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Ayo. So, my account got banned as well.

Thanks buddy.

I wonder if this was quite by design, ie we are seen as a serious threat, or if it was just a sort of random thing.

Ahh ok.

I'd imagine. Me too.

And what about Vanguard?

Whelp, now y'all know why I didn't want to store our dox info in chat logs.


Well, this isn't a huge suprise. I sort of always figured these things were somewhat compromised. I mean, it's sort of a surprise.

I mean, mossad?

I wonder why I got banned and you didn't.

Ohh ok. Yeah, I mean, I don't think that this is something to get too paranoid over, but this is clearly a compromised platform. Of course, we only ever had very private conversations F2F, as it should be.

No clue what you're talking about.

@Thomas Ryan Cool graphic, but IMO the Texas date should reflect Texas independence.

Why does FL have a channel and TX does not.

I'd like to write a letter to the editor.

LOL. I stand with Florida. No hanging Chads!

@Lucilomar - FL Hurricane niggers.

This is nice for us. We can sign up for it.

Nonetheless, it's impressive and a good move for them to do this.

It's a good move by insurgency strategy b/c they are replacing the government.

It's what we're trying to do as well.

@Thomas Ryan Good article on STEM.

Yup. I don't know a trememndous amount about it, but I'm always pulling for whites against a globalist government.

Actually reading a book right now about al-Andalus... the Moorish name for the penensula.


True. I guess my hope is for very weak central governments in the west, so that they can be easily defeated.

I'd like to see all 50 states as individual countries. Then, we could clean up half of them, and invade the other half.

I look at the IRA history as an example... the Irish government was too weak to keep Ireland from being used as a base against Northern Ireland.

Now, this sort of thinking doens't always work out.... see Persians versus Greeks, where the Persians almost won.

I guess mainly, I'm pro-chaos. We need change, and vacuum.

And We, Us, need to be prepared for that vacuum.

I figured as much.

And yes, white flight is becoming less and less affordable. I'll tell y'all my own stories on this in person.


It seems to me, that from my reading, sometimes a government just loses faith in itself. It's a rotten door, and ripe for otherthrow. But, you have to be prepared for that time. You need a serious street movement, some logistics, bases of operations, serious individuals who know how to run operations. A serious media/propoganda section.

post the tutorial for how to make those booklets

I'd like to print a few of these and place them. Where is the link for how to fold/cut?

I don't think that will happen. But, what will happen is major disasters, and partial government collapses.


Bottom line, we need more people to have enough talent and manpower to fill all of these functions. The only way we get them is through getting our name out there.

Postering and stickers are a great start. Banner drops are good too.

Commandeering flagpoles is a good idea.

And public shows of force are good too.

We can fix that.

@EuroChad Nice dude.

Smart way to capitalize on current events.


Very nice.

bottom right

looks very militant

or middle right

it's fine. the symbolism is 13 stars, 13 stripes. both are symbols of the 13 original colonies. Why not do 14 stars, for 14 words? too much?

well, yes it's a recent cultural trend... but aren't we a very modern, scientific, forward-looking, avant guard sort of movement?



not a bad idea

blue field, fasces, stripes.

well, yes, but there will be distinct provinces.

I have thoughts. A logistics train.

I disagree, but you have shown excellent judgement on these things in the past. Besides, we can always just change it if we want to later.

just damn, son

that's a serious fucking war flag

ok, i'm done

@ZeDwiver like the old confederacy, we could have a gov flag, and a battle flag. the one i posted can be a 14-star battle flag. war boner.

It defines my life's work.

Everything I do. The job I work, the pistol I carry, the food I cook, the money I invest, the activism... everything.

It's a total cuck statement.

lol jk

Well, yeah, but 14 words is well known. It's highly militant, yet the content is quite even-keeled.

it's a good flag man. we are just having an autist discussion.

I don't think it's a mere 'colloqualism.' I think it's a guiding philosophy. It makes the nation explicitly white. The 13 colonies reference does not. They were white... but it really only implies it. The civic nationalist would tell you that dot Indians could have pulled off the Boston Tea Party.

It reminds me of that maxim "any non-profit which isn't explicitly conservative, soon becomes liberal." In this day, any nation not explicitly white, turns brown.


That's faulty logic.

1/5 is greater than 1/10.

And 1/10 can start a mass movement.

That's a better argument.

Your flags are all g2g, Thomas. Y'all jokers have a good night. I gotta get some sleep.

new is best

lots of avery sizes for various applications

Damn, nice banner drops.

@Smiter-IL Be careful. Don't get yourself doxxed.

Nearly every dox case occurs because the doxxed individual has normie social media.


LOL, Eric != lucky. 🤕


Well, you leave one little thread loose. That's how.

We've nabbed dudes based on somebody clicking "like" on their leftist soc media, then tracked them down through that person.

For Thomas, it was really just a matter of time.

But eventually, this doxxing crap will be obsolete.

It's really low and Jewy. We hate doing it, and only do it to retaliate.

Their arguments are total shit, so they rely on "deplatforming," and hate speech sort of regulations.

They are physically pathetic, so they have to dox.

Wow dude, nice

Absolutely degenerate.

International Jewry pushes homosexuality. It's just that simple.

They push it using every lever of power they have, b/c it destroys civilizations.

Guess who pushes porn as well. And no-fault divorce, and abortion, and femenism, and the anti-masculinity movement.



Yeah, so much of what I was told as a kid has been disproven.

@Kevin I was taught that in school.

Even as a young kid, it sort of sounded like bullshit to me.


The worst are the conservatives on this issue. They get all sort of uncomfortable or pissed if you utter a breath against muh 6Mil

That's a pretty even-keeled view.

What makes me realize that the official narrative is BS is that you cannot question it, and it's used heavily for political purposes.

In addition to all the blown holohoax stories out there.

So yeah, there were camps, and some deaths, but the rest of it is unverified at best.

But the biggest thing is that the Jews had just completed a genocide way worse than the official holocaust narative in Russia, against Christians.

The holocaust was self-defense in that regard lol


Annuduh coincidince!!

Yeah, this fuckbag has cock-blocked our state for years.

Kevin, they are just more stealth about it.

More sinister.


Epic treatise, brah!

How degenerate. When the lights go out, the first thing we need to do is physically seize the media outlets (locally and nationally), and root out all degeneracy. Straight from this shit to Leave it to Beaver. In fact, just use re-runs until we get our own Hollywood running.

@Mooch TX That sucks dude. Try to think back to how hit happened, maybe somebody can learn something from your misfortune.

@NDO Eric - TX lol very nice

What's the concensus on stickers? Do the mailing label ones work ok, or do we really need the professionally printed ones?

I posted some tonight, and it was good fun. We could mass produce these things with a laser printer, but if people don't care for them then no point.

Hope you and yours are ok. Family is always first.

I'm rooting for Antifa. Go ahead, and open that can of worms.


It always is. The boys in blue protect them.



The kvetching over this is going to be epic


Pics were epic.

I can't wait to see the Daily Texan take on this.


what did they say?

yeah, it's just so ridiculous

i'd imagine some of the cops find the snowflake triggering to be sort of funny

Wow, looks like you guys called in the big guns for this OP. Sam Hyde himself.

Annuduh Shoah!

Just damn.

Hats off.


I'm pretty mad jeally RN.

lol, RSF is sperging so hard. I love to see that.

Not until now, @Steven MI

My rage is slowly growing every day.

I take my kids to church on sunday. I always have a gun on. And this sort of thing is why. I must protect them.

Yeah I read that.

When I was younger, it just seemed like another stat. Now, that causes an immediate reaction. My stomach turns.

It doesn't matter if it was a Muslim, a nig, or a crazed white man. This was made possible by Jews. This is a 2000 year old beef.

And San Antonio Rabbis will be the first fucks there to hold hands and light candles, even as their co-ethnics pollute our minds and import foreign vipers.

If y'all come across any good online info on this shooting, file--> save that shit. They're already scrubbing.

And y'all don't forget the ABC's of self-defense:

This is a classic boomer-con reaction as well. "Probably a Demoncrap false flag!!" -- every poster on FreeRepublic

Shooter's name is Devin Patrick Kelly

Checking pol to see if any info comes out. Hopefully everyone has the good sense in this day and age to screenshot everything.

Some sources are claiming far left. One thing's for sure, this early, nothing is for sure.

I'm just kind of amazed at how good the authorities are getting at whithholding the name until they have time to scrub online presence.


Ashrob, how did they spot you? Were you just being pretty brazen, or were they patrolling quite actively?

Ahh ok.

Might be best to park offset and walk in. Good luck next time brother.

A - B - C. Always Be Carrying

Loving what pol is doing with that campaign. Love our Austin actions even more. Good stuff.


It's much better to just ignore them. They resort to writing dumb articles or nothing at all.

🗞 🐕

newspapers are for hitting dogs.... not reading.

The free ones also make great paper plates on the go.

I like to eat messy shit like grapefruit or pizza on them. When done, just fold it all up and put it right back in the metal stand.

could even just set it on fire

I dunno. My first inclination is to be wary of making too big a spectacle and ruining a family-oriented event. Not saying I'm right here, just a first thought.

@Rocky Place Patriot Front is probably a democrat party false flag! Soros shills!

I'm full strength boomer.

Do a re-enactment of Anne Frank being captured in the attic.

LOL, sorry bro. I'll quit fucking around. Good luck with your event though.

Thats not a bad idea at all.

LOL. love it when the libs tear down their own lib administration

This is a template for printing stickers on mailing label paper, at home. Color is preferred, B&W is "allowed." Use the Avery 8163, 2"X4" stickers. 10 per sheet. It's really that easy. Cut the stickers into individual ones. The nice thing about these is that you can print them at home, they cost roughly 20 cents per sticker (ink and blanks), and they are easier to post stealthily and quickly in "denied territory."

^^ Pin if you wish, @Thomas Ryan

how do you cut and staple the foldable pamphlets that are pinned in this channel? anybody have a gif?

thanks for the sweet hipster video, brah

But yeah, I think I got it.

Gonna see how our literature works in a more rural, already right-wing area...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll wait a bit then and continue planning.



Do we have any home-printable business cards? I know the ones that y'all ordered are really nice and glossy.

ok, sling them my way and I can make us a template as i muddle through.


great card btw


Curious as to how our literature plays in an area which is already very white and pretty based as well.

I guess I'm going to find out.

Also, is there any interest in us making factoid or historical type fliers? What I mean is a one-page flier telling the story of the bolshevik revolution, or how the iraq war got memed into existance, or an info-flier showing just how jewish the media is, etc.

Agreed. It's gotta be simple, tight, and spark a sense of outrage. Not too obscure either. Should challenge The Narrative

LOL @Chris MA Those graphs were all uniform like you'd expect, white-mex-black, until the DUI one 😂

it's almost like stereotypes exist for a reason

Stereotype disproven! "That's not who we are"

Ok cool. I figured you had reasons.

lol, you mean he didn't invite you outside? 🤷🏻


Johnny Reb is quite quotable.

A lot of people know the truth deep down. You are convincing them to first admit it to themselves. Then admit it to their fellow man.

Not to mention the Gadsden wavers who have been brainwashed into believing they can't infringe anyone's right to do anything.

Fuckin sick.

That banner drop was most excellent.

I guess I need to grow a dick and make up a new banner here soon.

Yeah shut that m-f'er down. Do not re-open.

These are templates for printing stickers on mailing label paper, at home. Color is preferred, B&W is "allowed." Use the Avery 8163 or 5150, both 2"X4" stickers with slightly different print patterns. 10 per sheet. It's really that easy. Cut the stickers into individual ones. The nice thing about these is that you can print them at home, they cost roughly 20 cents per sticker (ink and blanks), and they are easier to post stealthily and quickly in "denied territory."

@Victor MD They get pretty pissed when you deface their fliers and posters with these. It's great for the lulz. I slap them up and then watch their twitter account for a laugh.

So what's the best value per square foot for banners? Drop cloths, tarps, sheets?

Also, any ideas on how to lock banners into place? It seems to me that if you use a lock it's easy enough to just cut the rest of the banner around the lock.

use a steel cable?

as the rope?

i figure if it's just a rope, then they can cut the rope no?

I did consider running a flag up the flagpole, then locking the thing.


I have brainstormed this quite a bit. Another idea I had was to have a flag or banner attached at two side points with 550 cord. You tie the two cords around a light pole or something. Then use a weighted rock tied to the top tie to throw the hole thing upward, dragging the banner high and out of reach. Then, the rock must fall free.

Yet another idea was to use helium balloons on each end of a banner. You'd have to calculate the altitude and density so the assembly wouldn't go too high, or crash into the ground. Then, get upwind of a major city and let her rip.

There's also pirate radio stations, but that's super illegal. And, you WILL get DF'd if you do it enough.

Congrats boys

I don't see the "Strong families make strong nations" flier in the pins.


I think this one will play well in my AO. Will get you some pics soon.

10 stickers to a page. These numbers you see are Avery formats

so look for or order online stickers that match that format. Both are 2" X4", but the spacing is slightly different

Very subtle.

I think we win the optics battle.


Jews are truly sick and nasty people. Successful? Yes, you are. Success without honor. But "industrious" it not a word that comes to mind. You are a race of people who make fortunes by skimming off of the industrious.

Whoa. Like the website reboot.

That's nice too.


@Deimos-MI I was in a hurry last night... I'll center them up a bit later. In the meantime, it's no big deal if the lines on one sticker are slightly higher. Nobody will be measuring them side by side with a caliper.

OK, np, will try to get to it tomorrow


good stuff

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