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Hon hon hon

I have a Celtic cross flag I'll bring

2017-06-07 13:30:20 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

What's up

I'd need a bit of help probably

2017-06-12 16:42:49 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

Hate bus when

2017-06-12 21:25:50 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

I'd be down for a hate bus but since I'm under 25 it would probably be more expensive if I did that tbh

2017-06-12 21:26:59 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

@Erika if not a hate bus I'll prob drive up with someone else and I'll stay with my family in southern VA the night before and head out really early day of

2017-06-12 21:27:52 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

It's about a 2 hour drive from where they live

2017-06-13 04:40:33 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

@Erika yes I was, I'm planning on bringing an even bigger horn to this

2017-06-13 14:01:11 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  


2017-06-13 14:01:39 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

This is gonna be amazing


2017-06-16 03:05:52 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

I have maybe two people who would like to come maybe one. They're close irl friends of mine I've known for atleast 7-8 years each I'll talk to y'all about it Saturday

2017-06-19 13:37:07 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #florida]  

I'll pitch in for the hate bus as well

2017-07-04 01:50:07 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hello everyone, I'm new nice to meet you all. Who here is from FL?

2017-07-04 01:55:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Florida really opens your eyes to the problems we face, especially south Florida.

2017-07-04 01:56:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Ah I mean I'm not REALLY in south FL, I'm in pasco but spend a lot of time south of Tampa

2017-07-04 12:10:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Reported as well

2017-07-04 13:11:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Happy 4th goys

2017-07-04 13:13:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I understood what you meant and I agree

2017-07-04 17:13:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Jesus Christ what the fucj

2017-07-06 12:34:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yeah the cops are really bold down here

2017-07-06 12:37:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yeah they use the time old excuse of "well we had nothing better to do so we all hoped over onto you" but we live in Florida you know good and damn well there are other things you can be doing

2017-07-06 12:44:57 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Exactly when I was younger I remember my father asked a bunch of cops showing off their atc why they needed it and they said "for your protection" bullshit it's not for our protection you just want a cool looking vehicle that's threatening as hell

2017-07-06 12:45:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

"For your protection" are we fighting a god damn insurgent army

2017-07-06 12:47:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-10 15:33:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I saw a post in a group on Facebook about IE that was pretty damning

2017-07-10 15:33:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

"Join IE but understand the risk. I took a doxxing for them only to be abandoned by my "brotherhood" for making a statement of opposition when they booted my state Coordinator over BS rumors. I questioned the whole thing standing by what I know to be an awesome leader who gave everything he had to IE. The one who helped organized Operation Tunnel Rats (the tunnel that was painted with Identity Evropa) that they are currently promoring. Yea, that guy. I'm stating this because IE main membership comes from TRS people. I know for I helped in recruitment. I was also a board member, Coordinator and more before I stepped down over hypocrisy. To be short, a guy from Asheville was booted after the NPI event a while back when he was assulted by antifa by taking the guys flag and hit him. Nathan was furious and booted him over "bad PR" only for Nathan to go on and so the same shit (moldylocks). After confronting Nathan he removed me as a friend (3 year relationship) and will not give an explanation. Again, take caution joining them. You're just a number that pays their bills. There's more. Just know I'm being brief and generous while furiously warning you."

2017-07-10 15:34:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I have a pretty bad opinion of the Florida IE leadership

2017-07-10 15:34:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Someone beat me too it

2017-07-10 15:35:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

First comment on the post was a link to Vanguards website

2017-07-10 15:39:02 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Florida IE uses the Florida pool party to bolster their manpower for their protests then goes behind our back and tells their members not to come to our meet ups

2017-07-10 15:44:19 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yeah I told you In the interview, mainly just a group of friends

2017-07-10 15:47:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I understand you, I definitely will they're great guys I'm sure they'd be down to do flyering or any other things

2017-07-10 15:47:22 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'll let everyone know in the Florida channel next time we have a meet up

2017-07-10 15:58:48 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Will do.

2017-07-10 16:45:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I have a screenshot from the IE Florida server telling IE FL it's discouraged to go to The Gators events

2017-07-10 16:46:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yet we gathered up people to go their things whenever they asked us before that

2017-07-10 16:48:05 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

The gators is literally just a group of RIGHT wing guys who like to hang out on the weekends hardly competition

2017-07-10 16:49:59 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Well that's why I joined Vanguard we seem like a more level headed organization

2017-07-10 16:50:30 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

And I'm not trying disparage everyone in Florida IE one of the guys in it is a solid dude

2017-07-10 16:51:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

But the Florida leader is a weak dude, I've heard shit he said in purpose and it made me cringe but that's here-say

2017-07-10 16:51:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I know literally 1 person from Florida IE who's a good guy

2017-07-10 16:52:10 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Idk his full name he just goes by Aleck

2017-07-10 16:52:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

"I joined IE because blacks don't care about global warming"

2017-07-10 16:52:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yeah he is

2017-07-10 16:52:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

He's younger than me and I'm 21

2017-07-10 16:52:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-10 16:53:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

He said whites are the only who care about the environment (which is true) and he cares about global warming

2017-07-10 16:54:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

You were state leader of IE?

2017-07-10 16:55:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Also @Stephen -FL if you want an invite to the Gators server let me know we'd love to have you you come hang out some time

2017-07-10 16:55:57 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-10 16:56:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

You know ericka?

2017-07-10 16:57:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Ah then your not missing anything, she was nice but ended up being a bitch

2017-07-10 16:57:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'll get you an invite to gators server and PM you it

2017-07-10 16:57:34 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I think she's Orlando

2017-07-10 16:57:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Not really pretty

2017-07-10 16:57:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Like 5-6

2017-07-10 16:58:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Hahaha yeah I know 4 people in IE in Florida, 2 are great the other two are the leaders

2017-07-10 16:58:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Np man one sec I'll get the admin to send me one

2017-07-10 16:59:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Fair enough. I've said my peace about IE

2017-07-10 17:00:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

LOL agreed

2017-07-10 17:09:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I understand, won't happen again

2017-07-10 17:26:04 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I will be postering in Jax because I'll be up there this weekend

2017-07-10 17:26:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Im not sure

2017-07-10 17:26:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I just know she's moving out of Florida to up to Washington to go to more protests

2017-07-10 17:26:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Maybe coordinator?

2017-07-10 17:36:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-13 17:20:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Anyone know where to get a cheap flag printed?

2017-07-14 21:52:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-15 22:04:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i hate Hank Poo so god damn much

2017-08-02 01:24:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm hype

What about tonight though?

2017-08-13 14:30:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I'm definitely going

2017-08-13 14:31:20 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Yeah man for sure, defending from commies is a good first meeting

2017-08-14 02:08:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Kevin FL im on the way back from cville right now, and im have tomorrow off as a relax and recap day. If we can plan something let me know. I'll try and hop in the voice when you are

2017-08-14 02:09:08 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

I could probably get some gators to come with us. The Tampa goys are stand up

2017-08-14 02:20:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

My van got some slashed tires but some league of the south guys happened to have the same bus as us and gave us their spare

2017-08-14 02:20:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Antifa heard us coming around the corner or something cause they only got two of our tires

2017-08-14 15:40:17 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

@Kevin FL yeah I got in at around 4 am last night

2017-08-14 23:59:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-15 22:06:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]

2017-08-15 22:06:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

We need to do something about this

2017-08-16 00:29:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-16 00:30:02 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-16 00:38:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

based darkie wearing a stormer shirt made me angry

2017-08-16 00:39:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-16 00:40:51 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i would say have two different sets shields

2017-08-16 00:41:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

one for vanguard members and one for none vanguard members

2017-08-16 00:41:40 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

that's what i mean @Chris7577TX

2017-08-16 00:44:38 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

good luck my dude

2017-08-16 00:45:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-16 00:45:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i was in cville

2017-08-16 00:49:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Tactical khakis

2017-08-16 00:49:25 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-08-16 00:51:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

join the bowl cut cult

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