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In all reality people should NOT bring weapons. It will be all over the news.

Guns make for bad optics.....

@JesseJames @John O - Yeah its back up. You can find the link on the fitness channel

They should be.

If you guys come across anyone else who is a member but doesn't have access, tell them to ask a state coordinator or me.

Nein! Das ist "Hรถlle ja!"

They haven't said explicitly, but they have confirmed that they want Germany to remain German.

What is best in life?

^Gets the reference.

WTF is a white supremacy flier?

@Erika That article almost seems to imply that fewer white people and more African Americans means more tolerance. The mask is slipping.

I always thought adding a human aspect with people on our posters would be a great first step. It shows that we aren't afraid of confrontation and it makes us more personable.

Lets be honest. Would Ann really complain if we won?

@varjack WA delet. I think those are being made by an antifa.

Really! Huge win for us!

@Scrummy University of Montana, Missoula

More on the way!

Knowing my school, this will cause a ruckus!

They're gonna go nuts! Some of our professors openly endorse Antifa. Its gonna be interesting

@Deleted User Is that yours?!? Great work!

Three more?! God damn, Minnesota is going to be lit!

@Deleted User Nathan's site. Its in the announcemenr tab a few days back.

@Scrummy Hey! We might want to change the twitter post to Missoula, MT. That's the abbreviation for Montana. MN is Minnesota.

One of the best places for recruiting can be done on Breitbart comment sections. Civnats will never have an anwser to the problems they see.

Pro Nazi posters????? Are you kidding me? http://archive.is/AZkEf

Our Arizona guys making some waves!

"White Supremacist Posters."

You wouldn't say ๐Ÿค”

Get on this thread and comment.

Adam is the ultimate beta.

Cool stuff if it is! Triggered libs inbound.

Are those private stores?

@Logan This is so cool! Can't wait to see it on the news!

Great idea. You could report it youself!

@Scrummy The pic on the reddit link looks pretty good.

Check this out. This guy isn't on our side and yet he is being hammered for this.

Oh sry. Wish I could change the video thumbnail.

Their cognitive dissonance is remarkable, even for leftists.

The ever changing Overton Window.

Here's a good opportunity to do some recruiting. Check it out.

A lot of Americans are in the comments looking for ways to fight back.

Let them know they aren't alone.

I just got on the internet for the first time today and the first thing I see is the Florida announcement.


This will go down in history. That means the alt right will go down in history.

Russia is more of an ally at this point than any other power in Europe, even if its an alliance of convenience.

Just reported him.

Its amazing how vicious "anti racists" can be.

Another false flag fake racist charge.

LOL! Big white pill just seeing that title.

This is really great! Becoming the enviromentalist identitarians would really benefit us!

Loser cons just mad that their time is done.

I get the feeling that PewDiePie is far more red pilled than he lets on. He would be a great ally.

@reactionarytree This is a quality idea. We need to normalize ourselves to people.

@ThisIsChris Anti American is only a short jump away from Anti White. People are waking up.

Looks like Baked is still on our side. Make a thoughtful comment.

He's a salesman. Lot of individual loyalty, but he's been putting out some good stuff lately.

He knows that we're the most vocal part of his audience and probably also the largest.

If you have a printer, this looks like a cheap and effective method of activism.


Good. Instant citizenship upon birth has always been a mistake.

I think Baked is trying to come back to our side.

Personally I think he's a salesman.

He wants to be with us when we expose anti-white norms in society, but I don't know if he agrees with us completely.

One can hope.

I can't tell to be honest, I have no clue.

Here's another one.

World's cheapest activism.

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