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2017-11-03 14:11:24 UTC

@Halfdan @Alfred NC @Krieger-04 Give us an update when you can

2017-11-03 14:12:25 UTC

We woke up in a la quinta inn parking lot in lousianna

2017-11-03 14:12:37 UTC

Were like 3.5 hours out from SA

2017-11-03 14:20:35 UTC

Okay. Y'all will be getting to NB around the time Nick does I think.

2017-11-03 14:21:37 UTC

The bnb isnt available till 3pm right?

2017-11-03 14:35:47 UTC
2017-11-03 15:00:47 UTC

Correct, not until 3 @Halfdan

2017-11-03 15:16:59 UTC

Stay safe brothers

2017-11-03 16:55:09 UTC

Now we're getting into the real stuff

2017-11-03 17:39:09 UTC

*"There were 1,299 incidents of anti-Semitism between Jan. 1 and Sept. 30, according to the report. In all of 2016, there were 1,266 โ€” a 34 percent increase over 2015. If the 2017 pace continues, this year will see 1,732 anti-Semitic incidents, close to double the 942 incidents of two years ago. The last year with that level of anti-Semitism was 2005, according to ADL figures."*


2017-11-03 17:43:39 UTC

Remember, saying that White people deserve to live and being anti-pedophilia is also anti-Semitic

2017-11-03 18:25:12 UTC

They talk about optics. Mention the need for balanced aesthetics and symbols. Basically confirming that our group (Patriot Front) are on the right path, although we're not mentioned directly.

2017-11-03 18:31:35 UTC


2017-11-03 18:31:36 UTC

Dat logo tho

2017-11-03 18:58:29 UTC

He's talking about us but he doesn't know it. About our Houston bookfair demo.

*"You too will render unto Heimbach in time or be crushed. Simple as that."*

He's a bit... strong minded in his approach.

2017-11-03 18:59:00 UTC

Maybe in time..

2017-11-03 18:59:57 UTC

PF is definitely the closest to the sweet spot. And we can adapt as is necessary going forward.

2017-11-03 19:00:48 UTC

I can tell you that I don't forsee a "bend the knee at the foot of Master Heimbach or be crushed" style movement coming.

2017-11-03 19:01:18 UTC

For all my good opinions of the guy, some of his follwers are a bit off the mark when it comes to how to promote him.

2017-11-03 19:04:04 UTC

To clarify, I'm refering to the policy Heimbach is fond of, not his larping band.

2017-11-03 19:22:49 UTC

He ended up a "hotdog" lighter than he came in with.

2017-11-03 19:23:21 UTC

Unless he also stole lunch

2017-11-04 00:14:17 UTC

DFW crew on the road heading to Austin. The guys get to hear me rehearse my speech so many times they'll be able to mouth the words along with me tonight.

2017-11-04 00:14:50 UTC

Good luck Thomas

2017-11-04 00:14:58 UTC

And the rest

2017-11-04 00:16:31 UTC

Yes, good luck boys. Make some waves!

2017-11-04 00:16:36 UTC

Hail Victory!

2017-11-04 00:19:14 UTC

Good luck lads

2017-11-04 00:39:42 UTC


2017-11-04 00:39:48 UTC

We need to get a gym in each state

2017-11-04 01:18:07 UTC

Im fucking pissed.
So, i sent out my first college republicans flier right? And i wanted to make it kind of silly, to keep things lighthearted, so i put a Pepe, with a maga hat on there, saying feels good man, and the school just comtacted me telling me they would like to meet with me to discus my flier.

2017-11-04 01:18:24 UTC

Like what the fuck?

2017-11-04 01:18:54 UTC

I cant fucking believe these people.

2017-11-04 01:34:15 UTC


2017-11-04 01:35:01 UTC


2017-11-04 01:43:17 UTC

@Smiter-IL Pepe *is* considered a hate symbol by many normies

2017-11-04 01:43:43 UTC

That might be why. Just try and keep it cool for now, Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s nothing you canโ€™t talk your way out of

2017-11-04 01:48:31 UTC

@Smiter-IL dude keep calm. They might be trying to get you to chimp out. If anything get them to overplay their hand and look like the victim. If they ask about it being offensive tell them it doesn't make sense to cater to the sensibilities of people who would oppose you making a republican club to begin with.

2017-11-04 01:49:35 UTC

^^ good point

2017-11-04 01:51:50 UTC

"my flier could have an american flag and a smiley face and these people would still claim they are offended" something like that could work

2017-11-04 01:54:22 UTC


2017-11-04 02:00:02 UTC

Yeah. I am totally going to turn this around on them. I cant wait to hear what they have to say.

2017-11-04 02:00:34 UTC

I will make a massive drama in my school if they shut down my college republicans.

2017-11-04 02:02:26 UTC

If I were you Iโ€™d tread carefully for now. Theyโ€™ve already got eyes on you. Stand your ground like goodest boy said but donโ€™t push their buttons because they can pull the plug at any moment. Donโ€™t jeopardize your club over something petty but donโ€™t let them fuck with you either

2017-11-04 02:02:42 UTC

You got this man

2017-11-04 02:03:24 UTC

Oh, i am determined . I will hold back until its time to strike like the tiger.

2017-11-04 02:04:35 UTC

Thatโ€™s the spirit

2017-11-04 02:05:31 UTC

Its just so damn irritating that these people are such pussies.

2017-11-04 02:05:36 UTC


2017-11-04 02:06:39 UTC

This is going to be similar to cards hide your hand and keep a good poker face dont let them get under your skin. Ask for any decisions in writing (if possible) worst case get in contact with brietbart.

2017-11-04 02:08:48 UTC

This situation isn't them fucking with you. its you getting to out play zog.

2017-11-04 02:09:25 UTC

That is a good way to put it. Thanks guys.

2017-11-04 02:11:49 UTC

Hows Austin treating yall? There will be footage of this speech for us to see right?

2017-11-04 02:42:53 UTC

There will be

2017-11-04 02:56:46 UTC

What's the concensus on stickers? Do the mailing label ones work ok, or do we really need the professionally printed ones?

2017-11-04 03:37:10 UTC

I posted some tonight, and it was good fun. We could mass produce these things with a laser printer, but if people don't care for them then no point.

2017-11-04 03:41:27 UTC

@NDO Nick-TX @NDO Eric - TX @SDO Phil-TX Garage, second level, be here ASAP if you can

2017-11-04 03:41:45 UTC

That was thomas

2017-11-04 04:00:52 UTC

@Ductapegang where are you?

2017-11-04 06:49:45 UTC

Tell Halfdan sister he's alive

2017-11-04 07:03:35 UTC


2017-11-04 07:06:32 UTC



2017-11-04 07:07:44 UTC

FUCK yes those look awesome

2017-11-04 07:08:51 UTC

Hell yea dudes!

2017-11-04 07:09:49 UTC


2017-11-04 07:09:52 UTC

Fire and cop cars all around me, was intense.

2017-11-04 07:12:12 UTC

Did the cops do anything?

2017-11-04 07:12:49 UTC

Detained Eric for a bit. But other than that they only escorted us off campus. We were out of there fast.

2017-11-04 07:15:55 UTC

They didn't stop you from going on campus? Or yall just did it?

2017-11-04 07:20:31 UTC

@BraeJager - TX Either or for stickers. Depends who's willing to pay what. I'd eventually want to move into professional ones only.

2017-11-04 07:21:23 UTC

@ZeDwiver We came in silent, they followed us, surrounded us during the speech, then when I was done talking sternly let us know it was time to leave.

2017-11-04 07:32:26 UTC

Oh okay

2017-11-04 07:40:21 UTC
2017-11-04 07:40:28 UTC

Already made twitter

2017-11-04 09:26:07 UTC


Let's ask this convicted woman beater some questions.

2017-11-04 12:12:15 UTC

There are roughly 494,000,000 Whites in this world of 7.6 Billion.
Europe has a population of 743.1 million. USA is 323.1 million.

2017-11-04 12:22:04 UTC

Apparently in Chicago its not ok to be white, considering about 4 of my posters have been torn down at least that proclaim it is ok to be white.

2017-11-04 12:49:43 UTC


2017-11-04 12:49:45 UTC


2017-11-04 12:49:51 UTC

The kvetching over this is going to be epic

2017-11-04 12:49:52 UTC


2017-11-04 13:15:50 UTC

"False flag" reacts only.

2017-11-04 13:16:10 UTC

Pics were epic.

2017-11-04 13:16:26 UTC

I can't wait to see the Daily Texan take on this.

2017-11-04 13:17:15 UTC

Lmao I got banned from campus.

2017-11-04 13:17:28 UTC


2017-11-04 13:17:34 UTC

what did they say?

2017-11-04 13:18:08 UTC

Forever. I got a "verbal warning for trespassing".

2017-11-04 13:18:14 UTC

Nbd fam.

2017-11-04 13:18:29 UTC

yeah, it's just so ridiculous

2017-11-04 13:19:19 UTC

We did violate about 4 rules on UT. But the cops were chill. We thanked each other for our respective services and they cut me loose.

2017-11-04 13:20:04 UTC

i'd imagine some of the cops find the snowflake triggering to be sort of funny

2017-11-04 13:25:34 UTC


2017-11-04 13:25:54 UTC

Wow, looks like you guys called in the big guns for this OP. Sam Hyde himself.

2017-11-04 13:25:55 UTC


2017-11-04 14:42:15 UTC

Annuduh Shoah!

2017-11-04 17:17:40 UTC

@everyone who here is the music guy?

2017-11-04 17:22:01 UTC

Me! I was gonna mssg u

2017-11-04 17:37:29 UTC

Great pics. Looked serious and disciplined

2017-11-04 17:37:34 UTC

Great job to all

2017-11-04 18:12:52 UTC

Are those torches or flamethrowers?

2017-11-04 18:49:45 UTC


2017-11-04 19:30:56 UTC

@Alfred NC @Halfdan your sister does not like me it seems, maybe ive come off as rude? yesterday i said that you said to me to tell them that you were safe, but had no service. she came back with a mean comment after i did.

2017-11-04 20:44:51 UTC


2017-11-04 21:10:54 UTC

Its a total flop for these niggers and kikes.

2017-11-04 21:56:09 UTC


2017-11-04 22:06:40 UTC

1st one


2017-11-04 22:16:53 UTC

2nd one


2017-11-04 22:27:09 UTC

3rd one


2017-11-04 22:40:37 UTC


2017-11-04 22:45:26 UTC


2017-11-04 22:48:32 UTC

About to watch the fights tonight with the boys. Does a white nationalist root for a Brit, or a Quebecois?

2017-11-04 22:48:40 UTC

Are French Canadians even white?

2017-11-04 22:52:45 UTC

Why are people such faggots on pol? I honestly dont get it. People really think they will save our country sitting on their ass.

2017-11-04 22:52:53 UTC

Whens that video coming?

2017-11-04 22:57:58 UTC

Monday or Tuesday

2017-11-04 23:03:36 UTC

I have gopro shots of both events

2017-11-04 23:03:49 UTC

Will upload asap

2017-11-04 23:16:49 UTC



2017-11-04 23:27:52 UTC

Bisping meh. Gsp is a super aryan

2017-11-04 23:31:02 UTC

Cant wait to see video

2017-11-04 23:40:54 UTC

It will probably be boring as shit. GSP will try to take down Bisbing and lay n pray to a 5 Rd UD.

2017-11-05 00:02:17 UTC

@Flagg as a white french canadian, all i can say is a frank has never drank an aryans blood unlike blood drinking, beady eyed anglos๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-11-05 00:03:36 UTC

I object to that comment on the grounds that my ancestors are from Lancashire

2017-11-05 00:03:54 UTC

Also if you drink the blood of another Aryan, you grow stronger

2017-11-05 00:04:03 UTC

It's what highlander is based on

2017-11-05 00:05:29 UTC


2017-11-05 00:06:20 UTC

Yeah i know in France im from leon because my surname has minor aristocracy and was from that region

2017-11-05 00:09:01 UTC

Alright you convinced me to root for Bisping tonight haha

2017-11-05 00:09:50 UTC


2017-11-05 00:17:29 UTC

@Thomas Ryan , what is the objective of torch march raids? Media attention, display of strength?
If possible i would like to get enough folks together in Chicago to do one. Im getting established here in the WN community, and branching out. Hoping to start drawing some guys into patriot front.

2017-11-05 00:20:50 UTC

@Flagg St. Pierre is a race traitor. Go Bisping!

2017-11-05 00:24:07 UTC

That cheeky tosser

2017-11-05 01:00:21 UTC

Shock and awe, making our guys look cool, supplying interesting light at night, inspiring radically minded guys to join the guys that look bad ass.

2017-11-05 01:00:34 UTC

What's bisping? @Flagg

2017-11-05 01:01:59 UTC

An Anglo fighter with a fash haircut and a face like he smelled a Muslim

2017-11-05 01:02:38 UTC

@Smiter-IL Also, take it slow. Posters, banners, small demos, then marches. Baby steps. Gotta have steady growth, it lasts the longest. Need a lot of trust and experience to pull off complex ops. That comes with time.

2017-11-05 01:25:55 UTC

Yeah, i would have to get a good group together first. I think its doable though in good time.

2017-11-05 03:46:05 UTC


2017-11-05 03:46:14 UTC

Fear me AlcRiech cucks

2017-11-05 07:02:49 UTC

@Flagg All the champs lost their titles. Holy shit.

2017-11-05 07:22:21 UTC

Hunter Wallace said something about a South Carolina event?

2017-11-05 12:34:28 UTC

So guys, how was your night?


2017-11-05 14:09:02 UTC

@Pale Horse - FL thrilled about Dillashaw. Love that guy.

2017-11-05 14:10:05 UTC


2017-11-05 14:54:50 UTC

@Chris7577TX shiiiiiiet nigga

2017-11-05 15:41:41 UTC


2017-11-05 16:07:44 UTC

Tj did great. Sad joanna lost.

2017-11-05 16:08:06 UTC

Thompson did great too

2017-11-05 17:00:11 UTC

@NDO Eric - TX the commies are super triggered:


2017-11-05 17:35:06 UTC

๐Ÿ˜† commies got detained

2017-11-05 17:59:32 UTC

Yo how the fuck did they come to the conclusion that Greg is even talking about them?

2017-11-05 17:59:54 UTC

Literally everything is about these piss babies. Get fucking rekt, campus commies.

2017-11-05 18:27:11 UTC


2017-11-05 18:27:29 UTC


2017-11-05 18:27:48 UTC


2017-11-05 18:28:00 UTC


2017-11-05 18:32:50 UTC


2017-11-05 18:33:56 UTC

Getting pretty uh.. intimate, in that last pic

2017-11-05 18:34:57 UTC

We need something like that American black sun flag, but with our fascist crest in there. That might look really good

2017-11-05 18:46:42 UTC

Your disguises are so good even I can't point you out.

2017-11-05 18:46:45 UTC


2017-11-05 18:47:01 UTC

But I would recommend wearing sun glasses with the face cover.

2017-11-05 18:47:12 UTC


2017-11-05 18:47:14 UTC

Hat too maybe.

2017-11-05 18:47:34 UTC

Lots of Antifa like to use a shirt it seems.

2017-11-05 18:47:53 UTC

with the neck hole covering their face and forehead.

2017-11-05 18:47:57 UTC

Then put on glasses.

2017-11-05 18:48:21 UTC

We really demonstrated the kind of numbers we can muster this weekend, boys. 31 Nazis were ready to rumble yesterday.

2017-11-05 18:48:31 UTC


2017-11-05 18:49:22 UTC

Great tweet by Cross. Retweet it and all of ours obviously

2017-11-05 18:49:28 UTC


2017-11-05 18:59:21 UTC


2017-11-05 19:12:10 UTC

Just damn.

2017-11-05 19:12:18 UTC

Hats off.

2017-11-05 19:12:27 UTC

^hats on

2017-11-05 19:12:34 UTC

We just covered that, Brae. Lol

2017-11-05 19:12:40 UTC


2017-11-05 19:13:42 UTC

I'm pretty mad jeally RN.

2017-11-05 19:14:52 UTC

lol, RSF is sperging so hard. I love to see that.

2017-11-05 19:45:42 UTC

Anyone following this church shooting in Texas?

2017-11-05 19:46:15 UTC

Brainstorming some banner ideas for Christmas. "Happy White Christmas for All"

2017-11-05 19:47:37 UTC

Not until now, @Steven MI

2017-11-05 19:48:30 UTC

who was the shooter?

2017-11-05 19:49:16 UTC

That's what I'm wondering

2017-11-05 19:49:17 UTC

My rage is slowly growing every day.

2017-11-05 19:49:51 UTC

I take my kids to church on sunday. I always have a gun on. And this sort of thing is why. I must protect them.

2017-11-05 19:51:36 UTC

A two year old even got shot....

2017-11-05 19:51:43 UTC

Yeah I read that.

2017-11-05 19:52:12 UTC

When I was younger, it just seemed like another stat. Now, that causes an immediate reaction. My stomach turns.

2017-11-05 19:53:28 UTC

24-27 dead. Jesus..

2017-11-05 19:54:09 UTC

It doesn't matter if it was a Muslim, a nig, or a crazed white man. This was made possible by Jews. This is a 2000 year old beef.

2017-11-05 19:54:55 UTC

And San Antonio Rabbis will be the first fucks there to hold hands and light candles, even as their co-ethnics pollute our minds and import foreign vipers.

2017-11-05 20:06:27 UTC

Jesus christ...

2017-11-05 20:26:51 UTC



2017-11-05 20:47:39 UTC


2017-11-05 21:15:21 UTC


2017-11-05 21:15:58 UTC

Yes, the question is what is this cover for?

2017-11-05 21:23:17 UTC

If y'all come across any good online info on this shooting, file--> save that shit. They're already scrubbing.

2017-11-05 21:24:27 UTC

And y'all don't forget the ABC's of self-defense:

2017-11-05 21:41:23 UTC


Someone can't bring themselves to understand that a people are not defined by a few usurping politicians.

2017-11-05 21:41:54 UTC


Someone is upset that people actually got out of the house and did something in meatspace for once.

2017-11-05 21:42:37 UTC

This is a classic boomer-con reaction as well. "Probably a Demoncrap false flag!!" -- every poster on FreeRepublic

2017-11-05 21:58:53 UTC

^ these retards wonder why they always lose. They are already lettingโ€‹ the enemy win in there own mind.

2017-11-05 22:02:37 UTC

What I don't understand is how a National Socialist can't comprehend the difference between the state and the nation.

2017-11-05 22:04:16 UTC

In other news, Saudi helicopter carrying 8 senior officials and prince Mansour Bin Muqrin just crashed and everyone onboard died.

2017-11-05 22:04:29 UTC

Some crazy happenings as of late.

2017-11-05 22:04:33 UTC

Glad to hear it

2017-11-05 22:04:36 UTC


2017-11-05 22:37:34 UTC

Fucking "gay cowboy" ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-11-05 22:37:39 UTC

Kind of triggers me they're calling them tiki torches

2017-11-05 22:38:51 UTC

Masks โœ…
Dangerous โœ…
Torches โœ…
Repeat offenders โœ…

๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2017-11-05 22:51:36 UTC

Nice of this guy to promote us.

2017-11-05 22:58:28 UTC


2017-11-05 22:58:31 UTC

Who wants stickers?

2017-11-05 23:08:33 UTC




2017-11-05 23:25:59 UTC

Roger that.

2017-11-05 23:27:38 UTC

Shooter's name is Devin Patrick Kelly

2017-11-05 23:28:00 UTC

Checking pol to see if any info comes out. Hopefully everyone has the good sense in this day and age to screenshot everything.

2017-11-05 23:28:25 UTC

That's not a Muslim name. Negro?

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