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I think everyone even remotely associated with PF got shoahd


The Florida planning server is gone too.

Is it possible we triggered the left that bad with the Sunday op? Or is it one of ours?

Yea that's what I'm thinking too

How do I transfer it. I'm in a chat right now with the Gator server


@Lucilomar - FL No sorry the Spencer speech server.

Anicom server was shoahd also

So consensus. Someone from our side or commies?

Well whoever it is they will take credit and if it's who I suspect if it's from our side actions will be taken

@Pale Horse - FL Possible. If so I'd imagine they'll brag about it

That would put me at almost 50 so that's probably pretty accurate


We would have heard if they did

So the chief IT guy at Gab is married to a jewess who works at a Mossad connected synagogue. No shit. They even had it on their site they collected info. She has been taken off the site and they removed all references to info collection. She also shoahd her LinkedIn

@SDO Phil-TX Siegfried and Mooch?

Hearing he's a shitlib. Asian wife was kicked out of concert and was yelling they were all going to die. They attacked this particular concert for a reason. Was well planned and executed. Used concealment and an elevated position. Well placed measured bursts. Very strange

Definitely AK or RPK

From his position so it was literally shooting fish in a barrel

Can't tell if it's multiple shooters or just echoing

This is him

Steven Paddock

Boy when it's a white dude they get the identity out quick don't they?

64k? What was he using, a fucking vintage WW1 water cooled machine gun

I am leaning towards leftist looking to kill Trump supporters. Could be some weird off the wall motive but that seems most likely

The he's just a nut case and decided to shoot random concert goers is doubtful. He had a motive.

My point is he had a motive beyond hey I'm crazy let's go shoot some people. He had been in the room since the 28th, choose a perfect elevated concealed position, choose the time and place and the perfect tool for the job. You don't go through all that unless you have a point to make

Also his GF was escorted from the venue around 45 minutes prior yelling you're all going to die!

The room was booked in her name


Wife was a gambling/casino expert and I think may have been an employee. He had tens of thousands of dollars of weaponry. That's a lot of hardware to just walk in with unless they were broken down and he carried them in over time

Yea I don't know if they should be putting that out unless they are 100% sure

Yea but why attack concert goers with no connection. You would think they would attack the casino folks who they blame.

@SonderSchutz TX Where did TWP say that?

Deadliest shooting in US history now

50+ right now. That number will climb some though

There is the John Brown gun club which is connected to RR

They are in AZ and NV

I just think attacking a country concert is interesting. That is almost nothing but white Trump supporters

Ayo hol up

72 middle age Asian women await him in heaven

I stole that by the way.

They're saying he converted a few months ago. Could the SE Asian GF be instrumental?

Damn is Anglin prophetic again?

You can get a brand new AR for $500

You may not need to sell it

I have a $1200 DPMS and a $550 Delton. The Delton works like a charm


@lawfag5335231 Yea my much more expensive AR-10 has had far more issues.

Y'all listen to Cross's advice on this stuff though. I know enough to maintain and even modify a bit, he knows far more than I do.

Precursor to the formalized SS. The original military wing of the NSDAP

Betting that's a parody account

Fantastic work!

Well they said there were like 15 weapons in the room. Those may not even be the weapons used

Yea really hard from that distance to walk automatic fire onto a target without tracers. Keep in mind though he had a huge area packed dense with targets. He didn't need to be very accurate honestly

It is I'm fairly certain

Notice anything strange?

Cross noticed it immediately.

The spent casings are on top of the congealed blood.

If they were there already they would have blood on them. He was already laying there when whoever the real shooter/shooters started the attack

The shooting happened. Who actually carried it out and why?

Lol he blocked me

Listen to Alc Right Rises around 1:05:00-1:10:00

@Thomas Ryan My response

Yes this is real.

Get a load of this. They are shook as fuck still.

Exactly. You do not want to miss the weekend of the 4th. We can't divulge who is coming and groups joining but just know it will be possibly the most important event this year. Yes more important than Cville.

@Kevin yes

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX Nov 4th kicks off the communist revolution. We're going to make that a bit more difficult in Austin

@everyone This may seem a little paranoid but watch yourself and your surroundings. Antifa has said they are going to kill WNs. It's probably bluster but watch your back especially if you're doxxed or have been around the movement awhile

Yea hold off for a bit

That's unfortunate

Get with Flagg when he gets on

Springfield XDS with a double stack 17 round mag in 9mm hollow point. Just as concealable as most .380s

My favorite polo and the color is close

Here's the hat with insert Eric is talking about. We need PF patches

Hat with Velcro $14.99

Insert $5.82 with prime 2 day shipping

Where did Chef get his patches made?

I'd get some sand color boots

Of course. With blood laces

Personally my feelz are hurt on a regular basis. Wut do?

5 people in my house other than me and 3 picked middle right and 2 picked middle left

@Thötterdämmerung That's what I was thinking for patches. That design would be great for that

Imagine that on a hat with a bump insert with the blue polo and khaki tactical pants.

Yea it would

I kind of like the more monotone blue and white for a patch but I can get down with the red border

I promise you'll watch this multiple times

WTF is that eye sore. Is that supposed to be some kind of monument?

The designer of that should have been thrown in a gulag

What's going on @Steven MI

@Thomas Ryan I'd have to ask Eli. I imagine they are though.

I haven't seen anything that can really replace it so far

Yea the features and functionality is top notch

What's up Norman

Right on

We need to get an Airbnb in New Braufels by Wurstfest. We don't want to stay in the city

There you go.

Welcome aboard

@everyone Who has a TX flag in Houston?

That would work I guess.

I may just grab a cheap one

Just ordered one from Amazon prime

@everyone Once again I need 3 more Houston goys for next Sunday's Op. I have the manpower but I want to use our manpower solely if possible. This is a quick op that will be very impactful.

Right on

@Dustin Welcome Aboard

Oh shit Gig Harbor. Whidbey Island right?

TKR on normie web

@Thötterdämmerung Tweet the map image out. I replied with it to a spectre tweet this morning and he used it and it is taking off.

How are you doing @Kevin

@Thomas Ryan Who postered UCLA?

@Dustin Excellent job

The conquered not stolen posters especially in SoCal are perfect

Yea I can imagine. I hate the doctor

@Racist Milk TX Need you Sunday night brah.

Could be a Castizo.

Castizo is basically white hispanic.

80+% white.

This one is pretty cool.

<@&365349617375772672> Wooderson has a house he rented and is looking for roommates. Let me know if interested

He's looking for two. I'm probably taking a room and he needs someone else. As far as work Houston is pretty much booming. The hurricane affected things a bit

I'm assuming he was of the darker persuasion

It's at around the 1:50:00 mark. Brad mentions us

Yea. Runs Occidental Dissent

@everyone Call tomorrow at 1300 for the Houston guys attending Sunday's Operation

Welcome Aboard @Halfdan

@everyone Meeting at 1300 for the Houston Operation guys


Get a pic of that if possible

@everyone Planning call for the Houston op in 5 mins

Give me 5

Takes a day or two typically to hit the news cycle

Banner would be good. I don't know about the mask. Seems a little disrespectful

Yes Gen Z is real y'all. Gaze upon one of the people who will gas us all.

@everyone The Houston op has been rescheduled for next Sunday after we get back from Florida. We apologize but some key people are not going to be available

<@&365349617375772672> Anyone in Houston that can give Wooderson a hand moving some furniture in his new house let me know. He is buying pizza and beer for anyone who can lend a hand

I don't think so. He's in Beaumont picking the furniture up right now.

Yea this is all sensationalizing really pretty milquetoast stuff.

I thought maybe IGD just had an acct on IM and happened upon the info but it's pretty much confirmed someone from VA have it to them.

Ah the bowl cut stuff is humorous who cares

<@&365349617375772672> Antifa is at I10 and main. Me Z and Wooderson are on the way

Going to get some footage. Not in the position to really do anything

@Thomas Ryan We are probably going to leave tomorrow night at midnight. Can you get down here?

Excellent job

Welcome Aboard

Doing the lords work man


That could be fun

@Norman Thomas, me, Z, Cross, Chef, Lucilomer, Kevin and Nagash are all going most in a security capacity

Correct. Hurricane Ricardo. I'm sure someone has that meme

Their commies @Kevin so yea they're that stupid

They have no opsec because they don't think their are repercussions

Hello from Z and Mike. Y'all need to be at the next event

@everyone We have successfully exfilled and are one the way to the safe house. Successful event.

@everyone We will not publicly disavow these guys. With that being said Will was told by multiple people including myself and Cross to not attend.

@everyone All our goys are back safely and it was overall a successful event.

@Halfdan They look great

Couple pics for y'all from Gainesville

Oh and we have a HUMVEE. Just saying.

Welcome Aboard

Yea I cringed pretty hard when he did that

Eli did the best getting his message out over the hostile crowd.

Cameron was fired up. You're pieces of shit!

Cameron is a total bro. May be getting him to come in November, we'll see

@Rocky Place Smug is his default setting

Welcome Aboard

She looks like an obese Elle Reeve

It's good but still so passive

And not emphasizing The Jewish roots of the group

@Smiter-IL Welcome aboard. Excellent job.

@Pale Horse - FL DM me the info we can get it to her.

Welcome Aboard

@backwoodstrad91-wv If we can get a solid chapter established in WV we can really concentrate on the opioid problem there. I may even be able to get up there to help down the road as my chick is from Buckhannon

Yea I can get up there and stay free with her sister.

Where are you located? @backwoodstrad91-wv

Yea that's a good time

No one around

Really concentrate on postering and banners. Once you have 5-6 guys you can do a something that makes a splash. Then it will grow fast. @backwoodstrad91-wv

@Smiter-IL Agreed but until we hold power we reach as many of our people as possible plus it is positive activism and when we get inevitably criticized for it it makes our detractors look ridiculous

I disagree with him in regards to the Stars and bars. It is part of American history and our culture.

I'm looking at it from a purely practical perspective. I'm a southerner but realize the American Fascism/Nationalism is the way forward. It's something that SN, NatSoc, Identitarians etc can rally under.

Yea Thomas is our big brained nibba

@everyone Please consider coming down to our event the 3rd and 4th. Lodging is available and inexpensive. If you haven't already please let us know if you're planning to attend

@NDO Eric - TX Tyler is that you posting from jail?


@everyone They had their chance to punch us and they hid. If you have a personal account you may want to remind them

We're on it. Everything we do will be defensive

@Mooch TX How would they even know you were flyering anything?

@Mooch TX Something don't smell right.

I responded

Sounds like I can have some fun with them.

Should I go this hard?

I'm going to send that and see what happens.

Fuck that idiot. He's just finding something to kvetch about

She's a woman. Just tell her not to worry about politics and worry about spitting out white children.

@Alfred NC Welcome Aboard. You trying to make it out to TX?

Right on. Zeljko told me your story. Owe you a beer or 5 when we get together Sat night.

Also good to have another fellow North Carolinian

Yea. Wilmington

Born and raised

UNCW is a decent school. The beaches and girls are incredible

@Alfred NC Are you flying in?

Ah ok.

Let me know if you need lodging


I think y'all are staying with Eric

Yea literally RTF was offering a t shirt for a brick from there

@Thomas Ryan I want to respond and trigger the shit out of them

So the Murfreesboro "rally" was a psyop to split their forces. Kudos go out to The League and TWP. We can learn from this.

The commies

Instead of them concentrated in one location they were forced to split their forces.

It also makes them waste resources and time

Yea they had at least a few hundred

Mostly standard shitlibs and cat lady's but there was some Antifa

Keep in mind their idea of all men were men of European descent of good character. They never envisioned muds being considered our equals

It would be like us writing a founding document and being expected to take into account space aliens being included 200 years later

Seriously that's how foreign a concept of other races being "American" would have been to them

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