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2017-08-11 12:37:05 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Tiki torches are to be cut to 2', right?

@Felden - CO#7010 , DM me your transaction receipt and I’ll update your roster entry

@channel PayPal gives me a different transaction number than the one people are reporting to me, maybe so there's a different number representing the withdrawal and the deposit. Because of this have people DM me their PayPal email address (or some other identifying info) if they've paid dues and I've not updated it yet.

@Logan I suck at this and meant to ping the whole channel

2017-12-10 18:27:15 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It’s always best to start with the smallest lifts possible (e.g. bar only) in order to master the form

2017-12-10 18:27:46 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Some exercises like deadlift have 135lb minimum weight since the bar has to rest high enough off the floor

2017-12-10 19:09:09 UTC [Fitness #general]  

What’s this no red meat madness? Red meat is a health food

2017-12-22 00:31:11 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Yes. If adaptable to Windows 7, also good.

So this isn’t an April fools joke?

@everyone Reminder that if you pay dues by bitcoin to our wallet, DM me to say so. I'm unable to credit you otherwise.

@everyone Friendly reminder that if you pay anything via PayPal, mark the payment as to "friends and family" rather than for "goods and services." The latter can bring about greater identity verification requirements for our account.

I'm not sure where to put this since it's a matter of healthcare finance rather than practical medical advice. I use Christian Healthcare Ministries rather than traditional health insurance, and I want to shill for it here. I've found it to be far cheaper than insurance while covering the same needs.

I do benefit if I get a referral, but that's honestly not my main motive here. I've come to very much enjoy having more direct control over my healthcare finances and not paying as much.

Happy to answer any questions.

Caveat: you need to be a church-attending Christian to participate.

@everyone We now have a business PayPal account set up. Please send payments, and set up recurring payments as appropriate, to [email protected] You also can use the link

Discontinue payments to Tyrone ([email protected]) and Miguel ([email protected]).

@everyone Zelle (to [email protected]) remains a viable, and preferable, payment option.

@everyone Our new business PayPal has, sadly, been deplatformed. A PayPal solution for us is not forthcoming. Please send in any dues payments either via Zelle or mail-in payment.

DM me with any questions for how to pay by these means.

@everyone Zelle remains a convenient and generally accessible option for paying dues and the NYC conference registration fee online. DM me if you're having difficulty setting it up or using it.

If you use it for conference registration, mention that in the transaction info so it's not accidentally applied towards dues. Thank you!

@everyone Further info on Zelle, since I'm convinced it's superior to PayPal and I strongly urge increased participation in it.

Zelle is unlike PayPal, Venmo, et al. since it does not involve a distinct account. There's no Zelle login page where you see how much money is in your 'Zelle account'. Zelle is, instead, a program that links numerous banks together.

Previously, Zelle required both sender and recipient to have accounts at participating banks (, but now all that is required is the *recipient* having such an account -- which IE does. The sender need only have a Visa or Mastercard debit card for his bank account, even if his bank doesn't itself participate in Zelle. Then he downloads the Zelle app (either iOS or Android), enters his email address, and enters his debit card.

If the sender *does* have a participating bank, generally he can directly enroll with Zelle through his own banking app. For instance, I use the USAA app to send in-app Zelle payments.

Once you have Zelle set up, send payments to [email protected] -- or, as a more professional but possibly less opsec-optimal alternative, send to the same account linked to [email protected] Either way the money goes directly to IE.

Again, if you have any questions at all, even of the most vague and confused variety, I'd be happy to answer them. Onwards and upwards!

@everyone if your initials are JB and you sent $100 via Zelle on June 4 (I know, a while ago), DM me.

Friendly reminder to include identifying info (Discord username, email address) and purpose of payment with any payment.

@everyone we got a few mysterious Zelle payers to sort out:

1. June 20, $100, initials EH, note 'IE dues'
2. July 1, $75, initials PO, note 'Meetup'
3. July 9, $55, initials HW, no note (sad!)

Everyone is happy when their dues are properly credited and they actually get registered for the conference they pay for, so DM me if any of these describe you.

@everyone if you sent a $10 Zelle payment about an hour ago with no description provided, please DM me.

Related: always have your Zelle linked to your email address, not your phone number. Transaction information you enter under a phone-number-linked Zelle payment may not appear to the recipient.

Would stability roughly equate to 'knowing what is going to occur in your day before it starts'?

So stability is more of a macro-level concept and routine more micro-level.

One recommendation for success is using a to-do list/reminders app. I use the iOS built-in Reminders app; there may be a better one. Absolutely any time I conceive of some task I need to perform in the future -- whether later that night, later that week, in the distant future, or in the indefinite future -- I make a reminder, including any notes for specific practical advice I want to give to my future self, according to how far in the future it might be. Then that bane of productivity, where tasks 'fall through the cracks', becomes impossible.

This doesn't explain the best way to go about one's to-do list (e.g. distinguishing between high- and low-priority tasks, or separating a particular time of day to perform certain tasks in isolation from communication channels), but it ensures that one's to-do list is complete.

Sometimes it's tempting not to make a reminder, because hey, I can easily remember to do X in a few hours, right? But oftentimes Y, Z, and other tasks-to-do also arise, putting a strain on your memory and possibly leading to some anxiety as you try to keep them all in your mind by not focusing on other activities on which you should be wholly focused. But if you make a reminder, then the worst-case scenario is you wasted 30 seconds up front by creating a reminder for something you already remembered to do.

Lastly, sometimes I'll make a reminder for a task that I recall sans reminder -- but the only reason I even remember the task is because I went through the effort of making the reminder in the first place. So the actual act of creating the reminders aids our memory in this limited respect as well.

Looking for a new garden hose and hose reel. In searching for a reel I came across this site:

Any recommendations? Does this look unusually expensive, or just the white price?

@JesseJames Very interesting, how long have you had one?

Cool, does it work well with a reel?

@Tanner - SC the site says it has no fees on deposits but 5% withdrawal fee. Does this mean there are no fees on the bets themselves?

Example: bet $5.00 that GOP controls House after 2018. $5.00 / $0.36 = 13.89 shares. Acquire $13.89 if GOP controls House, so my total balance = $5 + $13.89 = $18.89. This balance stays at $18.89, and I can add more, but if I withdraw it I pay 5% x $18.89 = $0.94.

Is that correct?

Oh, right. Thanks for that correction.

@Tanner - SC PredictIt uses a credit card for funding; what is typically used for withdrawals?

2018-08-24 20:30:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

What is recommended for doing HIIT (specifically rowing machine) as coordinated with lifting? Any reason I should do it on lifting days vs. rest days?

My wife and I, when I was 20 and she 19, knew we were going to marry about 3 months into dating.

I got the Aquatuff hose at the recommendation of @JesseJames , and in doing so I got a 20% off coupon code for anyone who's interested: THANKS20

Included note: "Have a friend who might need a hose? Feel free to give them the code."

It looks great in the packaging πŸ˜‚

The biggest issue of your plan is how to get that testing done without weirding her out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of it. I just don't know how to even go about bringing it up. It seems hard enough to do in the case where a husband and wife have tried and failed for a while.

It's asking a woman to potentially unveil the most brutal of truths.

β€œHey I found out there are great ways to test one’s fertility, here are my results; let’s see yours”?

2018-09-10 16:59:37 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Looking into buying a kettlebell. Are there any kettlebell characteristics besides weight that are relevant when choosing among the options?

@Jacob I just use a spreadsheet, I can send my format to you if you want

The visual breaks between his question and Patrick's answer were way too obvious.

2018-10-18 00:36:03 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Any recommendations on a lifting belt? Is it generally worth it to pay more?

If Zelle doesn't work for you then pay a nearby member you trust and have him Zelle it in.


@Mikolas A common method is to pay that trusted member via PayPal; your coordinator would I'm sure be willing to do so. Easier than paying another member cash in person.


@micbwilli happy to answer any Zelle questions

If you paid $80 via Zelle for Defend the Rockies on 10/28 (Sunday evening) and haven't yet been invited to the conference Slack server, DM me now.

Related: always include your membership name, membership email address, or Discord or Mercury username with your Zelle payments. For some reason, Zelle does not automatically show the send-from email address.


One of you with initials JR sent $25 to our Zelle on December 7. I cannot determine who to assign this to. If your initials are JR and you sent us $25 on the 7th, DM me.


2019-01-04 17:15:56 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

@everyone How do I make a private YouTube channel for this? I thought I'd attach a video directly but Discord maxes out attachments at 8MB.

@everyone DM me if all of the following are true of you:
>your real initials are SW
>you sent $125 for LOPF via Zelle this morning
>you sent $100 for membership dues via Zelle in September

@everyone If you sent $250 via Zelle for LOPF this afternoon, DM me.

Also a friendly reminder: the email address that you link to your Zelle does *not* automatically come through on our end. Accordingly please include your email address (and Discord username, and purpose of payment) when sending payment. Thank you!

2019-01-11 01:04:15 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

@Matthias sorry for the late response β€” is an anonymous google account with a private upload safe enough to show my face in? Or would I also need to conceal my face in any videos I upload?

@Matthias would be the one who has to collect it. Assuming he says it's ok, ensure that you put it in an envelope with a note containing your Discord username so we can properly credit it to you when we get to it.

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL


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