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Hon hon hon

I have a Celtic cross flag I'll bring

What's up

I'd need a bit of help probably

Hate bus when

I'd be down for a hate bus but since I'm under 25 it would probably be more expensive if I did that tbh

@Erika if not a hate bus I'll prob drive up with someone else and I'll stay with my family in southern VA the night before and head out really early day of

It's about a 2 hour drive from where they live

@Erika yes I was, I'm planning on bringing an even bigger horn to this

This is gonna be amazing

I have maybe two people who would like to come maybe one. They're close irl friends of mine I've known for atleast 7-8 years each I'll talk to y'all about it Saturday

I'll pitch in for the hate bus as well

Hello everyone, I'm new nice to meet you all. Who here is from FL?

Florida really opens your eyes to the problems we face, especially south Florida.

Ah I mean I'm not REALLY in south FL, I'm in pasco but spend a lot of time south of Tampa

Reported as well

Happy 4th goys

I understood what you meant and I agree

Jesus Christ what the fucj

Yeah the cops are really bold down here

Yeah they use the time old excuse of "well we had nothing better to do so we all hoped over onto you" but we live in Florida you know good and damn well there are other things you can be doing

Exactly when I was younger I remember my father asked a bunch of cops showing off their atc why they needed it and they said "for your protection" bullshit it's not for our protection you just want a cool looking vehicle that's threatening as hell

"For your protection" are we fighting a god damn insurgent army


I saw a post in a group on Facebook about IE that was pretty damning

"Join IE but understand the risk. I took a doxxing for them only to be abandoned by my "brotherhood" for making a statement of opposition when they booted my state Coordinator over BS rumors. I questioned the whole thing standing by what I know to be an awesome leader who gave everything he had to IE. The one who helped organized Operation Tunnel Rats (the tunnel that was painted with Identity Evropa) that they are currently promoring. Yea, that guy. I'm stating this because IE main membership comes from TRS people. I know for I helped in recruitment. I was also a board member, Coordinator and more before I stepped down over hypocrisy. To be short, a guy from Asheville was booted after the NPI event a while back when he was assulted by antifa by taking the guys flag and hit him. Nathan was furious and booted him over "bad PR" only for Nathan to go on and so the same shit (moldylocks). After confronting Nathan he removed me as a friend (3 year relationship) and will not give an explanation. Again, take caution joining them. You're just a number that pays their bills. There's more. Just know I'm being brief and generous while furiously warning you."

I have a pretty bad opinion of the Florida IE leadership

Someone beat me too it

First comment on the post was a link to Vanguards website

Florida IE uses the Florida pool party to bolster their manpower for their protests then goes behind our back and tells their members not to come to our meet ups

Yeah I told you In the interview, mainly just a group of friends

I understand you, I definitely will they're great guys I'm sure they'd be down to do flyering or any other things

I'll let everyone know in the Florida channel next time we have a meet up

Will do.

I have a screenshot from the IE Florida server telling IE FL it's discouraged to go to The Gators events

Yet we gathered up people to go their things whenever they asked us before that

The gators is literally just a group of RIGHT wing guys who like to hang out on the weekends hardly competition

Well that's why I joined Vanguard we seem like a more level headed organization

And I'm not trying disparage everyone in Florida IE one of the guys in it is a solid dude

But the Florida leader is a weak dude, I've heard shit he said in purpose and it made me cringe but that's here-say

I know literally 1 person from Florida IE who's a good guy

Idk his full name he just goes by Aleck

"I joined IE because blacks don't care about global warming"

Yeah he is

He's younger than me and I'm 21


He said whites are the only who care about the environment (which is true) and he cares about global warming

You were state leader of IE?

Also @Stephen -FL if you want an invite to the Gators server let me know we'd love to have you you come hang out some time


You know ericka?

Ah then your not missing anything, she was nice but ended up being a bitch

I'll get you an invite to gators server and PM you it

I think she's Orlando

Not really pretty

Like 5-6

Hahaha yeah I know 4 people in IE in Florida, 2 are great the other two are the leaders

Np man one sec I'll get the admin to send me one

Fair enough. I've said my peace about IE

LOL agreed

I understand, won't happen again

I will be postering in Jax because I'll be up there this weekend

Im not sure

I just know she's moving out of Florida to up to Washington to go to more protests

Maybe coordinator?


Anyone know where to get a cheap flag printed?


i hate Hank Poo so god damn much

I'm hype

What about tonight though?

I'm definitely going

Yeah man for sure, defending from commies is a good first meeting

@Kevin FL im on the way back from cville right now, and im have tomorrow off as a relax and recap day. If we can plan something let me know. I'll try and hop in the voice when you are

I could probably get some gators to come with us. The Tampa goys are stand up

My van got some slashed tires but some league of the south guys happened to have the same bus as us and gave us their spare

Antifa heard us coming around the corner or something cause they only got two of our tires

@Kevin FL yeah I got in at around 4 am last night


We need to do something about this



based darkie wearing a stormer shirt made me angry


i would say have two different sets shields

one for vanguard members and one for none vanguard members

that's what i mean @Chris7577TX

good luck my dude


i was in cville

Tactical khakis


join the bowl cut cult

goyrilla warfare*

@Kevin FL the gators want to start training for the next event would you be down to get some other VA guys and training with us? Of course it depends where your located

Does anyone have the picture of the vanguard flag on the Jefferson monument after the fight I was up there with two other guys and helped hold it up it's in the top 3 moments of my life

Such bullshit they were using it offensively against us but we have to make sure it's self defense, I mean I get it but it just makes me mad

And like how many antifas were wearing masks in Cville, I saw so fucking many

@Thomas Ryan being in a pool party I'd assume isn't a problem, right?

Just to clarify, Better safe than sorry


Ooohhh boy we gonna get hit by the hurticane

I'll be at the meeting tonight for sure

I'm in west Florida so idk if I'm really gonna get it too bad

If I do

Bring it nature I guess is all I can say

Evacuation at this point is not a good idea since gas stations for the next 100-200 miles north are out of gas according to my irls who are evac-ing


1 sec


Stay safe brothers, check in when you can

I'm as ready as I'll ever be

Fuck it bump this post

I'm doing fine


I still do not have power

Tfw you join the whomsters union

I got power about 2 hours ago @Pale Horse - FL

Let me know if I can help in anyway @Kevin FL. I hope he gets better

Definitely try and get in touch with your local pool party if possible. I can help anyone in Florida get in touch with the gators

That one on the left is great

Oh okay cool

I don't even watch anime lol

I'm trying to get in contact with every Florida person I can and let them know what's happening

The gators?

Ah okay no worries, I was just confused


God this fucking pisses me off

Kevin's did, yeah

@Kevin I've messaged pale twice no response but it says he's away and not offline


I have signal

Me and some goy got it after cville

Speaking of we need to get in contact with him

I'll message him on the gators discord

I think family or something

Yeah I agree he could at least have informed us

I've messaged Cody several times recently. To try and get ahold of him for what's happening now, and for my book club with to no avail. I never heard anything back except it said he was playing fallout 4. Steven was the one I couldn't remember

I knew I was missing someone

@Kevin yeah I agree you and me have tried getting in touch with them several times and if they can't at least message back or read the message about what to do for this then they might not be a good fit anyways


I mean I have someone irl who's interested in joining so it's not like there aren't people out there, they were essentially just dead weight imo

@Thomas Ryan sent him to the site yesterday 😎

@Kevin I talked to god yesterday also, he's still alive. I agree you and me can easily get the Bay Area on lock, but we Need more than just the Bay Area

Sure, whenever you're able let me know I'm free on the weekend most the time. I've read a bit of the psyop ones, very interesting

This is my new gun

No it's a polish repro, you know I had to get the polish one. Since I'm polish.

I got it on Atlantic

When I get home I'll send you the link

Atlantic has some good priced ones But they're usually sold out. However they usually refill their stock kinda often

My brother in law used to collect AK's and got his mostly on Atlantic

I mean my brother in law has several thousand rounds stored in his garage and said they're fine. I personally like getting one or two guns if a certain type and training with them

I wish I could have been at the Texas op

What even was goys position


pretty much

Florida has special rights 😎



Van Am is hemorrhaging members is all I'm gonna say, I've heard this from quite a few members who left recently

He's a great guy, glad he joined!

I view the way vanguard acts as an organization going through its death throes

But as I told you Thomas I'm friends with until recently vanguard members and they've been hemorrhaging. Regardless you're right in the fact that we should just keep doing what we're doing

I put one on the door to the orientation building


Can do on the banner drop, and yeah it's too common for people just take a picture of a old statue and put a trad quote on it. I understand the sentiment but use bit of creativity

That's from a page that only posts memes like that

I haven't spoken to Kevin yet, it just slipped my mind, but I did talk to @Halfdan about it when we were flyering. I'm going to buy the canvas either tomorrow or the next day after work. I'll either buy that or make them out of cardboard. Those seem more likely @Thomas Ryan

I can't do Thursday due to the Spencer event

Yeah that's fine

Maybe the next week or the week after or something

^me whenever anyone posts about American Nationalism

Yeah it's gonna be a good time

@Goodest_Boy I gotchu fam

I got maybe 1-2 to add to that @Halfdan

I can do that, I'll talk to @Halfdan about it

These are the people we're going up against

They're like infantile

>idolizing an annoying negress

Yeah exactly

Self deactivated, got some news from my family in Virginia about some things and decided to go ghost for a bit

Thanks man

Thanks everyone, I'm honored to be in a movement as great as this. Hail Victory

Thanks! The plans are already beginning to flow lol

I'm about the bucket hat

It's like a pseudo bowlcut

instead of #metoo let's get #IAmARacist trending

Or better yet


I'm old enough to know I don't like black people

Stay safe brothers

Cool it with the fed posting statements

Got it

Saw this on Facebook just now

@Thomas Ryan uh somewhere in Texas I think San Antonio?

I am shilling us 😎, @NDO Eric - TX I’ll see if I can get you in shouldn’t be a problem. Do I have you added? I’ll pm you my sock name

Good job man, I know some people at that school are sympathetic to us

Wait 5


Well at one of them are some people sympathetic to us

They did, saw a post about it earlier

It is

Fb in alt right group I’m in

@NDO Nick-TX they are most just don’t care tho



Much more where that came from

I hate niggers

@Thomas Ryan I can’t follow us on instagram

Says action is blocked

From what I’ve seen maybe it got reported or something. They’ve been deleting a lot of Fash instagrams, let me try again

Not that I can’t find it

I just can’t follow it

I can follow other accounts


Looks fucking great @Thomas Ryan

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