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Feels bad being important.

Yeah but how many starving Africans could you feed?

You all know this is true.


Especially from you.

Doesn't really make a difference tbh

Thots gonna thot

Thot WN was attention whoring and sending out noods. People call her out. Her response is "omg guys I was undercover xD"

Actually triggering.

You know all those beta males you see walking around nowadays? If we didn't have modern medicine, those wastes of DNA wouldn't have ever made it to adulthood.

The French Revolution was a mistake

^or beat the dog

I'm not advocating for beating women, guys. White Sharia is sperg tier shit.

I'm not against that.

If you aren't playing emotional seesaw with your woman when you two first get together you're not a Chad.

@Racist Milk TX after our next state meetup, you should give a hip pocket class on thots.

I feel like it'll be helpful for the younger guys.

Chris and I will chime in with anything you miss.

Did someone say Will Fears?

Holy fuck lol where did you find that?

Yeah you're giving a fucking class for sure.

Is Robert Roseberry the face of "fuck communism" or what?

That dude was pissed at RSF. We should recruit him.

@Goymen Sachs interesting

Jerry Jones is a faggot


Vanguard doesn't do activism.

>autoplay video

Get the fuck out

Thats so annoying.

"Whites, take a knee to civil rights"?

How big is your banner?

Nice 👌🏻

You're dropping it before the game?

Yeah, We used canvas for the one at UT. The paint looked better.

And I didn't heavy hand it as much.


@Thötterdämmerung Redpill me on the situation in Spain right now.

The fuck is happening in Catalonia?

@Goymen Sachs I think I'll drop a call to UT today.

That seems a little...idk fucking targeted.

My crew will test it out before the big weekend @Thomas Ryan

Haha I didn't think of that. Good idea. Maybe post the number to /pol/ as well.

Its their turf. I'm surprised this wasn't implemented sooner

UT is a communist shit hole, of course they are not going to include antifa

@BraeJager - TX do you know of an app that can change your phone #?


@Goymen Sachs call that WHITE SUPREEEEEMIST hotline tonight. I'm going to be calling at intermittent times to see when they pick up.

They've missed two of my calls so far.

64 year old man

Stephen paddock

Ripped into the crowd with what sounds like an AK or a PKM. Def had a drum attached to it

My guess is AK.

Yeah and his bursts are pretty good.

5-7 seconds

Huge dump of "fellow whites".

@Chris7577TX what are you talking about?

On DS?

He made a correction.

@Thötterdämmerung Phil and I work at the dick crack of dawn. No time is too early.

Or are you a ni🅱️🅱️a?

I have tomorrow off but I'll be sure to shoot you a message at six am.

Deal. If you don't livestream your suicide, you're honestly a cuck.

What's the point of killing yourself if it isn't enjoyed by a captivated audience?

PKM or AK.

And it's all about the shooters technique for fire rates @Thötterdämmerung

Also, shooting at the cyclic rate through a scope is a joke. There's no way that dude kills that many people with a scoped weapon + no tracers.

@NDO Nick-TX did that throw you off at all either? The lack of tracers.

I saw a video with muzzle flashes.

@NDO Nick-TX yeah he had a Target rich environment for sure, but 550+ wounded or killed is insane number for no tracers/night firing

Especially with banana mags.

It's not a hoax. One of my Marine buddies was there.

Got released from the hospital yesterday.

He got trampled lmao

Fucking idiot

Didn't even get shot like a badass.

> Located on E.Cesar Chavez

I'll pass, thank you.

I don't want to get stabbed tonight.

More @God

Those are spicy dude.

Purging the fiends should be a national pastime.


That's interesting way to say "purge"

Literal boomers.


@Goymen Sachs @Chef Goyardee commie response number is dead.

@here you little goys and gals had better be in austin for the weekend of the 4th. Bullying communists awaits, gents.

@Thötterdämmerung Do you remember the name of the first podcast we listned to on the ride down to Houston?

@EuroChad not chad enough, eh?

Not even 48 hours. You dont have to go to the afterparty.

Why isn't Eric 2 going?

At least I'll look good when CNN doxxes me.

@here if you're in my austin crew and you aren't going to be coming to the event of the 4th, I get to belittle you relentlessly.


Quality meme

@SonderSchutz TX I'll get you a basic overview of the gear list after work.

@here So you guys can start getting your gear lined up, I'll put out an informal gear list. You'll need a blue polo, khakis, boots, eyepro and a hat for starters. I recommend bringing an athletic cup, ear plugs, sap gloves and a mouthguard. We also highly advise buying a bump cap on amazon (, as helmets are a look we're trying to avoid.

Try to get the blue polo as similar to our color as possible. If I find a cheap one online, I'll post it here.

I think it's darker than that @SonderSchutz TX

I'll keep looking.

13 bucks can't beat that.

You select the blue option.

🤔 do you even shop online bro?

I've got a bunch of discount codes fo JCpenny's too, my dudes.

That color is good but that material is awful.

Nigga if you're wearing a polo it had better be cotton.

I take it back. I have an underarmor polo.

^weights next to nothing. It'll stop a good whack from a commies stick.

A permanent scar because your pride got the best of you? Priceless

Wear your bump cap inserts.

There was an anticom website a while back that advertised that they made patches too.

I cant remember the link.

Get some bates lights.

You dont need steel toed.

Black or tan is fine.

Cowboy boots are also acceptable.

I'd have to see them.

Do you have my red running shoes in your truck?

Chris was wearing them when he got...ko'd

@Chris7577TX You nigger GIVE ME MY SHOES BACK

Yeah those are fine.

"military in appearance or cowboy boots"


@here Hey fags, hmu if you want to help with the vetting process. We're looking for some real rock throwing ni🅱🅱as here.

He tells.

Quite often.

PUT your toe in HOT water.


If you take Chris and me to a Libertarian convention you're assured a fight.

He wasn't even being that critical...


Just look at that snosh

@Steven MI Hey Steven. Nice posters man.

They look good.

Welcome to the crew.

It's a very specific law.

You actually have to burn a piece of property.

The point of a tiki to burn.

Right, and with the little faith I have the Virginia legal system, I don't see this going well.

Wes Bellamy truly is a nigger in every sense of the word.

It's a less serious offense the higher the number.

Max would be time in county jail.

But being labeled a felon is bad enough.

Maybe state jail.

It depends.

I got hands put on me more than once, and I don't think it's the best way to handle new guys.

Getting the shit kicked out of you doesn't teach anything. Use PT in place of physical beatings and you can get the same desired goals without the lasting side effects.

Vote for my shirt

13 bucks.

@SonderSchutz TX If you aren't listening to Hammerskins ur a faget.

Not much. Preston is the only person I know who recommends bands.


@Dustin Hail victory and welcome. Glad to have you.

I like the concept but the dude in the picture is pudgy.

His stomach ratio doesn't match his arm size. Looks like he's a power lifter who doesn't regulate his carb intake, @Thomas Ryan

That paragraphs position is better on the side though. Good change.

^neckbeard it up

Who's this bitch?

If this story happened anywhere besides Chick-Fil-A, I'd chide you for being a degenerate @AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX

But CFA is fucking amazing.


I'd spell it dontcha

If you're going to Austin for the weekend of the 4th, pick this shirt up @everyone


Now you spergs can spill drinks on yourself and not ruin your polo.

More Saint Roof posting, @SonderSchutz TX

I'm saying we need more.

It's been a while.


@Josh OH Sup man, glad to have you.

@Josh OH one of my friends at Columbus state found your handiwork

Have fun, @Thomas Ryan

I see that buzzcut @NDO Nick-TX

I see posters are still up


I'll swing by after work and look.

My folder!

I'm going to hit her up on my twitter account and ask for it back @Thomas Ryan


"At 5:20 p.m. Thursday, a vehicle with William Fears, Colton Fears and Tenbrink pulled up to a bus stop at 3315 SW Archer Road where a small group of people were sitting. One of the men began cheering Adolf Hitler and chanting.

The victim hit the vehicle’s rear window with a baton, and the car sped away before abruptly stopping."

>the victim hit the vehicles window with a baton

I'm interested to see how on earth someone hitting a vehicle with a baton is a victim...

<@&365349589659942912> Get on twitter RIGHT NOW and check out #txst. We have leftist's to bantz.

His twitter handle tho 👀😂👌🏻

I know man. I asked her if I could have it back.

TXST has picture uploads disabled. Commented with links.

Pasteboard has a pretty cool interface.

You first dude.

This one was still up at 4pm

Mike Enoch needs to take the mic away from Spencer when it's time to insult people.


Not enough. He's a good attack dog, he just needs to be utilized more. Mike sucks at giving speeches whereas Richard is pretty good at them.

@ashrob NJ Glad to have you on board.

Normie friend of mine sent me this.

Damn dude, that guide sure has come along. Looks good to me.

Meet [REDACTED].This is the kind of person that publishes articles about us.

@Chris7577TX I hit her up on twitter and told her you were single.

She had worse on her FB.

@here join voice

You're muted

I've been active for a while now and had my picture taken a few times.

No full doxx yet.

Zero social media.

Got those sock accounts.


I got lucky there too, @BraeJager - TX

Yeah, you got a solid doxx.

But yeah, social media increases your chances of getting doxxed by about 75%

It's so fucking easy nowadays.


^or your friend does

Even without social media, doxxers can still find your info through your old friends. (see Sean Kind cville doxxes)

@Chris7577TX just moved in. My house is now the official trap house of Patriot Front.

We need @Racist Milk TX to move in

Don't you live with a Twink?

Press f to spit on grave

Welcome to San Marcos

"We don't take kindly to threats"

Thomas, gib me anti-commie posters

Fine, I'll just commission @Goymen Sachs to make me one specifically for them.

Billy what the hell is that.

Hey, I'm about to buy an Android platform phone. What should I get?

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