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Maryland! But we hit University of delaware because its close and my helper knew the area well

Thanks. I feel ready for more and better postering ops

Ok makes sense. It was a little scary with ppl walking nearby. Next time i should be more calm



I hope so. Lemme try

I might try moving the paragraph to fill the vertical space to the left of the man. Put logo somewhere else. Idk how maliable the man is, but i might try making him more... glorious?

Id also be way into creating some manly men images for you. I love that stuff. Been looking at arno brecker

Thats good!

I like how its kind of an everyman, though. That works too

Ill work things up asap!

Im not totally sure im checking twitter correctly. Haven't seen anything.

Also note: the tape u see there is whatever. The whole things is fucking fused to the column with my paste mixture

I could use such a meme. So pissed at all the signalling on Facebook. It even unites left and right normies! They must suffer for this

Is there an alt right meme storehouse ?

We could use their own mega grills

6 million boomers, gassed with their own propane tanks

That info is odd to me. In fact the whole notion of the coming generation being uber conservative seems like basic bitch cuckservative propaganda. Im a dad, i talk to a good bit of kids. They strike me as apolitical, but as soon as they take a stance, they go as left as you can

It could be the only ones with the patience to do a survey happen to be more righty aka not retarded

Can u break down this china thing for me im not quite understanding

Gotcha. Ugh. The latest 88 minutes podcast was talking about this

I see now how cucked libertarians are

They cant just say: china has sweatshops cus its fucking china.

Sounds good

What does pozd mean?

Fair enough

Picture os getting clearer

Good stuff

U guys down with this little Debbie firing?

Enoch says he organized an assault on their fb page but i cant find any negative stuff there. But i could be Missing something

Wow jared typing sounds different from him talking. I like it.

Whatever. We can all be jareds

Im actually watching Friday the 13th w my boy rn

P white movie

I have it eagerly in my watch later

Enoch predicts the alt right position will be default for rightists in a generation

And spencer says our conquering spirit is something we cant really help, once we wake up that is

Lol fair enough

James damore: the big brain messiah?


catch me up. what is the main crappy thing about this VAJguard group?

yea im new but i think a good attitude for the movement is for the individual groups to compete and try to out do each other, rather than sabotage them. but, if a group sinks to that level it just signals weakness, which just means a competing group just has to power up and overshadow them with glorious acts. keep moving forward

man that was SO much writing

it seemed very worshippy

like they love you and want you to succeed

idk! like why don't they just do a normal dox? why all this backstory? cant they just say THIS GUY NAZI

i have this theory that white lefties actually envy us

we are the male figures in their life. their lost daddies

they live under mommies rule and it sucks, and they crave someone brave to stand up to her and end the madness

i'll get back to work





👌 🙌 👌 🙌

Is that an H for HWYTE on that shirt

Very exciting

The worst optic ever for the left tho is letting our ideas be spoken publicly unpunched

Lefty on my Facebook saying this guy pretended to get pepper sprayed. Wtf is going on

Im pretty happy with pioneering the new mullet

Driving home. Ill be a minute late to meeting. Really want to talk badly tho!

I was gonna say tge the same thing. Imagine a screenshot "white males take up arms due to far left extremism"

I mean the numbers are there. Fuck it. Uncuck it. White ppl tend to dislike black things because it reminds us of poisonous, rotten, diseased , decayed, burnt, niggerous things


The concept of "sexy" is jewish

It makes the goyim slutty

In the early 2000s my step bros and i used to listen to johnny rebel on repeat downloaded from audiogalaxy


Hmm i wonder tho. Girls dating girls until they find a husband is preferable to them becoming cumdumpsters, yea? Maybe this is their survival instinct protecting them from sexual liberation

Didn't watch the whole thing. But isn't it funny how ppl on all sides have this deep intellectual understanding of Marxism, but when it comes to white identity stuff, they are so riddled with dunning-kruger its laughable.



Shit doesn't matter in an ethnostate

Yea i didn't mean to be too general.

The reason it doesn't matter is that, if your society is set up right, joblessness is not a problem the way we have it today

Apart from natural rights, people like to come up with new entitlements and call them rights in order to lobby governments. And govs sell these in exchange for votes. This is the action of leech ass lower species. They look at hard built prosperity and they come up with ways to tap into it. It always ends up the hard workers being forced to pick up the slack of the leeches

No toilet can hold these

Fresh. I improved that other one btw. Got many brewing. Do we have any footage to fashen up?

I hate it too

Holy shit you're going to break minds

Slap a kek frog on that

Lmao wat

The paper came out of the printer that size and i thought hey, the more the merrier


Shouldn't lefties be all scared, its russian right?

Me! I was gonna mssg u



Belated great job on the video!

My god why did we ever think antifa was a threat? The whole reason they are commies is because they don't want to WORK

Go for maxx triggering

Why did my phone suggest "triggerfam"

Nope. All the groups probably thought another group would do it

They only kill it when they can agitate an existing event


She's pretty basic bitch conservative yea?

Still cucked by jews

Why is there an ultra soyboi vigorously jacking his vape saber


In his interview with the hero guy?

Holy shit you do the full show? Havent listened to that for ages

I can imagine. False flaggot lol


First the crying nazi

Now the baby nazi

We get it, you whores wanna get pregnant.

Cat ladies i should say

Next it will be the croupy nazi

And the teething nazi


Maybe they looked around and saw they already lived in a communist society, and just got high instead

Just gotta avoid traps like Charlottesville

Idk how tho

That murdoch video put me in SUCH a good mood THANK YOY

Im totally addicted i hope there are lots

Id just never seen it

Optometrics cucks?

Haha we went ham. Yea i have some banner materials, but ill let thomas guide me on the timing for that

Yup pure wheat paste

Yea we did masks and parked off site

I will learn from this. Sorry if I made the group look less than glorious

@Thomas Ryan

Well, I've heard you make these points before but i guess i hadn't internalized the importance. From now on, let's not give these bastards anything to create lies with. We see how they work all too often.

Ill be a tad late. Gotta put kids to bed. But ill be there

Sorry! Yes I think so.

Idk whats going on sorry

I think i need a better modem or router bc most of the voices were robot garbage except thomas luckily

Has anyone ever done Geo-Fashing? did I invent this?
1. Find somebody's geochache
2. put patriot front propaganda inside
3. ...
4. save white race

i'll share pics soon

i think i'll be there

my geo fashing adventure

my geo fashing adventure

my geo fashing adventure

Most ppl are robots other than thom to me

Send these antifa some amren vids

Nicely done

Not revolution is tradition?

I'll be dare

Ill be dare

Not sure who can make it! I might be in family stuff.

Coming now. Kid bedtime

Illbe there

[hands charly an xbox headset from 2001]

I can't make it. I have a class. (I lost my job)

My night classes are Tuesday and Thursday until the 22nd. Ill make sure we have a rep in there

Got the new wired

i can be there

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