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Heeeey I'm in!

@Sam Anderson On your comments about โ€œlet them purity spiral and fall apartโ€, have we made any attempts to create a barrage of false-leftists accounts on social media to pose and advocate for silly things like this? The left is consuming itself as it is, maybe we can push it along a little quicker.

We still need to get rid of this disgusting trash coming out of (((Hollywood))) that demonizes the family and creates heroes out of single mothers.

I have five kids (4 months, 3,4,5 and 9) Children arenโ€™t as expensive as everyone makes them out to be as long as you have a partner that is responsible with their money. Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences and getting rid of this notion that they are too expensive is one of the ways of driving up the birth rates of whites. Weโ€™re too fiscally responsible for our own good.

Children are not something you need to, necessarily, plan for. You adapt and overcome the obstacles that children bring to the table as they come. When you see that newborn babyโ€™s face spring forth from that magical baby maker, something clicks in your head as a new father. You just do better and subsequently things improve. Not everyone has this instinct, but I believe our people do more than others.

All other races of people just **** and a byproduct of that is higher birth rates for them. Iโ€™m not saying just **** but I think sometimes as white people we analyze the situation too much and underestimate our ability to adapt and overcome any obstacle life throws at us.

Whatโ€™s the debate? Pull funding and support and grab your popcorn

Depends, whoโ€™s asking? lol Yes it is

Thanks homie, I do it for the cause. I also happen to like kids so I decided to have a few lol

But mainly, I just hate condoms ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hereโ€™s the newest one

@โšกClarkโšก What part of FL do you live?

@NITRODUBS Oh shit! lol Adds character:)

@โšกClarkโšก Cocoa. I was told that Iโ€™m the only one on this side of the coast..

@Grayson beautiful arms! No homo lol

@John O - Ah alright, weโ€™ll have to meet up sometime. I have some buds that live over on your coast. Next time I visit Iโ€™ll hit you up!

I like to brew beer and was thinking that would be a good time, get the boys together to brew a batch while drinking the previous ๐Ÿบ

@wayne peek very nice! Itโ€™s a fun hobby with some added benefit ๐Ÿ˜‰ That there is a chocolate oatmeal stout and I have a cream ale fermenting at the moment.

@wayne peek I have yet to make wine though.. trade you a six pack for a bottle ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Sam Anderson To give it the chocolate flavor I soaked cocao nibs in Jameson whiskey and vanilla extract from Mexico for a week then dumped it in during fermentation. I liked the stout, but the cream ale is still my favorite brew.

@wayne peek If I go, I will bring a 6 of ale. Iโ€™ll put it to the side for you and make sure it is off limits, even to my drunk self ๐Ÿป

The real question is, why is multiculturalism a goal? If itโ€™s so difficult to make people do, and if the outcome is consistently weaker than a homogenous society with common goals, why bother? I think traditional Europe is the supreme model, many diverse cultures that exists in harmony among a closely linked ethnic peopleโ€™s. Thatโ€™s enough โ€œmulticulturalismโ€ to me. More diversity in that little slice of the earth than the whole damned planet!

For a time before the first WW it did.. before (((they))) weโ€™re disrupting the financial structures.

Sure, there was infighting. But nothing that would have collapsed the cultures in their entirety.

10 4, I realized that while typing them. Iโ€™m a new member though so still feeling it out lol

But the diverse cultures did exist in a small continent, correct?

Even with the conflicts, they never utterly destroyed each other.

John Bolton is a dangerous man..

Oy vey..

The desert Tuscan


That is one majestic bird!

They all fly the same, look the same and generally like to fly together

Boil water, add sea salt. Let cool down, suck into nose. Lay on your back with your head tilted up. Drain and repeat. Blow your nose a couple times in between each rinse.

Their are trillions of neurons in the brain with many more connections. Yeah, personality test are bullshit.

People are different people in different circumstances/environments.

You might be more extroverted if you are the most "alpha" male in the room and introverted otherwise, for example.

I can think of two different scenarios in which a person wouldn't change slightly or to a large degree.


Do people have different personalities when hungry for example? How about that pep-in-your-step when your bank account is full as opposed to the slump in your shoulders when it's empty? Too many factors to make a science out of it unless you include these factors.

But, maybe the attempt at it is useful.

I don't think it shows zero utility, but very little. Start hitting the gym and reading books, your personality will fit any situation.

Those "homeostasis" points are within such a broad range, I don't believe it is too useful.

Your reactions to environments is a reflection of personality. Even within the mind, not necessarily an outward expression.

A narcissistic person can become quite different with self discipline.

Of course, that would require them to realize they were narcissistic, wouldn't it? You got me there @greg_p - TX

@Gerald Cunningham I go through such phases depending on the season (laziness, fatty foods, less exercise during winter months, Lean attitude in the summer)

It's not to get my "summer bod" either, I'm married with 5 kids. I believe it to be a survival instinct to my ancestors cold climate.

@Gerald Cunningham Want to do an 8 day fast with me starting on the 9th?

I guess that would be starting tomorrow lol

That was for @Nico The Great - CA but anyone is welcome to join.. Please don't let me be alone! lol

Gotta kick in that autophagy, son!

No calories. Black coffee and tea. By the end of 8 days, your insides will be that of a newborns lol

It's really good to intermittent fast though (a big component of almost every world religion) It puts your body into ketosis, ramps up autophagy and will actually cause the production of more HGH in the body. You stop feeling hungry after day 2 and actually have MORE energy though the fast.

It's not about losing weight, it cleanses the body like nothing else.

Sure thing

Ketosis begins when you burn off all glycogen reserves, fasting accomplishes this.

Keto diet is just one without carbs, therefor deplete of glycogen. Fasting accomplishes the same task of a ketogenic diet.

I had chicken and biscuits tonight.. drool..

Anyways I gotta hit the hay gents, you all have a good night

I apologize, I was being a bit hyperbolic.

@sigruna14 Someone mentioned they wanted a great wall of China, I was making a statement parreleling that with the thousands of Chinese that died building it.

I do apologize for my drone comment though, I was being a bit hyperbolic

We should distribute flyers in the shape of the Deye then

To make a huge Deye on the map

What a cancer

What exactly would be Israelโ€™s crypto-interest in toppling Assad?

True. But what are they staying as their reason, if any?


We have to remember though, it must be Godโ€™s plan if theyโ€™re doing it, so pay no mind..

Top ten books? Looking for something new to read.

Thanks everyone! I was going to google some books buuuut, I figured it was better to ask a more intellectual group.

Iโ€™ve heard that one before, will put that on my list

I will check these out. Thank you for all the recommendations brothers

Listening to the audiobook of the way of the pilgrim right now while at work

I only play video games once the kids go to bed, it keeps me in contact with my single bros out there.

Or friends that live far away

Anyone play deep rock galactic? Pretty damned fun

Wife made me a new coffee cup

Governor of California wants to allow abortion, for any reason, up to and including 9 months.

Does P&G own Hugo Boss?

Get a safety razor, save yourself a TON of money

OK, I though that was Hugo.. Phew!

I don't have any degree (not even an AA), I make 65K

I went into the Navy as an MA, got a clearance. Took an interest in computers and learned what I could on my own. Put my resume out there on Clearancejobs and got head-hunted for an I.T. position at the USDS, Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. Went to the interview with a white nationalist haircut and a suit, was way underqualified compared to others being interviewed BUT the interviewer said he liked that I am a "clean-slate" and hired me a week later.

If you carry yourself well in interviews and you are confident, the importance of a degree is dropped down just enough to weasel your way in ๐Ÿ˜‰

And besides, many people are now pilled just enough to know that university is a soft indoctrination camp first and an education second.

Wear a suit and for God's sake, don't wear a tie..

Nah man..

I have some generally intelligent friends that went in, got a degree and have come out either indoctrinated by the left, or, stuck in 24/7 party mode.

Just to clarify, I'm not ripping on ties. But getting a job is like seducing a woman and their is such a thing as "trying too hard"

My interviewer literally stated "Thank you for not wearing a tie! Last guy that came in was wearing a red bowtie"

Ties are just something they can grab onto and give it to you from the back, similar to pigtails.

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