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The time is coming that we must engage in the most Aryan /Slavic thing ever: Training attack wolves to eat niggers on sight


if she's around Dallas, I'll meet her. Flex my pecs, then get her renouncing feminism and wanting to be my housewife/sex slave

Of course, I won't allow that, because she's beyond the point of value. So I'll just choke her to death


Brit girls are surprisingly easy for me to red pill... odd

I have most success on Weev's RACE Mathod on vets, married women, and Brit girls


which one of you did this?

This will make you wanna kill nigs and kikes even harder

Even AnonCon is getting sick of kike shit

Infiltrating motherfuckers via a new nickname

I love Discord

Arbys wants to remind you to save money avoiding high insurance premiums since no one cares if you live or die.

Enjoy arbys

This St Patrick's day don't forget that...wait, what? It was yesterday? Eh, whatever.

Eat arbys.

In honor of #InternationalWomensDay we're grinding up living beings in a giant machine, because fuck it. That's just how we do.

Enjoy arbys

The best part of this new healthcare plan is that here at arbys, we were all ready to die anyway.

Eat arbys

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Nobody gives
A shit about you
Come down to arbys
Shoot some black tar
Cry for yr dead dreams
die in your car

This MLK day, sic the dogs on your hunger w a Beef n cheddar & hose down your thirst with a delicious fountain drink from Arbys

Enjoy Arbys

This Halloween remember: no matter how many children you lure into your windowless van, you'll ultimately die alone.
Enjoy Arbys.

Arbys: come for the sandwiches. Stay because you died shooting heroin into your dick in the ladies room.
Enjoy Arbys

This is a Bog posting channel now

Brad Small - Yesterday at 6:39 PM
@Doctor Mayhem A female Dingo solider in Afghanistan tried to kill herself because she was bullied by the dudes


Need to get me Tiffany Trump, I guess.


There we go

Goddamn it

oh, it showed up, finally


Wanna hear a joke?

Millennials collecting Social Security!


gas the boomers




It gives us more points as well

We can point to countries like Syria as the only kind of "Moderate" muslim countries

Me too. We can then crush it and rebuild it in our image

I also wanna take Palestine, kill the Palestinians, and make it into "The Kingdom of Jerusalem" and make it as a nation entirely of mid-eastern Christians.

no comment

I already learned that talking to cops is a terrible idea

If you kiss or go down on a hooker, you're not just beta. You're omega

Ilya Muromets?

You Mechwarriah bruh?

he should use

Watch this heathen lay down better knowledge of Christianity than Christcucks! MOAR RANTING

You can tell that Gray is still pumped from the pre workout


More like, trust fund commies with New York born parents who moved South for the low taxes who LARP as being "workers"

faggy millennial uptalk will be gassed in the ethnostate

You should contact your congressman and lobby congress to get me sent to OCS

Spaghetti nigger. Notice the 'stache

taco niggers can't really grow too good of facial hair. The hair is also a bit too smooth and not quite greasy enough.

I am singing the song of my people by making mojitos for Cinco de Mayo

The song of my people involves rampant alcoholism

And should probably involve tequila, but rum was on sale.

The chans doxed me. My real name is Jorge Gonzales, remember? HAAAAAAAAAA

Also, I live in Dallas.

> Shit pol believes.
















Fun fact!
Wikipedia category & related sub-categories of "Christian Socialists" contains a total of 373 articles.
The category and sub-categories of "Jewish Socialists" contains a total of 720 articles.
What a funny (((coincidence)))!?

And you'll notice that old school Christian Socialists, still disliked moral degeneracy, abortion, and liberation of women. Their entire framework of socialism was, in some ways correct, being against the excess of capitalism. Correctly citing how much it leads to Mammon-woships

They'll rue the day they inspire the White Chimpout


Hey, don't lie...

We all went hoggin' at least a few times. Especially when younger

But yeah. Weev had the best solution on his WFMU radio broadcast in 2009.

We should put fatties in camps.

Slaughter them.

Render their flesh into burgers.

Render their fat into bio-fuel

Death to fats.

Cannibalism implies you're eating the same species.

Fats are clearly not human.


Oven is that way

๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
๐Ÿ† ๐Ÿ’ค ๐Ÿ‘” ๐Ÿ†
๐Ÿ›ข ๐Ÿ‘ƒ
โšก 8=:punch: = D ๐Ÿ’ฆ
๐ŸŽบ ๐Ÿ† ๐Ÿ’ฆ
๐Ÿ‘ข ๐Ÿ‘ข

@everyone Anyone know who the web admin with all the access info is? I had to wipe my hard drive and lost my TRS forums info


I used a throwaway email

It was during the time when there was possible issues with doxxing.

gotta link up with Braden then



I had a Gab post about something similar

And I'll be in Florida this weekend.

Anyone in the Pensacola or Destin areas?

Basically, the Central Time Zone part of Florida

Oh, and this

Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine is Fascism


Remember, saying that White people deserve to live and being anti-pedophilia is also anti-Semitic

And now, we have our next meme

Anyone got that pic of me and that other dude grappling?

Jesus Christ I've gotten fat.

I wouldn't be surprised if these faggots start calling cops and demanding that fingerprints be taken

Remember kids: The only rules are that none apply.

The Law only works in the favor of leftoids.

Don't be surprised if they actually have a cop dust for prints and charge one of us for vandalism

Hell, it's already happened in Chicongo

I dunno about dusting for prints, but they did charge a guy for vandalism

Lulz. Make those worthless pigs work for their pay for once

Accelerationism is certainly the answer for universities. The more anti-White they become, the lower their quality. We want the entire university system discredited and destroyed.

Someone should print this up for a propaganda poster

He's got a gab


Got any strictly black and white versions of all those for people who want to print off at home and don't want to spend money on color cartridges?

Here's a good one

A better one

So what was the "hate" fliers? "It's okay to be White"?

"Members of the Patriot Front, a self-described fascist organization," Lulz. More fake news. Last I checked, we weren't going around saying, "HERP DERP WE R FASH" just for idiots like the one that wrote that article

Daily reminder that if you don't look like He-Man come RAHOWA, you have to be gassed.

I didn't ask for much

But... women....

I got Punisher pajamas. Lulz

I was then given Hillshire Farms meat and cheese packs and a hot sauce pack.

Good hot sauce, too. Dat'l Do It. 5 kinds

I think Nehlen realizes that he's running in the cuckiest state next to Minnesota, followed by Canada, Britain, then Sweden. As a result, he stopped caring. Especially with Ryan going away

Paul Ryan's district really, REALLY needs some Somali enrichment in the rich neighborhoods.

Chris Columbus did nothing wrong.


When you hang 7 niggers from a tree and promptly comment on the greatness of 'Merica
little kid-"Wow! look at those blacks!"
Father-"That's an Alabama Windchime son, just makes you see how great 'Merica is"

Joe Biden being a creepy pedo fuck

Saw that, just wondered what kind of propaganda that could be

Oh, and I also remember someone saying something like, "MLK's real legacy: Roads named after him are death traps" or something along those lines

Implying niggers ever work

Hey guys, who wants to see some premium Atomwaffen retardation?

Also, got links to that Ricky Vaughn show?

OH nevermind

Latest RA

Anyways, so AW seems to be going from letting in muslims to going satanist

I hung out with my local Stormer book club a couple times


Can't help there



They wouldn't know

Stormer Book Clubs are meant to be decentralized and independent

Like, even more so than us


Was that Dindu Muffins guy serious?

Because what he wrote is exactly the kind of shit I write when I'm making fun of Siegefags



Satire is completely and utterly superfluous.

I think it stands by itself

And who are these fags calling 'Murican flags nazi?

I hope they keep it up

I think I'm gonna just mock Dindu Muffins on Gab for a bit

Dindu Muffins @Dindu_Muffins
4 minutes
It's not satire. Death to America, and the faggot traitors of Gaytriot Front.

While I don't like it, I can certainly see why so many are rejecting Christianity


Been nice thinking we wouldn't go to WW3 with Russia

God created woman to do these things. Modern women are just glorified fleshlights. "Right-wing" women who aren't having kids with husbands aren't right-wing. They're feminists LARPing as traditionalists.

And this is the kind of gold the TRS forums makes.

fucking imgur

Basically, it's a series of JewTube vids. Starts with, "I'm gay" then "I'm transgender" then "I'm lesbian" then "I had sex with a dog" and ends with "Becoming Jewish"

let's see if this works


I'm looking this fucker up just to see how bad it really is

Holy shit

This is fucking

Pass that brain bleach

Oh, and anyone who wants to get some diversity hatefacts for normies: Tell them to read "Bowling Alone" by Robert Putnam

Putnam is a Harvard sociologist and he was trying to prove that DIEversity is a strength. His research instead found the exact opposite.

He tried to suppress his own book, but ended up releasing it after it was threatened to get leaked.

Holy shit

This actually isn't a bad idea

This just dawned on me but it's true. When arguing with shitlibs remind them that we already have 47 million migrants.

That's the largest population of foreigners for any one country in the entire world.

When is enough, enough?

Ask the shitlib if he really thinks we need more people. Remind them that more people means more ugly strip malls, more waiting in line at Wallmart, more landfills, more traffic, etc.

Make sure you include landfills so that they associate migrants with trash.

Also include traffic so that so that they associate foreigners with the annoyance of clogged highways and the rage from getting cut off.

If you frame things in those terms I bet you could red-pill damn near everybody who isn't a Jew or a foreigner.

New Flyer: Tired of Traffic and Trash? End Migration Now!

Not enough meth and mass murder

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