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In all reality people should NOT bring weapons. It will be all over the news.

Guns make for bad optics.....

@JesseJames @John O - Yeah its back up. You can find the link on the fitness channel

They should be.

If you guys come across anyone else who is a member but doesn't have access, tell them to ask a state coordinator or me.

Nein! Das ist "HΓΆlle ja!"

They haven't said explicitly, but they have confirmed that they want Germany to remain German.

What is best in life?

^Gets the reference.

WTF is a white supremacy flier?

@Erika That article almost seems to imply that fewer white people and more African Americans means more tolerance. The mask is slipping.

I always thought adding a human aspect with people on our posters would be a great first step. It shows that we aren't afraid of confrontation and it makes us more personable.

Lets be honest. Would Ann really complain if we won?

@varjack WA delet. I think those are being made by an antifa.

Really! Huge win for us!

@Scrummy University of Montana, Missoula

More on the way!

Knowing my school, this will cause a ruckus!

They're gonna go nuts! Some of our professors openly endorse Antifa. Its gonna be interesting

@Deleted User Is that yours?!? Great work!

Three more?! God damn, Minnesota is going to be lit!

@Deleted User Nathan's site. Its in the announcemenr tab a few days back.

@Scrummy Hey! We might want to change the twitter post to Missoula, MT. That's the abbreviation for Montana. MN is Minnesota.

One of the best places for recruiting can be done on Breitbart comment sections. Civnats will never have an anwser to the problems they see.

Pro Nazi posters????? Are you kidding me? http://archive.is/AZkEf

Our Arizona guys making some waves!

"White Supremacist Posters."

You wouldn't say πŸ€”

Get on this thread and comment.

Adam is the ultimate beta.

Cool stuff if it is! Triggered libs inbound.

Are those private stores?

@Logan This is so cool! Can't wait to see it on the news!

Great idea. You could report it youself!

@Scrummy The pic on the reddit link looks pretty good.

Check this out. This guy isn't on our side and yet he is being hammered for this.

Oh sry. Wish I could change the video thumbnail.

Their cognitive dissonance is remarkable, even for leftists.

The ever changing Overton Window.

Here's a good opportunity to do some recruiting. Check it out.

A lot of Americans are in the comments looking for ways to fight back.

Let them know they aren't alone.

I just got on the internet for the first time today and the first thing I see is the Florida announcement.


This will go down in history. That means the alt right will go down in history.

Russia is more of an ally at this point than any other power in Europe, even if its an alliance of convenience.

Just reported him.

Its amazing how vicious "anti racists" can be.

Another false flag fake racist charge.

LOL! Big white pill just seeing that title.

This is really great! Becoming the enviromentalist identitarians would really benefit us!

Loser cons just mad that their time is done.

I get the feeling that PewDiePie is far more red pilled than he lets on. He would be a great ally.

@reactionarytree This is a quality idea. We need to normalize ourselves to people.

@ThisIsChris Anti American is only a short jump away from Anti White. People are waking up.

Looks like Baked is still on our side. Make a thoughtful comment.

He's a salesman. Lot of individual loyalty, but he's been putting out some good stuff lately.

He knows that we're the most vocal part of his audience and probably also the largest.

If you have a printer, this looks like a cheap and effective method of activism.


Good. Instant citizenship upon birth has always been a mistake.

I think Baked is trying to come back to our side.

Personally I think he's a salesman.

He wants to be with us when we expose anti-white norms in society, but I don't know if he agrees with us completely.

One can hope.

I can't tell to be honest, I have no clue.

Here's another one.

World's cheapest activism.

Also some of the best I've ever seen.


@Adam West You have some! Contact @Julian Olson- CO for details.

Based Stickman is trying to throw his weight behind Ann Coulter's anti-diversity remark.

He may not be our guy, but we should help him make our point.

This is great video for IE. Leave a comment!

@James Moore - TX Hi! Who did your interview sir?

Okay! @John Wesley-SC will be with you soon to get you set up!

Welcome aboard!

This is disgusting...

This video had over 60,000 views and thousands of up votes when I last saw it.

Now in limited state. Please share.

Kraut and Tea is at it again

Leave a thoughtful comment.

Don't question the logic of the Big Brain Centrist!

This could lead to great consequences and the eventual break up of the Google monopoly. Hope its successful.

Leave a free speech comment here. Baked is talking about getting banned.

The left has no memes of there own, so they're trying to coopt "snowflake." No creativity. Sad!

I have nothing to say....

Imagine saying this about anyone else....

Great video!

Innocent victims are being oppressed, where are the leftists?!?

@Erika Very nice. One thing I was thinking is that if you capture some of your work on camera, we can use it to make propaganda videos for youtube. Just something that came to mind.

Now THIS, is how you do activism!

@commonplebe - IN Jesus.... that second one.

^ Based AF

More virtue signaling from Sargon. πŸ™„

Will Nardi is a complete dipshit.

@解放兔 Boomers trying to get us to attack Assad for a gas attack he didn't do.

Nehlen makes me want to break my computer....

If he really cared about the movement, he would step out and help finance it. As a candidate he spoiled any chance he has now.

@Smoking Clark That's some serious WW1 type shit.

At least things made slightly more sense back then.

Imperium of Amerika

Invisible empire of Montana

Future ethnostate

I'm down with a fuck ethnostate. jk

@Strangelove You're not alone. I start basic in June.

Another person from Generation Identity was detained in the UK. They are authoritarian.

The last thing stoping the world from going to war is a old guy whose nickname is "mad dog."

@long live the tsar US has more men and resources. Also we have a stronger economy. We can outproduce them.

@Deleted User Best is probably Alternative Hypothesis. Dude is hella autistic, but he's really good.

There's something rotten in London...

Our people in the UK should really consider joining up.

@nationalist4liberty (CI-1) Nothings lost. Its still a majority white nation. Ethnonationalist Brits need to start by allying themselves with the free speech movement (which has decent support). That will open the floodgates and make an actual nationalist party possible.

A lot of lib fags in the comments.

If we're strong, if we're disciplined, if we're smart, we can get it back.

Any of our UK boys should go to the Free Dankula march: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsGwAy7eT1Y

@Bean of Texas Cuckservatives: "Don't worry though, race isn't real when you have values."

Protesting the Opioid Crisis.

@Lawrence of Eurabia No, but I know a lot of guys who are.

@Lawrence of Eurabia Yeah, there was a guy I came across in SW Montana.

@Armchair Tyrant#7689 To be honest, I think a great deal of our success relies on the failures of our opponents. Right now mainstream conservatives don't back us because they don't NEED to back us. They aren't traitors or so brainwashed that they want to be become minorities, but they don't realize their situation yet. The left can actually help us in this regard. Did you see the reactions to the Syrian bombings? There were black leftists calling for white blood because they think we're evil monsters. Let them I say.

The more the left becomes anti white, the more of a chance we have of waking up white Americans. We WANT the left to be anti white.

The more they hate us, the more they seek to replace us, the more they call for the death of our culture and our children, the better the odds that we may wake Americans up to the truth.

@Armchair Tyrant#7689 We need to learn from Nehlen. He wasted a good thing when he could have had a home run. Be revolutionary, but not so revolutionary people are scared to stand with you. This is why groups like IE are important. They bridge what we want to build with what we want to save.

I agree with your example though.

I agree. Something needs to be done. We need to build, gather money, and resources. This is going to be a fight like none other. Most importantly is that we need to learn from past mistakes. In so far as I'm concerned, anyone marching with WN 1.0 tier aesthetics is a plant. We know boomers and we know the youth. IE is almost entirely made of young Gen Xers or millennials. Millennials have done more for white consciousness using new technology and aesthetic appeal and I think this is important. If we want to win, that means we have to address another issue.

You're probably familiar with people like Lauren Southern and Lauren Rose, two women that have directly or indirectly helped the alt right by addressing the issue of mass migration. If we want to win, we need to cut the fucking spergery when it comes to such people and accept them as allies. The current trend is that our people either call them thots for no apparent reason. I'm of the opinion that this is stupid. The other issue is how the alt right views the acquisition of money for campaigning. Whenever an alt right figure tries to raise money for some objective, members of our "community" tend to regard them as (((sheckle stealing))). These are legitimate problems with hamper our ability to raise money or to recruit half the population.

@Armchair Tyrant#7689

Just some random thots.

@TraitorGG But muh sacred values will prevail!

@解放兔 prageru is the final red pill.

We should have helped them instead of bombing them.

Muh horseshoe theory!

The koch brothers are everything I hate about the Republican party.

If you're Canadian, you might find it difficult to get any University position. Sorry.

Any mods open to pinning this? Macron: " The EU is at rick of civil war." They are openly admitting that their grasp is slipping.

Best response to authoritarianism, he added, was "the authority of democracy." This is hinting at even greater authoritarian control in Europe.

I might be open to fascist Mexican immigrants.....

You convinced me. I just researched Mussolini's war on the Mafia. Cool shit.

I think they would probably go for a merger or open partnership. If they just went straight for it, it might look like a power move.

I could totally see a merger though. Both organizations use the same strategies and have the same standards. GI does have a lot of money though.

It could happen, but currently I would say that it would be a bad choice. They might come off as over aggressive. Something like that could happen if IE loses its court case.

I think so too. They would have better luck expanding further into Europe. Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Poland and Greece could all be good choices.

I could realistically see GI set up branches in Greece and work side by side with Golden Dawn.

Pan European identitarianism would be an awesome move for GI. IE is still really young, but I could see them move into Canada.

I think they have a white students union. They work with Faith Goldy sometimes.

IE could do well there though. They would have the benefit of experienced leaders, money and organization.

Comment on this!

Check out those fucking comments. You get leftists saying "good!" There are also "classical liberals" saying that its fine.

Remember, a Jew in retreat is not a Jew in defeat. We need them completely removed from the establishment.

Globalist BTFO.

Everything she just said was synonymous with race. She basically said race in a family friendly way. That's how we need to role.

He said earlier "I am a Zionist." He has no problem with Identity Politics.

If anyone asks for a video on how Israel influences the US, this is a good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87IK4WwCa_A&t=8s

Nick is fighting with the Ralph Report. He's taking Baked Alaska's side. Its a power move. He knows that Baked, despite being an idiot, can get him connected with good guests.

Personal opinion: Nick is incredibly manipulative, but he's pretty smart. He's taking BA's side because he know's he'll be able to play it off as being morally superior. Its a good move. Most people are blaming Baked for things that they can't directly connect to him. Baked is an idiot, he's not smart enough to do all the schemes that people are connecting to him. He's probably innocent of more than half of them.

Prediction: Nick Fuentes understands that if he wants to grow his audience he needs to make alliances. Right now Baked is in desperate need of allies if he want's to defend his position. He will take Nick on as an ally, Nick will get Bake's views, he'll also be seen as morally just when half of the things said theories about Baked turn out to be false. I think JF understands this too, which is why he has yet to condemn Baked as much as Andy.

This is what came out of TWP.

Yeah, maybe losing Heimbach knocked some sense into them.

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