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Still haven't seen any local press online.

So did anyone ever get that faggot's number to set up a fight? Let's see if we can get him to show up to a training session and I'll slap him around.

Maybe California can color their gas chamber in a similar manner.

Poor bastard. He'll be hating life for the next 14 weeks.

Everyone should carry a camelback and all necessary supplies in a pack on their person. Coolers on wheels and cases of water turned out to be a pain in the ass. You need to be able to hump your own gear in and out.

@Chris7577TX is going to be the official armorer of VA.

Aren't these faggots supposed to be about animal rights?

Anyone here want to bet on Connor McGregor?

Yep. Aug 26. 10oz gloves.

As dumb as Mayweather is, he knows he would get humiliated under mma rules. McGregor wants a $75 million payday.

I predict Mayweather will set a world record for the 5K during the fight.

But will ultimately win a boring unanimous decision.

And how many more millions need to starve to death before people stop trying to get communism correct?

I'd rather have a meritocracy

The problem with this 3rd position is that Mr X holds a position in government to decide if a company is violating the rules. He decides company ABC is and nationalized it, removing the owner from power and eventually handing it over to his politically connected friends.

Happy fourth everyone. Celebrate not being a muslim caliphate.

The video cuts out before you hear the white guy yell out "Put your fucking mouth on the curb!"

Was the oil the original as well?

I had a mulatto compliment me on my White Lives Matter t-shirt. She said she thought all lives mattered. I told her they don't.

Been away from the chat for a while...what's new?

Lol. Just a bit.


Bix nood

I have a friend who just put up his own site after the Stormer was shoahed.

It's up on Tor



Are there any jews in Florida?


Hopefully we can shoot some looting nogs.

^the kike media is overhyping this thing as usual.

Last time I was in Corpus there was a ton of spics. Maybe this will wash some of them away.

^ I'm more surprised that the black girl can read.

.22LR is even better. No messy exit wounds.

Feed them to the pigs

I thought it was 6 million

According to the (((news))), we're all going to die.

And it's Trump's fault.

Because racism

Next on the reading list for VA

Someone here hasn't been banned from Twitter yet? Faggots.

The 1488 workout room is still up.

So apparently Dr. Seuss is racist now. I'm glad I've been reading him to my child for a few years now, so I can start her off on the right foot.

Remember Houston goys, training and sparring tomorrow morning at 11am. DM me for details.

Send him to the sparring session tomorrow @SDO Phil-TX

Last reminder for tomorrow's training/sparring session. 11am. All are welcome. DM me for details.

As part featherhead myself, I find that term offensive. We prefer to be called plains niggers.

What is that, a libertarian meetup?

I may be able to make the 3rd.

What's going down that weekend?

So I shouldn't get that swastika car wrap?

I don't know what's more gay, the 5 shirtless guys in bed together, or trying to look hard with a .380.

I carry a LCP when it has to be super concealed, but I don't brag about it.

Or take pics

See if he takes EBT

Darker blue for the sweatbeasts


After listening to Christopher Cantwell's story, it sounds best to avoid anything like this in the state of Virginia.

Looks like a one man wolf pack shirt.

Talcum X

Just saw this on Gab

Trump tells his deaf supporters that this is Justin Trudeau.

I'm picking up food at Chick-fil-A and there's a little white girl with a black baby doll. But she's got it on a leash. Fucking based.

The little girl was dragging it on the leash behind her like a dog. I wanted to tell the dad to watch out to make sure some random nog didn't chimpout on her.


THOT bait

Does he need a truck? @NDO Nick-TX

What are they doing?

My demon clown for Halloween.

I'm not scrolling through days of posts. Has anyone put this up yet?

Saturday December 9th there's a human rights walk and festival on the Woodlands if any Houston goys want to come with me. The turds that put it on are closet commies looking to virtue signal.

I know we have some no shit NatSocs in here, so I may be in the minority, but does anyone agree with the statement "Every grown-up has the right to do a job, to a fair wage for their work, and to join a trade union."

My libertarian autism is triggered

The right to a job means someone is compelled to provide you with a job.

I agree. Get the jews out and have banking not protected by the state and things improve dramatically.

What about the employer? Doesn't he have the right to hire whomever he sees fit? What if he wants a young man over an old one or vice versa?

I'm hesitant to state intervention. I typically don't like the term "rights".

Except for property rights.

When you say state or government just think of Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell.

I don't want fags like that having any dominion over my life.

My inner AnCap would rather see a state like my HOA.

But so long as we have feral niggers and jews surrounding us, it's a moot point.

But at least we can all have a civilized discussion about the legitimacy and role of the state without shooting each other.

Stormer is still working for me.

My problem is that government tends to attract the worst kinds of people to power (the aforementioned fags). Once in power their faggotry is used to ruin the citizenry.

Do we have a business card?

Can you put it up here so I can get some printed?

Thank you sir.

Hopefully they give each other AIDS

Give them a salute goodbye.

^^The less white my neighborhood becomes, the worse Halloween gets.

Rain in Houston along with Game 6 of didn't help attendance for Halloween.

When you goys have kids of your own, read them Curious George. My kid loves it and I make sure to emphasize that George belongs in Africa where he was taken from. He causes trouble in this world because he is African and out of his element.

@Alfred NC He would have hung you from a yardarm if the roles were reversed.

Fuck him.

I wasn't a fan of either president when I was in, but I had sense enough not to call for their assassination on social media. He deserves to get court martialed. You know damn well you're not allowed to do that shit.

Fuck him. Think of him as a coal burner.

Pay that toll.

Our XO was a douchebag Harvard graduate (((lawyer))) who sent us an email about how we were to never question Obama once he took office. I gaffed him off and replied I would gladly follow any lawful orders given.

Of course I EAS'd about a week after so...

Are lawyer dogs just a service animal for niggers?

What's the best breed to be a lawyer dog?

Any jewish breeds?

He should have asked for Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

I just realized none of you kids are old enough to know what the fuck I'm talking about.

It was an old skit on Saturday Night Live. 1991-1996.


It will probably be boring as shit. GSP will try to take down Bisbing and lay n pray to a 5 Rd UD.

Just make sure you have red laces.

Look in the Texas room

VA just elected a hideous tranny to their state legislature.

And Minneapolis elected a nigger tranny to its city council.

He should have shaved before his publicity photo.

Waiting for the ad campaign

Some leftover VA stickers I had in my truck.


Comic sans isn't fashy?

Sounds much better than a fuck rash.

If anybody is in the market for a very concealable pistol, I would advise you to stay away from the Ruger LCP .380.

I'm having trigger reset issues. It fires and completely cycles, but the trigger won't engage the hammer unless I rack the slide a quarter of the way back.

I'm going to try and sell it to a nigger or beaner.

Hopefully it will fail on them and get them killed.

Going to replace it with a Glock 43. A bit bigger, but reliable.

5:37.1 time for a 1488m row. Who can beat it?

Concept 2 rower

Sideways, just like how @SDO Phil-TX holds his Hi-Point.

Staplers are effective for attaching the flyers directly to the chests of communists and antifa.

I did some activism on my own, although the results won't be tangible for another nine months. One more member of the white race coming soon.

@Sam Specter PA Women in the infantry is a huge mistake. Non whites are bad enough, but female severely disrupt unit cohesion.

Not to mention the fact that their inevitable intra platoon whoring will cause massive disruptions.

Reserves for the win.


Nothing quite as hot as a wook rocking a high and tight.

Certainly females can augment POGs if there is a severe manpower shortage.

But much of that shit gets contracted out to nonDOD personnel anyways.

Glory holes and such

TFW you unq at the grenade range...

Now all we need is an ANGLIpog for Eric to go toe to toe with.

Our company gunny was ANGLICO. They were gtg

Made worse by the pink gloves.

That chomo field stache is heinous.

BTW, the last 100 posts are just a taste of the drama that split tails would bring to the grunts.


Billy and I can trigger some ancap autism from time to time.

Low reg


When you know you're not getting promoted before you EAS


Thomas has the cheat codes. Not fair.



Happy Martin Luther Kangz day.

Lifting in the Great Houston Blizzard


The chinks love niggers.



Only if you burn the theater down.

It came out Thursday night. That's going to be Saturday night in Wakandan time.

Even with calendars and clocks they still run on CPT.

So who here has already gone to see We Wuz Kangz: Wakanda Edition?

At least I can read an analog clock.

5/10 autisms.

I just saw that on Gab before it locked up and crashed for the third time.

Stunning and brave.

Not all lesbians enjoy softball.

I enjoy pissing off the females in my bjj class when I refuse to tap to their submission attempts.

@Thomas Ryan Do you have this year's Texas Independence day meme?

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