoshop pretty well what you need?

@Deleted User Reminds me of when i was young and riding in the car with my father, a song came on and he told me the band was "three dog night" Then procceded to explain three dog night was an indian term used to describe a night that was really cold and they would bing 3 dogs in the teepee to help with them for warmth.

But anyways good luck, let me know how it turns out

@here anybody here good with video editing, specifically adobe premier pro? I am editing some go pro footage the quality is coming out less than desireable. I think i have all the settings right. โ€ข Format: H264
โ€ข Preset: HD 720 p 29.97 or 1080 for super high
โ€ข Width 1280
โ€ข Progressive square pixel
โ€ข Profile: high
โ€ข Level 5.2

Yea its a hero 3 so 1080p or 720p. When I play the raw footage it is really good quality then after editing and rendering i loose alot of quality but im exporting in 720p so i dont know why its doing that.

@Deleted User I would try moving the hole right next to the side of the board, to scrape the ember pile that long of a distance will likely be challenging, here's a quick diagram, keep us updated!

quick google search: Your first step is to find the best wood for your spindle and your fireboard. Generally, you should make these two parts of your set from the same type of wood (if for some reason this is not possible, make sure that the spindle is a harder wood than the fireboard). Good choices for your spindle and fireboard are:
Red Elm (Slippery Elm)
Cedar - one of the best choices
Blue Beech
Yucca - one of the best choices
For your thunderhead you'll want to use a pine or hemlock knot. The trick is to get a piece of wood from the fir family that has a lot of resin that will help lubricate the thunderhead.

yep found this: "The base board should be cut from a soft wood. Poplar/cottonwoods and Saguaro ribs are two examples"

@Deleted User Great, obviously for this methods tinder is going to be huge, what you using?

@Deleted User How did round two go for the wool blanket?

New knife benchmade buschcrafter!

very sturdy full tang knife, off to touch up the edge!

@Deleted User yes! that's why I got this one, thick spine, full tang, should perfect for wood splitting and general buschcrafting duties!

looks like a good setup, let us know how it turns out!

@ParadoxusX I would post in the Machining channel, anybody who can run a mill, lathe, cnc likely can weld also. I do MIG welding if you need any help.

@ParadoxusX You can message @Deleted User and see if he needs extra help, he runs this server.

2018-01-05 23:58:18 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Havamal I had regular Kvass in ukraine, really enjoyed it.

2018-01-06 00:44:10 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@BryceB-ND#1845 haha I know, I thought it was going to be terrible since she described it as a "bread drink" but it was actually good.

2018-01-06 16:21:18 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Robtheroman I was primarily in odessa and strassburg, this was all pre civil war in 2012. Odessa was beautiful and modern but the the rural areas still had lots of poverty and a soviet style feel(we had to pay off police) and some people spoke russian primarily. Overall though i enjoyed it, your money goes really far in that country and I got some cool stories. What about u?

2018-02-22 22:09:11 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@NuclearReactionary Start recording your daily calories and weigh yourself to find your basline, then add approx. 300 calorie surplus to gain weight. If you are eating a caloric surplus you will gain weight. Track in an app like fitday. You also need to be following a program and recording your sets/weight so you can see that your progressing.

2018-02-22 22:11:30 UTC [Fitness #general]  

If you arent tracking your weight numbers and calorie numbers so you can adjust them and doing it by "feel" you likely wont make the progress you want.

2018-03-05 02:27:43 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm in too

@Freiheit - CA I got my degree in petroleum engineering, though I work in aviation engineering at the moment. What you need? Thanks for tag @Havamal

@Freiheit - CA Your going to be competing against some of the biggest corporations in the world, do you plan on wildcating? I think that's going to be your only in, get in early like some of the smaller companies did in the bakkan. it doesn't help that there is record production of oil at the moment.

It's possible to walk onto a rig as a roughneck and elevate yourself to company man position if you are very competant, adverse to high stress, can pick up technical drilling intuition, and are ok with very little social life that comes with living in remote areas and a disproportionately male population. If you can handle all that there is good money to be made.

@John O - only as an intern for a brief period. The boom is dead for now with the current oil prices. I choose to take my career into a different engineering direction after what little exposure I did have right out of college.

there still is work though, just not boom levels

newer engineers aren't making that anymore, senior engineers can make 200-300k still.

my friends who did get oil engineering jobs are making 55 - 75k similar to other engineering fields just out of college

Oh, yea close to above number now

2018-03-18 03:17:34 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

@BryceB-ND#1845 Lookin good brother, epic pic in the canyon.

2018-03-29 00:26:03 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Pat-MA How old are you? Yes get it tested as early as possible (8am) as your test decreases throughout the day.

2018-04-08 17:25:10 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Glorious! Yes he has said good things about IE's optics in his videos

2018-05-29 03:21:40 UTC [Fitness #general]  

^^ And the embodiment of what inspires us,........... the irony.

Looking forward to this channel ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

@Logan Even moderators cant change names from what I understand.

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