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Can anyone ID this plant?

They're all over the yard at our new place.

Not in a garden.

Wild carrot/queen Anne's lace looks like it.


Yeah I've had them before. Horrible.

So, is there a way to ID apples? We have a tree and we don't know what kind they are.

Closeup coming through, really slow uploading for some reason.

Thanks. The don't taste like much.

I don't eat a whole lot of sugar. I mean compared the Golden Delicious down the hill, they dont taste like much.

Maybe it was just that one I ate.

Good, were big cider drinkers.


I know, no worries ๐Ÿ‘

I've found a few of these around the property. Not sure what they are. They were under oak trees. Any ideas?

I'm not sure if this is electrical but...we moved into a new house and the plug for the dryer is one of the older, 3-pronged ones. I switched out the cable on our dryer to fit. Now the dryer isn't drying like it used to, as in we have to run it on multiple cycles. Could this be due to the new, ungrounded cable or is it just a coincidence?

Thanks so much. I'll have to pull it out and look at it as I read this.

Thanks. What's a jumper, just a regular old wire or something specific?

Here's what it looks like now, before doing anything.

I also just noticed what looks like a burned area on the black.

No, I had a 4 on there, and changed to a 3.

They're connected

Ok, so now it's just a matter of running it and seeing if it works better? Did I mess up the cable by bumping them?

I have no equipment to test it.

No problems elsewhere. For what it's worth, the prior owner was an old electrician and I think he did some work on the place, running g electric out to the barn and workshop.

I'll run a load and report back.

Great, thanks again.

Cool. And I just remembered something that happened when I installed the cable. I, stupidly, plugged it in before connecting it just to make sure it would go in. The other, now live, end touched the metallic exhaust hose and there was a spark. I'm guessing that may have tripped the breaker. Hopefully I didn't do any further damage.

@Deleted User That seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

Just found out weโ€™re having another girl.

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL Cute kids! Thisโ€™ll be #2 for us.

We found out after getting a genetic test (all clear).

@Volkmom Congratulations!

UNC Asheville - Twitter @UncAvl & @newsUNCA

People around here use the hashtag #avlnews for local news

Pretty good quote from our website towards the end

Hereโ€™s a handy map of our flyering. Itโ€™s nice to see all those little pins.

Student 1: โ€œI feel like I have to start defending myselfโ€. From flyers.

Student 2 (wearing goggles and sunglasses) โ€œThere no room for any of thisโ€. I canโ€™t imagine thereโ€™s much room for anything with chicks like her lumbering around.

Itโ€™s great when they make people who oppose us look like freaks and weirdos.

@Deleted User If its a lefty sock, you can just go to the local BLM or commie pages and go down the member list clicking โ€œsend requestโ€. Youโ€™d be surprised how many will accept without question.

Trouble in paradise with Portland JBGC.

100% healthy

Still trying to figure out a name.


The top contender so far is Sigrรบn.

@Deleted User Maybe if it was a boy. Next time.

Sheโ€™ll have a name that honors our ancestors, like our first. We just havenโ€™t decided on which one. I appreciate the suggestions though.

Green pill

Balsam Knob in WNC this afternoon. About 30 minutes away.

Off the blue ridge parkway

โ€œIt doesnโ€™t matter what it tastes like,โ€ Mosley said. โ€œItโ€™s the official pizza of the alt-right.โ€

Theyโ€™ve been pretending that the police investigate flyers/banners since at least 2000. Not so much about us, but weโ€™re mentioned. I didnโ€™t k ow they had a rally because of our flyers.

โ€œNor is Asheville, despite its touted progressive atmosphere, immune from white supremacist influence, as recent incidents show. Local social media buzzed with speculation and outrage this fall after recruitment flyers for white nationalist group Identity Evropa were found on UNC Ashevilleโ€™s campus. โ€

That sucks man.

This is a city counselor saying progress equals less white people.

Never mind. Iโ€™ll upload it later

Pic of a flyer on a pole at the Christmas parade. For some reason itโ€™s uploading very small. But some news photographer just came and took a bunch of pics of it.

Well that one worked. Thereโ€™s a better one with blurred background.

I put up 10-15 along the route.

Gentlemen, this evening was a huge white pill for me. We took our daughter downtown to the Christmas parade (we live in a small town 20 miles from Asheville). The streets were lined with smiling white faces. An elderly couple asked us if we wanted to sit in their truck while we waited for the parade to start. Another man asked if we needed a blanket for our daughter. The local church was giving out hand warmers (I was asked three times if we got ours). Children shouted โ€œmerry Christmasโ€ as they scattered to catch the thrown candy. I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. There was no hanukkah or kwanzaa floats, no pink haired harpies or low T soyboys complaining. This, in my mind, is what the ethnostate looks like. As an added bonus, of all the Identity Evropa posters that lined the parade route, none were taken down by the end of the parade.

@Rick The world weโ€™re fighting for is possible.

Nice. I had the opposite experience. I grew up in the DC area, surrounded by chattering hordes of dusky foreigners, MS-13 murders, blacks shucking and jiving everywhere and every other stripe of featherless biped. Fairoaks Mall was a no-go zone for us. Then I lived in Raleigh, which wasnโ€™t much better. Poland is the only place Iโ€™ve lived that was as white as southern Appalachia. Iโ€™ll die in these mountains. Sure, 20 miles away is a left wing haven, but theyโ€™re but an island in an ocean of right wing whites.

2017-12-08 01:48:34 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

Enlighten me. Whatโ€™s onionposting?

One day weโ€™ll descend into the valley and take Asheville back from the cat ladies. ๐Ÿ˜

2017-12-08 02:02:22 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

I see

2017-12-08 02:03:36 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

And here I am sticking a needle in my ass.

They got our name wrong (Identity Europa) but they referred to us as โ€œethno-nationalistsโ€.

@Matthias Glad to hear that.

May I ask about the contents of the email? Are they local?

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