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2019-01-09 22:56:13 UTC

This channel is to discuss budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, credit, and retirement planning.

2019-01-09 22:56:18 UTC

2019-01-09 23:26:00 UTC

Awesome channel idea!

2019-01-09 23:35:18 UTC

@Zyzz thanks 😃

2019-01-09 23:38:04 UTC

@Zyzz since you're here, I want to ask your opinion on something. I heard a wonky idea on TastyTrade that might actually make sense. They were pointing out that since IRAs are for really long-term investing, especially when young (I'm like 30+ years out) that you should load them with high risk-reward. Sosniak (one of the main host) suggested buying straight /ES futures in there. Since IRAs are for very long term investing, this actually makes sense to me when your time horizon is 30 years out. What do you think?

2019-01-10 00:21:26 UTC

I agree with the high risk/high reward. With that said I wouldn’t advise being 100% invested in high risk/high reward stocks/funds if you think a recession is on the near horizon. I’ve scaled back my IRA/401k investments into cash/more defensive focused funds

2019-01-10 00:22:05 UTC

But when you think the economy is about to turn up I absolutely advise going all in

2019-01-10 00:32:53 UTC

@Zyzz cool thanks! it makes a lot of sense, strange that my current employer's 401k options are so limited when you think of it all this way.

2019-01-10 01:02:58 UTC

Yeah I have the same issue with my 401k although I think it's workable. I am given access to a whole host of Vanguard funds with "target retirement dates" between 2015 and 2065. Obviously the longer out the retirement date, the higher the risk. Recently I switched into 40% cash, 30% 2065 target retirement, and 30% 2015 target retirement. I don't want to exit the market entirely but I want to position myself to be more defensive. If this January rally continues then I think I may pull a little more out of the 2065 fund

2019-01-10 01:03:11 UTC

This is the 2nd longest bull market cycle in our country's history

2019-01-10 01:03:27 UTC

the dotcom bubble (120 months) is the longest on record

2019-01-10 01:03:46 UTC

if we make it to July 2019 w/o a recession then we will have broken it

2019-01-10 01:04:14 UTC

historical data and the law of average dictates that we are near the peak of the cycle

2019-01-10 01:04:53 UTC

I'd rather keep my money on the sidelines and wait for a really good deal to spring up and then buy

2019-01-10 01:05:33 UTC

The way to get rich is to keep $10 million in your checking account in case a good deal comes along. - Charlie Munger.

2019-01-12 00:38:08 UTC

What is a "good" starting salary right out of college?

2019-01-12 00:39:13 UTC

That depends on profession, geographic location, private / public section, etc...

2019-01-12 00:40:15 UTC

Cost of living and familial plans may dictate your impression of a “good” salary.

2019-01-12 00:42:06 UTC

What are you studying?

2019-01-12 01:18:21 UTC

computer science

2019-01-12 01:18:49 UTC

but by "good" I don't mean "good for what I'm studying", I mean, "enough to live a comfortable life"

2019-01-12 01:19:01 UTC

though I imagine that depends on region

2019-01-12 01:26:28 UTC

That’s a worthwhile major. It’s useful across multiple industries. I work with a large technology company that does some CS / software engineering (in your general geographic area) that starts people around $60k -$70k

2019-01-12 01:28:16 UTC

I’m sure there’s better and worse starting points, contingent on your internships, externships, experience, grades, focus, etc.

2019-01-12 01:56:33 UTC

salary after 1 year for my school is $49,000

2019-01-12 01:59:03 UTC

Seems “good” if you are a single guy with minimal commitments.

2019-01-12 02:01:56 UTC

I am lol

2019-01-12 02:05:16 UTC

I suggest reading The Millionaire Next Door. It gives wise guidance on frugality and living within ones means. Making a lot is irrelevant if a man can’t understand how to spend properly. There are men that make $250k per year but live paycheck to paycheck because they spend $245k per year. The key is making $50k (or $75k or $100k or $150k) but spending a fraction of it with the long game in mind.

2019-01-12 02:06:59 UTC

ahaha ya I don't need to live like that

2019-01-12 02:07:20 UTC

I'm more looking at this out of curiosity than anything

2019-01-12 02:07:27 UTC

I don't need a super high standard of living

2019-01-12 02:07:34 UTC

though it would be nice to have some extra money to fund IE

2019-01-12 02:08:22 UTC

That’s the goal. Spend enough to live, and even live well, but have the discretionary funds to leave a legacy.

2019-01-12 02:09:13 UTC

When do you graduate? How far are you from Portland?

2019-01-12 02:09:33 UTC

I have this year plus one more, and I'm pretty far from Portland

2019-01-12 02:10:06 UTC

I'm in the Spokane area

2019-01-12 02:10:23 UTC

Fair enough. I’m here to help.

2019-01-12 02:10:42 UTC


2019-01-12 02:11:22 UTC

NP... I’ve been in business / tech / engineering a while. If and when you have questions I’m here.

2019-01-12 02:11:41 UTC

Going into the job market can be a shaky experience.

2019-01-13 05:32:42 UTC

>I don’t need a high standard of living

You need a high salary to attract a higher quality woman.

You need a higher salary to afford 6 children with a stay-at-home mother and avoiding public schooling.

You need a higher salary to achieve financial independence and provide a stable environment for your family.

You need a high salary to give more to causes that help our people.

A high salary isn’t about indulging in luxuries, it’s about ambition and providing for others.

2019-01-13 05:33:58 UTC

The Millionaire Next Door is excellent and accurate.

2019-01-13 05:36:05 UTC

$49,000 with a comp sci degree is unacceptable. Average starting should be $60,000+. The data is easily found online.

2019-01-13 05:36:23 UTC

ya I did find that data online

2019-01-13 05:36:28 UTC

that's the median for my school

2019-01-13 05:39:55 UTC

@Tanner - SC Agreed. The starting salary should be much higher, especially is a decent metro area. Cost of living in his area may be one offset to the initial starting salary.

2019-01-13 06:03:59 UTC

Eastern Washington is super cheap cost of living

2019-01-13 06:04:03 UTC

my rent is 470

2019-01-13 12:49:22 UTC

Me and my bf did the math. We can pretty easily live off an 80k salary to with 5-6 kids while I stay at home. You just need to DIY everything and never buy anything new. But we’re planning on homesteading so I don’t know if that budget is applicable to you.

2019-01-17 01:16:38 UTC

Guys, do we have any accountants who are looking for clients?

2019-01-21 22:13:36 UTC

Tyler, you can message me if you’d like to discuss.

2019-01-22 01:44:26 UTC
2019-01-22 01:51:14 UTC
2019-02-17 00:26:25 UTC

Does anyone know if there's any job I can get if I'm not ready for a computer science internship but want something better than fast food?

2019-02-17 00:40:26 UTC

@Jacob why not do a paid internship or co op program in your field of study?

2019-02-17 00:40:51 UTC

"if I'm not ready"

2019-02-17 00:41:27 UTC

computer science *is* my field of study

2019-02-17 00:44:03 UTC

@Jacob the world is your oyster. Lots of options out there.

2019-02-17 00:44:19 UTC


2019-02-17 00:44:24 UTC

so what are those options?

2019-02-17 00:45:21 UTC

Your university should have a bunch of job boards with a bunch of listings.

2019-02-17 00:45:55 UTC

@Jacob I’d pursue something related to your field of interest. Does your college offer a co op program?

2019-02-17 00:46:25 UTC

can't say I know what that is

2019-02-17 00:46:34 UTC

but I looked it up and nothing came up

2019-02-17 00:46:49 UTC

so I imagine they don't

2019-02-17 00:47:56 UTC

Paid co op programs are similar to internships, but the co op generally allows you to work one semester and then work one semester in the related field.

2019-02-17 00:48:44 UTC


2019-02-17 00:48:52 UTC

I mean I know internships are a thing

2019-02-17 00:49:15 UTC

but the whole problem here is that I don't have enough coursework done for an internship

2019-02-17 00:49:20 UTC

I could be wrong, I don't know

2019-02-17 00:49:33 UTC

but I don't actually know much yet

2019-02-17 00:51:21 UTC

@Jacob If there is a particular company or tech firm in your city that interests you, I suggest talking with the HR people. There may be entry level things to do and flexibility in hours. You’ll also have the opportunity to get a feel for corporate culture.

2019-02-17 00:53:01 UTC

well, there's not much at all in my city

2019-02-17 00:53:09 UTC

I'll probably have to go back to the Seattle area

2019-02-17 00:53:15 UTC

if I want an internship

2019-02-17 00:53:31 UTC

but that's a whole different issue

2019-02-17 00:53:56 UTC

I guess I could just check with different companies and see if they have something really entry level

2019-02-17 00:55:46 UTC

@Jacob Finding an entry level position shouldn’t be difficult. I suggest finding a company and an entry level position that is strategic to your future goals. In my opinion...

2019-02-17 00:56:59 UTC

internships seem to usually require a lot of knowledge

2019-02-17 00:57:07 UTC

but I might be wrong

2019-02-17 00:57:14 UTC

maybe they just don't post the easy ones

2019-02-17 00:58:36 UTC

Talk to your professors. Talk to the head of your Computer Science department. Start networking. Shake some hands. Ask lots of questions.

2019-02-17 00:59:08 UTC

ya I think you're right

2019-02-17 00:59:21 UTC

I just need to talk to advisors and stuff more

2019-02-17 01:14:30 UTC

If you’re not in a position to get an internship then your focus should be getting yourself in a position to get an internship. And if that means not working for a summer and doing whatever it takes to get yourself in a position to get an internship then you should do that. Think of it as a long term investment in your future

2019-02-17 01:17:06 UTC

no dude I'm fucked if I don't work in the Summer

2019-02-17 01:17:18 UTC

I'm already low on money

2019-02-17 01:18:09 UTC

I'd be seriously screwed if I just took a Summer off

2019-02-17 02:29:56 UTC

Speaking from personal experience, you make A LOT more as a waiter than working fast food. If there are any summer tourism areas near you, they'd probably be in need of seasonal workers and white families on vacation tip especially well

2019-02-17 03:38:18 UTC


2019-02-17 03:38:42 UTC

haha I don't think anyone comes to Spokane for tourism, but there's definitely restaurants

2019-02-17 18:43:51 UTC

>don’t have enough course work for an internship

There’s a wide variety of internships out there, not all are looking for juniors with 4.0 GPAs. Some just need a body to do grunt work. Go to your school’s career center and get on it fast. This is late in the semester to be locking in an internship. The upside is that the grunt work ones are still available.

2019-02-17 18:44:21 UTC

Go to career fairs on campus and within driving distance.

2019-02-18 09:08:18 UTC

well, I have quarters, not semesters, so maybe the schedule is different

2019-02-18 09:08:26 UTC

but I'd be looking for something in the Summer

2019-02-18 09:09:06 UTC

nothing is really driving distance for me since I don't have a car, but that's something I'm trying to get sorted out

2019-02-18 09:09:19 UTC

that's why I'm looking into buying that Kia Spectra

2019-02-20 13:04:59 UTC

You could bicycle to work.

2019-02-21 20:23:48 UTC

That sounds less convenient than just taking the bus

2019-02-22 14:21:59 UTC

It can be much faster than the bus

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